The Pleasure Palace - Part 2

By Niki

To get fully caught up in the story, I recommend that you read the Pleasure Palace part 1. This story picks up from there.

About thirty six hours had passes since I voluntarily became roboticized and transformed into a female sex robot, although time had no meaning for me while I was in my frozen state. For my first assignment, I had been placed in a stagnant sex scene with my new friend Jennifer and two robotic men. Jennifer was laying naked on a couch while her male counterpart had his large member firmly in place in her pussy. Before Jennifer had been switched off, she took one last lustful glance at me. That look was frozen on her face when Phil punched in her code for de-activation. I was down on all fours next to the couch and facing Jennifer. My male counter part had his large member firmly in place in my sex from behind. In between pleasure waves, I figured out that I had about a minute before the next one would hit. During that minute I tried to collect my thoughts and regain my sense of awareness. I could see Jennifer still smiling lustfully at me. I could see the look of pleasure on her male counter parts face as well. Occasionally I could see people out of the corner of my eye, passing through the hallway of sex scenes. Some would stop and stare, some even masturbated while looking at us. I could feel my partner's large, rock solid member inside my new sex and it felt great. I wondered how long Phil would keep us in this scene. I recalled how he said that he would see us in a couple of days, but how long had it been? Time was difficult to tell with the waves of pleasure coming and going from my body. I didn't really care if he ever came back to re-activate us. A few hours later (I think), I caught a glimpse of Phil entering the room through the back door. Just as he closed the door, another orgasm hit me and I started to fade out again. When the wave of pleasure was over and I began to regain my consciousness, I spied Phil still standing in the corner of the room. He was holding the remote that would re-activate us. He punched in Jennifer's code. I saw Jennifer suddenly arch her back and let out an incredible scream of ecstasy. Phil then punched in her male counter part's code. He began to scream as well. He pulled his organ from her sex and began to spray synthetic cum all over her breasts and face. Phil obviously enjoyed watching all of this because he paused before he reactived me and my partner. Jennifer was enjoying every minute of her soaking as she licked her lips and rubbed her chest. When it was finished, Phil pointed his remote at me and punched in my activation code. Immediately I was able to move. I slid back and forth on my partners member like there was no tomorrow. I could feel my new breasts jiggle up and down through my latex braziere. Suddenly, my partner was reactivated as well. He began to pump harder and harder. I could feel my butt cheeks quiver with each blow. Nothing could have prepared my for how good this felt. Seconds later, I felt the huge rod in my sex withdraw and warm synthetic cum began to splash on my butt and my back. It felt wonderful. Jennifer looked at me with a big smile on her face and said, "How was it?" "Incredible", I responded. I can't believe how good sex and being frozen feel. Two totally different sensations, but each just as good as the other. Phil interrupted our conversation, "OK gang, listen up for a minute. Jennifer, will you please put your leather bustier back on, but leave your panties off. Place your hands above your head and against that wall." I started to get the feeling that Jennifer wasn't finished yet. Phil continued, " Great Jennifer, now please stick your butt out a little. George will you please do the honors." George didn't waste any time. He was on his feet and had his organ stuffed deep inside Jennifer in no time. Both of them started to moan a little once again as George pumped inside Jennifer. Synthetic cum still dripped from Jennifer's firm robotic body. Phil took out his remote and punched in George's de-activation code. Suddenly George became frozen and stiff as a board just as he was a few moments earlier. Jennifer whipped her head around to give me a last look, knowing that she was next. Seconds later, she was frozen solid too. I could tell the look of pleasure on Jennifer's face was intense. She truly loved her job and she loved being a sex robot. Phil asked Steve, my counter part, to report to the changing room for cleanup. One of the women patrons of the Pleasure Palace had requested Steve. Phil then looked at me and said, "We need to talk, but first, please report to the changing room for clean up." I pulled my latex g-string back into place covering my sex and I adjusted my bra. My body still felt incredible. I asked Phil, "Will I ever get used to this?" "No", he replied. "It will always feel this good." Phil walked back to the changing room with me. I asked him how long we had been kept in our scene. "You were in there for about a day and half." he said. "Wow, it didn't feel that long?" I replied. When we got to the changing room, I saw my old buddy Tim, the one who actually transformed me into my new robotic self. Tim asked how everything was going. "Wonderful" I replied. "I couldn't be happier." Tim asked my to take a seat in that corner chair once again. A few moments later, he came over a pressed a few buttons. The steel casing once again covered my ass, my pussy, and my breasts. I started to get excited because I knew what was coming next. When he initiated the second stage, I could once again feel the two warm wet rods entering my butt and my sex, cleaning me from my last use. Waves of pleasure started to come over me. I faded out. A little while later I heard Tim's voice asking me to wake up. He told me to get up and move to the other corner of the room for a battery charge. I had never had my battery charged before. I wondered what this will feel like. He asked me to step into two devices on the floor. They were almost like ski bindings, but they fit my feet perfectly. "Snap, Snap" I heard as the device clicked around my ankles. My feet were now firmly fitted into this machine. I could feel an electric pulse going through my body. This was yet another sensation that I knew I would enjoy. Tim told me that he needed to switch me 'off' for the charging to take full effect. He pulled out his remote control and punched in my de-activation code. Again I fell motionless and my body was stiff and rigid. I couldn't move a muscle or blink an eye, but I was fully aware of what was going on around me. I could see Phil talking to Tim about something through of the corner of my eye. It didn't take long for that familiar pleasure wave to come back. I forgot about the two guys talking to each other in the corner. I forgot that Phil needed to talk to me. I started to fade, I no longer knew where I was and I didn't care. My body felt great. A while later, I snapped out of my pleasure world when Tim re-actived me. He asked me how I felt. "Full of energy", I responded. "Did we program you to tell jokes too?", he said. "Phil needs to talk to you about a fairly serious matter. Please use my office for some privacy." I entered Tim's office. Phil was already seated. I could tell that Phil was aroused by me. He was looking at my body and particularly my sex covered by the latex g-string. He was also checking out my enormous breasts restricted only by my latex brazier. He asked me to be seated. As I began to pull out the chair to sit, I could hear the soft creaks of the latex coming from my latex stockings and my brazier. That sound alone made my body shiver with delight. Slowly I moved my hands over my breasts and down to my pussy. I could feel how firm my breasts were and smooth my crotch felt over the latex. At this point, I felt as if I had a huge erection, throbbing in my pants, but as I looked down just to double check, I had nothing but a warm, smooth, latex covered pussy. This must be what a woman feels like when she's horny I thought to myself. Phil enjoyed the little show, but I think I was the big winner. Instantly pleasures waves shot through my robotic body as I continued to caress myself. "How do you like it here so far?", he asked. "I love it!", I responded. "This fulfills every fantasy, every desire that I've ever had. "That's good to hear. I'm glad that you are happy.", he said. The small smile from his face started to disappear and I knew he was about to say something serious. "Its about your friend Paul.", he said. "Paul, Paul, Oh my god, I forgot all about Paul!", I thought to myself. "He's been looking for you. He wants to go home now. We told him that you were fulfilling your fantasy. That explanation can only hold out for so long. We have been feeding him drinks and any kind of food he wants. We've been giving him our best girls too. He's been pretty happy up until now, but he's starting to demand to know your where about. We have detained Paul. Right now he's in one of the rooms near the lobby. You must confront Paul and tell him about your new career decision." "What should I say?", I asked Phil. "Tell him the truth!", Phil responded. "You wanted to become part of our operation here and now you are. He'll just have to accept that." "OK, Lets go see Paul.", I said. Phil and I got up from the table and headed back toward the lobby. Phil directed me into the room where Paul was being held. Phil also summoned two of the bouncers to assist if things got ugly. As we entered, Paul took one look at me and immediately began shouting at Phil. "Whats this! Another whore to keep me busy while you have my friend stashed somewhere in this place." Obviously Paul had his fill of fantasies for a couple of days and his sex drive was driven from him. As incredibly attractive and seductive as I looked, Paul did not seem interested. Phil said, "Julie could you please explain the situation to Paul." "Paul", I started in. "My name is Julie. I am one of the robotic women here at the Pleasure Palace. I have only been working here for a couple of days. Prior to my employment here, I was your friend Jeff." Paul got this crazed look on his face. "Are you kidding me? You are Jeff?" "Yes" I continued. On that first evening when we arrived here, as soon as you left the strip show with that gorgeous blond, I immediately went to find our host Jennifer. It had always been a secret fantasy of mine to become robotic and specifically a sex robot. I knew from the moment we met Jennifer that this would be my new career, my destiny." Paul answered back, "OK, if you are really Jeff, who was our fourth grade teacher?" "Mrs. Adams.", I replied. "You got lucky on that one." he responded "When we were in high school, how did our friend Mike die?" "He died in a drunk driving accident.", I replied. "This can't be. How can you be my perfectly normal looking, male friend one moment, and a couple of days later, be one of these robotic freaks......and a woman at that." "I'd be glad to show you if you'd like to see the process.", I answered. "No! I don't want to see the process, I just want to get the hell out of here......and I want my friend back. You've been brain washed or something. No normal person would do this to themselves." Paul looked Phil right in the eyes and said, "You won't get away with this. I'll bet there are two or three hundred other people who you have killed and replaced with these robotic freaks as well. "I haven't been killed and I'm not a freak.", I said to Paul. Just then Phil snapped his fingers. The two bouncers moved in on Paul. Each injected him with a different drug. The first drug was a tranquilizer to calm him down and put him to sleep. The second drug was the same drug that I had been injected with just a few hours before I was roboticized. I looked at Phil and questioned, "You just injected him with the drug for pre-robotics? Tim told me that a person would die if they didn't get roboticized a few hours after taking the injection. Are you planning on transforming Paul into a sex robot?" "That's right", responded Phil. "Don't you think he'd enjoy the same pleasures that you enjoy?" "Yes, but I wanted this. Paul only came here to get his rocks off for a couple of days.", I said. "Well, its too late now.", Phil interrupted. " Paul will have to accept his new career. He may need some reprogramming, but he'll be a fine employee just like you. Julie I would appreciate if you would not question me any longer about Paul. If you continue to do so, we will have to erase all memories that you have of him." The thought of erasing any of my memories scared me. I wanted to be a robotic woman, but I still wanted all of my memories from my previous life. Phil instructed John and Pete, the two bouncers, to carry Paul to the changing room. He then took out a cell phone and called Tim. "Tim we've got another one coming in. Please be prepared for hostile transformation." "What is hostile transformation?", I asked Phil. "Occasionally when a person must be transformed against his or her will, we call it hostile. There is no telling how they might react once they realize what is happening to them. Unfortunately Paul won't get the same treatment you did. When you were given the injection, we allowed you to have sex for several hours with a couple of our robotic women in order to get the extra sperm out of your system. Paul will have to be emptied through a machine because we can't trust what he might do. I am going to go to the changing room to assist Tim right now. I'd like you to go into the display room and make yourself available for the next few hours. I'll call you when he is ready to be roboticized." With that I said good bye to Phil and headed to the display room down hallway C. When I entered I noticed the Asian woman still working behind the counter. "Hello Jane", I said. It dawned on me that I now know everyone's name. There must have been fifty or sixty other robotic women in the room. They all looked like mannequins standing so perfectly still and in such seductive poses. Just looking at these women excited me and thinking that I was one of them excited me even more. I walked to an area of the room towards the middle right near my friend Christine. Christine had changed her clothes. She was now wearing a full body, latex catsuit which couldn't have been tighter. She looked incredible, especially how the latex hugged every curve of her body and accentuated her large chest complete with erect nipples. I knew that she was off in her pleasure world right now, just as I would be in a few more seconds. As I walked to my position, some how I knew exactly where to stand in the room. When I reached my position, I struck a very mannequin like pose. I kept waiting for Jane to switch me off, but as soon as I attempted to turn my head to look at her, I noticed that I was already frozen. I was stiff as a board again. I loved this feeling. Jane walked over to me. As soon as she was close enough, she put her hands on my breasts to feel their firmness. My nipples immediately went erect. She also inspected the curvature of my butt, rubbing her hands back and forth. She even rubbed my sex for a moment. Shock waves ran through me. I enjoyed every moment of her inspection. She knew that I wasn't able to look at her or acknowledge her presence because I had been de-activated, but she spoke to me anyway. She knew I could hear her. "Hi Julie.", she said. "I'm very glad that you've chosen to join our family. I know you'll be happy here. I can tell that you were surprised that I didn't de-activate you with my remote control. When you are assigned to this room, you automatically freeze once you've gotten into position. Getting to inspect the robotic women is one little perk of my job." Jane continued talking to me, but just as the next sentence came out of her mouth, my body became riddled with orgasms again. I started to fade. I spent about three and a half hours standing stiff as a board in the display room when suddenly I was pulled from my ecstasy. My body switched itself back 'on'. I looked around the room. There were no customers, no other robotic women were moving, and Jane had apparently left the room as well. I wondered what was going on when suddenly I felt compelled to go to the changing room. It was then that I realized that Phil or Tim must have re-actived from the computer server and entered instructions on where they wanted me to go. When I got to the changing room, I saw Tim standing there. He told me that Phil had left to take care of some other business. "Everything is under control now.", he said. "Where's Paul?", I asked. "Paul is on my hard drive." Tim responded. "Well his brain anyway. Do you think he would like to be a male or a female robot?", Tim asked. "Well I don't know what it feels like to be a male robot, but I know being a female one feels pretty good. You'd better make him a male robot. He's going to be surprised enough when he wakes up to find that he's been roboticized." "Six million dollar man it is then.", Tim said. "Would you like to speak to Paul before he is fully roboticized?", asked Tim. "Sure.", I said. I walked over to a console that contained hundreds of different buttons and several computer terminals. "This is command central", Tim explained. "If this little baby completely shut down for any reason, all of the robotic people, including yourself, would become permanent robotic mannequins until we could get it up and running again. You would freeze in whatever position you happened to be in when the computer went down and you'd be aware of everything as long as your battery still had some charge left in it." "Has it ever shut down?", I asked. "Occassionally, we bring it down for routine maintenance or to upgrade some of it's features. Before we do anything though, we put all of our robots into sex scenes or in the display room. We don't want them running around, freezing up all over the building. Anyway, put this head set on and speak into the microphone. I'm not sure if Paul is awake, but if you call his name a few times, he should wake up." "Paul, Paul, wake up.", I said in my softest, most womanly voice. "Paul can you hear me?" "I can hear you", he responded. "Who is this and where am I?", he asked. "This is Jeff......I mean Julie.", I said. "Oh my god, it wasn't all a dream, you are still trying to tell my that Jeff was transformed into a female sex robot?" "Yes", I answered. "Paul, right now you are in the process of becoming a robot yourself." "WHAT!", he screamed. "Get me out of here, wherever here is........Where am I anyway." "Paul, please try to calm down. Everything will be allright in a couple more hours. Right now you are inside a computer. Your human brain has been copied and replaced with a much better electronic one." "You have got to be kidding me!", he retorted. "I'm inside a computer? That must explain why I can't see anything or feel anything. Am I going to be an electronic whore like you when I am completed?" "Paul, please do not call me an electronic whore. I am a robotic woman. There is a difference. I did what I did for my benefit......not because I need money or I want to pleasure others.", I told him. "Please try to go back to sleep now. When you wake up again, you'll have your new body and we'll talk some more then." I pulled the headset off my ears and switched the microphone off. "Tim, I can't believe what I'm about to say this, but please delete all of Paul's hostility toward robotic people and make him think that he wanted the transformation for himself." "I was going to do that anyway.", Tim explained. Just on the other side of the console was a male figure. A spitting image of Paul. The figure was standing upright on its own two feet, but wasn't moving. It was a bit more muscular and a bit taller than Paul really was. "Is that Paul's new body?", I asked. "It sure is.", Tim replied. "The skin is drying now and all of the robotics have been installed. All that I have left to do is to reprogram parts of his brain and then transfer it to the new body." About two and a half hours past while Tim reprogrammed Paul's brain and began transferring it from the server into the robotic body. I stood by and watched as Tim completed the fascinating process. "Let me ask you a question Tim.", I said. "If being roboticized feels so incredibly good all the time, why haven't you roboticized yourself?" "For two reasons.", Tim replied. "First, I don't trust anyone other than myself to complete the process. If someone tried to roboticize me and they did it wrong, I might die or suffer extreme damage to my robotics. Secondly, why should I become a sex robot when all of you beautiful little things run around here half naked all the time anyway. I can have any one of you at any time." "Do you want me?", I asked very seductively. "Very shortly dear. I need to finish Paul first. Timing is critical right now.", he said. As Tim continued on about the process, my eyes started to see a red spot in the lower left corner of my vision field. "Tim, something is happening to me!", I shouted. "I am seeing a red spot in my vision. It keeps flickering on and off." "Remember when I told you that your robotics program called for you to have an orgasm at least once every three hours?" "Yes", I answered. "Well you didn't follow your program and now you body is beginning a self initiated orgasm." "Please help me!", I shouted. "You'll be fine.", Tim responded. "You might even enjoy this." No sooner had Tim said that, my breasts began to swell and grow slightly. There were pushing tighter and tighter against my latex brazier. My nipples again became rock hard. I fell to floor and began rubbing my breasts and my sex. I tried to stop what I was doing out of fear of embarrassing myself in front of Tim, but my body continued as if it had a mind of it's own.....or maybe a program. My fingers rubbed the outside of the latex that covered my pulsating pussy. That wasn't good enough. I slipped my fingers under the latex g-string and began to plunge them into my dripping sex. I rubbed myself harder and harder. All that I could feel was the need to orgasm, but I couldn't. Harder and faster I rubbed myself. I began screaming with pent up frustration......when suddenly, the orgasm finally hit. It was so intense. "How was that", Tim chuckled. "Very funny", I said. "Its fine if you are off by your self when that happens or even in here with me, but if you are with a customer or performing in a strip show when that happens, it can be quite embarrasing. You really need to keep track of your orgasm schedule. Of course when you are de-activated, the three hour rule doesn't apply.", Tim explained. I tried to compose myself, getting up off the floor and fixing my panties. My breasts deflated to their normal size. "OK, now that the fun is over, please help me with Paul.", Tim said. Tim approached Paul and disconnected the computer cable that ran from the console into Paul's belly button. "What is that cable for?", I asked. "Well, all of your commands are communicated through a wireless network, however when a person is first transformed, I find it best to use an actual wire to make sure all the programming is correct.", Tim explained. "Here take this remote and press the numbers '8392' and press interrupt." "What will that do?", I asked. "It will interrupt his pleasure program so that we can talk to him, but he'll still be frozen. It's kind of a way of gaining his undivided attention.", Paul said. I pressed the numbers and then pressed the interrupt button. "OK Julie, tell him what life will be like from now on." "Hello Paul, I'm Julie. I used to be your friend Jeff until was voluntarily roboticized a couple of days ago. You enjoyed watching me so much in my new body, that you wanted to join me in the same career, but as a male robot. Your wish has come true. I am going to activate you in just a few moments. A couple of things to remember, you are programmed to serve and to pleasure. Everything you need to know about pleasuring people has already been programmed into your brain." "Great job Julie", Tim said. "Now press '8392' on the remote and then press 'activate'." I did as Tim had instructed. Moments later Paul was moving. He was wearing a silverish type spandex shirt with black spandex pants. It was very tight and really accentuated his phyisque. Paul looked at me and then he looked at Tim. "Hey guys!", he said. "I want to thank you for fulfilling my fantasy. I love the women here so much, that I wanted to become a permanent part of your operation. I want to be able to satisfy the women as much as much as possible." I looked at Tim, he looked back and winked at me. His programming had worked. Paul actually thought that he wanted this to happen to him. Tim walked over to his console and typed a few things on the keyboard. He then called for me to come stand near him. "Julie, take the control and press '8392' and the E button." I didn't question Tim this time, I simply pressed the buttons that he said to press. We watched Paul and soon after I pressed the E button, the rise in his pants became incredibly large and projecting. Paul didn't seem the least bit embarrassed, in fact he was eyeing me up as a possible target for his newly expanded member. Tim told me to press '8392' on the remote and then press the R button. I did so again without questioning. The rise in Paul's pants went down almost immediately. "That's pretty neat!", I exclaimed. Suddenly Paul wasn't looking at me in quite the same way. "You can pump him up or deflate him in a manner of speaking." "That's right", Tim said. "The male sex robot models are much less complex than the females. Most of our customers here are men so we have developed the robotic female in many superior ways to the male. Paul will still serve his purpose, but he won't get nearly as much pleasure out of being robotic as you will.", Tim explained to me. "Does he feel as much pleasure when he is switched 'off'?", I asked. "Oh yes, the male models still experience a great deal of pleasure when they are deactivated, but the rest of their mannerisms are just different than the female model." Not long after Tim explained this concept to me, two robotic females walked through the door. 'Melissa', standing about five foot four inches and wearing a red leather bustier with a red leather thong, and 'Kim', standing about the same height, with dark hair and wearing a white lace teddy. "Paul, these women are going to give you your first test run" Tim explained. Paul's face suddenly lit up and the buldge in his shorts lit up as well. Melissa and Kim said nothing. They approached Paul, each giving him a big wet kiss on the lips. Each took one of his arms. They led him out of the room and into one of the viewing rooms along hallway C. "What are they going to do with him?", I asked. "They'll do anything and everything they can", Tim answered. "Paul needs to be fully tested so they'll test out just about every position they know. He will probably be placed in a stagnant sex scene for a few days after that. Jennifer and Christine tested you, but you were in private quarters. Paul will be tested in a full motion sex scene viewing room so that all of our customers who wander by can see his adventures.", Tim explained. "So I guess that about wraps up the Paul problem?", I asked. "Sure does", Tim replied. Just as Tim was finishing his explanation, the changing room door burst open. The two bouncers were carrying one of the strip show dancers. She was in tears and screaming, "No, no, don't do it to me!" "What's going on here?", Tim asked. "She isn't doing her job properly. She's trying to get out of having sex with customers who request her.", the bouncer explained. "Oh dear!", Tim said. "What is your name?" he asked. "My name is Beth.", the frightened girl replied. "Beth, why won't you do your job and satisfy our customers?", Tim asked. "I'm sick of being everyone's party girl", Beth explained. "I enjoy dancing and the strip shows, but I don't like having to perform sexual tricks at the snap of someone's fingers.", she continued. "So what do you suggest we do about this?", Tim asked her. "Please just let me quit!", the girl sobbed. "I'm sorry, but we can't let you quit.", Tim explained. "You are one of our most popular girls and it would be a shame to let a beautiful body like yours just walk out the door." "So what are you going to do to me?" she asked. "We have an attitude correction program that we put people in who aren't performing up to snuff. I think you are a perfect candidate.", Tim explained. "You mean your going to turn me into a robot?", Beth shouted. "Not exactly, you'll still look the same and have all of your memories, but we'll just add a few performance enhancing electronics to help you perform your job better.", Tim said. "In other words, you'll roboticize me!", Beth shouted. Just then she turned and tried to bolt for the door. One of the bouncers grabbed her and injected her with a tranquilizer and the pre-robotics drug. Beth dropped to the floor unconscious. Her body was truly beautiful. She had long dark hair with blue eyes. She was wearing a red g-string made out of shiny satin with a matching red satin bustier, much like the playboy suit that I saw Jennifer wearing when I first arrived. I started to get upset with Tim for doing things to people against their will, but just as the thoughts entered my head, they immediately left my head. It was as if some program inside me was not allowing me to have these thoughts. The bouncers picked Beth up from off the floor and placed her limp body inside the big shiny potato sack looking bag. They then placed her into one of the body sized moldings near Tim's console. Tim placed the cap on her head and then plugged it into his console. As I stood and watched all of this, I could see the laser beam shoot from the machine on the ceiling into her head. I knew what was happening. Beth would soon be a robotic woman just like me. Even though she was reluctant now, I know she will thoroughly enjoy her new career. Tim called to me and said that there was nothing left for me to do. He was entering instructions into the server for my next assignment. Suddenly I felt compelled to change into a new outfit and then report to the display room. I said good bye to Tim and headed for the display room in hallway C to change outfits. When I arrived I saw Jane standing in her usual spot behind the counter. She instructed me to go to the back of the room. She had already laid out my new outfit. As I walked to the back of the room, I took another look at all of my sisters, frozen in their pleasure worlds. Rows and rows of seductive mannequin looking robots created for one purpose. I reached the back of the room and saw my new clothes. Quickly I stripped off my latex g-string and my bustier. I had to sit while I removed my latex stockings and matching pumps. Before putting on my new outfit, I paused for a moment to admire my naked body in a nearby mirror. My body was so perfect and it felt incredible. I looked down on the stool to see what I would be wearing next. The outfit was strikingly similar to the one that I had just taken off. It was a black latex, sleeveless top with snap in (or snap off) breast pieces. The breast pieces were snapped in for now. The panties were nothing more than a piece of latex that covered my sex and my butt. It snapped into the top piece, but could be easily removed. There were also latex gloves that fit tightly around my hands and ran almost up to the shoulder. I quickly put on my new outfit and again began to admire my body in the mirror. I ran my hands over my breasts, feeling their firmness. I then rubbed my sex with one of my hands. The feeling was intense. Somehow though the feeling was different, perhaps because I was wearing latex gloves. After dressing, I walked through the room again to the place where I was to stand. Again I struck a mannequin like pose and instantly my body froze. I missed this feeling.

Several hours had gone by when in between pleasure waves I noticed Jennifer standing in front of me. Phil must have released her from her sex scene. Jennifer had also changed her clothes. She was now wearing a very tight yellow latex mini dress. Her arms were exposed as the dress was sleeveless and the dress was cut right above the knee. The tightness of the dress accentuated her curvaceous behind and her large chest. However, she had a slight buldge between her legs. I was curious to know what was causing that, but she hadn't yet activated me, so I couldn't move or speak. While I was observing Jennifer's beauty, I could feel someone from behind be grabbing my neck. Whoever it was placed a leather dog collar around me with a lock on it. They then attached what felt like a leash. When the person was finished they came around to the front in my field of vision and I could see that it was Beth, the girl who was reluctantly robiticized just a few hours ago. She was all smiles and giggling. She looked very happy now. Tim must have finished performing his magic on her. Beth was still wearing the same outfit she had on before, a red sating g-string with a matching bustier, but her breasts were slightly larger and her butt was a little firmer. She looked amazing. Jennifer called across the room to Jane to activate me in 'silent' mode. I had no idea what silent mode was, but I figured that I would find out soon enough. Seconds later I was free to move, but I couldn't speak. I guess that was what 'silent' mode was all about. Jennifer led me by me leash to one of the viewing rooms along hallway C. We entered through the back door. I could see customers passing by through the glass wall. Beth kept starring at me with lustful eyes. It was difficult for me to control myself and not jump her bones right then and there. Jennifer took my leash off. She looked me right in the eye and said, "Hi Julie, I've missed you, Oh how I've missed you." She proceeded to rub her hand up and down the latex that covered my sex. "Tim asked me to test out Beth and I thought you might like to come along." "Yes, yes!" I thought, but no sound came from my mouth. "I'm going to use some of your features that perhaps you didn't know about. You are already experiencing 'silent' mode. You'll notice that you have full movement and body control, but you can't speak. Some of our customers prefer it that way. The next feature that I'm going to use is the 'pause' feature. When you are in 'pause' mode, your body becomes frozen just like when you are switched 'off', but your pleasure program doesn't initiate. Your body is also very pliable and we can pose you in any position we want. Don't worry about not initiating into the pleasure program ..... I will give you all the pleasure you need. Just then I became extremely excited. I almost orgasmed on the spot. I smiled at Jennifer. She then picked up a remote control, entered my code and pressed pause. I was again frozen. I couldn't speak or move, but I was totally aware of what was going on. I guess Jennifer just wanted me to observe without having my pleasure program distract me. Jennifer then asked Beth to unzip her latex mini dress. Beth moved to Jennifer's back side and began unzipping. Finally, I would get to see what was causing the bulge between Jennifer's otherwise smooth crotch. As she pulled the dress down over her shoulders, her breasts popped free from their restriction. Beth didn't waste a minute. She immediately began touching Jennifer's breasts and teasing her nipples. Jennifer then pulled the dress further down until it reached her waist and finally over her knees and completely off . Once the dress was off, she turned towards me revealing a very large strap on dildo. My nipples went immediately errect. Beth dropped to the floor and began closely inspecting and tasting Jennifer's artificial member. She weaved and bobbed, up and down very rapidly. Jennifer moved her hips in a slow circular motion. I wanted to join in, or at least touch myself, but I was frozen and couldn't move. This wasn't fun for me, this was sexual torture having to watch this. Beth finally withdrew from Jennifer's artificial cock as Jennifer turned and looked at me. "Would you like some of this?", she asked. I felt as if my circuits were going to pop if I didn't get some soon. "Yes, yes!", I screamed inside my head. Jennifer walked closer to me. She grasped my stomach and my back with both of her hands and actually bent me over. Just then I recalled what she had said about being pliable and easily posed. I remained on my feet, but I was bent over, almost touching my toes. I was hoping that she would share her artificial friend with me. Jennifer used her feet to spread my stance just a little bit wider and moved my arms out to rest on a nearby table. I was in a perfect "fuck me from behind" position, but I couldn't move or say anything. My eyes were in a fixed position, looking out through the glass wall at all who passed by. Jennifer approached again and slowly massaged my ass and my sex with her strong hands. Shivers went through my body. She then unsnapped my panties from the top piece, throwing the latex material to the floor. My juices were flowing and I felt an incredible need for release. Just then I could feel the hard plastic dildo enter my sex from behind. The artificial member easily entered my body as I was well lubricated by now. Jennifer grabbed my waist and pumped harder and harder. I couldn't move, I couldn't scream, I was totally at her mercy. "Just let me know when you've had enough", she joked, knowing that I could not respond. This felt incredible. It wasn't quite like the feeling of being switched 'off', but this was raw, uninhibited sex and it felt great. The imminent orgasm continued to build within me when I caught Beth out of the corner of my eye. She moved toward me and laid a big wet kiss on my lips. She then unsnapped my breast pieces, relieving my fleshy mounds of their restrictions. I was still wearing the latex top, but my breasts were now fully exposed through the holes in the latex. She began to tickle my nipples with the tip of her tounge while she used her hands to pleasure herself. Suddenly Beth stopped moving, but her tounge was still touching my nipple and her hand was still in place on her own pussy. Jennifer too, stopped pumping, but I could still feel her artificial member deep inside me. Phil then appeared in my vision field. "Hi Julie!", he said. "Enjoying yourself as usual I can see. I happened to be walking by when I saw this little collision of body parts occuring. I couldn't resist the urge to freeze all of you in position. You look great. Jennifer and Beth have been switched 'off', but I know that you are only in 'pause' mode. I'm going to reactivate you for just a moment and then I'm going to switch you 'off' for a couple of days as well. I hope you don't mind." "Mind! Mind!", I thought to myself. "This is what I live could I mind!" Phil punched in my code and then pressed the activate button. I was free to move and speak once again. I let out a scream of pleasure and continued to slide back and forth on Jennifer's strap on cock. Suddenly Tim appeared in front of me. "Hi Julie.", he said. Breathlessly, I acknowledged his presence. "Do you remember when you asked me if I wanted you? Well the answer is yes. I want you now. He began to unbuckle his pants and remove his member from his briefs. I new what was coming next. He inserted his member into my mouth and began to slowly gyrate. Phil looked on, fondling himself at times. "Sweet dreams, Julie", Phil said. He entered my code and pressed the de-activate button. I became stiff and rigid instantly. Tim continued to move his member back and forth inside my O shaped mouth. This time I was fully switched 'off', not just in 'pause' mode. Suddenly Tim stopped moving as well. He had a pained look of pleasure on his face and his eyes were closed. I became confused because he told me that he was human. Phil bent down near me and whispered, "I know you can hear me for a few more seconds. Tim lied to you. He is a male robot just like your friend Paul. He was involuntarily roboticized years ago by the man who invented the process after they had a disagreement. Tim doesn't like anyone to know about though so lets keep it between you and me. "Keep it between you and me?" I thought to myself. "Here's Tim, whom everyone knows, frozen stiff like a mannequin, with his wang inside my mouth for all to see and we're going to keep this a secret? Whatever you say Phil." Phil took once last look at all of us........ Jennifer standing in her electronically enhanced birthday suit with a huge strap on dildo placed deep inside my sex from behind, Beth, sitting on the floor, licking my nipple while pleasuring herself, Tim, eyes closed and loving every minute of my oral cleaning, and me, the latex queen and the recipient of all things hard and stiff. As Phil apparently left the room, my first pleasure wave hit. I faded out.


A couple of days passed. We were all still posed in our impromptu sex scene when Phil re-appeared. He entered Jennifer's code for reactivation. Suddenly I was awaked by the quivering of my butt cheeks to Jennifer's hard pumping of her artificial member into my sex. He then pressed Beth's activation code. She fell flat on the floor from her sitting postition and moaned with self inflicted pleasure. He then re-activated Tim who proceed to moan a little just before he gave me a white wash of synthetic cum all over my face. I was waiting for Phil to re-activate me, but it didn't happen. Instead I felt Jennifer's artificial cock withdraw from my sex, and someone's real cock insert into my soaking wet love canal. Phil decided to find out first hand just how good I was at doing my job. I could feel him pumping harder and harder until he let out a tremendous scream of relief. Hot cum began to fill my inner cavity. It felt incredible. Finally it was my turn to be re-activated. Jennifer took the control from Phil's weakened hand and entered my code. I was free to move, only to finish licking the remains of Tim's love cream from his electronically enhanced member. Jennifer quickly approached and licked the remains of Tim's explosion off my face and breasts while Beth stuck her tongue between my legs to lap up the remains of Phil's explosion in my sex and my back door. When it was over, we all just looked at each other and had a good laugh. Phil told me that I passed my first performance review with flying colors. He also told us all to report to the changing room for clean up. While walking through the halls in my cum soaked robotic body, I spied Paul in a stagnant sex scene. He was sitting naked in a chair with Melissa sitting in his lap with her back side toward him. Paul was buried deep inside Melissa. Kim was actually standing on the arms of the chair with her muff hovering millimeters above Paul's face with Paul's tongue extended into her. All three of them looked like they were in ecstasy and I'm sure they were.

I asked Phil how things were going with Paul. "Paul is enjoying himself and his new career. He's been in that stagnant scene for about a day, but I haven't heard any complaints yet." Phil chuckled. I then turned to Beth and asked if she remembered what had happened to her just a couple of days ago. "Yes, I made the decision to become roboticized so that I can remain young and beautiful forever while having almost constant sex and pleasure." "Wow, Tim really did a job on her brain", I thought to myself.

The days and months passed and I enjoyed my job and my new body to the fullest. I spent about half of my time being frozen while I spent the other half having sex with customers and other robots. My life couldn't have been better until one day Phil called for a meeting in the display room, with all of the roboticized employees. When the meeting time arrived, Jennifer and I walked to the display room together. I had grown quite affectionate toward Jennifer and I think she felt the same way about me. She was my true companion. My partner in sex and the one who had first introduced the idea of leading a robotic life to me. "I thought we don't have meetings?", I said to Jennifer. "We don't", she replied. "This is very unusual. Most of the time, they just program the server to tell us whatever they want to tell us." When we arrived in the display room, My eyes were shocked to see about three hundred robotic people just milling around. Many were talking to each other while others actually engaged in sex acts. (Our primary purpose in life.) Suddenly Phil appeared and called the meeting to order. "Thank you all for coming. I know that this is an unusual event for us. For some time, the Pleasure Palace has been under extreme pressure from residents and legislators about shutting our operation down. We make a lot of money here, but it appears as if no amount is enough to keep our doors open for business. Effective immediately, the Pleasure Palace is closed forever." A loud murmur could be heard throughout the room as we all looked at eachother in disbelief. "Now this isn't a problem for most of our employees", Phil continued. "But all of you have given your lives to the business in the form of your robotic bodies designed for pleasure. All of you have enjoyed yourselves for some time and you have experienced more pleasure that any human or machine could ever dream of experiencing. From this point forward, there will be no more battery re-charges or cleanings. Depending on when your battery was last charged, some of you will begin to stiffen up and freeze relatively soon. When this happens, you will have no control over your body motions. However, your pleasure program will initiate and remain running for several more days. When you become inanimate, your battery doesn't use as much energy, so there won't be enough energy to allow your body to move, but you will have enough to stay aware and

run the pleasure program for about a week. After you begin to freeze, myself or one of the technicians will install a lithium battery in your reserve socket. Again, this lithium battery won't be enough power to allow you to move, but it will be enough to keep you alive, aware, and running in pleasure mode for about two or three years. So what will happen to you once you freeze, you ask? Well, we've made arrangement for the sale of some of you to private owners. These owners will be given instructions on how to care for you and how to charge your battery enough to restore full motion. However, most of you will be sold to various stores and will serve out the rest of your days as mannequins. That may sound like a harsh life, but you will get new lithium batteries every two or three years and you'll spend almost eternity in pleasure mode.

I'm sorry to have to break this news to you like this, but I have no choice. Please remain in this room until your battery runs out. Those of you who have already been sold to private owners will be lead out of the room by a technician. Thank you and good luck." I looked at Jennifer and she looked at me. We were both amazed. My whole world which now seemed perfect was crumbling around me. I looked across the room at Paul. He was already freezing up. I could tell that he was trying to get over to me, but his battery charge had run out. He was in mid-stride when his body had frozen like a board. Poor Paul I thought to myself. If it weren't for me, he'd still be alive as a human instead of some heap of electronics, metal, plastic, and rubber who will probably be modeling men's clothes in some department store. Jennifer and I decided to have one last fling with eachother before our time ran out. We moved to a corner of the room which didn't have many people in it. We kept at our feverish pace of women sex games for about three hours before Jennifer started to slow down. I looked at her and told her that I loved her. She would always be in my thoughts and would forever be locked in her world of pleasure. Moments after Jennifer stopped moving, I began to feel myself starting to slow as well. I took one last look around the room. It looked a lot like a mannequin factory with people frozen in every position you can think of. It wasn't the orderly seductive line ups that usually occured in this room. I decided to place my body right up against Jennifer. Whoever had to remove us would certainly know that we wanted to be together forever. Jennifer was standing with her butt arched just slightly. She was looking right into my eyes when she froze. I used every bit of strength that I had left to get as close to her as I could. I rubbed her sex for the last time and then placed my hands on her firm, soon to be mannequin, ass. Our breasts pushed up against eachother and I looked straight into her eyes. Suddenly I was done. I had no more energy and had become fully frozen. I couldn't move a muscle or blink an eye. This was I feeling that I knew well, but this time I would never move again. Not too long after I had frozen, my first wave of orgasms began to hit and I faded out again. A few days after all of this occured, I noticed that I had been moved. I was no longer embracing Jennifer and I wasn't in the display room either. I couldn't tell exactly what I was wearing, but I still felt incredible and my orgasms still occurred about every minute. I could see Jennifer looking right at me. She wasn't moving either, but she was wearing a very attractive black lace teddy. I started to wonder if this was all a dream and the Pleasure Palace had been re-opened, until I heard someone say on a PA system, "Thank you for shopping at Macy's our store is now closed. Please bring all purchases to the register at this time." My thoughts went wild. I was now a mannequin in a Macy's store. At least Jennifer was with me and at least my pleasure program was still working. My body still felt great and I wasn't all that upset at the situation. Just before my next wave of pleasure hit, I felt a message enter my electronic paging system. This was weird, no messages had been received since the Pleasure Palace had closed and the servers were shut off. The message was from Phil, he was letting Jennifer and I know that he still thought about us and would come to get us some day soon. I noticed Jennifer's nipple perk up at that very moment. The Pleasure Palace will rise again.


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