Resident Evil: The Statue Strain - Sheva’s Stiff Situation


by Zero


Sheva Alomar was doing her best not to breathe heavily as she entered the sterile-looking office, but there was definitely something in the air. The office in question had been hidden under a seemingly-abandoned building, one that the lot owner, Tricell Pharmaceuticals, had failed to demolish despite owning it for over two years. With the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance suspicions of Tricell, Sheva got clearance to check it out. Unfortunately, as the BSAA was trying to be secretive, she’d gone in alone, and once she’d taken the secret elevator, her communications were cut off.


“Steady, Sheva,” the agent whispered to herself. The dark-skinned beauty was clad in a pair of faded sage-colored jeans and a lavender tank top, knee-high brown combat boots and a weapon belt also covering the lower half of her body. A pair of fingerless brown gloves gripped Sheva’s tactical pistol. A French twist hairstyle was employed to keep her hair out of her face. While the outfit was at least somewhat suitable for the African heat, the office was cool, clearly air-conditioned.


Scanning the office, Sheva couldn’t figure out the purpose. The space looked like some sort of reception area, with a basic, curved desk, complete with computer and phone. The lights were low, no doubt reduced to conserve electricity, and there were visible security cameras. Aside from the way Sheva came, however, there was no obvious way beyond the room.


No, there must be another hidden door, Sheva told herself, recalling the hidden keypad she’d found to even reach the elevator. Resigned to being seen on the security cameras, which she wasn’t sure were even active, Sheva moved to approach the desk.


The lights in the room suddenly flared. Sheva winced, using her right hand to shield her eyes. There was a sliding sound, similar to what Sheva had heard upstairs, and after that was the familiar click of high heels on tile. Sheva lowered her arm.


“So nice of you to drop in, Miss Alomar,” greeted Excella Gionne, CEO of Tricell. The British-Italian woman was a statuesque stunner, being 5’9” and having a very curvy body, Sheva being certain that the woman was at least a C, if not a D, cup. Only in her twenties, the pale beauty was wearing a white halter dress, her black hair up in a small corporate beehive. Excella’s thick necklace, bracelet, belt and shoes were all gold.


“Freeze!” shouted Sheva, pointing her weapon at Excella. While the lights in the room were still a bit too bright, Sheva had recovered from the blinding effect. Excella, it appeared, was unarmed. Behind the woman was a secret panel that had opened, revealing a darkened passage beyond.


“A very interesting choice of words,” scoffed Excella, raising her hands. “Tell me... How do you feel?”


“What are you talking about...?” snapped Sheva, but as she finished her sentence, something felt wrong. Her last word had felt slow, drawn out. Sheva furrowed her brow and blinked, but her eyelids seemed slow to react.


“P30 was a real breakthrough for us,” noted Excella, a confident smirk on her face. “Enhanced physical attributes with the possibility for submissive control... Delightful. Its earlier variants, however, also had interesting, if not necessarily immediately desirable, results...”


Excella, in defiance of Sheva’s order, took a step to her right. Sheva tried to follow with the barrel of her gun, but her arms were sluggish. It took Sheva a great deal of effort just to move her weapon a bit over an inch to her left.


“What’s... going... on?” demanded Sheva, each word proving more labored than the last. Sheva’s whole body felt like it was being weighed down with cement.


“P28,” revealed Excella. “An attempt to make P30’s effects less fleeting. While it doesn’t enhance the body in any meaningful way, it does preserve it. A sort of... metabolic stasis. I like to think of it more as a human pause button.”


“Shut...Uuuu–” Sheva trailed off, her mouth still stuck on the last letter. Her mouth wouldn’t move.


After a moment, neither would her eyes.


Excella let out a sigh of contentment, lowering her arms. “You won’t shoot me, will you, Miss Alomar?”


Sheva didn’t reply. She stood idle, lips parted, her gaze fixed on where Excella stood, her left hand holding her pistol while her right braced it, her stance square but with her left foot also slightly forward.


“I assume you won’t mind if I call you Sheva, either,” suggested the CEO, calmly walking towards the BSAA agent. Sheva failed to show any sign of life, even signs of breath absent. Coming up on Sheva’s left, Excella examined the motionless woman’s skin. There were prominent goosebumps, but as Excella touched them, Sheva’s body felt no cooler than the air in the room.


“Perfectly frozen, just like a statue,” observed Excella, then instinctively reaching up and touching her own neck. There was a small mark where she’d injected herself with the P28 vaccine. It was a risk, as P28, despite being considered a failure, was still being tested as a possible weapon, and thus the vaccine may not withstand the newer variants. The compound had been weaponized as an airborne virus and then released through small nozzles in the security cameras, triggering as soon as the elevator had been triggered without proper authorization.


“I think it’s time to be... disarming,”proposed Excella, reaching for Sheva’s weapon. The CEO put the firearm’s safety on and then pried it from the BSAA agent’s stiff fingers. Sheva was rigid, but still pliable enough that pulling her gun free wasn’t impossible. Sheva continued to point empty air at the space Excella had previously occupied while the CEO casually threw the pistol over to by the entrance in front of the elevator.


Pleased with the result of the latest test, Excella moved her hand to Sheva’s left shoulder. The agent’s stance made her unlikely to fall backwards, but sideways was another matter. With a simple push, Sheva toppled sideways, falling like a statue would. Her body impacted the tile with an audible thud, but her pose was unchanged.


“Oh, poor little Sheva,” mocked Excella, bending down and lifting Sheva up by her left arm. While Sheva wasn’t lighter, the lack of physical resistance did make her a bit easier to move. Gravity was still a problem, and Sheva initially almost tipped in the other direction, but Excella soon steadied her victim. The CEO’s fingers gracefully felt Sheva’s backside as well as her stomach.


“I should check you for injuries,” Excella suggested, tracing a line up Sheva’s midriff. Upon reaching Sheva’s chest Excella began to gently stroke the agent’s breasts, finding them quite firm. Biting her lip, Excella leaned in and brushed her lips against the frozen woman’s cheek. Despite how metaphorically cold Sheva was, her skin had a delightful taste. It reminded the CEO of a Mongolian tea she often enjoys in the afternoon.


“Now... Let’s get you more comfortable,” whispered Excella, speaking into Sheva’s ear. Grinning, Excella promptly gave Sheva’s earlobe a playful bite before reaching for her belt. The frozen agent’s waist accessory quickly clattered to the floor, but Excella had taken the care to make sure one item remained in her possession.


Sheva’s military-style knife in her soft grip, Excella carefully guided the blade up to Sheva’s shoulder straps. With careful precision Excella cut the left strap, letting it fall away before moving to do the same to the other side. The straps revealed underneath black bra straps, also severed by the knife. Excella stroked Sheva’s bare shoulders as she moved behind her, starting a slower, more careful cut down the back of the top.


“No back tattoo?” Excella sighed upon having Sheva’s bare back revealed to her. While the BSAA agent had a red tattoo of unknown origin on her left shoulder, that appeared to be her only marking. Sheva’s bare, caramel-colored back was revealed in its full glory, Excella noting few signs of imperfection. It was only two moles and what looked like a small burn scar that suggested Sheva’s back was human, rather than belonging to some realistic mannequin.


Excella circled around to the other side of the human statue, putting her left arm around Sheva’s shoulder while her right held the knife to her belly. “It would be so easy to end you right now...” the CEO whispered into Sheva’s other ear, “But then we couldn’t have any fun now, could we?” With the same careful practice, Excella slashed up the shirt, fully turning the tank top into two separate pieces. Awkwardly placing the knife in Sheva’s left hand, Excella then carefully guided each piece of the ruined top over Sheva’s arms, revealing what lay beneath.


“Exquisite,”the CEO practically purred to herself, stepping back to admire the now-topless Sheva. While Sheva’s breasts were fairly average for someone her height, at least in Excella’s experience, they were very well-rounded and possessed a pair of cute, erect pink nipples. While Excella didn’t enjoy sucking on things, she was one for licking, and thus couldn’t resist getting her head between Sheva’s stiff arms to run her tongue along her upper chest. It was difficult, Sheva’s arms proving to have very little give in their stiffness, but Excella didn’t mind, gleefully using her sense of taste to guide her around Sheva’s breasts.


Finished with her exploration, Excella carefully removed herself and retrieved the knife. While she doubted Sheva’s arms were anything special, Excella was keen to reveal them, and so she began carefully carving once more. The forearms of the BSAA agent proved nothing too remarkable, save perhaps showing more signs of her humanity. While Sheva’s back had been relatively untouched, there were small signs of scratches and other experiences to show that, while a beauty, Sheva was hardly dainty. Even Sheva’s bare palms revealed some signs of calluses, suggesting the only reason she wasn’t rougher was due to wearing proper protective gear.


“I would love to do your nails, but I think, for now, seeing the rest of you would be better,” declared Excella, indicating Sheva’s lower half. Getting on her knees, Excella pushed away Sheva’s fallen belt, readying her knife for possibly the most delicate work yet. Sheva’s pose would make it hard to extract her from her boots, so after the CEO sliced the laces, she got to work slowly carving the sides of the thick footwear. It was tricky work, Excella needing to shear the boots like kebabs, but soon Sheva’s ankles were revealed and, beyond that, her toes.


“I have to admit, I was expecting hammer toes,” confessed Excella, carefully tilting Sheva, just a bit, so the soles of the destroyed boots were extracted from under her feet. Like her hands, Sheva’s feet showed signs of wear, calluses in the expected places, but her toenails were well maintained, a slight curved in one just indicating she’d perhaps been a little too liberal in grooming at one point.


Not much for feet herself, Excella none the less couldn’t resist tickling Sheva’s bare soles for a moment. After the moment of fun, Excella returned to her careful removal of the agent’s clothing, starting to carve her jeans. While not quite as difficult as the leather, the jeans were very tight, having already shown the generous shape of Sheva’s rear-end. The tight pants meant Excella had to be slow and steady, revealing more of Sheva’s beautiful legs one centimeter at a time.


“Very clean,” noted Excella, inspecting Sheva’s muscular calves and thighs as the denim fell away. “I’m a bit surprised, actually. Usually you find more hints of someone, say, running in shorts through a field of thorny plants...” A tiny, scarred remnant of a scratch near Sheva’s right knee was the only glaring flaw Excella could find. The CEO bit her lip in excitement as the cutting neared the frozen woman’s crotch.


“I’m curious to see how much you groom,” admitted Excella, peeling away strips of ruined jeans from Sheva’s groin area. “What do you consider practical?” As Sheva remained unresponsive, Excella pushed off one last piece of denim to reveal a black pair of panties that matched the discarded bra. The panties were tight but covered everything, there no hint of hair outside them. Feeling her own nipples get erect, Excella paused in anticipation before taking the knife to the panties.


“Oh ho!”gasped Excella, carefully pulling away the underwear. Sheva’s crotch was carefully groomed, featuring a well-maintained triangular shape of hair. Putting the knife aside, Excella got close, examining the pubic hair. With expert fingers the CEO examined each thread, quickly deciding none were more than an inch long, and they were fairly even.


“Good, clean girls deserve a treat,” squeed Excella, looking up at Sheva’s face and smiling. The frozen agent continued to stare straight ahead, unaware that she was now fully nude. A grin still on her cheeks, Excella looked back at Sheva’s groin and licked her lips.


“P28 should make you utterly unresponsive, Sheva, at least on this level,” noted Excella. “You shouldn’t see anything, hear anything, feel anything... Even your heartbeat should be undetectable right now. But I wonder... How about this?”


Unable to resist any longer, Excella plunged her tongue into Sheva’s womanhood, promptly going to work. While Excella ultimately preferred men, having power over someone was a very effective aphrodisiac. Closing her eyes, Excella let her tongue roll, feeling the soft, warm interior that was Sheva Alomar’s vagina. To Excella, it felt like a perfect cloud.


For minutes Excella rested on her knees, her tongue doing its best to try and get some kind of reaction out of the immobilized African woman. Ultimately, however, the CEO’s knees began to get sore, and she reluctantly pulled out. The motion caused Sheva to wobble, but Excella quickly rose and steadied the woman by grabbing her stiff arms.


“I really hope when this wears off, you feel every bit of it,” Excella whispered to Sheva, creeping up and sliding her arms around the human mannequin. “That is...” she added, "If it wears off.”


Her body rushing with warmth, Excella planted a passionate kiss on Sheva’s open lips. After exploring the woman’s crotch her mouth felt a bit less interesting, though Excella did appreciate the lack of hair. Much like the rest of Sheva, her tongue remained immobile, though Excella was able to coax just a small amount of rubber-like reaction from it thanks to how hard she was working her own muscle.


“Ahh...” moaned Excella, pulling away and releasing Sheva. This time, when the agent started to tip over, Excella ignored it, too busy reaching under her own skirt to feel her groin. Sheva landed on her back before tripping to her left, continuing to grasp the empty air as if it were a gun.


“I think I’ll need new panties,” sighed Excella, promptly walking towards her hidden exit.


Continued in Resident Evil: The Statue Strain - My Frozen Valentine