The Salesman - A Bargain Price

by Northern Chill

   Barb and Candi were out shopping at a new clothing store that had just opened in the area. They had received the invites in the mail just a few days ago to a special invitation-only shopping party that the store was having after hours. The strangest thing though was that they seemed to be the only two there at the appointed hour. Barb, tossing back her blonde hair, just figured that they were early for the promotion.

   She wandered through the lingerie section and spotted several sexy outfits she liked. She mused that perhaps a  nice lacy satin one would stir Jennifer's lust. She often met the married friend secretly when her husband was away doing work. The hours they would spend letting their hands explore each other's bodies and bringing each other to mutual orgasms over and over proved quite intense. She absently let her fingers wander across her left breast as she looked at a black teddy that appeared very enticing. Barb liked the silky feel of satin.

    Candi, her shoulder length black hair bouncing slightly as she strolled around, was browsing in the exercise wear area. She always liked how skin-tight lycra accentuated her body, from her voluptuous breasts down to her toned stomach and her firm thighs. She was looking at a one-piece black suit when she was interrupted by a saleswoman.

    "Excuse me dear,would you like to try on that particular outfit in our changeroom?" she asked with a smile. Candi nodded and followed the mid-30's woman who walked with a noticeable limp while supporting herself with an elegant silver cane.

    Candi entered the changeroom, stripped her clothes off, and put on the shiny leotard. As a lark, she slipped a vibrator from her purse deep into herself before pulling the suit up. Once done dressing, she looked at herself in the mirror. The sight of her sleek beauty in the mirror and the pleasure from the vibrator was quite intense; she even started to feel a little light headed. She went to sit down but found all of her strength had drained from her limbs. In fact, Candi felt she could not take another step as her body seemed to wind down and stop. She tried to call out for assistance from the saleswoman but found herself unable to talk. Her eyesight was fading and darkness enveloped her.

    Meanwhile, on the other side of the store, Barb continued to browse thru the lingerie section unaware of the events occurring where her friend was. She had picked out a very nice red satin bra and panty set with matching garters to hold up the silky hose she would wear with them. She looked for the saleswoman but typically she was nowhere to be found. Dismayed, Barb looked around the corner and spotted a man packing several large boxes near a counter.

    She went over and tapped him on the shoulder. "Pardon me, is there a salesperson around here who could help me? I want to purchase these items." she said, a little impatient.

    He stood up with a sigh and turned to face her. "Yes, Barb, all your purchases I can take care of right now." he said with a small smile. She started to ask how he knew who she was when she noticed the stiff, life-sized, doll figure nestled into packing foam within the open box. It was her friend Candi! Barb opened her mouth in shock at the same moment she felt her body freeze up. She toppled backwards into darkness.

    Barb awoke, staring blankly at what seemed to be familiar settings. She tried to move but her body refused to budge at all. She heard a door close and a familiar figure walk into the room. It was the man from the store, carrying a clipboard and looking over the contents of the room while nodding slightly. She saw him push a small button on his cane and the outline of his shape shimmered slightly. When it solidified, now there stood the 'saleswoman' from the store. Barb looked stiffly on as the woman unpacked a large box and took out Candi, still dressed in her black outfit, still rigidly posed at unmoving attention. Barb could also see a red toggle switch protuding from her friend's exposed back. The woman then stood Candi in front of the large screen TV in the room, popped a tape in the VCR, then reached behind Candi to flip up the switch. Nothing happened. Then, taking out a remote, she turned on the TV and started an exercise tape playing. To Barb's amazement, Candi now began to move and gyrate in time with the video, but the blank look on her face was the giveaway that all was not right. After a minute or so, she saw the saleswoman pause the videotape and Candi also paused in mid motion at the same instant. The only sound that could be heard was the low hum of the vibrator as it continued to pulse away. Barb looked on as the saleswoman groped Candi's breasts with her hands and ran her hands along Candi's outstretched left leg, which was still frozen. Candi did not blink an eye.

    Once satisfied, the saleswoman's figure shimmered again and re-formed into the man from the store, who stood before the motionless girl still holding the silver cane with two snake heads on the top. He then walked over to Barb and stood a full length mirror in front of her. Barb screamed mentally at the altered reflection that stared back at her. She was still human in appearance but her skin looked now to be a heavy plastic that gleamed with bright highlights. The lingerie set she had picked out before she was wearing now, added to by a pair of extremely high heels. Her arms were locked tight against her body and her mouth was still locked in the O-shape of her final surprise. The strangest thing of all was how light her body felt all over.

     Suddenly, he pickd her up and carried out to the pool area. Without warning, he tossed her paralyzed form into the pool.

    'NOOOOO!!!!!!!!' Barb screamed mentally as she expected to sink to the bottom like a stone. However, she just bobbed on the surface of the pool and a few moments later she found that the water lapping at her sex was proving to be quite intensely pleasing, distracting her from her helpless predicament.

    She saw the man pull out his clipboard and make a few checkmarks on the paper. "Floatable, check. Exercise robot, check." he said in a very business-like tone. She then could see him through the corner of her eyes going back into the house, stopping to check a black female statue posed by the bed and another inflated female figure lying on the bed. In a voice loud enough that Barb could hear, he announced: "New additions, you will remain in these forms for the next 6 months after which time you will revert back to your human forms again. However, from that point on, any indiscretions involving David's wife or revealing where you have been for the last half-year and you'll revert back to your present form PERMANENTLY." He then gathered up his box and clipboard and moved to leave. Before he did, he turned to address Jennifer's doll-like figure. "Thanks to you, lady, I've been able to make many bargain sales this period. I might even make salesman of the month, and I'm not finished yet." he said with a small chuckle.

    He then shuuffled off, limping noticeably, and closed the door quietly behind him, leaving the transformed women to their private thoughts of pleasure and dread.

To Be Continued...

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