Statue in Silicone I: A Visit to the Museum
By Greyscribbler and Zapped!
Part 2

Not for those under 18 (or whatever the legal age for this sort of stuff is in your area). If you are offended by graphic
descriptions of sexual activities, especially non-consensual ones, then don’t read this. All characters and situations are fictional.
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A month later...

Heidi Goodwin was seated at the small oval table in her modest kitchen. She took another long gulp from her wineglass, then gently set it aside before continuing to ponder the parcel in front of her. Other than her apartment address, the plain brown packaging had been completely discreet (as promised) and revealed nothing about its contents. All through the evening, as she prepared her solitary meal and ate it, she’d been wondering if she had the courage to open the parcel. She’d tried watching some television, curled up on her lounge and hugging a cushion, but eventually had given up and returned to her kitchen.

Despite the anonymous wrapping the young woman was fully aware of what was lurking inside. She should be, she’d ordered it online with her own credit card, but she was still unsure if it was a good idea. A few weeks back, when Heidi had revealed that she’d never used a vibrator before, her friends had nearly choked on their croissants.

It had all been Annie’s fault, she told herself. The oldest of her friends was still grumbling over her divorce (well, her second divorce actually, Heidi reminded herself) and declaring how her vibrator was more use to her than either of her husbands had ever been. Heidi was completely shocked to hear that all three of her friends not only owned one, but, in Carrie’s case at least, used it on a regular basis. That was when Heidi’s confession had tumbled out. “Come on girl!” Carrie had said. “Everyone uses them... And how long has it been since you’ve had a man in your life? ...You’re 23, not 16! ...It’s time for you to step up and take charge of that va-jay jay!”

True: Heidi and Greg had broken-up over a year ago ...Twelve months, two weeks, and four days ago, to be exact. He wasn’t a bad sort, but they’d definitely drifted apart since college. He’d decided to pursue his career, while she ...She got this—thing.

Heidi was never the type to look for sex outside a relationship. She was quite attractive, but it wasn’t her style to just jump into anything casual. Still, after what Carrie had said, she’d started considering purchasing something a bit more “phallic in nature” to tide her over during the long dry spell. Unwilling to be seen buying a vibrator over the counter, she’d decided to take the safer route and buy one off the web. She wasn’t sure what had pushed her to the point, maybe it was her friends cajoling, or maybe it was the exhibition, seeing just what modern technology could do with silicone.

After a week or so of careful browsing, Heidi had finally summoned up the determination to place an order. At first she’d been taken aback by what was available. There were dozens and dozens of different types, sizes and colors to choose from. She’d been expecting to find a dildo that looked exactly like an erect penis. But some of the models didn’t look like that at all, or they had, for a lack of a better term: extra bits. It took her a while to even work out exactly how some of them were meant to be used. Heidi had sat in front of her monitor giggling; partly amused, mostly embarrassed. She spent some time skipping from website to website, trying to find one that she felt comfortable enough to actually buy from. In the end, she’d chosen a site that promised discreet shipping.

Heidi spent days narrowing down her choices, finally settling on a model suitably named ‘Mr. Stiffy’. The sturdy-looking fellow promised long-lasting satisfaction, four rechargeable batteries, and six different settings. He came in a variety of colors as well, including several realistic flesh-tones. Heidi had based her choice off of her favorite color; medium blue, (like the color of her eyes). And now, less than a week later, there it was; sitting right in the middle of her kitchen table.

The young woman frowned, remembering how worried she’d felt, stopping by the post office after work and anxiously handing over the card she’d found in her mailbox. Heidi’s eyes had flitted about nervously as she imagined the clerk returning to the counter. In his hands would be a box with the word “VIBRATOR!” stenciled in bold print across the top. The packaging tape would have rows of little red dicks all over it. He’d hold it up in front of the waiting customers and announce, “SPECIAL DELIVERY FOR THE NYMPHO! ...IS SHE STILL HERE? ...Oh there you are.”

...In the end, she’d been totally paranoid over nothing.

Heidi stood beside the table, arms crossed in indecision. She unconsciously shifted her weight from one foot to the other, debating whether to open the parcel or not. ...It’s not like I’m going to use it right now. After all; it’s only 9 pm. But what if the damned thing doesn’t work? I’ll look even more foolish returning it...

She imagined walking back through the post-office door, everyone in line turning to stare. The postal clerk would give her an accusatory look and announce to the world, “Returning it already, eh? What’s a matter lady; not powerful enough for you?”

Sighing, Heidi poured herself another glass of wine to build-up her courage.

After chugging down the glass, Heidi finally went to a drawer and retrieved a pair of scissors. She carefully sliced through the tape and opened the box, only to find a slightly smaller box inside. Unlike the plain outer packaging, this one was shiny blue and white cardboard and proudly illustrated its contents. Written on the box in bold print were the descriptions, “LIFE-LIKE FEEL” and “EASY TO OPERATE.” In smaller print it boasted more details, “An erotic sculpture in silicone for hours and hours of pleasure” and “The same highest quality silicone as used by Hollywood special effects companies.”

...Heidi had to giggle at that. She briefly wondered what that guy at the museum would think of his company’s products being compared to a sex toy. But whoever made this had already gotten her money, so she wasn’t really in a position to criticize...

...Shit, Heidi thought, looking at the explicit pictures on the box ...I better cut this thing up; I don’t need the garbage man seeing all this!

“Well,” she said to her empty apartment, “here goes.”

...Opening the box, the young woman was glad to see that her new vibrator was securely wrapped. There was a toothpaste sized tube of personal lubricant, along with a paper instruction sheet. As she set those aside, she noticed a section entitled: Care and Cleaning tips. Heidi shook off a slight shiver.

...I suppose it would need a thorough cleaning afterwards, she thought. ...But am I really ready for this?

She inhaled deeply before letting it go in a long, apprehensive breath.


Heidi started ripping through the bubble wrap like an eager kid tearing off wrapping paper. As the item came into view, she could see that it looked just like an erect penis, with simulated veins, a bulbous head, and even a slight arch to its length. ...Good; and it’s not too large, thought the young woman ...I certainly don’t need some foot long monster to contend with...

She held it up beneath the kitchen light. Most of the object consisted of blue silicone, while the tapered handle was made of molded white plastic. The patented “no-slip grip” had a textured rubber insert for maximum control, and she could see the control for the variable intensity settings. Turning the object around a few times, Heidi looked at it with wide eyes and wondered aloud, “Is this whole thing supposed to fit inside me?”

The young woman set the toy down on the table for a moment, and then unpacked the four AAA batteries from the perforated tray. She unfolded the paper instructions to their fullest length. The heading at the top boasted, “Mr. Stiffy: The Personal Massager with a Life-like feel ...He Feels So Good ...He Fits Just Right.” ...Heidi only skimmed through the instructions, noting the illustration showing six different intensity settings: Getting 2 Know U; Alert; Heartbeat; Rapid Fire; Symphony; and S.O.S.


Heidi couldn’t help but chuckle at that last one. She imagined the 9-1-1 operator picking-up on the other end, only to hear a frantic, “MAY-DAY, MAY-DAY! My vibrator is stuck on high in my vagina and it won’t come out! My legs gave way and now I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” The operator would coolly reply, “Calm down, ma’am ...Fire Fighters are on their way... Of course, ma’am; they deal with this sort of thing all the time... Did you even bother to read through all the instructions?”

...What a hoot THAT would be.

Heidi picked up the 8 ounce tube of lubricant next. She took in the feminine themed label, with its colorful flowers and elegantly flowing script. The flamboyant lettering announced the scent as: ‘Enchantment’ with a more generic-looking print below it that read: Silicone Activation Agent. Turning it over she noticed a small label with the warning: Use gloves at all times to prevent premature activation.

...Huh; well that’s kind of weird. Heidi thought. She briefly recalled a dirty joke Carrie once told her about premature ejaculation and started giggling to herself, while unscrewing the cap. The young woman raised the tube beneath her nose to take a good whiff ...Mmm; smells like a meadow full of spring flowers. Heidi squeezed some of the clear goop across her opened palm, and set the bottle down. She rubbed her hands together and noticed how slippery they felt, much like applying moisturizer... or perhaps after touching raw silicone.

Heidi finally turned her attention back to the vibrator. The young woman carefully opened the snap cover to insert the batteries within the handle. With the cover back in place she adjusted the speed to Getting 2 Know U, (the lowest setting available). Heidi finally turned it on, and the toy started humming away gently within the palm of her hand. Ever curious, she curled her left hand around the girth of the blue shaft, giving it a few practice strokes. She had to admit that the silicone “skin” felt realistic. ...Sort of like those mannequins over at the museum. And like those figures, the initial surface temperature was rather cold to the touch. But the longer she held onto it, the warmer it became.

...Just like the real thing.

Heidi chuckled, thinking back to how disturbing it had been when she first felt one of those mysterious props: ...The Barbarian. She found herself wondering what his would have felt like within her hand. Would he even have one? He might. ...After all; they were pretty detailed for just being mannequins ...Geeze; my thoughts are already wandering in a naughty direction.

“Ahem; stay focused on the matter in hand,” she finally had to remind herself. Then giggled at her unintended pun.

Heidi turned the setting up a notch to “Alert”, enjoying the pleasant pulsing sensations the object was now sending from her hand all the way up the length of her arm.

...Mmm, she thought, that actually feels pretty nice...

Heidi stared at her new toy for a long time, reveling in the simple, yet effective design ...The rhythmic buzz had a calming effect on her, and within a minute; she seemed to have fallen into a trance. Her breathing slowed, and her shoulders gradually relaxed, as she stared glassy-eyed at the vibrator itself...

And then seeing nothing at all.

...Life-like feel ...Feels so good ...Fits just right...

Those nine words began to loop through Heidi’s mind like a seductive mantra. The young woman’s eyes blinked languidly, the lids gradually coming to a rest at half-mast. Then they ceased blinking at all...

...Hours and hours of pleasure ...Just an erotic sculpture in silicone ...Beautifully posed for my—

The sudden blare of a passing car horn jolted Heidi out of her reverie. As she came to, the young woman blinked her eyes a few times and then turned off the vibrator.

...Woo! Getting’ a little sleepy there, she thought as she set the toy down on the table ...Must be the wine...

Her left hand, the one that had been holding the toy, felt strangely stiff, the fingers not wanting to uncurl even after she put the toy back on the table. Heidi had to shake her hand a few times to get them moving again.

Must have held it tighter than I thought.

Heidi grabbed the scissors and quickly cut the box up into smaller pieces. She brushed the scraps into a pile and then dropped them into her trash bin. The young lady wasn’t expecting any visitors tonight, but she certainly wasn’t about to take any chances...

Heidi slammed what was left in her glass and then headed to the bedroom to change into her cotton pajamas. Before she turned off the lights, she pulled the drawer open on her nightstand. She carefully placed the vibrator, the activator lube, and the instructions safely inside...

Just because I have it doesn’t mean I have to use it.

* * * *

A short while later...

Heidi was tossing restlessly within her bed. The thought of the vibrator just lying there within arm’s reach was afflicting her thoughts. The reserved part of her suggested that she leave it alone, while her curious half; ...well... ...What’s the point of even having it if you don’t intend to use it? the bad girl within argued ...It’s not like you have to do it all night; you can turn it off whenever you want to.

...But then the good girl in her shot back ...Just because I have it, doesn’t mean I have to use it! I’m not really that desperate am I?

The internal debate lasted for some time. Doubt and caution warred with curiosity and a growing need. In the end; her hand was reaching for the drawer even before she realized it...

A few more minutes were spent lying in bed just holding the vibrator at her side. Heidi had to admit that just having her hand around the shaft felt good. “...And I haven’t even turned it on yet,” she said out loud before quickly covering her mouth.

...Oop! ...Hope the neighbors didn’t hear that!

Heidi continued staring up at the ceiling, the vibrator dutifully waiting at the ready. She blew one of her bangs up out of her eyes, as her thumb slowly rubbed the controls.

...Well, I suppose if I want to try it out, I should probably get myself ready first. Heidi’s free hand drifted down to her pubic mound. She started feeling herself up through the fabric of her pajamas, surprised to find how damp she already was.

...Alright; let’s do this.

The young woman arched her back before shimmying her way out of her pajama bottoms. Tossing them away to the floor she then pulled her top up over her breasts to allow herself unobstructed access. Switching on the vibrator, which was still turned to “Alert”, she took a deep breath before lowering it to her pussy. ...My pussy? Heidi thought to herself ...Now there’s a word I don’t think of very often. But I suppose if there ever was an appropriate time...

Heidi started running the vibrator up and down the length of her slit ...She closed her eyes for a moment, relaxing herself and settling down into the groove. Almost without her realizing it her hips started a slow grinding motion, rolling in time with the movements of the slickening shaft; her breathing grew heavier ...After a while, Heidi changed it up by pulling back at her crinkly folds and pressing the pulsating tip right against her swollen clit.


Heidi drew a sharp breath through her teeth, as if she’d gotten a papercut. She rotated the shaft in short semi-circles; her clit constantly crushing and rolling against it in counterpoint.

“Yes ...Yes...,”she whimpered out to her toy, before adding a much stronger, “UH!”, her hips thrusting up to meet her new playmate.

...Heidi could already feel an orgasm building. She turned the setting up another notch and quickly returned to sliding the tip of the vibrator across her deprived twat. “Ung!” she struggled, her face contorting with lust, “Uhh - g-god!”

As the thrumming sensation numbed Heidi’s clit, she bit her lower lip in pleasure. Her eyes began to lid, waves of pleasure traveling up from below. “Oh!” she started up again, “Uh-uhhh-oh!”

Heidi’s hips suddenly rose from the mattress in climax; her head pushing back deep within her pillow. She expelled an uncontrollable grunt followed by an ecstatic, “Aught-uggh-uggggh!” as she worked her needy pussy into a frenzy. She continued thrusting herself at the air long after the climax faded, desperately clinging to that all-too-addictive sensation...

But the moment was short lived.

Heidi eventually collapsed against the mattress, her bare breasts bobbling up and down and then excitedly heaving in the cool nighttime air. The woman lay there for a long moment, trying to gather her bearings and catch a normal breath. By the time she settled down, the girl realized it wasn’t the most potent orgasm she’d ever had, but it was up there and she’d also never used this sort of stimulation before...

Heidi raised the vibrator up to peer at it within the light coming from the streetlamp outside. “Wow,” she whispered to the phallic object, “where have you been all my life, mister?”

...She giggled as she lowered the vibrator back down towards her eager pussy. But when the buzzing toy came in brief contact with one of her engorged nipples, an unexpected shudder immediately rocked her thin frame...


...Heidi looked down over her crumpled shirt, to where her boobs lay back rather casually against the width of her chest. She’d always liked her breasts; they were firm, with just the right amount of upsweep to them ...And just the right size too; like they’d fit perfectly in any sized hands. Heidi brushed an open hand over both of them, watching her nipples spring back up enthusiastically, as if to say; “ME! ME! ME!” She briefly considered using the vibrator for some casual titty-play, but decided she would rather feel it inside of herself first.

...Casual titty-play? Heidi thought. Now where did that one come from? ...She’d always loved it when her boyfriend played with her tits, but they’d surely never used that actual term in bed before. Heidi giggled, feeling safe in the near darkness, and considered her options ...Maybe I’ll save that for a little later.

Heidi reached for the drawer again; this time to remove the tube of lubricant. She unscrewed the cap, squirting a sizeable amount within her cupped hand, and then proceeded to smear it up and down the length of the vibrator. Soon wet squishing and oozing sounds accompanied every stroke.

Satisfied with the results, Heidi repositioned herself on the mattress and then spread her legs out even wider than before. She rubbed the shaft up and down the folds of her lips a few times, lubing herself up for entry... “Alright, now work that cunt,” she growled at herself.

...Cunt? When have I ever used the dreaded “C” word?

But the thought quickly passed, and Heidi slowly eased the vibrator up and inside about half way. The girl began working the toy in and out, moving in long, languid, strokes. After a while she started building up momentum, falling into the rhythmic movement once again. The young woman was trying to time her strokes, hoping to make this round last just a little longer. But before long, Heidi’s hips rose up higher and higher from the mattress, stroke-by-deeply penetrating stroke. Her hungry pussy was making sloppy-wet suction noises as it devoured the blue shaft whole. Her thoughts began swirling, running faster and faster ...Deeper and deeper ...Life-like feel ...Feels so good ...Fits just right... Just another erotic sculpture...

Once again Heidi felt an orgasm building. “Oh!” she cried out, as the feelings coursed up through her... “O-ohh- god.”

She wanted this one badly... Had earned it after all the B.S. over the break-up with Greg and the loneliness of the past year... Absolutely demanded it.

Heidi increased the pace of her strokes, thrusting the vibrator in and out, driving it harder and harder into herself. The three middle fingers on her free hand were cupped and strumming away at her exposed clit just above. She could feel the pleasure burning a line from her cunt through her tits and then straight up to her brain.

“Oh... oh god ...o-oh,” Heidi whimpered in response. It was so fucking “—GAWWWD!”

Heidi stiffened; her eyes rolling back as her splayed toes strained in ecstasy. Veins bulging, neck craning - her tendons taught like a wire ...This climax was so intense that a gob of spittle actually flew from the woman’s mouth. “Ohhhh —Ooohhh —Ahh —Aaahhh—Uhhh!”

After an interminable moment of flexing and writhing; Heidi’s trim frame finally gave. She collapsed against the bed in a spent heap; a thousand little stars clouding over her vision. She lay there for a while; her red cheeks huffing and puffing; her breasts rising and falling in rhyme to her rapid breathing ...

“That one had to be the best,” she panted in between her inhalations, “... Maybe the best... Well probably...”

As Heidi came down from the orgasmic high, she could already feel her crotch yearning for more. In fact it commanded it.

“Why not,” she gasped out, still struggling for air, “...Let’s see what you can really do, Mr. Stiffy...”

Heidi raised her new lover up in the moonlight, her eyes crossing as she stared at the tip. She turned the selector up another notch before plunging it back inside herself. Her entire existence was now focused on her cunt. That greedy little hole had been waiting for this moment for so very long...

...That’s all I am, Heidi thought, as she thrust the vibrator into herself as hard as she could. ...Just another needy hole that needs filling. Fill me up. Fill me up. Fill me uhhhh—UGHHH!

Heidi went stiff as a board, as another orgasm ripped through her frame. Her eyes opened wide and then fluttered in surrender, as she gasped and thrashed on the mattress. Any coherent thoughts she had left immediately exploded into a million pieces...

After that, Heidi completely lost herself in the sensations. She wasn’t sure how many more times she climaxed before passing out in orgasmic bliss. And even as she slept, her throbbing clit still twitched with aftershocks...

* * * *

Later that night...

It was still dark in her apartment when Heidi awoke, her mind wrapped in a fog. She lay in her bed for a long moment, not sure of what time it was, or why the vibrator was still lodged deep within her pussy.

...I must have left it on a pretty high setting, she silently mused. The determined massager was still plugging away, tenderizing the sensitive walls of her quivering pussy ...I think that’s enough for tonight, though. Heidi reached down to remove it from herself. Firmly grasping the handle, she gently pulled ...And pulled. ...And then pulled on it some more. The vibrator didn’t seem to move at all.

“Oh shit,” she cursed, before pulling at it more aggressively. “Come ONNN, dammit!”

Worry started to take hold. Heidi had no idea what was going wrong. It shouldn’t be ...make that couldn’t be stuck —in there. How much internal damage could this thing do to her? ...And to make things worse; she could already feel another orgasm building inside her.

“Maybe if I stand up,” Heidi reasoned aloud. She rose from the bed, but very unsteadily. It was if both legs had fallen asleep and turned into Jell-O. Steadying herself against the mattress the young woman tried to massage the circulation back into her numb limbs. As she did, she could feel a damp stickiness trickling down the insides of her thighs ...If I’m still this frickin’ wet, then how can this thing possibly be stuck?

After partially regaining her balance, Heidi tried to remove the stubborn toy yet again. Despite all her efforts it remained fixedly in place. “Shit, shit, shit!” she complained. ”...Why in the hell did I even buy this stupid thing in the first place?”

...Maybe if I get a better look at it in the bathroom light? Heidi thought, hoping the mirror in there might help as well. She started moving awkwardly, waddling along like a penguin toward the bathroom...

“Well this is pretty fucking awkward,” she muttered in the dark. She couldn’t decide which was worse; the uncomfortable handle sticking out of her crotch, or the unbearable waves the shaft was still emitting. The twenty-three-year-old staggered with every few steps, as the debilitating sex toy tried to bring her down.

By the time Heidi reached the bathroom, the next orgasm was about to hit. The young woman quickly braced her forearms against the surface of the sink, as wave after explosive wave nearly doubled her over. She started rocking back and forth against the sink top, as if some invisible force was taking her from behind. Short gasps of breath escaped her frame, her head bobbing up and down, alternating between viewing the handle down below and her own reflection in the vanity mirror...

The helpless woman clung to corners of the bathroom sink until the spasms faded into intermittent shudders...

“Alright; I need a better view down there,” Heidi concluded, twitching from another aftershock. She started to unbutton her pajama top, miraculously still there despite all the exertions from earlier that night.

...Now wait a minute; why am I taking my top off? Heidi questioned herself while undoing the very last button. ...So it doesn’t get in the way, dummy! she rationalized. The thought had come from somewhere inside her, but somehow she wasn’t sure it was her own.

“...Wouldn’t want that to happen now, would we?” she mumbled back.

As the top slipped to the floor, Heidi reached for a handheld mirror. She positioned it down in between her parted legs, studying the handle of the vibrator and the way the whole thing was lodged inside her. Not only were her thighs glistening, but her clit was swollen. To add to her distress her nipples were standing out fully erect, (partly from the cold, but mostly from her constant state of arousal).

Heidi maneuvered the mirror around, thinking to herself ...Well this certainly isn’t a very attractive angle.

The woman exhaled a deep breath and promised herself, “Ok, kiddo; we’ll give it one last try. If this doesn’t work, we might be looking at a trip to the emergency room...” Heidi could almost hear Carrie laughing, “Now wait a minute, you got who stuck in your what? ...Who is this Mr. Stiffy? ...Girlfriend, you got some serious issues!”

...Some serious issues indeed. she thought, her fear barely suppressed.

Heidi set the mirror down and then assumed the position. Before she could decide what to do next the sex toy inexplicably changed vibration patterns. An entirely different sensation flooded through her, so gratifyingly powerful that she could no longer move her arms...

...What the-?

Heidi rose up, her back straightening, only to come to a sudden halt.

The poor woman was on the verge of total panic now, all pretense of self-control gone. She wanted to cry out, but the words wouldn’t come. Staring straight ahead she watched her image in the bathroom mirror, horrified, as her arms slowly rose until they were straight out on either side of her. Her feet shifted until they were about a foot apart. She couldn’t look away from her image, couldn’t even blink.

Heidi wasn’t sure how long she stood there, just watching herself, the vibrator still humming away. She hadn’t orgasmed for a while, fear keeping the sexual arousal at bay. Her heart raced as she tried to find some rational explanation for what was happening to her.

Through the mix of emotions and lust another sensation made itself felt. There seemed to be hundreds of tiny needles pricking at Heidi’s skin. Her eyes went wide, wider than she thought possible. The pain went on, all over her arms, her legs, her pussy, everywhere. No, she realized, not everywhere, the top of her head and around her eyes were free of the pain, but that was all. Heidi couldn’t see anything in the mirror, nothing that could be the cause of the feeling or even any marks of its presence on her body. But it hurt. She grunted in agony, but still couldn’t move from the position she was trapped in.

Heidi wasn’t sure how long the pain went on. Maybe it was only a few minutes, but it felt like hours. However long it was, eventually the sensation subsided. Heidi desperately scanned her image, looking for damage. Relief flooded through her, she couldn’t see anything wrong. Then panic rose again, as she noticed her pubic hair thinning. No, not thinning – falling out. She could actually see the reflections of the hair drifting away from her pussy, floating through the air to the floor beneath her. She feared that the finer hairs on her arms and legs, her body, her face, everywhere that she had felt the pain, were falling out as well.

For a few minutes Heidi’s gaze was fixed on the image of her hairless pussy. She wanted to look down, but she couldn’t look away, couldn’t move her head at all. A forlorn hope gripped her that the mirror was lying and that if she could only move her head she’d find that nothing had happened. Deep down she recognized the wish for the delusion that it was. If nothing was wrong she’d be able to move. “Oh shit, oh shit, oh fuck, oh shit. What’s happening? Please, please let someone come help me, please.” She wanted it to be a shout, to call for help, but her voice was no more than a hushed whisper, creeping past her unmoving lips.

A restrictive numbness began to make its presence known; flowing up over her frame and locking every muscle within its tight embrace, feeling disappearing from her body. Despite her ever stiffening predicament, Heidi could still feel her heart pounding away in terror. She had no rational explanation whatsoever for what was happening...


Heidi’s vision faded; the world around her beginning to darken and blur. It was as if she was viewing her little bathroom through a lens that was going in and out of focus. And as her eyes finally fixed themselves in place, the poor thing had one last thought: ...Please don’t fall over!

The frozen woman teetered back and forth on the balls of her feet a few times, until she tilted one way a little too far. She fell backward towards the shower stall ... The ceramic tile covered edge morphed into a rocky cliff! I’M FALLING - I’M FALLING - I’M FALLING!


Heidi awoke with a start, her eyes flying open. She’d been having a terrible dream ...Something about turning into a mannequin, like the ones in the museum ... And then she was tipping over backward, her frozen eyes seeing only the ceiling of her bathroom, as she started falling ...deeper ...and deeper.

Still disoriented from sleep the young woman slowly sat up, her head rising from the pillow. Gingerly she rubbed the back of her head half-expecting to find a lump, or worse. There was nothing to suggest she had fallen over. Relieved, she studied the surrounding darkness, her body clammy with sweat. Glancing over at the alarm clock on top of the nightstand, the numbers “3:45” taunted her in blazing red.

...Ugh; must have been the frickin’ wine.

Heidi considered getting out of bed for some aspirin, but her exhausted body had other ideas. Her skin seemed unusually tight; as if the epidermis had shrunk and become too small to accommodate her. And her muscles felt cramped, much like they did after a good workout. She stretched her lean frame out lazily across the mattress, hoping to relieve some of the growing tension. There was a faint buzzing coming from somewhere in her bed, somewhere lower down her body, but she paid it no heed. With both arms extended well beyond her head, and with one leg bent at the knee, Heidi nestled her cheek back into the warmth of her pillow. Her legs spread, unnoticed. She closed her eyes, if just for a moment, and let her thoughts dim. The dark expanse of sleep welcomed her back...

(To be continued)