Power Girl - Tool of Transformation 6

by Northern Chill

Chapter 6 - A fight around every corner

    Several small groups of people huddled in the long marble hallways waiting for various meetings to start soon .  Barking orders or requests into their cell phones, they were oblivious to the nondescript brunette walking down the hallway clutching a briefcase full of files and documents.  They would have been shocked if they realized that this same woman had an alter ego known as the Savage She-Hulk, a towering green skinned amazon whose rage when in battle was only matched by her tremendous strength and agility.

    The woman opened an office door marked " Jennifer Walters - Attorney at Law " and strode through it in an obvious hurry.  She flopped down in the chair behind the desk and flung her paperwork on a nearby table.  Jennifer leaned back and closed her eyes as she reflected inwardly for a minute.  Up till recently, she had spent most of her time as her green skinned alter ego self known as the She-Hulk.  Renowned for her great strength and battling ability, she had taken on foes ranging from the common day robbers to foes originating from other worlds.  Unfortunately, she was finding that the last few times as She-Hulk proved to be most troubling as her ability to think and behave normally was eroding rapidly.  In fact, she had to be held back from crushing the skull of a defeated crook as the blinding rage shook through her body.  Jennifer resolved then to hold off further adventuring till she could figure out what was the matter with her.

    Jennifer rubbed her eyes wearily and reached for the papers concerning her next case.  Just then , a loud BOOM!! echoed throughout the building.  She bolted from her chair and ran to the door to see what was the matter.  People were running down the hallway towards the stairs leading to the exit in a great hurry.  Puzzled, Jennifer stopped one of the security guards escorting a group down the hallway  " Hey, what the heck's going on here?" she inquired.  The guard looked at her.  " Two costumed women just came crashing the front door of the main lobby downstairs and judging by the scene outside there could be a lot of damage to the building  so we're evacuating everyone as a precaution," he said calmly though with a tinge of urgency as he edged away.  Jennifer glanced out a window that faced the street in front of the building she was in and saw smoke rising from several overturned cars. Having been in these kinds of fights before as the She-Hulk, Jennifer nodded mentally as she followed the people down the stairs.

   Meanwhile, in the lobby, the two combatants were slugging it out in a fierce struggle.  "I don't what the hell has got into you, Power Girl, but you better back off now!" shouted the green catsuited heroine known as Fairchild.  With flowing red hair and a sexy  physique that included a  bountiful bosom,  tiny waist and long legs that ran on and on, Fairchild was quite the sight wherever she got into a scrap with a villain.

   "Your body must be quite complex or else you would have already assumed the form desired by me.  It seems I'll have to wear you down physically even more. Catch!" sneered the evil Power Girl as she picked up a couch and hurled it at her opponent.

    Fairchild, a little weary from the struggle, managed to catch the couch barely before it hit hard. She set the furniture down and threw herself at the advancing Power Girl, oblivious to the small silver patches that were becoming visible on bare skin all over her shapely body.

    Jennifer reached the bottom of the stairs with the other people and opened the door just in time to see Power Girl being flung through the air towards the bank of elevators with a mighty thud.  While the others shrieked and fled towards the front doors, the lawyer stood there undecided in her course of action.  Part of her desperately wanted to transform into the She-Hulk and wade into this fight full tilt while the other part wanted to steer clear of this conflict as quickly as possible.

    She noticed that the fight had proceeded up to the next floor so she decided to look through the lobby to see if anyone was hurt or pinned by debris.  Jennifer picked her way carefully through the destruction, peering under overturned tables and flipped over chairs.  When she righted a red leather chair, she found a woman lying underneath it on her back.  Jennifer recognized her as a former client, Jill Dobson, whom she had recently defended in a reckless driving case.  The young woman appeared unhurt yet Jennifer could see something was very wrong right away.

    Jill's face was becoming paler and shinier by the moment.  Her arms were drawing into her sides and pointing upwards at a 45 degree angle to her body.  Her legs, already with a smooth glossy look to them under her brown mini-skirt, were slowly spreading apart in a V-shape with her feet pointing almost straight down.  Jill's chest was barely moving now and Jennifer could see her breasts were pressing outward straining against the silk blouse and the bra underneath.  Jill's mouth was slowly forming into a perfect O-shape as her cheeks turned a bright rosy red in color.

     "Help me.. help... mee.. heeel..ppp.. mm......" Jill weakly shouted before her voice faded away.  Her eyes were now just painted features on her smooth plastic face and all breathing had ceased.  To Jennifer's amazement, there was a low hum coming from inside Jill's open mouth.  Jennifer picked up Jill's light-as-a-feather body and found to her horror there was a switch on the doll's back with an "on" and an "off" position. She pushed the button into the "off " position and the humming sound stopped.

     Gently, Jennifer laid down the rigid object that till a few minutes ago was a living human being but was now just an inflated plastic love doll with no trace of humanity visible anywhere.  "Weird!! First the big fight that erupted between Power Girl and Fairchild and now this bizarre thing! I wonder if the two are connected somehow..."  Jennifer mused to herself.  Standing up, she headed towards a stairwell that would lead her to the ongoing fight with a look of determination etched on her face.

    Meanwhile, the fight was raging on between Power Girl  and Fairchild although both were now showing the effects of their protracted struggle.  The evil clone was showing several bruises on her legs and upper body from the various blows Fairchild had delivered. As for the buxom heroine, the silver effect had spread to the point where Fairchild's left leg was now completely silver in color and she found that the leg was no longer responsive to her thoughts. Worse still, Fairchild found her own thoughts becoming increasingly fuzzy as if something was trying to change what she was thinking and feeling.  Nevertheless, the young heroine continued to grapple with her opponent who was barely giving her time to think in a  relentless assault.

     "Give up, Fairchild! Accept your fate as part of the Auctioneer's collection now or else..!" shouted Power Girl as she punched her intended victim hard in the stomach  sending the heroine hurtling backwards towards the end of the hallway where she landed with a loud thud.  The evil clone was anxious to wrap this fight up quickly and move onto her next assigned target soon.

     Fairchild slowly pulled herself to her feet, using her right arm and leg as the left side of her body was now completely unresponsive and glowing a bright silver.  She was oblivious to the fact that the upper part of her uniform was completely torn away revealing her magnificent breasts in all their glory. If she had taken a minute to look down, she would have noticed that her tits were slightly larger than normal with erect nipples and were also being engulfed by the metallic effect claiming the rest of her body.

     "Must.. finish... fight ..Error!.... stop you ..Program... not let you...succeed ...Obey... no way!!" Fairchild weakly shouted unaware how her voice and mannerisms were becoming more mechanical by the second.  She limped forward determined to finish the fight with this mad woman and get her to reverse this insidious process.

    Meanwhile, Jennifer reached the floor where the brawl was taking place but she looked a lot different than before.  She was now several feet taller with bulging muscles all over her body.  Her skin color was now bright green in nature with even her hair now darker and longer than before. The woman who stomped up the hallway was Jennifer's alter ego, the Savage She-Hulk!  However, there were two other parts of the transformation that were even more noticeable than the obvious physical ones.  In the process of transforming, Jennifer's clothing had almost been completely shredded in the process, leaving nothing but a few tatters that failed to cover her mammoth sized breasts or bare sex.  Ordinarily, in the past, the jade giantess would have stopped to cover herself with some sort of outfit.  However, She-Hulk seemed almost mindless as she stormed down the hallway towards the fracas, intent on joining in, and paid no attention whatsoever to her appearance.

    The fracas that She-Hulk was heading towards was drawing to a conclusion as Fairchild had almost completely stopped moving altogether.  Her legs, a chrome sheen covering them completely, were pressed together tightly and her metallic-looking arms hung stiffly by her sides.  All of Fairchild's exposed skin now was smooth silver in nature with nary a sign of humanity visible anywhere.  Her lips still trembled as she tried to speak but all came out was "Downloading.... rrr ...commands... mmmm ..........program executable... mmmm ..override...". 

    The evil PowerGirl watched as the conversion claimed the last of Fairchild's humanity, her lovely brown eyes, converting them as it had done the rest. When the robot opened its eyes again, all that was visible were soulless orbs of pure silver.

    "Ha! Ha! It's about time you stopped moving and accepted your fate, my sexy Fairchild-bot!" Power Girl cackled.  "Let me help you out of what's left of your outfit. Stand absolutely still and don't move anymore now."

     The gleaming robot froze and stood silently as ordered while Power Girl quickly stripped off the tattered catsuit off its frame and slowly ran her hands up and down the smoothly curved surface that was solid metal.  Power Girl marveled at how there was not a trace of freckles or blemishes anywhere on the body of her defeated adversary.  She noticed that between Fairchild's legs it was completely smooth with no visible hair at all where her sex had been. Fairchild's breasts were now twin globes of smooth shiny silver with nipples that jutted out in the air.  

    Power Girl smirked. "Oooh..you're going to make the Auctioneer a very happy man indeed! Now, I've just got to dress you in the maids uniform he wanted to display you in for further testing and then we'll head off to see him, won't we, my lovely mechanical maid..?" she inquired to the robot.

    "Af-fir-ma-tive... Auc-tion-eer is my mas-ter.... mmmm ...obey-ing his com-mands... pri-or-i-ty at all times...." Fairchild's voice replied in a hollow mechanical tone that echoed her state as a robot.

     Before Power Girl could start dressing her acquisition as requested, she saw a  nearly naked green giantess stomping rapidly towards her.  "Ah, the indomitable She-Hulk!  Are we a tad angry today, hmm?" she taunted the advancing amazon woman.

     Her taunts were met by an almost feral growl from the heroine followed up by several swift and powerful blows that sent the transforming villainess hurtling backward into the wall at the end of the hallway. The evil clone wiped  the blood that trickled from her mouth  "Everyone seems to want to do this the hard way today, it seems. Well, your savage attitude may make this fight a lot easier than it would normally be, you green bitch!" Power Girl said as she slowly stood up and prepared to take on the towering woman rushing towards her.

    Several minutes of furious fighting passed with Power Girl dodging and slipping past the majority of punches thrown at her by the brutish heroine.  She-Hulk was the recipient of far fewer blows yet the effects of them were far more pronounced. Her skin was becoming shiny and taking on a rubbery texture to it while all freckles and blemishes disappeared.  As well, the huge sinewy muscles which stood out on her arms and legs seemed to be disappearing and blending into her skin forming smooth, unbroken surfaces.  The strangest thing of all was when she stomped and  stormed after her elusive foe,  the green skinned heroine seemed to be almost BOUNCING as if she was getting lighter and floating instead of her normal gait.

    After a few more minutes, Power Girl found She-Hulk was slowing down considerably in her assault. It was child's play for her to dodge the green fists of her opponent which were getting weaker and weaker by the minute.  The semi-nude amazon had ceased her epithets of vowing to crush her and in fact the giantess was even having trouble even standing up.

   Slowly, She-Hulk's arms swung out on both sides and stayed perfectly stiff at right angles to her body. Her body was slightly inflating with a barely audible ss-sss-sss as the air filled her now nearly transparent body. Her breasts swelled just slightly as the nipples almost completely disappeared leaving two spherical mounds of rubber that squeaked slightly as she softly hit the floor with a light thump.

   Power Girl smirked as she leaned over and attached a rope to the living inflatable shape that was already starting to float upwards as it continued to absorb air.  "You'll make a lovely and very sexy balloon for someone's private collection, my rubbery foe.  I'll take you two and the doll in the lobby back to the Auctioneer right away so he can begin his listings for sale on Fleece Bay," she said as she gathered up the two transformed and helpless heroines  to be moved to the Auctioneer's hideout.  A short time later, arriving police and fireman were startled by a lycra clad woman flying out of the building clutching a silver object clutched to her side and a strange balloon attached to her wrist, oblivious to the destruction left behind.

Several days later.......

    The blonde mannequin stood stiffly in the latex and leather clothing part of the brightly lit adult shop, wearing a form-fitting bright red catsuit with multiple zippers all up and down the outfit. Matching red thigh-high latex boots and long gloves enhanced the very alluring display she made while posed with her left hand raised up and behind her head and her right hand clutching a long black whip.  The many customers who frequented the establishment complimented Jennifer, the store clerk, on how realistic the new mannequin looked.  Neither they nor the store clerk knew that the voluptuous plastic beauty was in fact the embodiment of the real Power Girl, transformed by the villainous Shimmer just under a week ago into this hollow mannequin.  She had spent the time since being dressed in various revealing outfits ranging from racy Gina's Secret lingerie to skintight rubber and latex outfits accessorized with a variety of dildos, gags, vibrators and other wares the store sold.

    "This feels... good.... but... oh..my.... what.... am..... I ?" The lovely mannequin's thoughts were still focused on looking beautiful and displaying her wares yet a fog was slowly clouding these thoughts as if there was something changing in her world.  This cloudiness continued for the rest of the day as customers came and went with some stopping to admire, touch, ( some even fondled quite openly ) and inquire with the clerk about the details of the outfit the plasticized heroine was wearing.

   At closing time, Jennifer put up the closed sign in the front window and made a quick phone call to someone before turning off the lights and locking the door for the night leaving the sexy mannequin alone in her frozen reverie.

   About an hour later, the front door silently  swung open and a figure entered the store dressed in a long raincoat with a broad brimmed hat pulled down tight over head hiding the features from any passerby.  The figure looked outside for any signs of possible passersby and then moved quickly to the light switches for the display alcoves.  Once the lights were turned on, the figure doffed her raincoat and hat to reveal the distinctive yellow lycra ensembleof: Shimmer!

   "It's been almost a full week, my dear.  Time for a little recharge for your new form to make sure you don't wreck the plans of my boss.  He seems really excited about the amount of money he'll make off his 'living art'.  Maybe then I'll even be able to convince him to let me keep you as a souvenir or a play toy . Wouldn't that be fun? Ha! Ha!"  Shimmer said as she slowly walked towards the motionless blonde mannequin.

    Shimmer reached towards the mannequin's right shoulder to begin the transformation process once again when suddenly she felt her wrist being gripped by a very powerful hand.  She looked and saw Power Girl turn her head towards her.

    "Surprise!" Power Girl shouted as she angrily tossed Shimmer towards the back of the room where the amazed villain crashed into several display shelves. Dazed, Shimmer looked up as the angry and alive Power Girl stalked towards her.

    "You shouldn't be able to move at all! It hasn't been a week yet..." she weakly complained.

    Just then, another figure stepped out of the shadows.  It was the sultry Catwoman, dressed in her traditional shiny catsuit and carrying a very nasty whip. "Oh, my dear Shimmer.  You might have gotten here in time if a certain kitty hadn't tampered with the clocks in your home near here.  You see, I visited here shortly after a rather interesting incident recently intending to buy some suits before I took my nine lives and scampered out of town. When Jennifer showed me her new display mannequin and told me how she got it, I realized what might be going on and decided to declaw your little plan." She purred, examing her perfect nails for any chips.

   "No! You can't.. stop.. me...." Shimmer stammered before slumping to the ground unconscious.  Power Girl stood over her and looked at the feline thief as she approached them. "I know you and I don't always work on the same side, but this caper is bigger than that. Look, for now, let's call a truce till we figure out what to do next and where this damn Auctioneer is! Ok?" she suggested firmly.

    "Sounds purr-fect, my dear." Catwoman said with a mischievous twinkle in her eye as the two began to formulate a plan of attack to take on the mastermind of this insidious plan and rescue the victims if possible.


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