Mannequins from Mars 2

by Paul Jutras

 The year is 2040 and  a few months ago a small mid western town was the victim of an alien invasion. The aliens themselves were mannequin in appearance and had weapons to make a mannequin out of anyone.  It is now summer time and that same small little town is about to learn that the aliens had left something behind.

 "Don't worry Matt, you'll love it." Jim Johnson said to his best friend as they and Jim's' brother John drove a jeep through the woods. "John and I make it a point to go camping every year. You'll have a great time. Especially the girls that come to swim at the lake."

 "I don't know." Matt said timidly. "Climbing, swimming. Sound awful dangerous to me."

 "Relax." John laughed. "Jim and I will protect you from any aliens that pop up. You just need to unwind once in awhile. "Why Jim wants to hang with a nerd like you is beyond me."

 "Hey!" Matt cried, pushing his taped glasses up his nose. "I'm not a nerd. What's this talk about aliens being in these woods. Outside of the occasional hoax, they're no such thing as an alien. Just something the government and movies come up with to make money and keep people away from secret projects."

 "You wouldn't of said that if you were living in town a few months ago." John snickered. "The whole town was invasion. The national guard was called in and it was all over the news. You must of heard something."

 "I don't pay attention to such nonsense." Matt replied. "I've got better things to do with my time. I should be getting ahead on my studies for when school starts in the Fall."

 "Like I said, you're a geek." John laughed as he gave a friendly punch in Matt's arm. Matt rubbed his arm as they arrived in a clearing near the lake.  There were a few other campers in the area, and Jim and John was looking on at a series of sun bathing girls near the shore. "Let's get the camp set up so we can meet some girls."

 A short time later, a pair of tents were set up as well as an area made ready to cook any food over an open fire.  John moved up to Betty  who laid on her stomach in a red bikini.  Rachel laid on her back beside her in a blue bikini.  "Hello, ladies." He smiled his white teeth and them. "If you need any protecting this evening, feel free to come my way."

 "So you think you're brave huh?" Rachel giggled. "Are you brave enough to go into the caves in the hills? I hear that was the area the aliens came from when they attacked the town."

 "No problem." John grinned as he looked toward the hill. "Right Jim. We'll explore the cave if you'll go out with us tonight."

 "None braver than us." Jim added.

 "Well, we'll just go with you." Rachel said as she and Betty got to their feet. "We wouldn't want to go out with a bunch of yellow belly liars, would we Betty."

  "I'd say not."  Betty agreed as they took a short hike to the caves.

  "You can go in there if you want." Matt said as he stared into the darkness. "That place looks dangerous. They're probably bats and  sharp rocks to cut myself on."

  "Nobody is asking you to go in, geek." John said as he turned on his flashlight and lead the way into the car.  The found of a underground river on the other side of a rock wall was heard as they came to a cliff edge. A six foot drop down lead to a larger cavern and three separate passageways.

  "Okay girls." John asked as he sent his light down each of the passages. "Which way would you wish to go. Doesn't matter to me, since there's nothing down here to be scared of."

  From the shadows  behind them, a black gargoyle like creature opened its eyes. It blended invisible with the dark surroundings.  A tentacle wrapped around Betty's ankle and raised her into the air upside down.  Rachel screamed as the creature stripped Betty of her clothes and shoved a dildo into her. A elephant like trunk then sprayed her with plastic. As the spray hit her breasts they were erect and made her want to orgasm. Before her juices could escape, the spray coated her sex in plastic, sealing the dildo inside of her.

  "Keep back!" John shouted, trying to sound brave. A tentacle knocked the flashlight out of his arm as it picked him up and stripped him of his clothes. Unable to put a dildo inside him, the creature sprayed him with plastic. The man's dick harden when covered and all hair, but that on his head was removed from his body. There bodies became smooth plastic.  The creature then went ahead and did the same to Jim and Rachel.  The foursome's screams echoed outside of the cave and was picked up by Matt's ears.

"Oh, no." Matt said to himself. "I knew that going in there was a bad idea. He paused a moment trying to figure out what to do. Then he shook his head and snapped out of his trance. "I've got to go get help."

 "Got to get help. Got to get help." Matt repeated over and over again to himself as he ran through the woods, tripping over his own feet and getting smack with branches.  The only time he slowed down was to cross the rickety wooden foot bridge over some white water rapids.  He soon broke into the ranger station out of breath.

 ""  Matt spit out before he collapsed to the floor in an exhausted state. The ranger quickly picked up the phone and dialed the national guard.

  "This is Ranger Pizza." Darien Pizza said into the phone. "We've got a report that the aliens are back.  Don't give me that; they're not any reports of landings from NASA.  Do you want what happened last time to happen again?"

  Setting the phone down, Darien paused for a moment and then started to dial again.  "Betty, it's me. I thought you should know that we've  just got a report in that more of those mannequin like aliens have been spotted in the nearby caves. Do you know where Samantha is?"

  "She said she was going to Kim's." Betty said. "Ever since the transformation, those three have been doing everything together. Not that I blame them. Everyone in school kept looking at them like a bunch of freaks."

  "You just find her." Ranger Pizza said. "Those aliens tried to abduct our daughter once. It's a good guess that they'll try it again. I just hope that the government believes me."

  Samantha laid across Kim's bed on her stomach watching her nails dry a beautiful shade of red. Ever since the transformation made her nails and skin tone the same surreal color, she kept all her nails polished. Kim was going through her closet showing off all the new clothes she recently bought. She turned toward Christine and held a sleeveless dress up before her. "How's this one?"

  Samantha giggled. "Wish I could see Christine like you can. If she didn't talk to my mind when she possessed me, I wouldn't be sure if she was real or not."

  "It wasn't until she possessed me that I believed in her." Tina said as she ran her hand along her smooth sexless crouch and hard breasts. Her fingers still made a clicking sound against her body as her dildo hummed its merry tune inside of her.

  The phone rang and Kim's mother answered it downstairs. "Samantha!" She called up. "It's for you. It's your mother!" Her voice softened as she turned back to the receiver. "You'll let Tina's mother know. Good."

  After Samantha got off the phone, she returned to Kim's bedroom. Tina just looked over at her worried look and turned to Kim. "What's wrong?"

  "My father got a call in at the ranger station." Samantha said nervously. "Some kid busted into his office and fainted from exhaustion. Before he passed out; however, he said that the aliens were seen up in the caves by the lake. The area they marched down on the town from when they attacked that night."

 The three of them each went on auto pilot as their hands reached down to their groins with the knowledge 24 hours a day of the dildo sealed in each of them. "Dad fears that the aliens may try to come for us again and asked for government protection."

 "Considering what happened before, I think we're better off protecting ourselves." Kim said as she got her shoes on, which took some getting use to with her plastic feet having fused toes. Samantha and Christine agreed right a way while Tina went reluctantly.

  "Someone with a level head best keep you out of trouble." Tina let out a sigh.

  The group tip-toed down stairs and out of the back doors unseen. They took off to the garage and got their bikes. They rode off along the highway in the direction of the woods. Their robotic limbs made pedaling hard, but they soon made it to the lake area.

  "Brings back memories, don't it?" Christine's mind said to Kim's mind as she rode as a passenger in Kim's body. Kim's memory was going back to the final bike ride they had together  when Christine was still alive. The two and Tina were heading up toward the lake along the highway when a drunk driver's car started to swerve all over the road. When it served right at Kim,  Christine leapt from her bike and pushed her friend out of the way. Only to be struck down into road kill herself.

 Kim looked beautiful in black at Christine's funeral. She was shocked when she returned to her bedroom and found Christine's ghost sitting in her wooden rocker. Kim's first reaction was to faint. Shortly afterwards, they became best friends again. Tina wouldn't believe in Christine's ghost, but humored Kim about it.  Little did she know at the time how real she was.

 "Samantha, shouldn't we check in with your father? Hear what the kid who reported to him has to say about the aliens?" Tina look in the direction of the ranger house. Kim was already leading the others up the dirt trails to the caves . "Hey! Wait up, girlfriend."

 They left their bikes on the far side of foot bridge and crossed it. They soon reached the cave area.  Kim pulled out the flashlight from her purse and listened to the sound of a nearby underwater stream.  They passed the lights along the cave wall and walked up to were the cave grew larger. Shinning down hill, they saw three large cave openings. "Which way do you think they went?"

 "Guess we'll have to split up." Kim said as she selected the middle table while Samantha took the one on the left and Tina reluctantly choose the right. As Christine followed Kim, she looked at her watch. "We'll meet back here in one hour or if you run into a dead end."

   "Kim, I think Tina and Samantha should go home and wait for the government agents to come and protect them." Kim's mother said as she entered Kim's room and found the girls gone. She quickly picked up the phone and called her husband. "Oh, no. They wouldn't,"

  "Anyone still here!" Kim called out as her flashlight moved along the wall. She suddenly stopped short as it reached for motionless naked mannequins standing beside a pile of clothes. She let out a gasp as she then gathered up the clothes and started to dress the mannequins like life-size Ken and Barbie dolls. Touching one girls sexless form, she felt the vibrator inside her.

  "Hello?" Samantha called out without getting an answer. A tentacle shot out of the darkness and around her leg.  As she hung upside down, she was stripped of her clothes. Too the creature's surprise, she was already sexless, hard plastic. Samantha could feel it probe her mind. In what seemed a state of confusion. As it dropped her, it vanished into the shadows from which it came.

  Sitting up, she got her clothes back and ran back to rejoin Samantha. To warn her of the creature in the cavern. It tried to control her mind like the aliens did those changed into mannequins before. Somehow it couldn't. "Better tell Kim we've got.." she paused. "...Something  is down here with us."

  Samantha raced back up the tunnel and then down the middle passage. She stopped short when she ran into the mannequins. "Kim, there's some kind of creature in these tunnels. Something that doesn't look like it belong on this planet."

  "What monster?" Tina asked as she joined them.

  "Did it come after you too?" Samantha asked.

  "Didn't see a thing." Tina replied. "I just headed this way because my tunnel reached a dead end and forced me to turn back. What's this about an alien monster?"

  Before Samantha could answer, a figured moved through the shadows. A pair of red eyes appeared from the darkness around them. The girls watched as the recently transformed couples started to move under the mind control of the monster.

  "That monster." Samantha screamed as she ducked to avoid its tentacle. Kim tossed her flashlight at the creature and missed. The ceiling came crumbling down, forcing the girls to make their escape from caves. They watched as the cave entrance was closed in rubble behind them.

  "Guess that's it." Kim smiled in  triumph. The girls started to ride down to the ranger station when they reached the lake. They saw that all the men and women who were swimming and sunning themselves were now mannequins with rods up either their sealed sex or ass.  Each waiting for the aliens to pick them up for store display, not knowing that the aliens weren't on the planet anymore.

  "What happened?" Tina asked nervously. "We'd of passed a monster on the way to the caves and they were alive when we came up pass here."

  Christine hovered into the air and scouted the area. She then saw that the cave in may of sealed off the main cave opening, but it had also created a different opening in the side of the mountain. Not only allowed the creature to escape the cave, but to beat them to the lake. "This isn't good." Christine said to Kim," as she saw the creature heading in the direction of town.

  The girls quickly made a bee line for the ranger station. "Girls." Ranger Pizza said as the girls closed the door behind them. Not needing to breath they were no way out of breath like Matt was when he made the trip. "What are you doing here?"

  "After the way the military tore up the town taking on the aliens before, I thought we'd have a better chance alone. Guess we were wrong since the monster is now making its way toward town and turning anyone it meets into a mannequin along the way."

  "The creature is like some kind of biological virus that alters a being's DNA and turns them into some kind of zombie under the alien's control." Samantha told her father. "The problem this time is that we don't have the remote controls to change them back to normal."

  "John and Jim?" Matt asked about his friends with a worried look while the girls lowered their heads.

  "They were transformed." Kim finally said. "We don't know if they followed the monster out or if they got trapped in the cave in."

  Darien then picked up the phone and dialed the government number left after the last alien invasion. He handed the girls the phone and had them tell them what they had already told him. The included the fact that their already mannequinized bodies made them immune to  the mind control. They were told to stay put while they worked on an antitoxin to take the virus out using Dan and Jessie's mannequin bodies as a base to work from.

  Suddenly the roof was torn open and the creature's tentacle wrapped around Ranger Pizza's ankle. Held upside down, he was stripped and sprayed. The girls watched as the man's dick became erect then harden before he was place on to a pole. "Dad!" Samantha screamed. "Nooooooo!"

  "Let's get out of here!" Tina shouted as Matt was next to be grabbed and transformed. They took to their bikes and headed in the direction of town. Once Christine possessed Kim they began to talk mind to mind again.

  "I thought you said it was going into town." Kim asked her friend as Christine's possessed allowed her to move with more ease than without it.

  "It was." Christine replied. "I can't understand why it would double back in our direction. Do you think it has some kind of alien lock on us?"

   "At this point, I'll believe about anything." Kim noticed more mannequins as they reached town.  Unlike those at the lake, those in town were moving around like a bunch of zombies. "Except this. What's going on around here?"

   "Can't anyone or anything spot that monster?" Tina asked nervously as she looked into a baby carriage and felt sorry for the plastic coated baby inside. If her tear ducks weren't sealed she'd of be crying for everyone.

   Watching as the creature transformed on section of the city after another, Samantha rode up to the nearest pay phone. Pulling out her dad's card, she called the government office and informed them of what was happening. "Hang on tight." The Colonel at the other end said. "We've got the antitoxin and is air shipping it out to you as we speak. We'll have things back to normal in no time."

  The town's police came soaring up the road with sirens blazing. Screeching to a halt, the cops jumped out of their cars, took cover and pulled out their guns. They started to open fire without effect on the creature, who quickly turned such policeman and policewoman attacking into its next mannequin.

  "Get ready to drop payload." The Col. kept in contact with the jet which were suddenly under attack by the monster's mannequin army. To protect themselves and their cargo, Jessie launched a smoke bomb rocket that exploded above them. Unfortunately, mannequins don't need to breathe and shot the plane out of the sky.  The officers managed to gain just enough control to land safely.

  "You people okay?" Samantha asked as the girls reached the jet just as the cockpit opened up. "I'm the one who phone you about the alien monster attacking the city."

  "You're the girls who were transformed like us, aren't you." Officer Dan said, checking the weapon.  "You're immune  to the mind control like us. We need time to repair the jet, if you can decoy them."

  "Tina looked reluctantly but the others shook their heads in agreement as they hot wired a near by car and took off. Getting the transformed zombies attention they were soon chased with the zombies chanting, "GET... THOSE... WHO ...AREN'T. .OF... ONE... MIND!"

  "Take the next corner!" Samantha shouted as one of the cop mannequins fired and shot out a tire. The two skidded to a halt and crashed into a fire plug. "Good thing our bodies are too hard to get hurt in a car crash."

  "Our only chance is the government." Tina said hoping it wouldn't take long as they took cover behind the car. "Come on. Come on."

  "Time to have some fun!" Dan shouted as the jet roared over head. The jet made a low pass and a beam shot out at the group of mannequins. They instantly turned back to normal.  They then looped around for a second pass as Kim and the girls wished that a transformation back would of been as easy for them. The remote had given them a different type of virus in the previous attack.

  The girls watched as the second monster showed up in the city and fused together with the other. As they fused together they grew larger and Kim couldn't help but wonder where Godzilla was when they needed him.

  "Eat this, sucker!" Dan shouted as it launched its missile into the monster. Kim and the girls ducked down as the monster exploded into slime pieces. The antitoxin finished the creature and kept it from reforming and attacking again. "All right!"

  Kim got out of cover and went to give Jessie a hug. Dan shook hands with the rest. "Nice work girls. You really can take care of yourselves in a pinch. If you ever want to become a field agent have Mr. Pizza contact us. "

  "Will do." Kim said just looking forward to getting what's left of her life back; to what passed as normal. They all wanted to see their parents and make sure they were back to normal.  When Samantha first got home and found her mom okay, the first thing she did was call her dad up at the station.

  "Yes, Samantha. I'm fine." Darien said into the phone. "Matt here is find and so are his friends. They made it out of the cave with the monster and was wandering around up here as zombies. When they went back to normal with the death of the monster, they tracked Matt down here. No dear, I'm not qualified to judge if they're cute or not."

  Samantha's mother giggled at the question as she gave her mom a hug. The touch of which aroused her even more than the dildo that'll be forever sealed inside of her.


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