Window Dresser’s “Inventory, Part D”

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The Medusa Chronicles - episode 4597
Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction!

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Dressed as a bride, accompanied by three female mannequins as bridemaids and a male window dummy as a groom, Harriet stood in the display of the bridal salon. Her feet were now no longer flesh, but instead hard plastic affixed to a steel plate that locked her onto a new glass pedestal. Likewise, her perfectly posed hands had been altered as well; the slim fingers would never hold a glass or wave to a friend again. Her breasts, waist and hip had been stiffened the previous evening with a similar plastifying cream, while a corset formed her once supple curves into a rigid hourglass figure with a stunning bust line. Her nipples were now erect indefinitely. She no longer needed a bra. On her body she wore a strapless gown and a small jacket, enhancing her neckline, but keeping the innocent look of a blushing bride.

Today was going to be her Greatest Day: she was becoming a mannequin today! Only a week ago, she started working for this window dressing company. Last weekend she had dreamed becoming stiff and motionless, and just yesterday she played a living mannequin in this display. During the night her body had become partially plastic: her breasts even gave off a clicking sound when she knocked on them!

Since Friday, Harriet had been overpowered with a strong fetish for plastic. It aroused her sexually to simply touch plastic, above all mannequin plastic. The permanent touch of her newly transformed plastic feet, hands, breasts and waist consistently made her horny. The vibrator, sealed into her hips since last night, ensured that her body would appear sexless, just like any other mannequin. Yet it also managed to relax her and bring her to release, especially since her helpless situation as a lifeless mannequin aroused her beyond belief. Now, she doesn’t even have to move a muscle to reach climax! But soon movement will be irrelevant. She won’t be able to make even the slightest movement once Jeanette arrives to transform her into a real mannequin, solid plastic from head to toe!

Early in the morning, before the salon opened for business, Jeanette returned to finish Harriet’s ultimate transformation. Harriet immediately noticed her boss’ arrival, since the waves of pleasure diminished once Jeanette turned off the vibrator. Then she entered the display and approached Harriet. “Good morning, my cute little doll!” she greeted Harriet. “Let’s see, what the cream did!” First, Jeanette traced a single finger along Harriet’s outstretched hand. It felt unnaturally cold and rigid, truly no longer warm flesh. Also, the skin appeared different; a lighter, more even shade than it had been when it was flesh. Likewise, where Harriet’s fingernails had been was now merely a rounded expanse of plastic, the same pale color as the rest of her durable plastic hand. Jeanette studied her motionless model as she caressed the curves of her stiffened fingers, looking to see even the faintest of reactions from her manipulated assistant. However, Harriet never flinched once, since she truly never wanted to move again. Inside, a flurry of nervous activity sent the impulses to Harriet’s brain, registering a strong tickling sensation, but Harriet felt removed from the odd sensations of the flesh. Secretly, Jeanette was impressed. Gently, she rapped her knuckles on the transformed skin and heard a brittle clomp sound ringing in her ears. “No more handshakes for you,” mused Jeanette as she turned her attention to Harriet’s midsection.

Quickly and recklessly, Jeanette opened the zipper on the back of Harriet’s gown. After pulling down the gown, she unlaced the corset and removed it.

Harriet’s breasts, her waist and hip, creamed a few hours ago, were now naked and visible. The skin had changed color and structure: it had become lighter and smoother. Jeanette touched it and discovered that the skin there was hard and unyielding. It was even cooler then normal body temperature. She cupped Harriet’s breasts with her palms and tried to squeeze them, but they had become hard, solid plastic in the upright poking, provocative shape that the corset’s underwired, padded cups had given them.

Harriet remained totally immobile the whole time. Even her eyes scarcely moved. She reacted as passively as a mannequin to Jeanette’s eager touches. Jeanette took Harriet’s hands, guided them to her face and whispered, #8220;See, you’re hard as a rock now, dolly! Don’t you want to feel how plastic on plastic feels?” Harriet still didn’t respond outwardly, but inside of her stoic topless body she was burning with pure passion. Jeanette then proceeded to dampen a stiff index finger, gently placing the plastic digit into Harriet’s mouth. Then, Jeanette guided the immovable appendage down to Harriet’s breast, commanding, “Feel just how sexy your plastic body is now, you naughty mannequin!” Harriet finally did just as she was told. Even with clumsy plastic fingers, she could feel every contour of her transformed torso. Her waist was now extremely narrow, as formed by the corset. Utterly frozen in this sexy shape, her breasts were now voluptuous, sculpted to men’s dreams by the cups of the corset.

’That plastic is a part of me now!’ thought Harriet gleefully. Her torso was now hard and sexy, just like a mannequin! Harriet nearly went mad from desire as she realized it. She was becoming a real mannequin!

Jeanette redressed her now, just pulling up the gown and closing the zipper. Without the layer of the corset, the strapless top just hid the aureole of Harriet’s plastic breasts. Only the jacket made her look like a blushing bride instead of a sexy vamp.

Then Jeanette filled a syringe with a chemical and held it in directly in front of Harriet’s face. “This is the last step, my perfect doll. I call the chemical in this syringe ’the mannequinizer’. It’ll make you a full plastic mannequin. I’ll inject ’the mannequinizer’ into your vein. It will distribute throughout your body, reaching every tiny cell. The chemical will then reduce your need of oxygen, so you can stop breathing. Once the oxygen concentration in your blood falls under a certain limit, your whole body will be transformed into solid plastic in less than a minute!”

Without uttering a single word, Jeanette could sense that Harriet wanted ’the mannequinizer’ more than ever. Harriet’s eyes were begging her to comply, to utterly capture within that moment of time forever, a plastic princess.

Jeanette injected the needle into a vein in Harriet’s arm and pressed the plunger, sending ’the mannequinizer’ rushing into Harriet’s bloodstream. Now empty, the syringe was set aside. “Perhaps you noticed that the computer you worked on last week was very flickery and had an hypnotic effect on your mind!” Jeanette started a speech. “I have to confess, I have hypnotized you and changed your consciousness! And now it’s time to activate your new memories!” With that being said, Jeanette snapped her fingers just in front of Harriet’s face.

This started the effect of the last posthypnotic command. Harriet now remembered a new past, a past created for her by Jeanette. She had been injection molded as mannequin several years ago. An evil magician had transformed her into a living girl and manipulated her mind, telling her that she had always been a flesh-and-blood woman. But Jeanette had detected Harriet’s her real origins. When Harriet found herself hypnotized by the flimsy monitor, Jeanette discovered the truth and set out to make things right again. Jeanette then prepared these chemicals to take her back to her original life as shop window mannequin.

’Jeanette has been so nice to me!’ thought Harriet with utter gratitude. Harriet was so appreciative, so rapturous, so thankful that she had met someone as kind as Jeanette! She whispered, “Thank You!” then gasped a last time for air before holding her breath. Moving fluidly, she shifted her weight over the secured right leg, then lifted her left leg forward, as if in the middle of taking a short step. Then, she held her left arm down and to her side and held her right arm in front of her, tilted upwards ever so slightly. It seemed so natural for her to pose like this, since it was how she was initially molded. The thought of returning to her original form made it easy for her to smile happily. Jeanette started the vibrator on a low level while the oxygen level was sinking.

“Blink now!” Jeanette ordered and Harriet obeyed. “Now keep your eyes open!” Harriet did it. “Do you feel the vibrator?” Harriet felt it very well; a climax was building!

But just before the orgasm came, the plastifying started! With a loud crackling sound, all of Harriet’s warm and soft flesh, her blood, her skin and the rest of her body was hardened into shiny, rigid plastic. All of her body was becoming plastic now! This thought alone would have been enough to make her cum, but coupled with the humming vibrator poking against her now very sensuous plastic vagina, it nearly drove her mad to experience so much intense pleasure throughout her body.

Outside no more motion was visible. Jeanette had noticed the crackling sound that the transformation had made, as well as the change in the color and structure of her skin. Harriet was now a perfect mannequin with a truly joyous smile that made customers want to buy the clothes simply to feel that sort of happiness themselves.

Jeanette knocked against the shoulder of Harriet and heard a plastic clicking sound. Harriet heard it also, regaining some consciousness after the furious climax. ’I’m really plastic now! I am what I was always destined to be, what I was created to be, a mannequin!’ thought Harriet as the vibrator carried her away, sending her hurdling towards ecstasy once again.

Jeanette kissed her and whispered, “Have a good time! You are a very nice mannequin!” Then she left the display and closed the door that separated the salon and the display. Again Harriet was immobile between immobile mannequins, but this time she was a mannequin herself! She will be immobile plastic forever!

Harriet was very happy. All of her wishes were effectively fulfilled. No more desires haunted her, just the joy of being a mannequin! And the vibrator churned away and carried her to the next orgasm ...


Back in her office, Jeanette started the computer. Methodically, she deleted Harriet’s user account and database, effectively purging all proof of Harriet’s existence at the company. Instead, within her own database, the official database, Jeanette pulled up Harriet’s file, then entered the current date in the “production date” field and closed the file.

Then she put a shield in the front window display: “Help wanted for inventory!”

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Author’s note: there are a lot of continuations in my head, but the chance that any of them materializes, is very low.

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