Pleasure Android Love Dolls

Acquisition and Transformation

by V. Du'Arden

 I won an all expenses paid three day weekend stay at one of the Lake Tahoe resorts as some kind of promotional arrangement.  All I was supposed to do for this three day party was let a photographer take photos of me having fun.  It sure sounded like a good deal to me, the Ad agency would get some relatively inexpensive promotional photos, and I'd get a great three day vacation as well as make some good contacts for possible future modeling jobs.

 It was 4:00 A.m. and I was running late, so I was in a hurry to get to the airport to catch the morning shuttle flight to Lake Tahoe.  When the cab finally arrived I didn't pay much attention to what company belonged to, I just got in the back as the driver put my bags in the trunk.  As the cab pulled away from the curb I noticed the door handles were missing, then I smelled a strong sweet smell of oranges just after I noticed the driver was wearing some kind of breathing mask.

 The next thing I knew, I was waking up on a narrow, thinly padded, table.  I was naked and strapped down on the table by thick rubber-like cuffs around my ankles and wrists.  I felt very light headed, and I was more then a little confused at first, but I knew I shouldn't be laying naked on a hard narrow bed in a rather small room.  I knew I should be frightened, but I was more surprised and puzzled then alarmed by finding myself naked and bound to a hard narrow bed.

 While my bonds prevented me from getting off the bed, I could sit up and get a good look at my surroundings.  I found I was only one of twelve naked young women shackled to high narrow beds, which seems to actually be some kind of padded tables with footrests in a rather small bare well-lighted room.  I guessed the room was about 26 by 18 feet, based on the regular pattern of tile on the floor and ceiling, with six tables set perpendicular along the two longer walls.  Several of the other young women were waking up or already awake and looking around, with the same puzzled expressions on their faces as I probably had on mine.  I felt so queerly calm, I knew I should be very alarmed, or even terrified by finding I was one of a dozen naked and bound young women in a strange place, but all I felt was mild concern and curiosity about my situation.

 I tried to remember something, anything that happened before I woke up here and after I apparently passed out in the cab.  I was not having any luck remembering anything, when a pretty young black woman on the table next to me asked, "Hay, Red.  Do you have any idea where we are and how we got here?"

 It took me a couple of seconds to realize she was talking to me before I replied, "No, not a clue.  The last thing I remember is dozing off in a cab on the way to the airport."

 She nodded and said, "Yeah, me too."

 Another young woman, a very pretty Chinese girl, spoke up, "Yes, the same thing happened to me."

 When I first woke up and started moving around I felt kind of stiff and I had a rather full stuffed feeling, as if I had a mild case of gas.  It wasn't really uncomfortable, but it did feel kind of odd.  I also had the feeling something had been shoved up my asshole.  This wasn't at all painful, but for me it was a new, and very disconcerting sensation.  As I sat up and moved around more, I was sure something had actually been stuck up my asshole, so I asked my neighbors, "Ahhh, do you, feel like you have something stuck up your ass?"

 The black girl replied, "Yes.  I sure do.  It feels like someone's shoved one of those long dildo butt-plugs up my ass."

 The Chinese girl blushed and said, "Yeah, it actually feels like of good."

 While our bonds prevented us from checking, we had no trouble leaning over far enough so we could see that we had a silver dollar sized disk pressed snugly over our assholes.  Mary, my black neighbor confirmed the disk was the external part of a butt-plug to keep it from slipping all the way inside a person's rectum.
 Besides shoving butt-plugs up our asses, they (whoever they were) had also removed all of our makeup, and jewelry.  We quickly determined all of our pierced earring as well as a few navel and nipple rings and other assorted body jewelry some of the girls had, had been removed.

 As the rest of my fellow captives woke we soon determined all of us had fallen asleep in a taxi, and as far as we could remember we all had the same driver. We also determined we had some other things in common; we were all fairly attractive young women, with few friends, no close family, and we all live alone, except two who were roommates.  We were all from the west coast, or that's where we were all kidnapped from anyway; Two from the Seattle area, one from Portland, three from the San Francisco area, five from the LA area, and one from Monterey.

 I wasn't the only one to realize how unnaturally calm we all were as we discussed our situation and possible fate.  None of us seemed to be able feel more then mild alarm, even when considering the most gruesome horrible fates such as being vivisectioned alive and conscious as a part of some horrible secret research project.  It was fairly obvious all of us had been drugged with a fairly powerful tranquilizer to keep us calm and suppress our fear and any panicky reactions we would normally have had to our situation.

 When a man in white coveralls entered the room, none of us reacted with fear. All of us wanted to find out what our captor intended to do with us, but the man ignored us and our questions.  He checked and recorded readings from a small instrument panel set in the foot of each table.  After checking each table's instrument panel he did something that caused the tables to smoothly tilted up to about 60 degrees and move closer to the wall.  With all of our tables was tilted up and moved back against the walls, a much wider aisle was opened up between the two rows of tables.

 The man moved to the wall opposite the room's single entrance, and opened a pair of wide folding doors.  Then, as a weird looking machine, like something out of one of the Alien science fiction movies, smoothly rolled out of the small room behind the folding doors, the man spoke to us for the first time, "I know you girls have all kinds of questions, and I'll answer a few of them now.  I am Randolf Trimain Eaglaton, RT to my friends, and I know we will become very good friends."

 Some of the girls started to interrupt him with questions and demands, but he simply ignored them and continued with an obviously rehearsed speech, "First of all, I want to assure you I would never willingly cause any of you any physical pain.  So, all of the really painful and most of the potentially painful procedures were completed while you were sedated and unconscious.  You have to be awake and conscious during the last few steps in your transformation.  A transformation I believe you will find to be the most pleasurable and sexually satisfying of your lives."

 "I want you to know that none of you was simply picked up off the street at random without careful screening and consideration.  First of all, you all have notably higher then average physical appearance.  And secondly, none of you has anybody who's really close to you.  No close family or friends.  None of you has any close friends or lovers, although many of you has had frequent sexual affairs, and several of you were prostitutes.  In short no one will really miss any of you if you simply disappeared."

 When Eagalton paused to do something with the machine, several of us called out questions, including me with, "Transformation?  What kind of transformation?  What are you going to do to us!?"

 I don't know if he really heard me over the others, but he seemed to answer my questions with, "While you were unconscious your bodies were specially prepared.  You don't really need to know exactly what was done, lets just say your entire digestive and urinary systems as well as your womb were thoroughly cleaned out, and filled with dense but soft and very flexible inert plastic foam.  You may have noticed a certain stiffness and a full feeling in your abdomens."

 He paused to let what he just told us sink in before continuing, "Since these procedures was completed all of your nourishment requirements have been provided by, and all metabolic wastes removed, through your wrist and ankle cuffs.  Over the last few hours a special compound, actually you could think of it as a magic potion, has been defused throughout your bodies, via your cuffs till all of your tissues have been completely saturated by the compound.  It would have been extremely painful, if you had been conscious while the potion was defusing through your tissues, until all of your tissues were totally saturated."

 He gestured to the machine and said, "This is what I call my 'Doll Maker'.  It will complete your transformation into my very special Love Dolls.  I do not mean you will be transformed into simple life-size plastic sex toys.  You are about to become fully functional plastic pleasure androids who's sole function and desire will be to fully satisfy your human bed mates sexual desires in any way you are able.  You will not ever have to worry about growing old, or contracting any disease, or feeling hunger, thirst, or cold.  In fact, as Love Dolls the only thing you'll ever concern yourself with is giving, and receiving as much pure sexual pleasure as you are able to."

 The machine slowly moved down the middle of the room to stop in front of the table Mary lay on, as well as the young woman across the aisle from her.  Eagalton pointed what looked like an ordinary TV remote control at the machine, and surprisingly life like tentacles began slowly growing or extruding from the machine toward Mary.  He said to Mary and the other girl, "I think you two are going to enjoy this more then you ever enjoyed anything else before.  You will certainly enjoy your transformation a hell of a lot more then you did servicing a dozen or more strangers every night.  Then you forever be young and enjoy more pure sensual pleasure then you've ever imagined possible."

 The other girl just stared at the machine as Mary begged, "Nooo!  Please don't do this to me!  You can't do this to me, it's not possible.  You can't turn me into a plastic doll, a sex toy!  I'm a person, not a fucking sex toy!"

 Despite their struggles to prevent it one of the machine's thicker tentacles with a tip that looked like a big thick silver dildo slipped up between their thighs into their pussys.  Two other tentacles, with large soap bowl sized cups shaped tips plopped down over their breasts, as other tentacles sought out their navel and temples.
 Parts of the machine began to glow and I became aware of a low pitch hum.  Mary's eyes popped wide open as she exclaimed, "Ohhhh, My God!"  Her breathing speeded up as her expression slowly took on a look of pure ecstasy.  Although Mary, and the other girl, began to groan and writhe they did not seem to be in any pain.  In fact, it looked as if whatever they were experiencing was  far from painful.

 All  of us stared as the machine's first two victims moaned and groaned and squirmed around in such obviously overwhelming ecstasy.  After at least fifteen to twenty minutes they gave out a last long drawn out loud groan, arched their backs, and froze totally motionless.  As they froze with back arched and eyes wide and staring, the machine slipped another tentacle with a thick blunt dildo like tip between their lips and pushed more then a foot of its length down their throats.

 The color slowly drained from Mary's dark body and shiny black hair until she was a uniform light gray color.  Everything, even her eyes, turned a light gray before taking on a shiny glossy appearance, like plastic.  Then, what the machine did next made it abundantly clear Mary and the other girl was not, and never again could be living breathing human beings.

 At first it looked like the machine was drawing a thin line around their torsos from just below their collar bone to just above their pubic bone.  The machine was not drawing any line -- it was slicing them open like some kind of fruit, which became horribly clear when it lifted off the whole front half of their torsos.  Then it looked like the machine scooped nearly everything out of their split open torsos as if they were Halloween pumpkins.

 I was vaguely aware of the man saying, "By this point all internal organs, except the vagina and the cervix of the womb as well as sections of the rectum and esophagus, have turned into a homogeneous mass of dense foam plastic.  This inert plastic foam is removed from the torso, and various specially designed components are installed in the empty torso.  The rest of the body, the entire skeletal and neuromuscular systems, as well as 95% of the intra-muscular circlatory system has been transformed into fully functional analogous plastic systems.  These functional analogous systems are interfaced with the various components and systems installed in the torso."

 "The plastic muscles are electrically powered, instead of chemically powered, by biopolymeteric energy cells which will fill one-fourth to one-third of the body cavity.  These energy cells, will allow the Love Doll to function at full capacity for about 24 hours before she must recharge for about 6 hours.  While all the original memories and personality are still present in the Love Doll's plastic brain, they have been overlaid with a basic Love Doll personality matrix.  This combination of the original personality and a standard Love Doll personality matrix gives each Love Doll a unique personality that is totally dedicated to giving and receiving sexual pleasure."

 The machine worked so inhumanely fast and sure it seemed as it took only a few minutes to scoop out Mary's body cavity, and install a more then a dozen small and large cryptic components.  Then the front half of her torso was put back in place, and somehow 'glued' or otherwise fixed to her the rest of her body.  As the machine withdrew its tentacles from Mary's gray plastic body the man continued talking, but I was much more concerned by the fact I was next in line to be turned into a plastic doll.

 There was nothing I could do except stare at the machine as it finished with Mary and moved in front of my table.  All I did, all I could do to resist was to close my eyes and clamp down my vaginal muscles as hard as I could in a vain attempt to keep the vaginal probe out of my body.  It was totally futile, the tip of the probe seemed to effortlessly push through the entrance of my vagina and deep into my pussy.  The tentacle breast cups clamped down over my breasts like a pair of vacuum cups, as a bulb tipped tentacle slipped into my navel, and a pair of disk tipped tentacles found and pressed against my temples.

 As the last tentacle found its place on my body I knew I had only a second or two left before I learned first hand what Mary experienced.  Then parts of the machine started glow, as it did with Mary, and a couple seconds later I 'felt' the low pitched hum I had heard before.  I felt my clit, my nipples, my womb, my thighs, and EVERY erogenous point and area I had begun to vibrate in harmony with that low pitched hum.

 I couldn't help doing as Mary and the other girl did as I gasped, gave out a loud long drawn out groan and exclaimed, "OOooooooo, Gooooood, Gaaawwd!!"

Then all I could do was groan and moan and writhe as wave after wave pure overwhelming ecstasy washed all conscious volition away.  The term 'orgasm' had no meaning since I gripped by one long unbelievably powerful seemingly unending orgasm.  It seemed like I suffered this, this total sensual overload for hours or days or weeks, until everything simply -- stopped.

 I was fully conscious and aware I was frozen in the same wide-eyed arched-back position as Mary had frozen in.  I was fully conscious of the tentacle slipping into my mouth as pushing its way far down my throat.  Then a cool numbness began slowly flowing through my body and everything began to blur then darken until....

The  End?
or maybe
A  Beginning?

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