"A Long While"

by Pete West

I knew Jennie was on the phone before I even picked it up.

"Hi, Todd? This is Jennie. Listen. You know that project I have to have finished for my computer sci class tomorrow?"

"Yeah," I answered, smiling to myself.

"We'll, my computer seems to have a virus or something and my hard drive got deleted."

"Whoops." I faked pity for her predicament. "That could be a problem." "Thats an understatement. Anyways, I have all the programs I need to get it working again, but I don't have the time right now. I was wondering if I could come over and finish it on your computer? I'd stay out of your way and I won't mind if you listen to your music or something."

"Sure." I couldn't help but let an evil grin draw a line between mt ears. "I was going to go see a movie or something tonight, so you could blast that garbage you listen to all you want."

"Thanks. See ya in a few minutes."

Damn! I'm amazed this was actually working. It had taken me a month to get all the programs written, but tonight was gonna be the most memorable night for a long while. I'm amazed she didn't notice the virus earlier. I've never been that much of a computer wiz, and just putting the virus in place was hard enough. Jennie knew computers, yet she failed to notice it. This was definately my lucky night, and it was going to keep getting luckier.

I brought up the system setup to make sure my program was going to work. Perfect! Everything on the screen showed normal and ready to rock. The file was buried under the word processing start-up. All I had to do was get her to access the file, and the light pattern would leave her my slave. My parents said wasting my time on those psych courses. If they could see me now.

I finished up just as Jennie knocked. I opened the door and thought to myself, "Yes!"

"I'm sorry to bug you like this, but you're the only person I know with their own computer--"

"I know," I thought to myself.

"--and I'm not using those junkers in the computer lab." She giggled a little and smiled. "Thanks. You're a lifesaver."

Oh what fun this was gonna be. She looked so good, I almost wanted to take her right then. She was wearing one of those ankle-length spring dresses buttoned down the front that you could almost see through, and the way it clung to her soft body left just enough to the imagination to drive a man insane. Her short brown hair came down just to her shoulders and curled inward. I felt like I was gonna rip open the front of my jeans at any moment, but I struggled to maintain my compusure.
"Yeah, well, just be done by 2 AM so I'm not a zombie tomorrow morning. See ya later." I charged out of the room before I lost it. Now, all I had to do was wait.
I wasn't going to a movie, of course. Otherwise I might get back and find her too hypnotized to do anything, and that would be no fun. Instead, I just went to the pizzaria across the street where I could watch for the stobing effect through my apartment window.

I had just gotten done eating when I saw the bright flashes. The strobe lit up the window for the briefest instant only to disappear and burst to life again in a fraction of a second. I could just imagine her there, staring vacantly at the monitor, the flashes of light and the soft voice in the background draining her of any desire to do except what I told her to. And I planned to tell her a few things.

I paid my check and rushed home, eager to try my latest experiment. Wait. Hold you compsure. You go charging in there, you'll be just as sedated as Jennie. I quitely opened the door and headed for my room. There was Jennie slumped in front of the computer, her eyes closed and her mouth hanging open just slightly. Her hand was still resting on the mouse. I reached across to shut the program off, doing everything I could not to look at the monitor. The strobe was still bouncing in the corner of my eye, dazziling my pupil to the point where everything went black for a second. I shook it off and grabbed the mouse out of Jennie's limp hand and clicked to shut off the program.

Jennie just sat there, oblivious to everything around her. I looked at her, the feeling of power I held over her creating a painful bulge in my pants. "Jennie," I said. "Can you hear me?"

"Yes." Her reply was slow and monotone. Damn, was she gone! I was going to enjoy this.

"Jennie," I said. "From now on, whenever you hear me say to you--" What does nobody say? "Whenever I say to you Venus Aphrodite--" Yeah, that works. "--you will fall deep asleep like you are now, and you will obey only me."

"Yes. I will obey only you."

Now for the fun to begin. "Now, Jennie, for the rest of the night, you will be my sex slave. You will do everything I command you to do, and you will do it in the most seductive way you can. All the pleasure you bring me you bring to yourself." I figured she may as well enjoy it to.


"Now, Jennie, undress."

She stood and opened her eyes. I was worried she had waken up, but slowly, but surely, she began to undress. One by one, she un-did the buttons on her dress and inched it down. It must have taken her three minutes to bring her dress down, but I wasn't sure. Keeping track of time was suddenly becoming very hard and I had more important things to think about.

She follwed the same procedure with her underwear, leaving her clothing stacked in the middle of the room.

"Now, Jennie. Undress me." Before I knew what was happening, she had me pinned on the couch. I couldn't really move, but I didn't care. She pressed her lips to my just, and started to un-do the buttons on my shirt with her tounge, being evry so careful to stick it through the openings she made to grasp for it. Oh, it felt so good. I was going to have to hypnotise myself a whole group of sex-slaves.

My eyes started to roll back into my head as she finished my shirt and started rubbing her hands on the inside of my pants. What a way to de-robe! Just like her dress, she slowly pulled my pants and underwear down inch by inch, her tounge and bare breasts massaging my legs the whole time.

"You are bare now." I'm glad she told me. I was too lost in the ecstasy of the moment to notice anything. "What shall I do next?"

"Make love to me," I gasped. If I could get any hornier than I was at that moment, I'd be very surprised.

She suprised me. Her soft hands wrapped around my cock and began massaging it gently. I felt like it was going to explode, but, well, wow! But she wasn't done yet. Not by a long shot. Jennie slowly began to climb me, pressing her luscious body up mine.
She reached my eye level and kept going until her breasts were square in my face. The rock-hard nipples enticing me like a water-cooler in a desert. I began to suck, her warm flesh sweeter than than words can describe. Then she began rocking up and down my body, her warm carress and hard movements providing me with greater pleasure than I had ever known. My eyes rolled back, and I felt myself come. Life couldent get any better than this.

"Lose control of something?" asked a snide voice. It sounded like Jennie, but she was asleep.

I opened my eyes, expecting to see Jennie's glazed eyes in front of me. Instead, I saw the ceiling.

I bolted upright. What the hell? I was still dressed! The only thing providing any evidence of my encounter was the wet spot on my crotch and the sweat beading down my body.

I looked over at the voice. It was Jennie! Fully dressed, too. What was going on?

"Aw, has the poor pervert lost control of something?" She extended her lower lip like she was patronizing a pre-schooler. Then her face hardened into a scowl. "What do think you were trying to pull? Trying to erase my hard drive and make me your toy!"

I was confused. Wasn't she my toy? And, if her hard drive worked, why did she come over?

"I wanted to see what you were up too when you tried that." Great. She can read minds too. "So I came over here to see what you had planned. You know, when you double the size of a file, any idiot can tell there have been changes made."

"So, then why didn't you just tell me to go to hell or something?" I was becoming a little, okay a lot embarrassed over having sex with someone who didn't seem to have existed. Oh, shit! The program! It didn't dazzle me, it hypnotized me!

"I figured that you probably wanted me hypnotized for some reason, so I let you sedate yourself and then let you fantasize about what you tried." The sneer on her face scared me. She was the one in control?! I was the slave?! Uh-oh.

"Now, let's see how you like being the slave. Venus Aphrodite!" The world went black, as did my mind. I could still sort of think to myself, but not enough to worry. I though I heard Jennie's voice, but it was almost like I was just listening in on a conversation.

"Now, from now on, you will refer to me as Mistress and you will respond to Slave."

"Yes, Mistress," a voice droned out. It sounded like mine, but it was so far away.

"Slave, from now on, bringing me pleasure brings you pleasure."

"Yes, Mistress."

"Now, Slave, pleasure me as much as you can."

"Yes Mistress."

The blackness dissolved and I could see Jennie. The view of her began to grow larger, and I realized I was moving towards her, a passanger in my own body.
I saw a hand pull Jennie to the couch and start rubbing her firm breasts. I heard her groan and sigh in pleasure, then I heard the voice do the same, a little closer and less dream-like than before.

The hands began moving down her body, and her breathing became faster and heavier. She seemed less distant than she had before, and I started to feel good.

I saw my vehicle continue to arouse Jennie, and with each second, I began to feel more and more of her pleasure. Addicted, I slowly regained control of my body and pleasured Jennie more and more. It was so intoxicating. Then, it all went black.

I awoke the next moring lying naked on my couch. The stains for sweat and cum making their mark permanently. Jennie was nowhere to be found. Was it'll all just a wierd dream? Must have been.

I cleaned myself up and went to make breakfast. There was a post-it note on the coffee pot.

"You were good, Slave," it read. Holy shit! It was real! I began to harden at the mere thought of the pleasure of the night before. "Be at my place tonight at 10:00." I pleased Mistress Jennie! She was allowing me to pleasure her again!

I knew last night was gonna the most memorable night for a long while, at least till tonight, anyway.

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