Jungle Hunt

by Paul G. Jutras

An owl hooted from a tree limb as a coven of witches stood around a cauldron. They chanted in an unheard mumble as they continued their voodoo like ways. One dropped a bat wing into the cauldron and another dropped a lizard.

"This potion will freeze anyone stiff." Electra said to her sisters as a wicked smile crossed her ruby red lips. "Nothing better than old fashion magic."

"I still think we need to get with the times, sister." Katrina spoke up as she crossed her arms beneath her breaths. "Science can make a mannequin out of someone as easy as any magical spell."

"But can it make a person into a form or torso?" Jennifer offered. "Not the way magic can, I'm sure."

"Sounds like a challenge to me." Katrina said to her two sisters. "Perhaps we'll see once and for all if chemicals or magic is better."

"This isn't Charmed or Sabrina The Teenage Witch." Electra's smiled faded. "If you want to back out, say so now. It's not like any of us really know what we're doing."

Jennifer released her breath like she was blowing out birthday candles. "By the powers that be, let it be." She said as the image of a young woman who was obviously admired for her sexy legs. "Just watch and learn."

Nikkie was more than happy to be the winner of the beauty contest. She was told that the first prize was a trip to Durasheer department store where she'd be able to get all the clothes she'd ever want to wear in a life time for free.

Oh my god! I can't believe this! Any outfit I want in this store can be mine, what do I start picking out from all the choices?

"So have you ever been to my store before?" The owner asked in an almost hypnotic tone.

"No, but I've always wanted to. I could never afford the prices at this place."

"Why don't we get started?" He lead Nikkie to the lingerie department. She didn't notice how the pupils of his eyes glowed red as she stepped up and picked out an expensive pair of Durasheer pantyhose. She quickly removed her shoes and skirt. She then sat down and slid her sculptured toes into her nylon legs. She noticed how the tan hose made her legs look even better.

After she put them on, all she could think of was looking good in the greatest fashions. She had a moment of thought that she should take them off, but that immediately vanished. Without even thinking of the fact that she only had stockings on, she left the dressing room to pick out her other clothes.

The manager just smiled at the same time as Jennifer as she saw everything through his eyes. She then spoke with his voice. "You're walking kind of funny. Are you all right?"

"My legs feel a little stiff."

"Do you want to rest or can you walk well enough to pick out your clothes?"

"I can shop. They feel strange, but nothing keeps me from shopping."

The hardness continued to move up her legs as she fingered the blouses. As she tried to step away, she found they wouldn't move from their spot. Reaching down, she could feel how stiff she was becoming.

"What happened to me?" Nikkie asked, with a worried look on her face. "Who are you, and what did you do to me?"

"My name is Jennifer Case. I am a witch that is using this man as my puppet to lure you in my trap."

"Why me?"

"I needed to prove myself to my sisters, and you were in the right place at the right time."

"It's true then - I'm going to be a mannequin." She wanted to cry, but her tear ducts were already dried up. She notice also that her hands were gone, which scared her even more.

"A pantyhose form actually." Jennifer added.

"Oh my god..."

"You won't be killed." Jennifer assured her. "You're body's atoms are just being magically rearranged into a new form. You'll be able to hear everything and see as well as you would if you had a stocking pulled over your face."

"What will happen to me?"

"You'll be put in this store display here in the underwear department or in some window."

"NNNNNOOOOOOOO!" Nikkie screamed mentally as she found her voice was now gone. She saw her arms were but stubs. They would also disappear as she would end up as nothing more than a lower torso.

"I'm sorry miss." The manger manager to said under his own will as he went over to the shoe department and got a pair of very high heels to help balance her in. He tilted her back and put a shoe on one foot and then the other. Nikkie could feel her toes fusing together.

"Before things go too far." The manager pulled down her pantyhose and put a fleshy object in her sex. She knew at once that it was a large dildo. "You'll love this magical stimulation. The batteries will never die in this."

After she sealed up, he pulled the pantyhose back up and ran his hand over the cotton panel that covered the smooth mound. Although stiff, hard and hollow, she would forever feel pleasure down there. The buzzing was more intense in her motionless legs that she could ever imagine.

The manager wheeled a cart over and picked up Nikkie's pantyhosed legs and put them on it. The shoes allowed her to work either on a base stand or as a free-standing mannequin. She was taken to the front window where a pole was inserted into a butt plug of her plasticized skin. She could feel the nylon invade the cheeks of her butt due to the pole.

Men had often thought she had sexy legs. Now any man passing on the street would be able to see her sexy legs. Especially since that was all that was left of her. Stiff and rigid on display forever. Nikkie would never know that all memory of what had happened was magically erased from the manger's mind.

"See how good magic can be?" Jennifer smiled at her scientific sister as Electra hunted through the jungle for what she needed when it came time for her spell. "Do you think you can do better, Electra?"

"Anyone can turn a woman into a beautiful piece of plastic." Electra said she waved her hand over the cauldron. The image that appeared was that of a man with long dark curly hair. Dressed in a T-shirt, Jean jacket, jeans and cowboy boots, he headed down the street. He smiled as he passed a blonde girl wearing a white cowboy hat, crop top and shortie-shorts. "Let us try a body swap first."

"Hel--lo!" The woman suddenly stopped in her tracks and cooed. As she walked up the man, she shook his hand and he felt like he was being shocked with a joy buzzer. As he pulled his hand away; however, he notice his nails were long and polished.

"Wh - What's going on." She asked as she stared in his own face.

"Not to worry, Mr. Parker." Steve heard his own voice say. "You will have that beauty forever. Nobody will notice since time will stop until the changes are complete."

"What do you mean?" The former man asked as he tried to move, but found his now fused painted toes were ridged. He notice a line forming on his ankles like his feet were now able to be removed. A change in skin tone continued upward as his now long slender legs became stiff.

"You'll be a lovely mannequin, who I'll put on display." Steve asked himself as he found his arms felt stiff too. As he watched his own hands remove the shirt he was wearing, he watched as his breasts didn't drop in the slightest.

"You can't do this." He wanted to say, but found that his feminine voice was now gone. Steve's hand tapped his face and a hollow sound was heard. Steve could no longer move either his head or his eyes. With his gazed fixed straight ahead, he notice that time had started up again.

"At least you won't have to worry about learning how to dress like a woman." His former self snickered as he picked the half naked mannequin body up and carried it into a store. He was carried up an elevator and set down as the elevator began upward.

"There's your new owner upstairs." The new Steve spoke to his former body as they reached the top floor. He was then carried down a long hall to an officer. "He will find you nothing more than what you appear to be."

The owner of the store looked up. He was about to order the intruder out when his eyes glowed red when his mind was taken over. "Are yes." He smiled. "I was expecting a new mannequin for the main floor, back the front door. Lingerie I think is best for her."

"Anything you say." A wicked smile appeared across the male face of Steve's real body as the mannequin was returned back to the elevator and the main floor. "You'll look lovely. EVERYONE coming in and out of the store will be sure to spot you."

As Steve stood frozen and half naked while watching people pass by, his former self went to lingerie and picked out a bra. He then returned to Steve and removed the shorts. "This could be a bit uncomfortable." The male Steve said as he hooked the bra on the former body. He then left the store with a brainwashed mind while leaving his former body standing in nothing but a bra and panties.

"Not bad, don't you think." Electra grinned as she put the fire out from underneath the cauldron. They then started to pack their stuff up. "Once we're back in the city, we'll see how your science will match with the magic you've already seen, sister."

"My science will tear your magic apart." Katrina said with a smile every bit as evil as her sisters. "It's time to show you the true power of the modern world."

Eight hours later, the plane they took landed back in the Americas. To still get the feel of the jungle, they landed in the Orlando Florida airport. Katrina had all the chemicals she needed in the family swamp cottage.

"Ready?" Katrina asked as she turned toward her sisters. She squeezed the tubes and squirted the liquid into her sisters faces. "Learn what science can do."

Before they could react, the liquid froze their eyes open and made their faces hard. The liquid quickly flowed down their bodies, and made the rest of them get stiff. They released how erect their breasts were as they had their clothes removed. "You like lingerie mannequins so much, you get to be a pair yourself. As this liquid  seeps into your plastic heads, your minds will soon forget you were ever alive. You'll be brainwashed into thinking you were always mannequins. All you'll care about is being dressed pretty."

Loading her frozen sisters into their car, she looked forward to getting her sisters to a store display. Not to mention getting their inheritance once she had them pronounced missing and presumed dead.


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