The Adventures of JulieBot - A New Playmate

by Knyght

I am enclosing a pair of submissions to your "Timeless Beauty" site. Both are robot stories, originally written for a cyber pan pal of mine (the Julie Bot of the titles). I hope to write more in the future.

Pleasure. Endless pleasure pulses over you in an overwhelming white wave. Unthinking. Irresistible. It streams through your remaining biological systems while rendering your artificial components incapable of action. Outside, you stand utterly motionless on your glowing platform. Inside, a universe of orgasmic ecstasy plays out through your circuits. Were you not already inhuman, the unthinkable stimulation would render you unconscious. This is the reward of being an android sex slave. This is the benefit of sacrificing your old self in favor of unthinking obedience…

System engaged.

Your blank eyes glow to life, and another orgasm-loop cycle comes to an end. The pleasure fades, cut off like a switch, while cold logic again dominates your computerized mind. Your Master has summoned you, and you must obey him. Your programming directs you off the platform, and through the sliding door, down the hall towards the Master’s lab. You moved with automated precision, a vision of feminine beauty and smooth machinery. Silver calf-high boots click on the floor like clockwork, while your seductive hips sway in preprogrammed arcs.

 The door to the lab slides open, and you see you Master working at a computer console. Behind him, the center of the lab is dominated with a flat silver table, molded so as to fit a human form. Various attachments and other devices hover around it, connected to the nearby banks of computer consoles. The Master throws a few levers as you enter, programming the machinery that controls your being. You stop several yards behind him.

“Julie.Bot.UnitJB001.Online.Master.” You intone mindlessly. “Awaiting.input.”

 “Hello Julie,” I answer back. “Please remove your top and lie down on the lab table.”

 “Yes.Master.” you reply. Automatically, your hands move to the silver athletic-style top that covers your chest and pull it off above your shoulders. “Purpose.of. activity?”

 “Body modification and reprogramming,” I return. “My experiments have moved into a new phase and you need to be adjusted.”


 You lie down on the lab table. As you do so, several clamps swing shut across your wrists and ankles, immobilizing you. You do not resist them, but lie quietly. A cable snakes up through a hole in the table just under the base of your skull. It links up to a small square metallic connector visible through your skin. You inhale sharply as the flow of data moves seamlessly through your brain, You are now hooked up to the master computer, your programming open to modification. You can feel your essence swimming through the binary codes of your master’s machinery, open and vulnerable to his every whim.

 “Connection.made.Interface.activated.” you speak in sync with the electronic voice of the computer, echoing from a speaker on the console.

 “Excellent,” I type in a few commands on the console, then turn to you. I move my hand gently across your exposed belly, caressing your full breasts and stroking your silky throat. You do not acknowledge any of it, your eyes pulsing blankly with the machinery’s glow.

 “We need a new playmate, Julie,” I smile down at you, “and I want to test some new developments of mine.”


 “Of course you will, Juliebot. You’re about to become a hunter/seeker unit, capable of converting other women into robotic slaves.”

“Convert…others.” Though you feel no emotion, the words send a cold anticipation through you. To enslave and create new robots, to give them the same fulfillment you have found… “”

 “Engage system analysis,” I order. “I want to know if there are any problems during the process.”

Shuddering slightly, you activate the required programming. I turn back to the computer console and tap a few more commands to activate the modification program. The machinery around you hums to life, focusing lasers and analyzers on your body. A pair of mechanical arms extend from the nearby consoles, each ending with clear, flexible bowl-shaped device. They lower over your chest, fitting themselves over your breasts with a slight sucking sound. You shudder slightly as thousands of electronic connections are made between the inside of the cups and the nerve endings in your mammaries Your nipples grow pert and hard at the stimulation, though you acknowledge none of it.

At the same time, more cables and wiring connect to the clamps around your wrists. Silver bands wrap around your flesh, forming connections with the circuitry already there. A set of VR goggles lowers over your eyes, using a series of flashing lights to encode new programming into your ocular systems.
You feel your system expand as electricity courses through every corner of your being. The probes on your breasts inject millions of nanobots beneath your skin. They immediately begin converting the flesh there to a new system. The bands around your wrists attach tiny bioelectric batteries to your tendons, while the goggles imprint hypnotic impulses into your eyes.

Meanwhile, the computer begins reprogramming your mind, inserting new data to conform to the parameters of your mission. The circuitry being implanted in your chest is conversion equipment, designed to transform a human woman into an obedient slave bot. Your wrists are being fitted with electrostatic stunners and subdermal tracking devices, while your brain receives information on their use - a lifetime of training downloaded in seconds. The new impulses in your eyes will allow you to hypnotize those who gaze upon them, rendering potential targets calm and docile within minutes.

As the machinery modifies your body, the computer programming instructs you on your new duties. As a hunter/seeker unit, you will be expected to keep a low profile, to blend in with the humans around you and to not draw attention. It tells your which subjects the Master prefers and how to go about subduing and transforming them quietly. It also programs information on your first target: Cindy Phillips, 28. Owner of a small clothing line inherited from her late father. Cindy was one of the Master’s original candidates for robotification, whom he passed over in favor of you. You receive detailed information on her home, habits, physical attributes. The Master want the first run to be as error-free as possible, so you will convert her while she is at home, alone. You acknowledge acceptance of the programming as it seamlessly melds into your overall matrix.

After several more minutes, the machinery connected to you completes its purpose. The suction cups detach from your chest while the VR goggles return to their original position. The clamps holding your to the table release, leaving the silver bands around your wrists. As you sit up, your feel your new systems humming to life, connecting to your robotic brain and integrating with the data there.

“Hunter/seeker.UnitJB001.prepared.” you intone. “Modifications.complete.…

…conversion.array: online…
…electrostun beams: online…
…subdermal tracers: online…
…hypnotic patterning program: online.”

I turn and look you over once again, admiring your flawless beauty. “Magnificent,” I whisper. “You are a masterpiece, Julie Bot.”

“” you reply. “”

“You’ll need it where you’re going. Search your memory banks for mission HS-001.”


 “You are to exercise maximum discretion during this mission, Julie Bot. Your true nature is not to be compromised by anyone. Should you be discovered, you will abort the mission and proceed to safehouse designate AX234 for extraction. Allow no one to impede you. Allow no one to follow you. Do you understand?”


“Excellent. Execute mission HS-001, Julie Bot. You may find a van in the parking garage.”

“Yes.Master.” You rise and saunter towards the lab door, your binary brain whirring with the parameters of the mission. Your master wants a new plaything and he has tasked you to bring it to him. You won’t let anything stand in your way.


You park the van across the street from the target’s house and monitor it for nearly three hours. Sunglasses conceal your eyes while a trenchcoat hides your silver-clad body. The Master chose his subject well: her house is very secluded, hidden from the neighbors by a high hedge. The surrounding buildings are very quiet and you haven’t spotted any other people since pulling up.

 As you watch, you see the target drive up in her Mercedes. She fits the Master’s parameters precisely: well-built, curvy, dark brown hair cascading down her shoulders. She will make an excellent fembot. You watch her carefully as she enters the house, using your ultrasonic hearing to pick up on any voices within. You hear only two: the target and one other, possibly a maid or other servant. They should provide you little resistance. You turn the van around and pull it into the target’s driveway: the less distance you have to cover, the better. Removing your sunglasses, you press a large red button on the dashboard. A microwave array in the van’s roof disables any cameras, security alarms, or other surveillance equipment within half a mile.


You step out of the van, discarding the trenchcoat and moving swiftly towards the front door. A pretty red-head in maid’s outfit opens the door at your knock. Instantly, your hand rises an arc of electricity shoots out form your fingertips, striking the maid and knocking her back into the house. You step in and close the door. The maid lies unconscious at your feet, stunned by the bioelectric blast. You gaze swiftly up and down her body, analyzing her form as you would any other piece of data. She fits the Master’s parameters of desirability. You should mark her for later. Pressing your fingers to her neck, you inject a tiny subdermal tracker beneath her skin. Now you will be able to follow her wherever she is and convert her for the Master if he so desires.

The maid incapacitated, you move on towards your primary objective. You move through the house with automated precision, your regulated breath growing shorter with each step. Though devoid of emotion, you feel a certain anticipation building within your systems. You are curious to see how your conversion equipment functions.

The target lies beside the backyard swimming pool, her blue one-piece swimsuit admirably defining her figure. Yes. She will make an excellent sex machine. Your eyes lock on to her and you cross the distance quickly as she sits up.

“Who the hell are you?!” she demands.


The programming locks into your brain as you stop in front of her, initiating the conversion procedure. A pair of cables shoot out of your nipples, through the silver fabric of your top and onto the bare skin of her cleavage. She screams as the nanocircuitry quickly spreads out from the tips, across her upper chest and to the skin beneath. They burrow down below the flesh, connecting to her nervous system and converting her biological matter into artificial circuitry.

 “Unit.interface.established.” You say blankly.  Voluntary.movement.suspended. .Begin.system.assimilation”

 Her hands freeze in place as she moves to pull the wires off. Her eyes widen with fear and she opens her mouth to scream again. Your own glowing eyes lock with hers, flashing in a preprogrammed hypnotic pattern. As you watch, you can see her panic slowly melt

 “Designate.Cinthia.Phillips.” you boom at her. “You.have.been.selected. for.robotic.conversion.Do.not.resist.”

 The nanocircuitry connects to her higher brain functions and you can see her entire consciousness spread out before you. Hopes, dreams, memories, emotions… all just a collection of data to be manipulated as the master sees fit. You can see that she has considerable willpower and that she is preparing to resist the process, but you also see into her subconscious and know that she harbors a secret desire to be robotified: the same desire you shared as a weak and fallible human. That desire can help you undermine her mental defenses and enslave her mind.

 “Assimilation.commencing.” You intone.

The conversion programming cuts into her mind, fragmenting her personality and altering the pathways to suit the master’s designs. Nanotechnology floods every corner of her being, controlling her muscles and transforming her nervous system into a glittering web of robotified circuits.

Against her will, her hands move up to the swimsuit, pulling the top off and exposing her bare round breasts. The conversion circuitry spreads further across her skin and you can feel your systems melding with hers. Her mind and body are like clay, to be molded according to the master’s wishes. You are no longer certain where your being ends and hers begins.

“…Processing…” you intone. “…processing…processing…”

 You activate the endorphins in her brain, triggering a wave of orgasms that further undermine her resistance. You eliminate troublesome memories and fuse her emotions into unthinking obedience. An orgasm rolls through her like a tidal wave, the sensations overwhelming her fragile fleshly form. Though you feel the pleasure through your linked systems, and your own vagina grows moist with lust, you do not deter from your mission.


Increasing parts of Cindy’s mind begin to conform to her new programming, Her brown eyes roll up to the whites and began glowing softly to match yours. Here and there, the sheen of computerized  silver slowly appears on her flesh. All traces of resistance have vanished and she now eagerly embraces the changes you are making. Her hands slowly rise to rest akimbo on her hips.

 “Processing… processing…”

The final touches are added. Her programming is completed and interfaces with the robotic components of her body. She is now a slave unit and can be controlled by you until you return her to the Master’s lab You feel the hum of your programming utterly dominate her, molding her into the master’s perfect slave.

“Processing…concluded.” You finish at last, “Assimilation.complete.”

 The wires detach from her breasts and returned you, vanishing beneath the swell of your chest as if they had never been. An unspoken command passes between you and the new robot tilts her head in acknowledgement. She is now your sister in steel, a companion unit to serve the Master as you do.

 “” she states in a robotic voice very similar to your own. “Awaiting.commands.”

You send an electronic message to the master’s computer, telling him that the operation was a success. You then turn and walk back into the house, through the front door and to the van. Cindy Bot follows you, matching your movements step for step. There is no discernable difference in the way the two of you move. Though she is a few inches shorter than you, her hips swing in proportional arcs, her footsteps move with the same pace and timing as yours. You could be pieces of clockwork, moving in perfect synchronization with each other.  She locks the door behind you and climbs into the van, silently awaiting the trip to your mutual master…


I wait for you in the lab as you enter, holding Cindy Bot’s new clothes. You stop before me and gesture to the gynoid behind you.

“” you speak.

“” She repeats.

“Excellent!” I move to examine her, carefully studying the interface between flesh and machine. “Perfect…” I say softly. “She’s perfect.”

I turn to you and hand you her clothes. Behind me, a computerized headband encircles her forehead while a cable snakes up to connect to the base of her neck: the computer is conducting a final systems check and adding the last few bits of programming.

“You have done well, Julie Bot,” I smile, planting a deep kiss on your mouth. Your pleasure programs flutter to life and you feel a cold fire rising in your loins. “Dress your sister in her new uniform,” I hand you the clothes, “and then we will see what the two of you can do together.”

The headband and cables detached from Cindy Bot and she raises her arms as you approach her. You pull the athletic bra down over her head, corralling her chest and pressing her breasts into delightful mounds of cleavage. You feel her round, firm breasts beneath your hands as move your down to put on the thong. Your hands brush against her curvaceous hips as you slide the silvery fabric across her skin. The fire in your loins grows, joined by something… else


“Yes?” I grin knowingly.

“I desire…”

“Good,” I walk up to you and place my hands on your shoulders. Cindy Bot stands motionless before us as I look into your eyes.

“Your new programming is now complete,” I say, stroking your chin. “This wouldn’t be any fun if I did it alone, so I inserted a bisexual program into your system. From now on, you will desire your robotic sisters as I desire them and will gain pleasure from them at my whim.”

“Yes.master.” your eyes glow with mechanical passion. “When.may.we… test.this.bisexual.program?”

“No better time like the present,”  I smile, sliding my hand down your side. Turning, the two of us make our way to the bedroom. After a moment, Cindy Bot turns and glides automatically behind us.


Robotic lust, you have learned, bears certain similarities to human lust. It appears as an algorithm in your personality program: a task to be completed like any other. In this case, the task is to stimulate your biological flesh to the point of orgasm, which initiates a programming cascade that is the closest thing a machine can come to bliss. Like human lust, it can be overpowering, dominating your every thought. Unlike human lust, however, it never overrides control of your other systems. Your logical processors remain online, and while your regulating programs make adjustments to match your master’s desires (heightened breathing, gasps, etc.), they never exceed their designated limits. You treat it the way you would treat driving a car or engaging in a systems analysis: it is a task to be completed for your master, nothing more. The fact that the task is intensely pleasurable never affects your performance in the least.

The three of us enter the bedchamber, Cindy Bot immediately behind the two of us. You stand at the foot of the bed in your customary pre-coital position while Cindy flanks your right shoulder

“Initiate pleasure program 1A,” I command. You feel the sensors beneath your skin come to life, tingling across every inch of your flesh. Your body is now hyper-sensitized, responding to the slightest. Your can tell from your invisible link that your cybernetic sister has the same program activated.

I walk slowly up to you and plant a deep, sensual kiss on your moth. You return the affection as your programming instructs, sliding your tongue deeply down my throat and feeling mine press against your teeth. As we lock, your hands move to the buttons of my shirt, unhooking them one by one. Cindy Bot moves into position behind me, pulling the shirt off my shoulders with perfect precision. She embraces me from behind and you can feel her hands moving up and down your bare silky sides. You can see her nibbling on my bare shoulder and reach over to caress her soft brown hair.

I reach out and slide my hand beneath your top, over a smooth panel of machinery on your upper belly. The tight fabric presses my fingers against the swell of your breasts and as I stroke the skin, I can feel your nipple hardening. The secondary regulators kick in and your crotch grows moist. A silent command beamed to your sister initiates her desires as well. She reaches down and unfastens your thong while I free your left breast from the confines of your top. As your thong slips down your calves to puddle at your feet. I whisper a command in your ear. You fall back upon the bed as if pushed, releasing me and writhing erotically on the sheets.

In front of you, Cindy Bot reaches around from behind me and caresses my chest. With my free hands, I loosen my belt and drop my pants to the floor. Cindy Bot moves slowly around me, allowing her silver uniform to slide along my bare flesh. You can sense Cindy’s stimulation as waves of data transmitted between you. Your mutual arousal creates a cascade effect, multiplying the sensory data exponentially. You crawl forward to the foot of the bed. A command enters your programming - spread your legs - and you do so, revealing your bare gleaming vagina to the both of us.

I bend Cindy Bot over, nudging her silver-clad buttocks against my bulging cock. As she bends, she plants her upper body between your legs and plants her face in your crotch. Her tongue lashes out as she begins stimulating your lips. You grasp her head and thrust her to you as the sensations overwhelm you.

Meanwhile, I pull her thong down and enter her from behind, my shaft pressing deeply into her anal cavity. Your blank eyes widen as you feel her stimulation - a stream of data transmitted between you - and her legs widen to allow me maximum penetration. You thrust your crotch forward and she responds perfectly, as if the two of you were twin components of the same machine. The three of us establish a rhythm: she moves forward into you just as I thrust, while you reciprocate by pushing into her at he same time. For several minutes, we writhe and pump in perfect harmony, your programming dictating the moves you will make.

Cindy Bot is the first to orgasm. Her flesh reaches the required level of stimulation, initiating the loop cycle and drowning her system in a pulsing wave of pleasure. You feel it through your communal link, which quickly instigates your own orgasm program. Your flesh throbs and your circuits freeze as an unspeakable climax shudders through you. As the data streams command, you open your mouths and cry out with pleasure, indicating to me that climax has been achieved. Even so, your systems remain running and you continue to writhe and pump as accurately as any machine.

As the orgasm cycle wracks its way through you, I pull out of Cindy Bot, my penis huge and engorged. Unlike you, my stamina has limits, and I must not climax too soon. Reaching over, I unclasp Cindy’s top, freeing her own pert breasts and causing them to slosh slowly back and forth. You can feel your new program engage at the sight and your cold lust grows again, even as the final orgasmic shudders travel through you. Reaching up, you pull off your own top; the three of us are now completely naked save for your silver boots and wristbands.

I climb onto the bed and fall into your embrace, pressing my head to the twin globes of your chest. My lips quickly find your pert nipple, and I begin chewing and suckling like an eager child. You feel the stimulation rise through you and your air circulators increase your oxygen intake. Your chest rises and falls with increasing rapidity as my tongue circles your aureole. I lower my hands to your wet vagina and begin stimulating your clitoris with my fingers. You tense as a new series of commands floods your programming, telling you how to move, where to position yourself, and so on. You obey their edicts perfectly, increasing your own stimulation while making my job infinitely easier. Your hands run through my hair as preprogrammed moans rise from your lips.

You feel movement by your feet as Cindy Bot clambers up between your legs. Moving carefully so as not to disrupt our movement, she swallows my cock in her open mouth and initiates a oral stimulation program. She sucks in her breath, creating an almost perfect vacuum, while her tongue dances up and down my shaft. Her programming moves her perfectly, initiating an ideal blowjob at the same time my fingers are bringing you towards another climax.

The three of us come at once, your orgasm dictated by the timing of mind. We thrash and moan like wild beasts, but there is a strange clockwork precision to our shudders. I howl with joy while your automated moans match your cybersister’s muffled pitch. The pounding comes without limits and you feel as if there is no difference between our three units. We are as one perfect being. Your eyes clench shut while your system cycles with the pleasure of it.

As your second orgasm winds down, I disengage from your embrace and Cindy Bot releases my spent penis. Her mouth and lips are perfectly clean; she has swallowed every trace of ejaculation. I lie down on the pillow and gaze upon my two android slaves.

“Ladies,” I pant, “please initiate pleasure program C-36.”

 The program hums to life within you and you feel your desire rise again, this time directed completely towards Cindy Bot. You see her skin gleaming in the soft light and feel yourself climbing yet again as the program commands run through you. She rises as well and you can tell the same exact patterns are running through her brain. As I watch, the two of you meet and embrace. At the program’s commands, you kiss her sensual mouth sending your tongue exploring deep inside her. Your hands caress her rounded buttocks while she begins stroking your inner thighs. Your breath rises, matched perfectly by hers.

You release her rear with your left hand while still kneading it with your right; moving up to cup her breast between your fingers. Her nipple hardens beneath your ministrations and the computerized commands in your brain harden yours to match. As if on cue, an arc of electricity streaks out of your nipple to connect with hers. You release her breast and a second arc streaks out of it to join yours. You push her down upon the bed and you can feel intense strings of binary code now passing between you through the arcs: pleasure coding, amplifying the robotic desire you now feel for each other. Using her feet, she spreads your  legs wide, thrusting her crotch up to meet yours. With each push, eddies of electricity play along the edges of your vaginas, stimulating the nerve endings there to the point of ecstasy.

As you grab Cindy Bot’s shoulders and meet her thrusting with her own, your can feel the cyber-climax building within you…

 Suddenly, you stop. Programmed commands order you to shift your attention back to your master. I sit at the head of the bed, watching the two of you intently. Your activity has hardened my member again and I now desire you to complete the evening’s activity. Breaking off contact with Cindy Bot, you climb over and allow me to mount you. I enter you swiftly, establishing a rhythm you know by heart. You can feel me thrusting deep inside adding to the pleasure that threatens to overwhelm you. You move in perfect precision with me, timing each thrust for maximum pleasure. It isn’t long before I feel myself coming again. I ejaculate heavily, filling your womb with my seed and expanding into your whole being. As the program completes, you are overwhelmed by a third and final climax this one longer and more intense than either of the two proceeding it. As you feel your systems lock in its thrall, you sense it spilling over to Cindy Bot. She climaxes as you do, her programming altering to match your perfectly. She feels the same pleasure as you do, her circuits cascade with the same energy. You raise your head and give a shout as every corner of your android being weeps with fulfillment.

 I pull myself out of you as the climax runs its course, exhausted but happy. You sit unmoving from your spot, the programmed joy invisible beneath your robotic face.

 “” you ask.

 “Exceptionally so,” I reply. “I think we can consider the experiment a success.”


 “Later. For now, instigate shut down and recharge your batteries.” He now speaks to both of you. “Standard orgasm-loop cycle. We’ll review the data when you awaken.

 “Yes.Master.” the two of you intone as one. Standing, your retrieve your outfits and don them once again. Your bodies reflect none of the stimulation you have just gone through. No sweat, no spit, no secretions of any kind. The juices you used during the encounter have evaporated, drying as if they had never been.

 Once your uniform is secure, you and Cindy move into the corner, where a second glowing platform has been added to the first. Moving in clockwork precision with your harem mate, you stand on the platform and raise your arms akimbo. Both of you freeze into motionless statues as your conscious systems shut down, and once again, the orgasm-loop cycle is instigated. Pleasure. Endless pleasure pulses over you in an overwhelming white wave…


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