The Salesman - Final Bill of Sale

by Northern Chill

   David pulled his car into his home's driveway and turned it off. He sat back for a moment to reflect on the past six months. Since he first contacted the agency about extracting revenge for his wife Jenifer's infidelities, they had been very thorough in seeking out and transforming her and her female lovers into various items and objects around the house. In a way, he regetted that the six months were up but he figured that with the conditions of the contract, Jennifer would be a lot less wild now than she used to be.

   David entered his home and saw several women there waiting for him, fully animated this time instead of posed as love dolls, pool toys, or sculptures. Surprisingly, instead of looking incredibly angry as David expected, they held looks of anticipation; Barb was actually smirking. David entered the living room and saw the salesman who was engaged in a hushed conversation with Jennifer. David wondered what the hell was going on when he saw a familiar figure sitting on the couch. Trixie! Shit, Jennifer must have known about his little fling he had with the buxom blonde sometime ago.

   David saw Jennifer sign a form the salesman was holding and, judging by the look on Trixie's face, figured Jennifer had directed her wrath towards the unsuspecting woman. David wondered to himself just what object Trixie would be turned into.

   The salesman turned to him. "Ah, David, you have made my sales record outstanding recently!" he said. "Now..."

   Mary Beth interjected "By turning me into a damned cock cleaning statue!" she shouted.

   Candi yelled out "Or me a damned workout robot!"

   Barbi shouted "Or turning me into a living pool toy! Do you know I can't get the smell of chlorine out of my hair?"

   David shrugged "Hey, if you all hadn't been screwing around with my wife, that punishment wouldn't have happened," he sneered. Jennifer bit her lip and said nothing. She had just regained control of her own restored body and wasn't going to risk losing it again. Of all the transformed women, she had stayed quiet.

   Mr. Smith then stepped towards Trixie. "Yes, yet one little detail left to take care of," he said. David edged closer to see what was going to happen to her, but strangely started feeling a little flushed all of a sudden.

   The salesman whirled around and David saw that the double-headed snake cane was pointing at HIM! "You see, sir, your wife signed a contract similiar to yours except you will be the only subject of it," he said plainly.

   David tried to move forward or knock the cane out of the salesman's hand, but found his body no longer responding to his thoughts. He toppled back to the floor hands drawing straight to his sides and legs parted in a wide V, where they stayed. He had been changed into a male blowup doll.

    Mr. Smith then hobbled over to Jennifer ."Now then, young lady, you've ordered the deluxe 6-month transform where you can change your husband's form into several different shapes on a week-to-week basis." David cringed mentally as he knew his wife would come up with all kinds of nasty ideas, no doubt.

    The salesman then turned to the other women who were now grinning from ear to ear. "Now then, ladies, do you remember what I told you when you were all transformed about mentioning your forms or experience ever again - to anyone - and what the consequences would be? Sorry to say, you seem to have forgotten!" he said as the cane again glowed brightly.

    The women screamed and shrieked as their bodies twitched and contorted into the frozen forms they had been in for the last 6 months, and which they would now retain permanently. When things had settled down, the only moving people left in the room were Trixie, Jennifer, and the salesman. Surrounding them were two blow-up dolls, a kneeling latex statue, and a deactivated robot.

   The salesman turned to the shocked women and held up his hand. "Now, before you get too emotional, I'll assure you that contrary to what I said before, the forms these three have returned to will NOT be permanent, but they don't have to know that. See, my sales figures on this series of transactions has been so outstanding that I've cancelled the penalty clause regarding permanency. For now."

   "Oh, thank goodness," Jennifer said. "I don't know what to say."

   "They'll return to their original human forms after another six months, having no memory of what has happened before, other than a subconscious desire from time to time to assume the poses or positions they are in now. However, I suggest you don't say anything to them about this past year. Now I must take my leave, ladies; I have another client to attend to. Good day!" he said as he limped softly out the door.

    Trixie and Jennifer picked up the inert figure of David and shoved him into a hall closet for now. In his case, not being used was what he was going to get as his punishment. Jennifer then winked slyly at her friend "Let's have some fun, shall we?" she said, handing the remote control to her two-timing lover as they sauntered off towards the bedroom, Jennifer clutching a new "toy" to play with and Candi following mechanically behind.

    The salesman climbed into a modest sized car, which seemed to be changing its look and type by the second. He pulled out a modest sized clipboard and looked at it quickly "Next stop,the soft drink store owner," he muttered to himself. Starting the engine, he reached over to momentarily caress the amazingly realistic hula doll that swayed seductively on the dashboard before driving away.

   Author's note: This concludes this particular story involving the salesman. I plan on a few more stories that revolve around this character,
                       so please feel free to send me your suggestions and such concerning his future activities.

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