Power Girl - Tool of Transformation 3

by Northern Chill

Chapter 3 - Target : Black Canary

    The mugger ran down the street, certain that he had outdistanced his pursuers.  He quickly turned a corner into a side alley and stopped to catch his breath. "That rich bitch was just begging to get her purse grabbed.  Let's see how much she was carrying with her today?" he muttered as he started to burrow through the deep purse.

    A voice boomed out "I really think you should find another way to make money during the day," the thief heard from inside the alleyway.

    Before he had time to react, he found himself hurtling backward from a well placed kick to his mid-section.  Lying on his back, he looked up to see a lovely but agitated woman advancing on him.  Dressed in a dark blue leotard bare at the shoulders with a matching jacket, fishnet stockings and high heel boots, the blonde heroine was a constant thorn for thieves everywhere with her martial art skills and ability to project a high-pitched sonicwave - or Canary cry - as she dubbed it.

    Black Canary quickly shackled the thief  and was going to deliver him to the police when she saw a heroine she recognized as Power Girl dropping into the alley.

    "Black Canary, I need your help right away.  There is a group of hostages being held at the abandoned iron works factory at the edge of town and since you're more familiar with that area than I am, I hope you'll join me in rescuing the hostages and catching the crooks." The phony Power Girl said.

    Black Canary nodded in agreement, though inwardly she was a little puzzled by Power Girl's wearing sunglasses on a gloomy day and her request for help when she was always so self reliant before.  She shrugged mentally and set off for the factory aboard her silver and black motorcycle, leaving the thief in the alley.

    When the heroine arrived in the area of the plant, she saw no sign of Power Girl any where.  She decided to go and scout the interior of the plant in anticipation of Power Girl's arrival.  She entered the huge plant through a broken window in the basement and quietly made her way up the stairs.  She reached a catwalk that overlooked the main area of the factory and squatted down looking for signs of the hostages or the captors.

   To her puzzlement, there was no sign at all of any people being here recently.  She was further amazed by the sight of Power Girl walking out into the middle of the deserted area while talking into a cell phone. She strained to hear what the heroine was saying from her perch.

    "Yes, my lord Auctioneer, your second acquisition should be ready for you shortly.  She was just as easy to fool as Wonder Woman. Speaking of the Amazon bitch, was her transformation into a blow-up doll a complete success?" the evil clone inquired.

     Several seconds of silence passed before the villainess spoke again. "Excellent! I am glad you are pleased, my lord.  I shall contact you again when Black Canary is ready for your retrieval." She said and put the phone away.

    Grabbing a long chain that was tied to a hook next to the catwalk, Black Canary swooped down on the unsuspecting evil Power Girl. "You'll find this canary intends to fly a long time, you scheming bitch!" she yelled as she punched the villainess square in the jaw with her free hand.

    When the airborne heroine landed, she turned expecting to see the nasty clone sprawled on the floor or at least stunned by the effect of her powerful blow.  Instead, she saw the buxom villainess advancing on her fists clenched at her sides.  The only indication that this wasn't the true Power Girl were the eerie white eyes that peered out from behind the dark shades that were slightly askew on her nose.

    The fishnet clad heroine launched a series of blows at the pseudo Power Girl, hoping to throw her off balance. Unfortunately for Black Canary, the clone easily blocked all her best martial arts moves and with a mighty swat knocked the heroine back into a pile of rusty steel bars.

    Black Canary groggily got to her feet seeing how her stockings were now torn on both legs and her top had partly come down revealing her naked left breast.  Ordinarily, she would have paused to straighten up but she knew she had little time before the fake Power Girl would be on her again.  Targeting the onrushing woman, she unleashed her high pitched 'canary cry'.  Glass in the windows around them shattered from the high volume noise but unfortunately for Black Canary it didn't faze the seemingly invulnerable villainess who closed on her fast.

    The villainess lifted her opponent off the ground by the neck with her left hand.  Black Canary desperately tried to break the iron hold around her neck but her flaying proved to no avail.  Furthermore, she found her strength rapidly draining from her arms and legs as something sapped her will to fight on.

    "What's happening to me? I..I can't move arms hardly at all. What the hell is she doing to me..?"  Black Canary thought as she felt her bodysuit being ripped away by the evil Power Girl's right hand.  Naked save for her torn stockings and boots, she would have yelled her defiance over the situation but found her ability to speak had vanished much as her ability to move of her accord had. She was helpless.

    The evil clone then quickly moved Canary's arms into a pose of her choosing.  Her left hand was placed on her hip while her right arm hung straight down.  Her lips were forced into a puckered state as if blowing someone a kiss.  For a final touch, the villainess teased her soft nipples with her tongue till they hardened and became erect and hard.

    Once all this was done, the evil Power Girl stepped back and watched as an amazing process started to envelop Black Canary's exquisite body.  Starting from where she had been grabbed in the neck area, Black Canary's skin was rapidly changing to a bright shiny golden color.  The effect rapidly spread up and outward, affecting all of the exposed skin of the heroine's  body.  Her torso shimmered as it was transmuted as did her moist pussy which glistened with the shininess of pure gold.  The heroines' breasts turned firm and erect becoming shiny globes of brilliance looking spectacular in their perfection.

    "No!!  This can't be happening!!! I'm changing into a gold statue! Nooo.." were Black Canary's last thoughts before her mind and body were totally consumed by the gold.  In less than a minute, the heroine had been transmuted into a shiny golden statue nude from the waist up save for her jacket.  Her blue stockings and boots proved a striking contrast to her shiny golden legs.

     Upon seeing the change was complete, the evil clone left the room momentarily and returned with a large steel cage she had undoubtedly built before Black Canary's arrival.  Shaped like a birdcage with a rounded top, it had a gate on it much like smaller ones used for pet birds.  The evil clone picked up the statuefied heroine and gently placed her in the steel cage.

    The villainess then called her master while pacing back and forth. "Yes, my lord, your next acquisition is ready for pick up. As you requested, she has become a golden canary in a cage. I will wait for you to pick her up before leaving to target your next acquisition." She said into the cell phone.  Once she hung up, she walked around the work area in silence as the golden Black Canary stood rigid waiting for her new fate unable to say or even think in her new state as the Auctioneer's golden idol.


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