Porcelain Nails

by Paul Jutras

Jennifer Walters had never won anything in her life. She was never more surprise when the postman delivered an invite declaring her the random winner of Porcelain Nails pre-grand opening contest. Shw would get the works done to herr for free before the place opened to the public.

At 2:00pm, Jennifer showed up at the shop and was greeted by Miss Switch, the owner. "You're Miss Walters?" Miss Switch asked with a smile. "Please present
your invite to prove who you are."

"Thanks." Miss Switch stepped aside so that Jenn could enter. "Please lay down on the table, kick off your shoes and we'll get started."

"Nothing like the feeling of being pampered, is their?" Miss Switch said as she started to wax Jennifer's legs. ennifer never had her legs wax with such a weird
porcelian color. Jennifer just laid back and relax, expecting to feel the slight pain of having her leg hairs ripped off her.

To Jennifer's surprise, Miss Switch went to a draw and pulled out a dido. "If you're going to enjoy your visit, you might as well really enjoy it." She pulled off Jennifer's skirts, panties and filled her up. When Jennifer heard a Popping sound, she looked down and saw she looked sexless.

"Now try not to move a muscle." Miss Switch said as she smoothed a face mask cream on Jennifer. It was warmer than she expected. With the extra pleasure of the dido vibrating inside her, she couldn't help but smile. "We don't want any wrinkles."

"Just let the cream soak in." Miss Switch said with a smile as she put cucumber slices over Jennifer's eyes. "I'll be back after I make a phone call."

Jennifer wanted to tell Miss Switch how good it felt, but remembered what she had said about it being important not to move. As she laid there with her eyes closed and the dido inside her, it was hard not to cry out from her orgasm.

A few minutes later, Miss Switch returned with a smile on her face. "How are you feeling?"

"N.e.v.e.r b.e.t.t.e.r." Jennifer found it hard to speak as the cream tightened on her face. Her hard speach made Miss Switch smile even more as she started to touch
Jennifer's skin to make sure it was dry. She then proceeded to paint Jennifer's fingers and toe nails.

"M.i.s.s. S.w.i.t.c.h." Jennifer mumbled. "M.y. l.i.m.b.s. F.e.e.l. H.e.a.vy."

"Don't worry about it." Miss Switch said as she removed the rest of Jennifer's clothes. "It's all part of the mannequinizer process."

"M.A.N.N.E.Q.U.I.N?" Jennifered murmured.

"The one thing that my shop is missing is a good mannequin to display my hair styles, nail care and such." Miss Switch said as she teased Jennifer's hair and put the cream on the rest of Jennifer's body. When Miss Switch lifted her to get her butt and backside, the dido caused her an increase surge of pleasure. "They're so
expensive that I decided to make a mannequin myself out of you."

As Miss Switch lifted her up, Jennifer couldn't believe how she felt as light as a balloon. She was stood up and Miss Switch began to pose her head and limbs. "This is the only way to get you pointed in the right directions." Miss Switch said as she laid a bunch of tools on the table. "I don't need a whole mannequin."

Jennifer would of looked on with horror if she could change her rigid expression from that of pleasure. She barely felt a thing as Miss Switch dissected her into several pieces. Miss Switch then slid a pair of knee-high stockings on Jennifer's legs and jewelry on her hands to show off her finger nails. Although her different parts were placed in different parts of the store, she could still feel the dildo vibrating inside of her torso and a surge of pleasure whenever Miss Switch touched one of her seperated parts throughout the store.

"You'll be feeling joyful pleasure for years to come." Miss Switch said as she put a blue bikini on Jennifer's torso and set it in the window display before locking up. "I'll see you in the morning for our grand opening, partner."


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