Power Girl - Tool of Transformation 1

by Northern Chill

              Author's note : This story revolves around the character Power Girl,a comic book heroine, who has super strength
                                          and a knockout figure to match.  In this beginning chapter, we find her musing over her latest
                                          exploits while, unbeknownst to her, a sinister villain watches with an insidious plan using her
                                          as its focal point.  Oh, and her powers/weaknesses are very similar to Superman's.
                                          This story involves scenes of violence ,nudity and erotic scenes. If you're under the age of 18,
                                          move on to a different page now.  If not, enjoy the story !

Chapter 1 - Fighting criminals isn't all that fun


    The brick wall exploded outward, sending bricks and mortar flying through the air in all directions.  Once the smoke had cleared, two figures walked into the opening, dressed in black from head to toe.  They rushed immediately to the safety deposit boxes which they began to open as fast as they could, emptying the contents into the equipment bags they brought with them.  Less than five minutes later, they re-emerged through the hole and sprinted across the street  while the sounds of police sirens wailed in the background.

    The taller of the two men ripped off the black ski mask and turned to the other thief.  "Easiest job we've pulled in a long time.  To think, we had a guy pay us to do this job and gave us the van and gear to pull it off.  He even didn't want a piece of the swag!" the criminal said, shaking his head.  "Damn sweet deal!"

    Just as the two got to the waiting van parked at the back of the alley, they saw a strikingly beautiful woman standing in front of it.  Dressed in a tight fitting white lycra outfit with long blue gloves and boots, she stood with her hands on her hips in a heroic pose.  Blonde hair and a bountiful bosom that was at least a size 38 were her obvious traits. With a circle cut into the leotard to reveal her deep cleavage, she was quite a delicious sight to the two crooks, although judging by the look on her face, she wasn't here by accident.

    "You guys should turn around and go put your loot back where you found it... NOW!!" Power Girl exclaimed.  The two men dropped their loot and began firing at the heroine with their semi-auto machine guns.  To their amazement, the bullets bounced off the woman's firm body as if they were flies on a windshield. The blonde bombshell shook her head. "You boys really want to do this the hard way, huh ?" she said before rushing forward.

    With a dazzling speed that barely gave the two crooks chance to breathe, she rushed the smaller of the two, hurling him like a rag doll into the garbage cans at the end of the alley.  The other thief whipped out a razor sharp knife and tried to stab the heroine in the back.  To his amazement, the blade snapped off when it impacted on her skin.  Power Girl turned with an angry look on her face  "If you've torn my outfit, you're REALLY going to be sorry!" she snarled as she easily lifted the scared crook high over her head.

    A few minutes later the crooks were led away by the police, along with the stolen money, leaving the heroine alone with her thoughts.  "Lucky I got that anonymous email tip from the person calling themselves the Tipster about what these two would be doing this tonight." Power Girl muttered to herself.  "I just wish there was more for me to do around here besides catching petty bank thieves and punk purse snatchers. Oh well, something will come along soon, I'm sure," she sighed before flying out of the alley, not knowing that Fate loved to be tempted.

    Several minutes later, a figure emerged out of the alley holding a camera in one hand while bending down to retrieve the broken blade the thief had dropped when he had tried to stab the blonde heroine. The man looked in the direction that Power Girl had just flown off in and smirked "I think, my dear Power Girl, things will definitely be changing over the new few days for you.." he sneered, before shuffling out to a waiting car.

    Later that week, Power Girl was on the prowl again. She stealthily opened a window on the side of what appeared to be an abandoned building and looked around for a way to access the basement.  She had been tipped off by the same person who told her of the robbery there would be a meeting of several high profile villains in the basement of this very building.  Finding the door, Power Girl advanced down the stairs into a very dimly lit damp cellar.  At the far end, she saw a table set up where two garishly costumed people sat; she recognized them as being the Joker and Poison Ivy, long time Batman villains, sitting silently facing each other.

     "Give it up, you two! You haven't got a chance against the might of Power Girl!" she shouted as she crossed the length of the basement in a matter of seconds. However, when she went to grasp the Joker, he seemed to literally disintegrate in her hands, emitting a dark green gas at the same time.  Power Girl staggered back choking and gagging as the gas filled her lungs. "What.. is this... stuff...?"  She coughed incontrollably, bewildered by the effect this gas was having on her. The Poison Ivy figure by now had also broken down and released even more of the debilitating gas.  The buxom heroine fell to her hands and knees, dimly aware of two more figures standing in the shadows at the end of the room watching her futile struggle.  Within seconds Power Girl slumped to the floor, drifting into blackness, with her last thought being how this gas could affect someone who can pick up cars with one hand?

     When Power Girl became semi-conscious again, she found herself sitting in a metal folding chair facing a large movie screen.  As she lifted her head ever so slightly, images starting to appear on the screen while a man she couldn't quite see began to talk.

     "Sadness, Power Girl.  All the violence, destruction, and death.  Doesn't it make you feel so sad seeing all that?" the man said with a compellingly sad voice.  Strangely enough, the heroine found herself filled with waves of sadness and tears began to well up in her eyes reinforced by the images of destruction being shown, including the bank building she was in earlier that very week.

     "Now pride, Power Girl. Pride and happiness." The man's voice intoned as the images changed to news clippings of her exploits saving people from disasters and defeating numerous villains, including the crooks from the bank heist.  The heroine rose out of her seat feeling complete pride and satisfaction. Instinctively, she assumed a heroic pose with her hands on her hips, chest thrust out, and a smile of satisfaction crossing her face. She didn't feel like moving any more as her pose seemed deeply satisfying and appropriate for such a great heroine to appear in. "This is so right," she thought over and over. "So right... so... right...."

     Several minutes later, the images stopped and the lights brightened in the room .  A man stepped out from the shadows, dressed in a black and red checkered outfit, decorated with various masks representing different emotions.  He was the villain known as the Psycho Pirate, whose power was to influence the emotions of others to his advantage.  He walked up to the immobile heroine and snapped his fingers in front of her empty eyes. No reaction.  He reached down and casually tweaked her left nipple while holding her breast. Other than the nipple becoming hard and a slight redness appearing in her cheeks, Power Girl didn't react in the slightest. She was completely entranced.

    "All right, Psycho Pirate. That's enough for now. You've been well paid for your services. I bid you good day." a voice called out from across the room as a well-dressed man entered from the street followed by two gorgeous women.

    Psycho Pirate bowed deeply from the waist. "Now that you have no further need of my services, I shall exit, stage left. Good bye!" he exulted before leaving in a flourish. The man walked up to the immobilized heroine and while staring into her fixated eyes he spoke to the woman on the left "My dearest Shimmer, since the recently departed gentleman's mesmerizing effect is only temporary, perhaps you could do somethiing to make her immobility a bit more, shall we say, long lasting?"

     Shimmer sidled up to the motionless Power Girl.  Dressed in a yellow lycra outfit with bright red curly red hair and having the ability to transform matter at will, she was a formidable opponent for any hero and heroine.  She looked at the man with disdain. "You know my ability to transform matter from organic into inorganic only lasts a week.  I'll have to keep repeating the change on a weekly basis." The man nodded. "I've already accounted for that in my plans. Go ahead with her conversion," he said, a little impatiently.

     Shimmer quickly stripped the skintight white Lycra costume off Power Girl and handed it to the other woman standing in the room.  She then moved the heroine's left hand out slightly from her waist with the palm down and then did the same with the right. She then changed the heroine's frozen proud expression slightly to a more sultry and sexy look. After teasing the heroine's exposed nipples enough with her tongue so that they became rock hard, she placed her hand on Power Girl's bare left shoulder and began to concentrate.

    A rapid change began to flow through the blonde heroine's body.  Her skin rapidly took on a plastic look while joint marks appeared at her wrists, shoulders, waist, and right leg. All traces of any freckles and blemishes disappeared from her now shiny skin as her eyes became artificial and glassy.  Her flowing hair now had the appearance of a plastic wig; her entire body seemed to stiffen somehow.  Where a few minutes ago was a living symbol of power and justice now stood a naked plastic display mannequin. Her waist was smooth, with no trace of humanity visible between her legs save for a chrome plated opening for a metal pole to be inserted for support.

    The man walked up to the freshly created dummy and rapped his knuckles on her plastic tits, creating a hollow sound."Nice touch with the nipples," he said.  Shimmer smiled and nodded. "I have a friend with an adult fashion shop who has been looking for a suitable display figure to model some latex catsuits he has for sale.  I think this blonde bitch will do nicely..."  Shimmer sneered, turning the transformed heroine and putting her arm around the mannequin's stiff plastic waist.

    He then turned to the other woman, who had been putting put on Power Girl's outfit and brushed out idential blonde locks into the heroine's style. She now looked exactly how the mannequinized heroine would normally appear, except for one vital dfifference. Her eyes had no discernable pupils and were eerily white in nature. He handed the spitting image a pair of dark sunglasses. "You know what you are to do?" he inquired.

    The woman nodded. "I am to assume the role and duties of Power Girl.  When you ask me to, I will lure an assigned target into a trap where I will transform her using my bio-based nanites into any form you wish.  I will then contact you immediately to arrange pickup of your new acquistion, my lord Auctioneer." she said stiffly and coldly.

     The Auctioneer laughed out loud. "I knew this was a good idea, to make an android clone solely dedicated to my evil plans out of the skin sample on the knife. Once you have acquired all the remaining ' items', they should make for one of my best auctions ever," he said happily.  "Shimmer, take this dummy down to your friend's store and DON'T forget about her at the end of seven days!" he said firmly.

    Shimmer resented the tone in Auctioneer's voice, but figured for the money she was being paid she could live with it. She picked up the blonde busty mannequin, who weighed only a few pounds now, and carried her out to the vehicle while the clone listened to the Auctioneer's methodical spelling out of who the next target was.


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