Sara - New Year's Eve

by droidGIRL

It is New Year's Eve, 2009 - a crowded bar in the city. Loud music streams from the speakers in each of the corners of the building, the bar is about 4 people deep waiting to be served. 5 bargirls frantically serve the customers, doing a seemingly remarkable job.

 "2 Vodka and Coke's", shouts a young man towards the front of the queue. He is in his early twenties, dressed in a smart but casual suit. He quickly makes a mental note of the girl's name badge who serves him - 'Sara'. He finds her incredibly attractive, although glancing around at the other girls serving, all are in their twenties, slim and good looking. He shares a joke and chat with her whilst paying, he has been a regular to the bar for a couple of months and quite fancies her. Although the room is dimly lit, he makes out the reddish tint to her long, tied-back hair - he loves red-heads.

She finishes serving him, and continues to serve somebody else. Her eyes catch his a few times as he chats to his friend near the bar. A little later, they both catch each other's eyes again, and she winks - his friend whispers in his ears, "I think you're in their mate!". "Highly unlikely", he replies unconfidently.

The time nears 12, and everybody awaits the countdown to the New Year. The DJ in one corner leads the countdown, and as it hits midnight, the festivities begin. After a couple of minutes, the bar quietens down, and he returns to the bar. She again serves him. "A Vodka and Redbull, A double Whisky, and get one for yourself." She serves his drinks, although turns down the offer of a drink for herself.

 The bar empties as it approaches 2AM. By this time, the two friends have found a table in the corner of the building, and chat whilst finishing their drinks. His friend downs the last of his drink, and gets up to leave. "I'll catch you on Wednesday then", the friend shouts. "Yes, mate - cheers", he replies. His friend nods his head towards the bar and the bar girl, and says quietly as he leaves, "Go on then!!!".

Then, as he sips up the last of his drink, the red-headed bargirl walks over to the table and sits down opposite him. "Hi," she says with a smile.

"Oh, Hi ya, Sara isn't it?".

"That's right", she replies.

"Happy New Year to you - what's your name by the way?", she asks.


"Well Sean, are you going to give me a New Year's kiss?", she remarks seemingly coming on to him. He goes to give her a quick peck on the lips, but she reaches her hands behind the back of his neck and sinks her tongue into his mouth, French kissing for a couple of seconds. She then retracts her grasp.

"Happy New Year Sara", he exclaims somewhat overcome by her passionate embrace.

"What are you planning to do tonight?", she enquires. Before he can answer, she interupts, "Taking me home I hope". They both smile and giggle, and she pulls her silver jacket on. They walk out of the bar, "Catch you on Tuesday girls", she shouts to 2 of her work colleagues putting glasses away.

A metro station is situated two blocks down, and spotting an East-bound train on the platform, they both run to catch it. They jump on the train as the automatic doors close, and it whirs into motion. They chat during the 5 minute journey to his apartment: "Well that's me", he states, "But you haven't told me anything about yourself!", trying not to sound like an interrogation.

"Well, I'm fairly new to this place, I share a house with the other girls a block away from the bar. I'm 23, and haven't really got anything exciting to tell really.".

He notes that she is being a little evasive and becoming uncomfortable so moves on to other things. They arrive at the plush looking apartment block, and using his swipe card enter the building. They jump in to the elevator, and finally arrive at his apartment room on the fifth floor. They enter the apartment, and he turns on the lights. It is a spacious apartment, uncluttered and incredibly tidy. A black leather settee compliments the black furniture and an array of hi-tech hi-fi and home entertainment equipment; the floor is wooden and polished. She notices a number of posters on the walls, he seems to be a big cinema fan - mostly retro films from up to 4 decades ago.

She focuses also on a classic Coca-Cola poster on the wall featuring a scantily clad sexy robot with a shiny metallic body which reminds her of a Soroyama collection she once saw.

"Can I get you that drink now?", he asks Sara.

"No, I'm OK thanks - alcohol doesn't mix with me very well", she replies.

"Tea, Coffee then?".

"No, really I'm fine, ta", she persists.

She sits herself down on the leather sofa, and he enters from the kitchen with a glass of wine. "You've got some great posters and art in here", she compliments. "I love that Coca-Cola advert though, is that an original?".

"Yeah, from the late 70's - my personal favourite", he replies. "I'm quite fascinated by robots and androids, of course when most of these films you see on the wall were released, it was still sci-fi", he continues. "Now you still haven't told me anything about yourself Sara".

"Well, it's funny you saying about robots really", she remarks. "There's a little secret about the bar that I will tell you, but it must not go outside of this room", she says quite drammatically.

"Yeah sure, w-w..", he replies - quite intrigued by her sudden turn of seriousness.

"Well, myself and the other girls at the bar, things aren't quite what you might expect", she begins. He sits there listening very attentively. "Do you remember a couple of years back when Japan started to prototype robot waitresses?", she asks.

He recalls this quite vividly as he worked at an electronics company at the time doing hardware designs for precisely this - he also remembers that although they were called waitresses they had little resemblance to a woman, let alone a human being.

"Yeah, I did some work for that actually, but the last year or so things seem to have died down with the robot servant thing, mind you, I do designs for networking nowadays so I'm a bit out of touch, I suppose."

"You might be suprised then when I tell you that we are the latest in development from that work", she exclaims.

"You what, what are you talking about, you mean...?", he stammers.

She simply nods and turns her head so he can see the back of her neck. She lifts up some of her long hair, and reveals a very faint line in the shape of a small rectangle, it looks no more than a light scar. She applies some pressure with her finger to the area and then a panel of her skin comes off in her hand, about an inch by half an inch in size.

He looks quite stunned as the cover comes off and he is now staring at some dip switches, a flashing red LED, and a PS2-type socket.  "You're one of a new generation of robot assistants", he exclaims, "Wow, I mean incredible, you're nothing like your predecessors", he remarks.

"Quite different I happily tell you, we are quite indistinguishable from humans, and we are a long way from our cousins who were still largely automations", she proudly tells him.

"You're perfect", he again remarks, aroused looking at her slim, curvy figure in the tight, short black skirt and white blouse, and pretty face -- of course accompanied by her flame red locks. "I would never have known, I...". He stops mid sentence.

She positions the cover back again on her neck, no more than a faint line again visible, and lets her hair down. She smiles at him, and reaches over to him on the sofa and kisses him.

"Sara, I've had an eye for you since I started visiting the bar", he concedes.

"I sort of noticed to be honest", she responds.

He looks straight into her eyes, "That much of a giveaway, huh?".

"Well Sean, I hope what I just told you doesn't change your opinion", she asks.

"Like not at all, in fact I find it really exciting, I mean to me your still a beautiful woman whether you are human, an android, whatever," he assures her.

"Well I'm glad about that", she responds, and with her left hand, guides his hand towards her right thigh. "Would you like to confirm how realistic I am?", she asks invitingly.

 He notices that her thigh is warm and smooth, perfectly natural in feel and appearance, and massages his hand up and down it. They kiss again, he plays with her flowing hair, "I love red-heads", he says. Moving both hands up her skirt whilst they kiss, he runs his hands around the top of her thighs, and back down again. The skirt is tight, so he moves his hand around her behind and unbuttons the button and slips down the zip. He then forces his hands again up the loosened skirt, and runs his fingers around her buttocks and plays with her knickers. As he runs his finger around her bottom, then her pubic region, he is suprised to feel she is perfect down to the smallest detail. He also finds that her vaginal region is a little moist.

"Are you built from both robot and human parts?", he asks.

"I am completely man made", she replies. "I have no human or organic tissue, everything is artificial - electronics, metals, plastics, latex... all human traits are simulated and emulated as far as technology makes possible". She can feel him caressing her lower abdominal regions and knows that this is what he is making reference to.  She does not have to tell him how much pleasure she is feeling right now.

He continues to play with the knickers, and he begins to pull them down. He carefully moves them down her thighs, and slightly spread legs, and finally slips the red G-string off, Sara feeling the release as they are removed. He continues to rub and caress her thighs and lower body under the skirt, and he again plays with her pubes. As he runs his hands around her bottom cheeks, he feels her rear interface port up between her crack - a bit like an IDE socket he imagines.  He moves his hand from her skirt, and begins to unbutton her blouse, slowly and teasingly.  She moves her arms as he slips it off and discards it on the floor - her slim body is exposed, her breasts tightly squeezed into a lacy red bra. He thrusts his left hand down the bra cups and touches her smooth and rounded, full breasts. She begins to sigh as he rubs her nipples with his fingers in a circular motion, causing her breast sensors to activate. Sara unfastens the bra and slips down the straps, then removes it completely. She moves up the settee, kneeling and aids her unfastened skirt down her thighs and legs, and slips it off completely.

He looks up and down her body, her perfectly formed and proportioned figure, now naked.

Still kneeling, she cups both her breasts in her hands, caressing them and looking down at them fondly.  "I am a model SSA21 android. SSA stands for Service Sector Assistant. My current chipsets provide almost human emulation, including programming for sexual simulation. I am a fully functional robotic lifeform".
She reaches for his left hand, and moves it over her breasts. "34, cup size d", she says. Then she moves his hand to just above her hips. "23". Finally she moves his hand across her thighs, and down between her tidy shaven red pubic hair and crotch. "34", she states.

Her left hand touches and caresses his penis through his trousers - she can feel his penis becoming erect as she does so. He moves his hands around her waist, and caresses her hips, thighs and bottom cheeks. She unzips his trousers and thrusts her right hand through the zipper, and into his trousers. Pulling down his boxer shorts a little, she pulls at his penis and begins to rub it back and forth. He sighs as she slowly moves up and down his penis, and rubs the tip. Whilst he explores her body with his right hand, his left hand moves towards her genital area and he fondles with her pubic hair, then moving his index finger up between her fanny and like a piston, pushes in and out. In her vision, a message flashes up: 'Sex System Initiated - executing program'

 "Let me show you my robotics", she whispers in his ear. She moves her head left, then right, and combs her fingers through her hair. Her long hair flows down her back, and she teasingly begins to act like one of her first generation cousins - steady, very sudden mechanical movements. She caresses her nipples, which activates small devices within them and they go hard. He begins to kiss her, firstly on her lips, then moving down to her neck, and finally to her breasts, licking them in turn. He runs his hands around her thighs and bottom, again feeling her interface port. His trousers and boxers fall to the floor, and he shakes them off. She runs her hands around her body, and a panel of her skin between her lower chest and stomach comes off in her hands. He is amazed as the panel comes off, not even noticing the very fine join line between the rest of her body. She carefully puts the flexi piece of skin covering on the floor, complete with her belly button. It is now replaced by a black plastic shell, covered entirely in surface mounted sensors.

She runs her hand over the black surface and sighs a little as she sets off the sensors.  "This layer surrounds my entire body, in total I have over 2 million of these small sensors so I can feel your touch."  She pulls at the membrane, and this again comes off in her hands. Now she is truly exposed, amongst the outer structure that forms her body shape, and the mechanics that make up her movement, are her central systems. Deeply positioned within all of her robotics and the mass of brightly coloured wires is a motherboard which contains a row of interface card sockets. Plugged into a majority of these sockets are an array of circuit boards. "Deep inside you can see my central core - this contains a backbone system with 10 slots for interface cards." He looks at her hardware, totally stunned and intrigued. "Each of these boards is removable, and each specialises in a particular part of my functions - for example, one card controls my arms and head movements, one for my facial expressions, sight and voice, one for my legs and walking, and towards the centre you will see a large circuit board that occupies two slots." Like opening some curtains, she seperates the mass of wires so he can see better.

"Your processors?", he enquires.

"That's correct", she replies. "I have two parallel processors that form my brain. Both have enough processing power so I can move and function in real-time like a human being." She continues, "The rest are various custom chipsets that attempt to emulate and simulate human female actions as realistically as possible".

Looking at the processor interface board with fascination, he notices two large ribbon cables plugged into it, one running up her body, and the other down. "The ribbon cables? Do these carry your data?", he again enquires.

"Yes, one of them runs up into my head and this carries all of the data so I can speak, listen and see you now. The other runs down to my robotic sex unit." She smiles at him when she says this, and touches her crotch.  He notices a huge heatsink next to her processing units, and two small fans mounted each side, keeping them running at a cool, controlled temperature. Mounted with screws to a metal 'spine' that runs down the inside of her stomach, are two hard discs; he can hear them frantically whir as she accesses data.

He is aroused by the sight of her naked body, with this gaping whole in the middle of her stomach, tightly packed with wires, circuits boards, metal and plastic. She plunges her left hand into her stomach, and brushing more of the wires aside, pulls one of her interface cards out, sounding a two-tone bleep as she does so.
"Fully hot swappable as well", she remarks as she smiles at him. She slowly pulls the board completely out of her stomach, and holds it in both hands in front of Sean. She then grabs his penis once again, and pulling it back and forth, some cum drips on to her hand, which she wipes over the interface board, across two of the chips and over some other components. She then lets go of his penis, and goes to slide the interface card back into place.

 "What the hell!, you'll..", he starts to shout, but she puts a finger to his lips...

"Shhhh!" Sara commands. She plugs the board back in place. Another bleep sounds to say that the board has been inserted; just as a second quick bleep sounds to alert her that the board is about to be accessed, she frantically bleeps for a second, then her head violently shakes left, then right. Her hands and arms move robotically, and for a moment she announces, "Malfunction at PCB405-3, short circuit, cannot access chipset 405-SS83, android system overload".

He looks on quite concerned, although also excitedly (he recalls in his mind some of the movies he has seen with robots and androids short-circuiting).

She then moves one hand to her fanny and starts to arouse herself again, "I am a robot, make me burn out...", she says, reaching down to the floor and replacing both her sensor and skin panels. A barely noticeable fine line can be seen where the panel is re-positioned.

 He moves on top of her, and they again kiss. They both explore each other's bodies, Sara running her hands around his fit chest and down to his bottom. He caresses her breasts with his hand, then moves his body down hers, and begins to lick her nipples in turn. She sighs and moans as his rapid tongueing movement sends her breast sensors into overdrive. He then sits up a little, and masturbates - some cum dripping onto her belly. He sinks his face into her fanny, running his mouth around her pubic hair, then his tongue between her crotch. As he continues to move his tongue around her, some messages flash in her vision: 'Warning, 43% resources free', and 'Possible overload at 00FEAC00'.

She moans, "Give it to me..., give it...". She pushes her up tits towards her face, and fondles them harder. She then pushes out her left hand and pulls at his hair whilst he licks her pubes. He unleashes a shout as she tugs at his hair. He kneels on the sofa, and they both french kiss. She pushes down on top of him, and moving down his body, grabs his sticky penis, and takes it in her mouth. 'Module SSAlloc not responding' flashes up in her vision, and for a second her body locks up as she closes down the crashed program. "Touch me Sean, make me overload", she shrieks as he cums a little more.

She moves back up his body, and they both caress each others bodies. He guides his penis into her, and she moans as he slides it in. They caress each other, Sara moving up and down, moaning as she feels him inside her - her systems begin to overload as her simulated vagina and clitoris are activated, his sticky tip shorting sensors and contacts. She pushes harder, both of them still touching each other, Sean running his hands around her breasts. As they push harder and faster, both moaning and panting, some of her human emulation is lost and her robotic nature becomes more apparent - "I am Sara, I am a robot, I am Sara, malfunction in primary circuits", she announces. Sean moves his hands down to her bottom and thighs, whilst Sara touches her own tits, thrusting back and forth on top of him at an increased rate.

As they begin to peak, both moaning and sighing, she starts to make a buzzing sound. He runs his left hand up and down her bottom crack, and finally, he cums into her, shreiking with pleasure. She unleashes a loud scream as she electronically orgasms. Her eyes close for a second, then her head shakes. She suddenly loses all strength in her body, and crashes down on top of him. The sound of a short circuit can be heard from her, and some electrical smoke comes from her mouth. A winding down sound can be heard, and after a few moments she awakes from her lifelessness. They both kiss each other, whilst still panting a little. His body is wet with sweat, and he retracts his penis from her. They smile at each other, and both lay together for a few moments.

 "Was that good for you, too?", she enquires.

"That was amazing", he replies exhaustedly.

"I told you I was a perfect female robot", she says proudly. "I must check all my systems out prior to returning back to the bar tonight", she continues. "Any malfunctioning or burnt out components must be repaired by an engineer back at my place before I do tonight's shift". She quickly gets up from the settee, and reaches for her underwear, then skirt and blouse. She throws them back on. "I and the girls cannot be contacted at our place, but give me your number and I'll give you a call or see you at the bar", she points out.  She memorises his number in her main memory, and giving him a peck on the cheek, lets herself out of his flat.

He stands there, watching her leave - he just can't wait until another night.


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