Statue in Silicone I: A Visit to the Museum
By Greyscribbler and Zapped!
Part 3

Not for those under 18 (or whatever the legal age for this sort of stuff is in your area). If you are offended by graphic
descriptions of sexual activities, especially non-consensual ones, then don’t read this. All characters and situations are fictional.
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5:30 am...

The early light of dawn was just starting to brighten the horizon, when an unmarked delivery van slowed in front of the Pine View Apartments. The driver cautiously killed the headlights long before the vehicle came to a rolling stop. He could tell by the arched windows and the style of the painted brick façade, that the two story structure once housed a business. Repurposing old buildings and turning them into stylish apartments was surely nothing new. But with the recent influx of young professionals, hipster artists, and fresh-faced hopefuls attending nearby SNC; Tahoe’s “Adaptive Reuse” craze showed no signs of slowing down. “The beautiful people” (as they’d come to be known) had not only delivered a major shot in the arm to the local economy, but also provided one resourceful businessman with plenty of raw materials for his future projects...

The driver glanced down at the iPad beside him, double-checking the address just to be sure...

...This is it alright.

The man powered-down the tablet, placing it on the passenger seat. He then restarted the vehicle before driving it around to a more inconspicuous side of the apartment building. Shifting it into park, he turned off the ignition. The figure sat there in silence for a moment, perusing the property for any potential eyewitnesses. Luckily for him, nobody appeared to be leaving for work just yet. He looked up in the rear view mirror, inspecting his fake goatee and horn-rimmed glasses, hoping they’d be a convincing enough disguise once he removed his winter cap.

...Time’s a wastin’ here.

The man, (attired in dark coveralls), pulled a ski mask down over his face and then exited the van. The prowler moved up the walkway, his steps swift but silent. He noticed a sign at the entrance of the building that warned “NO PETS ALLOWED” ...Good, he thought to himself, no barking dogs to contend with...

The mysterious figure stepped inside the softly lit lobby, where he found several rows of post office boxes mounted in the wall. He double-checked his whereabouts, a pointed finger scanning over the address holders. It moved name by name and row by row, until it came to a stop above a tag labeled: ‘Heidi Goodwin, floor 2, Apt. E’ ...The man allowed himself a smile of satisfaction before proceeding to the lift...

The door opened on the second floor just a few seconds later, allowing the masked figure to step out. As down in the lobby below, the hallways upstairs were softly under lit by timed accent lamps. The intruder pivoted on the heel of his foot, looking both left and right to make sure the coast was clear, and then headed off into the Western wing. It was by sheer luck that the first door he came across was “Unit D” ...He rotated 180 degrees to identify “Unit E” directly across from him...


The figure glanced left and right once again, before placing an ear to the surface of the door. Hearing not a sound, he quickly pulled out a tool and jimmied the lock open. The trespasser could feel the adrenaline pumping as he crossed over the threshold and into the apartment. He reached back, closing the door very gently behind him, and then took in his dim surroundings...

The morning light was just starting to seep in through the slats on the partially opened blinds. He paused for a moment, allowing his eyes to adjust to the lack of light, and then made his way into the kitchen.

Brushing up against a table, he could make out the shape of a wineglass and what looked like a half-empty bottle of wine. Near them was a plain cardboard box with four opened flaps and a pair of scissors lying beside it. The intruder palmed his miniature flashlight and clicked it on. He shone it inside a nearby trash can and then smiled behind the mouth hole of his mask. Lying inside with the rest of the trash were the remnants of a familiar box, cut-up into small pieces. With a click the flashlight went dark.

The prowler continued on, passing through an archway and then making a left turn into the hallway beyond. Light was spilling out of a doorway at the very end, and he could clearly see what looked like the corner of a bathroom sink. With practiced steps, he soundlessly made his way down the hall and then stopped just outside the door frame. Cautiously the figure slowly peered around the corner, where he spotted a pajama top lying on the tiled floor. In the dim light he could just make out fine hairs scattered over the garment and the floor.

The man slowly turned around to face the room opposite, his heart beating faster in anticipation. Lingering in the door way he noticed the pajama bottoms carelessly tossed on the bedroom floor ...And then he saw her.

“...Ah, so there you are,” he said in a lowered voice, as if someone might actually hear him.

The intruder approached the foot of the bed, moving with a little less guardedness then when he’d first entered the dwelling. He drank in the sight of Heidi’s naked form as she lay there upon the mattress, motionless. The only sounds were the vibrator still buzzing away inside her, and the steady thump of his own heartbeat as he contemplated the erotic scene. Her back was arched up from the bed, her smooth, hairless pussy thrusting upward at her imaginary lover. The vibrator had driven her to such heights of passion, that her mouth hung open in a frozen “O”... The stranger looked closely into her glassy blue eyes, which stared sightlessly through the ceiling above. Neither his presence, nor his close proximity to her face seemed to register. Her long brown hair was spread out like a halo around her head, almost making her appear angelic as she lay there in the moonlight.

Neither a blink nor a breath betrayed who (or even what) she was. As the prowler continued to linger just inches above her face, he could see that her skin tone had a light sheen to it, as if it were made from something artificial, like rubber or even textured silicone. Most people wouldn’t think to look that closely or even notice the slight change. They might assume it was just a real person lying very still in the darkness. Over time, they might notice the stillness of her chest, the lack of breathing, the glassiness of her eyes. A moment of uneasiness would assail them, the striking reality almost too much to bear. They might assume they were looking at a very precise model or even a Life-cast, the mold taken from the willing model herself to be used for some artsy-fartsy exhibit. Perhaps she might even be a high-end sex toy; a newly released model that boasted of more realistically natural proportions, (as opposed to those absurd, overly endowed types often sold on the internet).

The man looking down at the figure knew better. This was a living girl; not physically moving or even breathing, but alive nonetheless. And she’d stay in that state of frozen hibernation for as long as he wanted...

The stranger knelt at the head of the bed, looking down into the girl’s unblinking gaze. The glassy blue orbs continued to stare up sightlessly like a doll’s eyes.

...A doll that was patiently waiting to be put on display.

Reassured that everything had taken place as expected, the man finally removed his mask, stuffing it in a pocket of his coveralls.

“Hello Heidi,” the intruder said adoringly, now brushing the backs of his fingers against the shiny curve of her cheek. He then asked, teasingly, “Don’t you remember me? ...It’s Daniel; we met at the museum. I gave you a special tour. Surely you haven’t forgotten already?”

He paused for a moment, as if expecting a reply. It was a cruel joke he liked to play with his new acquisitions, a way to “break the ice” so to speak. But he knows Heidi won’t be speaking anytime soon... “No?” Daniel finally replied for her. “Well I suppose it’s understandable. After all, it was quite a while ago... Something like: four weeks; three days; and a little over fifteen hours ago, but then who’s keeping track? ...Of course you’ve probably been out with your friends a few times, since then ...Out there in the world, meeting all sorts of new and surely more interesting people than I...”

The man paused again, still looking over at her admiringly. Then the sound of his voice took on a more accusatory tone as he asked, “Do you know what I was doing all that time? ...Well I was thinking of you, of course! ...Sorting through all of the facts and checking them twice. You know you can tell a lot about a person, simply by viewing the contents of their phone. Important things like: where you work; where you live; who your circle of friends are ...Oh, speaking of which; I was browsing through your pictures, and a few of them look quite delicious. Perhaps you can invite them over to join us for dinner one evening; ...I’d just love to meet them in person.”

Daniel really liked that idea. So much so, that he’d taken to tracing his index finger around the circular shape of Heidi’s lips.

...A rather convenient shape, if I do say so. The man propped his chin up with his hand.

“Is something wrong?” the stranger teased, still admiring her frozen face. “You used to be so chatty! ...But I suppose we’ll have plenty of time to get reacquainted once we get you up and out of here.” The intruder moved from the floor to the bed and leant over Heidi’s parted legs.

“You know, I’d been trying to decide on how to renew our acquaintance. I’d already flagged your name in my company holdings, thinking you might order a season pass and I would simply mail it to you free of charge. Imagine my surprise when I saw that you’d just ordered one of my adult toys – never would have you pegged for that sort of girl, you naughty little thing! ...It only made sense to substitute one of my custom models for your order.”

As he spoke, Daniel carefully adjusted the vibrator to a different setting; one that wasn’t listed anywhere on the instruction sheet, and known solely to its creator himself. That setting was quite simply called retract...

The hum of the vibrator died away, the sound like that of the fins on a miniature turbine suddenly winding itself down. While he waited, Daniel admired the way Heidi’s erect nipples stood out from her elongated breasts ...The way her arms stretched upward, well beyond her head ...After a long moment, he reached down between her legs and grasped the end of the handle. His eyes widened in surprise as he felt how hot it was.

“Wow; you must’ve had this sucker in there for quite a long time,” Daniel kidded. “You’re lucky you didn’t burn the place down!”

Heidi, of course, displayed no sign of amusement.

As Daniel slowly pulled the vibrator out, the stretchy skin of Heidi’s pink pussy clung tight to the sides of the shaft. (The artist actually heard a wet “pop” when the suction was lost and the toy finally released). The hole it left behind slowly closed, breaking off the strings of slimy cum that had linked her wet opening to the head of the vibrator...

Daniel briefly studied the glistening shaft, being careful not to touch any of the activator. He gave it a couple of good sniffs before setting it down on the mattress.

Heidi’s captor looked back, smiling at the latest addition to his collection, admiring how the spread of her legs left her pussy open and inviting. Later on, once Heidi was placed in her display, he would make good use of that hole. In his mind, he pictured her lying upon the king size bed, her creamy white body a dramatic contrast to the blue satin bedding. Placed on the wall above the headboard would be a stark black and white painting of a storm-tossed sea. On either side of the bed stood matching nightstands. A luxurious sliver and grey tie lay in the top drawer of one of them. The same tie would bind her already frozen hands together in a final act of submission...

...I think I’ll call it Fifty Shades of Farnsworth, the man pondered with a bit of a chuckle.

Leaving the girl (turned mannequin) alone for a few minutes, Daniel returned to the van to retrieve a canvas laundry cart with casters. A short time later, the door on the lift reopened and he quickly returned to the spectacular scene. Wheeling the cart up alongside the bed, Daniel glanced between it and the reclining figure. A little bit of bending and she’ll fit, he thought before smiling wolfishly. Daniel straightened Heidi’s legs and then carefully bent her in two at the waist until her outstretched fingers were touching her toes. It almost looked as if the young woman was stretching herself before attempting an exercise routine. Daniel took a moment to admire the arch of her back and the fall of her unrestrained breasts. Pulling her bed sheets from where they were tucked in the mattress he carefully wrapped Heidi in them. With a grunt he lifted her swaddled form before gently placing her in the canvas basket. Soon the vibrator joined his prize inside the hamper.

He briefly considered Heidi’s satin-wrapped form, her feminine shape still vaguely recognizable.

...Hmm; let’s see here, the man thought, rubbing his chin ...Ah!

Daniel located Heidi’s linen closet and grabbed a stack of bath towels. He returned to the laundry cart and scattered them about inside.

...That should do.

On the way out of the apartment, Daniel spied Heidi’s handbag. After checking that it held her phone and purse, he hid it inside the hamper as well.

Daniel carefully maneuvered the cart out into the hall, and then closed the apartment door behind him. As he pushed the cart down the corridor, a petite Asian woman in aqua green nurse’s scrubs stepped out from the apartment opposite Heidi’s. Her actions seemed hurried, and after locking the door, she dropped her keys. She bent to pick them up, cursing under her breath, the movement enough to put Daniel in her line of sight.

“Oh wait a minute!” she called out in his direction, quickly fumbling back through her keys. The young woman frantically unlocked the door to her apartment and disappeared inside...

Are you fucking kidding me?

Daniel continued moving towards the lift, but at a much faster pace. The woman reappeared within his peripheral vision just as he was reaching out for the elevator button. Her door slammed and Daniel turned around, only to see that she was carrying a huge laundry bag within her straining arms.

“I was thinking laundry pick-up wasn’t until tomorrow!” she gasped, before dumping the massive load inside the basket —and right on top of Heidi.

Daniel just smiled politely; it was all he could think of to do.

“I’m so glad I signed up for the laundry service,” the young nurse announced rather anxiously. “Life is getting so hectic lately, it's like I barely have time to breathe!”

Daniel nodded in understanding, as little beads of sweat formed across his brow...

The Asian readjusted her ginormous handbag with a forceful yank, allowing the strap to cut between her breasts. The sizeable purse was so heavy, it actually pulled the fabric of her tunic tight over the two pert mounds, but the young woman didn’t seem to notice. When the door finally opened, she stepped aside and waved Daniel on with her hand. “Please!” she insisted with a beaming smile.

...Apparently she wants to be the first one to exit when we reach the bottom floor.

“Don’t mind if I do,” Daniel replied, not having much of a choice.

The artist maneuvered the laundry cart inside the small cubicle, with the woman stepping in right after. She immediately pressed the “DOWN” button and then stared at the control panel expectantly.

Daniel couldn’t help but notice the way her loose scrubs tightened in all the right places, (especially within the lower creases of her firm behind). Her damp hair was pulled back into a sleek ponytail, which swayed back and forth with every little movement she made. Her lilac body spray tickled his nose, and the artist found himself sniffing the air like a predator tracking the scent of its prey.

...I don’t have any hot nurses in my collection.

The girl suddenly turned around, her ponytail swinging in a swift counterpoint.

“I’m sorry if I seemed so pushy,” the woman apologized. “They’ve got me working sooo many hours lately, I don’t know if I’m coming or going anymore!”

Daniel found himself mesmerized by her cute face and intelligent brown eyes ...the flawless young skin ...the supple lips, painted glossy red with a fresh layer of lipstick. Just as tempting as Heidi’s, he mused, his eyes flicking to where the frozen woman lay in the basket before returning to drink in the sight of the young nurse. His pulse sped up, as his cock steadily rose within his coveralls. Daniel shifted his weight from one leg to the other, as he continued to gape. Her deep, dark eyes stared back at him, her voice as sweet as honey from the hive...

“Are you okay?”

Daniel snapped out of his reverie. The Asian woman continued to stare up at him doe-eyed, but now with a sense of worry...

“Umm, yes ma’am. I’ve been dragging ever since they put me on this graveyard shift...” “Bummer,” the girl replied with a nod.

It was only then that Daniel noticed the name on her I.D. badge: Sara Ang.

...Where have I heard that name before?

The lift doors parted suddenly, diverting the young woman’s attention away. “Have good one,” she chirped over her shoulder, quickly moving through the lobby...

Daniel stood there in the lift for a moment, unable to speak. The young woman passed through the exterior door and the perfect moment was gone...

...Sara Ang ...Sara Ang ...Well shit!

As Daniel made his way out to the van, he scanned the parking lot, hoping to catch sight of the young nurse. However, Sara Ang was long gone; her smiling face nothing more than a recent memory...

...Ah well, I’m sure there will be other opportunities.

The artist slid the side door open and lowered the cargo ramp towards the curb. In less than a minute, his precious quarry was loaded-up and the door shut tight. He looked around, making sure the coast was still clear, and then drove carefully out of the parking lot...

Once he was clear of the building, Daniel pulled out his mobile phone and called his trusty subordinate. A gruff, rather sleepy sounding voice snorted as it answered on the other end.

“...Boss man?”

“Maxwell!” Daniel exclaimed before instructing his aide. “I need you to find out what company handles the laundry service in the apartment building on the corner of 4th and Hazel. I’m going to need you to drop off a bundle of washing there ...Why? I don’t pay you to ask why, just do it!”

It was a slim chance, but Sara might link her missing laundry to her neighbor’s disappearance. Better if she didn’t have any reason to be suspicious about their chance encounter.

On the lengthy ride back to his mansion, Daniel’s thoughts soon returned to Heidi, who still lay nestled within her bed sheets in the back of the van. He would occasionally release the girl from her frozen state, (as he sometimes did with all of his collection). By then, her mind would be as pliable as her body was now petrified. He already had the egg ready to make sure her thoughts stayed that way. But most of the time, Heidi would remain an erotic sculpture; just sexily posed upon her bed, both wrists tied above her head, her back arching up from the mattress and exposing her pink pussy... Just frozen and trapped in a perpetual moment of sexual release.

(To be continued)