Statue Contest

by ro_ma_na

(Written for the January Magnus Story Contest, but not titled)

I had spent ages in the beauty salon having my nails done when I remembered I was supposed to be investigating the disapperance of some women. I left as soon as my nail polish had dried and I had finished my diet coke.

I drove around for a couple of minutes looking at all the talent on the building site but they were way too gross and I ended up by accident at an old mansion.

"Hello." My words echoed around the open front door and so I went inside. I found an old guy, he must have been over 40. Talk about anchient. "Do you have a map or something I'm a bit lost."

"Why sure missy." His voice was suprisingly curtious for a hick.

"Could I use your bathroom?" My bladder was going mental after that diet coke.

"Sure missy, third door on the right." Again his voice seemed so nice and cultured.

The bathroom was better than I feared but way to male for my tastes. No frilly curtains was always a bad sign. I saw a strange looking metal box on the low window ledge and it contained several small mints. Feeling naughty I took one, he wouldn't miss them I reasoned.

It didn't taste very minty as I sucked it. I yawned and felt sleepy. That reminded me I needed to cruise the street again looking for some talent.

I tried to stand up but my legs wouldn't move. I looked on as my legs turned to plastic before my eyes! It rapidly spread up my body and down my eyes until I couldn't move at all. I had managed to fix my face looking into a convenient mirror and I saw as my face became as hard and bland as a store display dummy.

The man then entered and tutted. He smiled and began to strip my clothes off. I didn't seem to mind as I perhaps should. I kept wanting to exhibit myself dressed only in sexy lingerie for all to see, like all the others before me.

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