Power Girl - Tool of Transformation 2

by Northern Chill

Chapter 2 - Target : Wonder Woman

    A solitary figure looked out on the deserted street with a look of anticipation on her face. Dressed in a eagle-emblazoned red bustier with satin tights, wearing a golden belt that had a thin golden lasso clipped to the side, Wonder Woman adjusted her golden tiara and silver bracelets while waiting for the person that had summoned her here at this time.

    About ten minutes later, she looked up to see a familiar sight descending from the sky.  Seeing a woman dressed in her a white skintight outfit and blue cape, Wonder Woman recognized the visitor as Power Girl, the heroine who requested the meeting.  She watched her compatriot set down a few feet in front of her and went to welcome her.

    "Greetings, Power Girl.  I trust all is well with you.  If I might ask, why are you wearing the dark sunglasses?"   Wonder Woman inquired, noticing the wraparounds that completely covered Power Girl's upper face.

    "I encountered a villain the other day who hit me in the face with an energy blast.  My doctor says my eyes will be a little sensitive to light for the next few days," the evil Power Girl clone replied convincingly. "As a matter of fact, that's partly the reason I asked you to come and meet today.  If you'll follow me, I'll explain to you the rest,"  she said before walking towards the building directly behind her.  Wonder Woman followed the white-clad heroine, unaware of the woman's true nature and the trap she was walking into.

    Meanwhile, the real Power Girl, now just a lifeless plastic mannequin, was being set up for display in an adult emporium owned by Shimmer's friend.  A female clerk was pulling up a shiny black catsuit that fit snugly over the rigid shapely form with holes cut into the suit so that her plastic tits showed through quite prominently.  Power Girl's overcome mind was totally fixated on her new role:

    "This feels so good, so right wearing this suit.  I must be the finest mannequin I possibly can be.  I exist only to display my owner's clothing stylishly." PowerGirl's thoughts repeated over and over as she felt her stiffened plastic body being lifted over to a display stand where she was impaled on a chrome rod that fit into a socket in her firm ass.  The clerk then applied a little makeup to the plastic cheeks and eyes of the mannequin to bring out the elegant beauty even more.  After adjusting Power Girl's shiny blond wig, the clerk then moved off to her other work for the day, not suspecting the figure's true identity. The catsuited mannequin stood alone, endlessly echoing the implanted thoughts, blissfully unaware of her predicament.

    Wonder Woman and the evil clone went into the basement of the building which was completely barren except for a few wooden boxes and a folding chair at the far end. The two walked to the center where Wonder Woman turned to her fellow heroine.  "So tell me about this urgent situation you asked me to meet you about, Power Girl." She queried.

    The evil clone clamped her powerful hand on Wonder Woman's left shoulder. "The urgent situation is for you to be transformed according to my lord Auctioneer's specifications.  Prepare yourself, bitch!" she hissed coldly.

    As soon as Wonder Woman heard this malice-charged statement, she grabbed Power Girl's clamping hand, dipped down, and flipped the impostor hard over her shoulder.  "I think you picked the wrong person to acquire today, whoever you are!" the amazon heroine shouted as the evil Power Girl smacked hard against the wall.

    At the same time, Wonder Woman noticed the shoulder that the importer had grabbed was becoming stiff and she was starting to have trouble moving her upper left arm. "Better finish this fight quickly. I think she might have injected some sort of poison into my system." the innocent heroine thought as she moved towards where she had thrown her foe.

    To her amazement, the phony heroine was already back on her feet and ready to resume the fight.  Her sunglasses had come off showing her eerie eyes that were of pure white in color.

    "What ..are.. you?" sputtered Wonder Woman, who was now having trouble making her left arm or leg move at all. Her booted foot seemed rooted in place.

    "I was created solely to perform tasks assigned by my lord Auctioneer.  This first task of vanquishing you, Wonder Woman, should be complete in just a matter of minutes," intoned the evil clone with a sneer, walking just out of arm's reach. "Feeling a little stiff, are you? Finding it hard to move? That's only the beginning!" she concluded with a sinister laugh.

    Wonder Woman reached across her body for her lasso and tried to loop it around the inhuman fiend standing before her.  As she did, she noticed her skin was becoming very shiny and smooth starting in her chest area and spreading rapidly. She became aware of another sensation too.

    "What the hell did she inject into me?  Why are my limbs getting so stiff and my skin so shiny? It.. it feels good.. but.. still... must.. stop her!" Wonder Woman thought in a haze as all forward movement became very sluggish.  To her dismay, her lasso throw fell far short of the villainess who merely bent down and picked up the lasso, pulling it easily out of the heroine's stiffened fingers at the same time.

     "Thank you for giving me your lasso so easily.  My lord had requested it be set aside while you undergo the process of change," the evil Power Girl said, setting the golden loop on top of a folding chair.  She then moved aside a wooden box to reveal a video camera and cell phone.  By all indications, the camera had been running some time taping the whole confrontation and transformation.

     "This was all a trap! I.. can't move at ..all!"  Wonder Woman shrieked mentally.  She felt her mouth opening wide into an O-shape. Seams started to appear running up and down her legs and arms.  She felt her other openings also opening wider, becoming oval in shape.  Her dismayed shock at her rapid metamorphosis was overwhelmed by the warm sexual feelings spreading throughout her motionless body.

     She saw the evil Power Girl move towards her and push her stiff figure into a sitting position.  She was helpless to stop the villainess' actions as she felt her arms being pushed into a pose at right angles from her body with her hands sticking straight out.  She felt her legs being spread wide apart by the smirking woman.

     "I'm being made into a LOVE DOLL!!!... Noo!!.. I.don't want..to... ohhh... but will I be used soon? Will.. my.. new... owner.. use.. me in bed.. ~ ~ NOO!!.. must not think that ~ ~ May..be put his cock in my smooth rubber pussy...?" Wonder Woman's conscious thoughts were quickly dissolving into desires that would be in the mind of a inanimate sex toy.  "Must..be...always... good... dolly... Use..me... please?" She barely noticed that the evil clone had started to remove her costume, boots and all.

     Wonder Woman's movements had ceased altogether.  Her entire statuesque body now resembled that of a latex love doll.  Her eyes were now just painted features with even her once flowing raven hair looking very fake in nature.  Her breasts were now rigid and taut cushy domes of plastic with rubbery nipples.

     She felt the evil Power Girl move behind her and, looking into the camera, reached around the doll to cup her breasts.  She then moved her hands up and down the plastic body, stroking the love doll's very smooth surface.  Wonder Woman would have screamed at the continuous waves of pleasure this brought her but she was a doll now and incapable of talking or moving at all.  Bolts of pure ecstasy coursed through her rigid body as her tormentor ran her hands over her taut breasts and open pussy.

    After the clone had flipped her over to show the doll from behind as well as the inviting openings in her pussy and anus, evil Power Girl redressed the doll in her heroic costume that had been transformed to a cheap-looking vinyl and set her down in a packing box she had brought out. Wonder Woman felt the stimulation of being scrunched down into a bed of foam.

    Once the newly transformed doll was set in the box, the villainess contacted  her master over the cell phone. She listened for a few minutes and then put the phone down.  She walked over to the box where sitting was what earlier had been one of the most powerful heroines in the world but was now just a blow-up sex doll in a cheesy costume.

    "Farewell, 'Wonder Doll'! My lord and master will arrive shortly to pick you up.  However, before he sets you aside for auction, he will be taking full advantage of your current state to be certain you are fully functional for all potential bidders. I understand he will be VERY thorough and I know that in your state of mind - she chuckled - you will find it extremely stimulating.  I must take my leave now as my master has assigned me to a new acquisition right away. Good bye, and good riddance!!"  the villainess intoned, putting her sunglasses back on and brushing a few bits of packing material off her shapely body before leaving.

    Alone in the room, a tiny part of Wonder Woman screamed at her humiliating predicament but this was drowned out by her new feelings of dutifully looking forward to serving her new owner as only a lifelike sex toy can.

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