A Mannequin's Life - Unexpected Acquisitions

by V. Du'Arden

(This is the third story in this series)

The day was just like every other day in Leta's Fashion Emporium since I became one of Mistress Leta's mannequins.  All I have to do, all I can do, all I want to do is look pretty as I show off all kinds of lovely clothes.  I vaguely realized I'd be bored 'stiff' if I were a real girl instead of a lovely mannequin, but boredom, like the idea of moving, is a nearly meaningless esoteric concept.  I can not understand how I could ever have moved or wish to do so, boredom, moving, running, are merely words for concepts that are simply meaningless to a mannequin.  I love being a pretty motionless mannequin all dressed up in pretty clothes, and not having to always be moving around all the time like real living people, it looks so, so alien.  I'm quite happy being a motionless mannequin but I still enjoy watching the Emporium's patrons as they move and browsed through the shop's displays.

It must have been a Friday since the group of teenage girls browsing around and trying on dozens of different outfits like they do almost every Friday.  I guess Mistress Leta and the staff tolerates the girls hanging around like they do because at least one of them usually buys something when they visit, and none of the girls has tried stealing anything.

I'd be about the same age as several of the girls if I were a living girl instead of a mannequin.  Although I'm really am happy to be a mannequin I still wonder what it would be like to hang out with a bunch of girls like that.

After the store closed Mistress Leta stepped into my bedroom display scene with a hanger of clothes.  I saw the clothes wasn't the usual night-clothes I've displayed since I became a mannequin and I wondered what they were for.  After laying the clothes on the bed beside me Mistress Leta looked me in the eyes, smiled and said, "Well Valerie, it has been a year since you became one of my mannequins.  I thought we could take in a movie or something tonight."

I suddenly remembered the agreement I made with Mistress Leta before she made me into one of her mannequins.  If I could have said anything I'd have told her I was happy the way I was she really didn't have to turn me back into a living girl.  Knowing exactly what I wanted to say, as she always did Mistress Leta said, "No, Valerie.  A deal is a deal.  But maybe, after you have a chance to get out and move around with real people again, we can change our agreement if you still with to do so."

Then she put a hand on my shoulder, triggering a motionless mannequin orgasm as the touch of warm living flesh always does, and muttered a few seemingly non-sense words.  I didn't think anything had changed till she softly said, "Valerie.  You can move now."

Even though my pivot joints were visible and I still looked like a plastic mannequin, I found I really could move now in a jerky way like moving from pose to pose.  It felt so odd to be able to move again.  My jerky movements, and the plastic sheen of my animated mannequin body made me look like a big life-size puppet.

Mistress Leta said, "Don't worry about trying to move like a living person, Valerie.  I used a very simple animation spell, but it's enough to allow you to change and get used to moving again.  I got to change too, and I've got something to do in the office, so you come on back to the office when you're done changing."

After Mistress Leta left me I headed toward the dressing rooms.  It was a weird feeling being an animated mannequin.  The only difference between me and all the other mannequins was I could move and they couldn't... At least I assumed they couldn't.  My body was still hard plastic and I'm sure I'd have no trouble just assuming a pose and holding it as long as I wished to do so.

I don't know why I was bothering to use a dressing room, after all I was just a mannequin.  I've stood nude and semi-nude in the middle of a busy clothing store for the last year.  Anyway, for whatever reason I made my way to the dressing rooms for the Young Teen section, and stepped into the first changing stall.

The changing stall light was out, but the dim after-hours light from the display room provided enough light for me to see it was already occupied.  I was surprised to find someone in the stall, but I assumed the dimly lit figure was one of the Emporium's employees.  I would have excused myself, but Mistress Leta's spell only gave me the ability to move but not speak, and simply backed out to use another stall.  Before I could back out the dim figure gasped in obvious shock and flicked on the stall lights.

I froze in surprise too as I realized the person revealed by the light was not an employee.  She was a young teenage girl, one of the group of young girls who usually visits the shop Friday evenings.  It seems she had fallen asleep in the changing stall, and her friends had left without her.  I recognized her and she obviously recognized me as one of the store mannequins.  Her eyes got huge as she gave a little squeak-like scream as she backed into the stall's corner.  Then she just stared at me as I stood frozen in the doorway.

I stayed motionless in the hope she'd assume someone was playing a joke on her with one of the store's mannequins.  After she got over her initial fright she thumped a knuckle on my bare plastic breast.  I think she almost assumed someone was playing a trick on her, until she took a good look at how I was standing.  When she saw how I held the door knob and the hanger of clothes in my stiff plastic hands she gasped in fear and backed into the stall corner again.

From the changing stall corner she asked it a nearly terrified voice, "Who... What are you!?"

As I tried to decided what to do Mistress Leta and two employees came up behind me.  I heard Mistress Leta sigh before saying, "No one's going to hurt you dear."

I still hadn't moved since I first froze motionless in the doorway, and still staring at me the girl said, "She's alive!"

Mistress Leta sighed again and said, "Of course she's not alive.  Valerie is one of my mannequins"

"But, she moved!  I know I saw her move!"

"That's because she's a very special mannequin, like all of my mannequins" Mistress Leta calmly replied.

The girl stared wide eyed at me as she said, "But she's made of plastic!  How could a plastic dummy move?"

Mistress Leta said, "Valerie is a mannequin, not a dummy.  She can move because my magic gives her the power to move."

The girl squeaked, "Magic?"

Mistress Leta nodded and said, "Yes Marlena, magic.  Valerie, could you move out of the way, please."

I moved so Mistress Leta could enter the changing stall where she offered her hand to the girl as she said, "Come with me, please."  When the girl looked like she was about to panic Mistress Leta added, "I promise, I'm not going to hurt you or let anyone else hurt you.  I just want to talk.  I'll even tell you a secret, if you promise to keep it secret."

Mistress Leta must have used some kind of magic, because the girl seemed to calm down almost as soon as she took her hand.  Seeing I was curious that the girl willingly followed Mistress Leta from the stall, Suzy Wong, who's been one of Mistress Leta's mannequins for the last fifty years smiled and said, "It looks like Mistress Leta will be acquiring another mannequin tonight.  Marlena will make a pretty mannequin, don't you think so Valerie?."

Suzy must have felt my shocked reaction to what she said and she hurriedly added, "No, no.  Mistress Leta would never force someone to become a mannequin.  All of us, like you, were all willing to become one of her mannequins.  As I understand it, she can only transform a person into a mannequin who has a desire to be a mannequin.  Mistress Leta uses a, a special spell to attract such people who has such a desire, even if they are not consciously aware it."

The clothes were the same ones I was wearing a year ago with the addition of a lacy black garter belt, red stockings, and shiny black ankle boots with three inch heels in place of my ankle socks and low heeled sandals.  After I finished dressing I didn't have to do anything with my makeup since the 'makeup' I was wearing now was actually painted on my plastic face.

After changing, I found Suzy and the other two employees sitting and standing around a prop table in one of the displays with the two mannequins who were normally a part of the display.  All three of them were now motionless mannequins, who if they had been dressed in a bit sexier outfits would've fit right in as part of the display.  I guess this is the way many or most of Mistress Leta's employees spend most of their off hours.

I found Mistress Leta and the girl talking quietly in the office.  They seemed to be getting along, and the girl was much calmer even though she still stared at me.

As I approached the girl asked, "You mean she really use to be a real girl like me?"

Mistress Leta smiled as she often does and said, "Marlena, this is Valerie, she's been a mannequin for a year now.  I was going to allow her to have the weekend off to take in a movie or do whatever you teenage girls do on a Friday night.   Valerie, I'd like you to meet Marlena."

Marlena smiled shyly and said, "Hi, Valerie."  I just smiled and nodded since I still couldn't speak.

Still staring at me Marlena said, "Ohh Gawd!  I can barely believe you really are a plastic dum... I mean mannequin.  But you are!"

Mistress Leta said, "Go ahead and take a close look.  Valerie won't mind, she's a mannequin so she likes being looked at."

I realized I really did like people looking at me and the pretty things I usually wore.  Marlena cautiously approached, like she thought I might bite of something, then she began to really take a close look just as Mistress Leta suggested.  I just stood motionless as the girl peered into my open staring eyes and tapped on my plastic body.  She even found the nerve to actually tap on my hard plastic eyes, and caress my smooth sexless crotch.

When she was done she just leaned against the desk and said, "She really is a... mannequin.  She's not breathing or anything, and her eyes are really plastic."  Then she asked, "What's it like to be a mannequin, Valerie?"

When I just shrugged she exclaimed, "Oh, sorry.  You're not breathing, so I guess you can't talk."

Mistress Leta said, "Oh yes, I guess I really should do something about that."

Then Mistress Leta put her hands on my shoulders, and muttered a few more of those seemingly non-sense magic words.  The grooves of my pivot joints disappeared as my skin lost its plastic sheen took on a more natural life-like appearance.  Then I suddenly found myself gasping and drawing in my first breath of air since my transformation into a mannequin.  Except for my still smooth sexless crotch I looked just like a real live girl now and could move with the smooth natural movements of a real person.  But, I knew I was still just an animated mannequin and not a real living person.

Watching my transformation Marlena gasped, "Ohh coool beans."

"Cool beans?" I asked as I gave Marlena a puzzled look.

She nodded and said "Yeah.  Waay cool."  Then she pointed at my crotch and said, "Haay, you're still smooth like a mannequin."

I felt my smooth soft sexless crotch and said, "Yes, I'm still a mannequin even if I can talk and move and look like a real girl."

Mistress Leta gently caressed Marlena's shoulder as she said, "Valerie, Marlena HAS chosen to become one of my mannequins, but she has some questions she'd like to ask you, so she will be joining us tonight."

Even as I smiled and said, "Oh, sure.  I'd be happy to answer any questions I can.", I had to wonder why such a lovely young girl would choose to be turned into a mannequin.  I know why I agreed to be a mannequin, but I couldn't see why Marlena would do so.

As we were about to leave Mistress Leta said, "Ohh, I guess I better change if I'm going to go out with a couple of active teenage girls."

Marlena, and I was very surprised when Mistress Leta stepped into her office with some clothes to change into, and a fifteen or sixteen year old girl came out a few minutes later.  The tall slim green eyed redheaded teenager didn't look anything like Mistress Leta, but I didn't have any doubt she was.

After she got over her surprise Marlena said, "When you say you're gona change you really mean you're gonna change!"

Mistress Leta smiled and said, "I can of course, change the appearance of any of my mannequins."

Marlena gasped and asked, "Any of your...  you mean, you're a mannequin too?"

Mistress Leta giggled like the teenage girl she now appeared to be and replied, "Of course I am, silly.  Been one for a long, looonng time.  It's soo much better then being just a fleshy."

"A fleshy?"

"Yeah, yea know.  A real flesh and blood person. Like you."

As the three of us left the Fashion Emporium Marlena asked me all the obvious questions.  Have you always been a mannequin?  How long have you been a mannequin?  What's it like being a mannequin?  And, did it hurt when Ms. Leta turned me into a mannequin?

I answered all of Marlena's questions as well as I could as the three of us wondered around the different popular teenage night spots.  As the evening progressed I had little doubt Marlena really wanted to be a mannequin and would be out in the display room Monday morning with me and the other mannequins.  In fact as the evening wore on Marlena became more and more eager to be transformed into a mannequin.  As a result we returned to the Fashion Emporium earlier then we originally planned.

After Mistress Leta returned to her 'normal' adult form she said, "Valerie dear, you can assist me with Marlena's transformation.  Take your clothes off and I'll return you to a more comfortable state."

As I took my skirt and panties off I saw my soft sexless mannequin crotch was very warm to the touch, my nipples were also stiff and swollen.  I realized I was as sexually turned on by the prospect of turning back into a mannequin.  I also discovered  how good it felt to caress my smooth sexless crotch.  I got so distracted with playing with myself Mistress Leta had to remind me to finish undressing.

Once I was naked Mistress Leta gestured as she said a few non-sense magic words and within seconds I was a lovely animated plastic mannequin again.  As I watched as motionless as only a mannequin can be as Mistress Leta asked Marlena to take off her clothes, which she eagerly did so, then she stepped up close behind Marlena, and gently rested her hands on Marlena's shoulders.  I had no reason or desire to move, so I stayed still as a statue for her.

I heard Marlena's slight gasp at Mistress Leta's light touch, then Mistress Leta softly said, "Marlena, you will soon be just as lovely a mannequin as Valerie is.  See, how still and beautiful she is."

Mistress Leta paused then softly said, "Is she not lovely, so still, so ageless.  Marlena, you can be just as lovely, just as still, and just as ageless as Valerie, and all my other mannequins.  That IS what you desire, isn't it Marlena?"

I heard Marlena hoarsely whisper, "Yes.  Ohh yess."

Mistress Leta began to hum an odd little tune as she slowly gently caressed Marlena's arms and back.  Then she kissed her neck and whispered something in Marlena's ear.

Marlena excitedly nodded as she exclaimed said, "Ohh yes, yes, yes!"

Mistress Leta continued whispering in Marlena's ear as she caressed her thighs, buttocks, and nearly hairless teenage crotch.

Mistress Leta caressed Marlena's belly and breasts as Mistress Leta gently turned her around to face her, then as Marlena gazed deeply into her glowing blue eyes Mistress Leta said, "Marlena, you DO WISH with all your heart and soul to be one of my lovely beautiful mannequins, don't you Marlena?"

Marlena hoarsely declared, "Yes, yes, yes!  I really DO wish to be a beautiful mannequin like Valerie.  It would be so wonderful to be such a beautiful mannequin and NEVER have to move again.  Please Mistress Leta, turn me into one of your beautiful mannequins, please, please Mistress Leta."

As she did with me, Mistress Leta stepped a few feet back from Marlena, let the loose robe she was wearing drop down from around her shoulders, and transformed herself into a beautiful animated plastic mannequin.  Marlena stared as within a few seconds Mistress Leta had become a truly beautiful mannequin in all ways except she could still move.

Once again Mistress Leta spoke in that most wondrously beautiful musical voice as she pronounced, "Marlena, ALL that you are, and ALL that you were will be washed away this night.  From this night forward you will never again know sickness or fear growing old.  From this night forward you know the peace and serenity of stillness.  From this night forward you WILL BE the mannequin Marlena."

As Mistress Leta spoke I saw how Marlena, with an expression of joyous ecstasy on her face seemed to freeze almost as motionless as any real mannequin.  Only the excited rapid rise and fall of her breasts in breathing showed she had not already been transformed into a lovely life-like mannequin.

At Mistress Leta's gesture I stepped forward to gently pick up Marlena's stiff paralyzed body, and carried her to where she could see her reflection in the huge wall mirror.  After I left Marlena standing in front of the mirror I moved to the side and resumed my motionless pose. It felt good to be still again.

Mistress Leta step up behind Marlena, and just stood there, where Marlena could see the difference between her still living flesh-and-blood body and Mistress Leta's cool hard plastic body.  Since Mistress Leta had already set up Marlena's mannequin stand, I just stood motionless and watched as Mistress Leta began Marlena's actual transformation.

Mistress Leta kissed Marlena's neck and shoulder, and lightly caressed her buttocks just before she inserted Marlena's mannequin stand socket into her ass.  Then I could barely hear Mistress Leta whisper, "Soon little one.  Soon, you will be one of us.  Soon, you will see yourself become a lovely mannequin teenager."

Mistress Leta signaled me again and I moved to help her pick Marlena up and mount her on her mannequin stand.  As I picked Marlena up I saw the nipples of her young teenage breasts suddenly swell and grow hard and stiff, I knew how her young teenage pussy was growing warm and wet.  I very carefully slipped the tip of Marlena's mannequin stand support rod into her rectal socket.  Then I slipped a pair plastic shoes with three inch heels on her feet before I stood back so Mistress Leta could began carefully adjusting Marlena pose to just what she desired before transforming her into a mannequin.

Marlena's pose was fairly simple classic walking mannequin pose with her legs slightly bent, feet a little less then shoulder's width apart, with one foot in front of the other as though she was taking a step.  Mistress Leta turn Marlena's torso slightly turned to one side and posed her arms and hands in a natural walking pose with one leading, one trailing.  Then she turn her head slightly to one side with is slight tilt and said, "Marlena, give me sweet teenage girl flirting smile."  After Marlena smiled as she was asked, Mistress Leta made a few slight adjustments to her expression and pose, then slowly walked around her stiffly posed body, and made a few more small changes to Marlena's pose and expression.

After Mistress Leta was totally satisfied with the perfection of Marlena's pose, she stepped behind Marlena, laid her cool hard plastic hands on Marlena's shoulders, and begun to chant in her wonderful musical voice.  Nothing seemed to happen for a while then I watched as Mistress Leta slowly transformed Marlena from a living breathing girl into a hard cold plastic mannequin, just like she did to me a year ago.

I only difference that I noticed between my transformation and Marlena's is mine seemed to take a lot, lot longer then hers did.  Of course, this could entirely be due to the difference in my point of view.

Once Marlena's body had been transformed into lovely beautiful plastic, Mistress Leta added the deep joint grooves to Marlena's body.  Then she seemed to be listening to something before simply nodding and walking away toward the office.  I wondered where she was going, but I suddenly realized I was no longer animated and I had forgotten how to move, so I just waited as motionless as Marlena for Mistress Leta's return.

I spotted movement out the corner of my eye, and thought Mistress Leta or one of the Emporium's employees was coming to take Marlena and me out to the display room.  I was very surprised when the movement turned out to be a rather ordinary looking twenty-five to thirty year old man.

I watched as he apprehensively skulked across from his hiding place to Marlena's newly mannequinized form.  He seemed to be in a daze or trance as he fearfully caressed Marlena's hard plastic breasts.  Then he looked at me and tapped my hard plastic cheek.  He looked back and forth at Marlena and me with shock plainly visible on his face.

Then he shook his head in disbelief and muttered, "It really happened!  She's actually turning girls into plastic mannequins.  But, such a thing just isn't possible!"

If it had really been possible I'm sure he'd have jumped out of his clothes when Mistress Leta softly said, "But, as you saw, it IS possible, very possible.  In fact, YOU will make a very pretty mannequin."

When the man jumped at the sound of Mistress Leta's voice he almost knocked Marlena over, and he did knock me over when he backed into me.  After my plastic head painlessly thumped against the floor I realized I had not had any urge to move to prevent my fall at all.  But then, I didn't know how to move anyway.

As I lay on the floor I heard the man yell, "Stay away from me yea witch!  I'm getin outa here!  Don't try ta st... "

Mistress Leta chuckled and replied, "Oh no dear, I won't try to stop you."

Then I found I remembered how to move as Mistress Leta said, "Valerie, come here and give me a hand with... Wanda.  Yes, Wanda will be a good name for the lovely mannequin you will be."

At Mistress Leta's command I remembered how to move again and got up to help her.  I saw Mistress Leta standing in front of the man who now simply stood entranced while we began undressing him.  It was clear the man was fully aware of what was happening, but he was totally unable to do anything except stand there and allow Mistress Leta do whatever she wanted to do.  I felt kind of sorry for the obviously terrified man as I helped Mistress Leta undress him, but I didn't think to do anything except what Mistress Leta desired.

As I slipped the man's pants and underwear off I was rather surprised to find the man had a very stiff erection, even though he seemed to really be terrified.  After we finished undressing him Mistress Leta lead him over to stand in front of the huge wall mirror beside Marlena.  He remained totally docile, as well as fully erect, as he helplessly stood awaiting what Mistress Leta had in store for him.

As Mistress Leta left us alone for a few minutes I found I had forgotten how to move again as I stood on the other side of the man from Marlena's equally motionless form.  I noticed the man kept looking back and forth between Marlena and me.  I also noticed something other then terror and fear in the way he looked at us, I realized was lust.  The man was actually sexually aroused by Marlena's and my nude mannequin bodies, despite his obvious fear of being totally in Mistress Leta's power.

When Mistress Leta returned she had not bothered to put on a robe or anything and appeared to be a naked animated mannequin.  At her return the man's I noticed his erection seemed to actually grow a bit bigger and stiffer and he very definitely looked at her with lust.  Mistress Leta saw his desire and posed in front of him in a most provocative manner.  Then she caressed his hard swollen cock and cupped his balls -- his eyes rolled up and he shivered with passion.

 Mistress Leta's musical magical voice said, "So, you desire me?"

The man hoarsely said, "Yess, yes.  Ohhh gaawd, yesss!"

Mistress Leta caressed his cheek and said, "You may have me, if you desire me, or you may leave.  The choice is yours.  But, if you leave you may never return."

Then I suddenly found myself turning and walking to Mistress Leta's office.  I assume Mistress Leta was directing my movements, since I had no idea how to move or why I was moving.  As I entered the office a small door opened in an otherwise blank concrete block wall.  There was several things inside the small compartment the open door revealed, including a vial much like the one that held the potion I took that changed me into a teenage girl.  I took this vial and returned to where I had been standing before I was compelled to move like a puppet.

In the minute I was away the man had made up his mind.  Mistress Leta was laying on her back beneath the man with his cock in her mouth while he licked her smooth sexless crotch and caressed one of her hard plastic breasts.  Mistress Leta was barely moving, which is what the man probably preferred, and it wasn't long before he shuddered and came in her plastic mannequin mouth.

After he came he just lay spent atop of Mistress Leta's motionless plastic body for a couple of minutes before he rolled off her to lay beside her on the display prop bed they made love on.  Mistress Leta moved to kneel astride his reclined body and pause motionless looking down at his face with her hands resting on her thighs. The man began caressing Mistress Leta's hard plastic body, her arms, her thighs, her belly and breasts.

As he caressed her hard cheeks and lips the man said, "This is a dream come true.  No, I must be dreaming -- this can't be real; you can't be real."

In her wonderful musical mannequin voice Mistress Leta said without braking her perfectly motionless pose, "I am real, very real.  Do you think I am beautiful?"

The man replied, "Ohh God, yesss!  You are the most beautiful mannequin I've ever seen or imagined."

Still motionless Mistress Leta said, "You too WILL be as beautiful a mannequin.  That IS what you truly desire, is it not?  I WILL fulfill your desire to know the lovely stillness of a mannequin."

Mistress Leta moved me to stand beside the bed, the man watched my approach with fascination.  Then she said, "Leta's Fashion Emporium does not use male mannequins, but Valerie has something that will solve this slight inconvenience."

I held up the small vial then held it to the man's lips as Mistress Leta said, "DRINK IT!  I think you'll like it's taste and effects as much as Valerie did."

The man looked from me, to the vial, then up at Mistress Leta's still motionless mannequin face before he closed his eyes and opened his mouth to let me pour the potion in his mouth.  After he swallowed the potion Mistress Leta moved for the first time since kneeling over him as she moved back to kneel between his legs and knees.  A few seconds later the man's eyes snapped wide open as he stared down at his partially erect penis in obvious shock and disbelief as it and his testicles rapidly shrank in size.  As his penis shrank his nipples grew darker, larger and thicker and the flesh around them began to swell.

Within only a few seconds his testicles vanished from sight while his penis shrank down to a tiny nub and his flat male breasts had grown into a fine pair of very womanly breasts.  His slim male hips widened as his waist grew narrower.  In less then a minute the rather average looking man had transformed into a very beautiful young woman with a very fine feminine figure and an equally fine feminine vagina.

As he... she just stared open mouthed at her new and very sexy female body Mistress Leta said, "You are now a very beautiful young woman Wanda.  You will be an even lovelier mannequin."  Then she bent down to kiss the young woman's new nearly hairless crotch, before lightly running her tongue through her virgin sex.

The young woman, Wanda gasped and groaned at the caress of Mistress Leta's tongue.  Mistress Leta continued to lovingly kiss and caress Wanda's body as she made love to Wanda as she did to the man Wanda had been only a few minutes ago.  After making love as a woman Wanda followed Mistress Leta over to a display counter sitting in front of  the big wall mirror.  Then, while the young woman stood, Mistress Leta began caressing her body again and whispering in her ear before she slipped the mannequin stand socket up her ass.  In a minute or so later Wanda was smiling with a dreamy expression on her face.

Mistress Leta had Wanda sit on the edge of the display case and began posing her with one leg dangling over the edge while her other leg was pulled up with the foot resting on the case top.  One arm was casually resting on the upraised knee while she leaned back with her other arm supporting her weight as she gazed languidly off in the distance with a sexy slightly dreamy expression.  Once again after making sure Wanda's pose was just as she desired I watched Mistress Leta create another beautiful mannequin.

Mistress Leta returned to her human appearance then animated me again, under my own direction this time, and I helped her install joint and mounting hardware in her new Marlena and Wanda mannequins.  As we worked she said, "It is unusual to acquire two walk-ins such as Marlena and Wanda in an any given season.  Only twice before have I acquired two such lovely mannequins in one night.  They will make lovely additions to the display room, don't you think so Valerie?"

I nodded as I finished installing Marlena's waist joints and said, "Yes Mistress Leta, they are beautiful mannequins."

After we finished installing the hardware and reassembled Marlena and Wanda Mistress Leta de-animated me as I stood next to the new mannequins.  She caressed my bare plastic ass as she said, "Tomorrow, I'll give you some cash so you can go browsing in the Mall if you want, or you can see what other kind of fun or mischief you can find."  Then she, too, reverted to the motionless form Mistress Leta felt more at ease with -- to silently await the morning among her beloved mannequins.


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