Statue in Silicone I: A Visit to the Museum
By Greyscribbler and Zapped!
Part 4

Not for those under 18 (or whatever the legal age for this sort of stuff is in your area). If you are offended by graphic
descriptions of sexual activities, especially non-consensual ones, then don’t read this. All characters and situations are fictional.
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Nearly a month later...

Four young women sat around a table at Manzanita. The trendy mountaintop eatery was a preferred haunt of Tahoe’s young and restless, making it the obvious favorite for Heidi Goodwin and her gal pals. The rustic-meets-contemporary design, coupled with the terrace’s panoramic view provided the perfect atmosphere for mingling with the rest of “the beautiful people.” The once a week-or-so gathering gave the girls a chance to catch up on each other’s latest personal news. One of the hot topics on everyone’s mind was Heidi’s unexplained absence from their last few gatherings...

Miss Goodwin had been the last one to arrive, sensing that the girls were gossiping about her even as she’d approached the table. Probably have been ever since they got here, she’d thought as she took her seat, making a mental note of the unusual silence and embarrassed looks. Heidi could tell that they were nearly bursting at the seams with questions; it was plain in their expressions, their body language radiating their barely suppressed curiosity. The conversation skirted around the elephant in the room, as they ordered and then waited for their food. Now her three friends were picking through their salads in awkward silence as she dug into hers. Each of them seemed to be waiting for one of the others to speak up first. Once that person did, it would surely be a feeding frenzy...

Look at them, Heidi thought, glancing around the table in between stabs of her salad fork. Just circling around like a bunch of sharks in the water. Oh sure she’d answer their questions ...Well, some of them. But not right away. She wanted to stoke their curiosity as high as it could go. She wondered who would be first. Probably Carrie, she thought. The undisputed alpha-female and the most out-spoken of their little group, Carrie could be relied upon to pry out their secrets. A self-proclaimed catty bitch, the twenty six-year-old ash blonde was not only the most sexually confident of the four, but also the shapeliest, (as in surgically enhanced). With a strong business background in public relations, Carrie made it a point to know a little something about everybody. Her phone was a social rolodex of who’s who around the lake area, something she was openly proud of. She claimed it was for her work as a real estate agent, but Heidi was certain that was only an excuse.

Next was Sara, a certified nurse at the local hospital. The twenty-two-year-old’s mixed Chinese / Malaysian lineage gave her a striking look. She was friendly and caring, something Heidi assumed made her well suited to the healthcare trade. She was also amazed that Sara could fit brunch into her busy schedule; the admitted health nut attended Pilate’s classes six days a week, often rushing back and forth between the gym and shift changes at the hospital. Carrie would often point out that the girl was a little naïve for her age, seeming at times to be completely oblivious of all the attention she drew from admiring men (and the occasional woman as well). The pretty thing was already on the edge of her seat, just waiting to hear where her neighbor had been hiding these last few weeks...

Heidi wasn’t so sure about Annie, the (twice-)divorced travel agent. She just sat in her chair with her usual air of nonchalance, alternating glances between her iPhone and the occasional fork load of the Shrimp Salad that she was slowly eating her way through. Heidi thought all of it was an act, and she could sense the curiosity behind the air of indifference. The career-minded gal was well rounded in the classiest sense: business savvy; world-travelled; socially intelligent; and always stylishly dressed. The fact that Annie had gotten married first, and the thought that those men found her natural curves legitimately attractive, always irked Carrie and was often the source of her spitefulness. The blonde had been so kind as to recently point out that Annie appeared “at least ten pounds overweight” adding, “...And white is definitely not your color.” Annie had retorted with the remark, “Well at least my curves are real and not just store bought!” The two had harassed each other for as long as Heidi had known them, and at times they almost seemed to enjoy their catty exchanges.

Heidi didn’t think Carrie was being fair with the offhanded remark about Annie’s weight. Just because their friend wasn’t built like a Barbie-doll, that didn’t mean she was overweight. Carrie hadn’t stopped there, cruelly reminding their friend, “The big Three-0 is waiting just around the corner, and looks don’t last forever, honey!” ...But after two failed marriages before the ripe-old-age of twenty eight, the recently divorced travel agent had become quite distrustful of men. Always a film buff, her idea of having a good time now meant curling up on the couch and absorbing countless movie marathons, often insisting that her friends join her. Nevertheless, Heidi knew how to pique Annie’s interest. If the other two seemed even slightly interested in her story, the raven-haired Irish girl would surely tag along...

“Be totally evasive,” is what Master had told her. He’d gone on to add, “Curiosity is lust for the mind; you must feed It.” ...Indeed, the entire reason for tonight’s gathering was to build on the girls’ natural concern about Heidi’s recent actions. So far, everything was going just as her owner said it would. If it all worked out, Master would see to it that Annie didn’t have to worry about dysfunctional relationships ever again...

...Lust for the mind, Heidi thought, allowing herself a little smile as she felt the light buzzing in her pussy. She didn’t like going anywhere without Master, and having something down there served as a constant reminder of who was in charge. Not that being without him was something she had to worry about much; she’d spent very little time mobile these last few weeks, and even less away from her guardian. She knew what most of her existence now entailed; Master had already shown her the risqué pictures he’d taken and even made her watch the “art film” he’d shot and directed. Heidi sat through all of it, remaining nearly as quiet and still as her frozen figure in the black and white footage. In the recording, she lay there posed on the bed, tied-up just as Anastasia was in the feature film. The only difference was that the Lit Major eventually got up and left, while Heidi had no desire to do so ...Ever.

...Hours and hours of pleasure ...Just an erotic sculpture in silicone ...Beautifully posed for my master. Heidi almost came in front of her friends just thinking about it, yet she somehow managed to restrain herself. If she carried out all her instructions, Master had promised her something extra when she slipped back into her former state of immobility tonight...

Heidi’s thoughts drifted back to a little over an hour ago, just before she’d left for brunch. Master had retrieved a container from the locked cabinet in his office. Not just any old container, but her beloved egg holder made of porcelain. Some of the others had their own vessels too, but this one had her name elegantly gilded in gold and it was a personal gift from Daniel. It was a fabulous royal blue, with gold accents and a hand painted pink rose that adorned the cover. He’d once told her that it dated back to the Victorian era, and like her, it was one of the harder ones to find. He gently placed the ornately carved box within her cupped hands, encouraging her to open it. Heidi reflected back on how anxious she was the first time she’d ever opened the delicate lid. Tucked neatly inside the crushed velvet retainer was a chrome egg; it gleamed up at her like the most brilliant of diamonds. She looked up at her keeper with wide eyes and he smiled at her thrilled reaction. He got down on one knee before her, gently fingering her walls and getting her good and wet. She expelled a little yelp as the cold egg made initial contact with her sensitive folds. Heidi quivered and jerked as Master pushed it up inside her, its girth filling her up...

Now that egg was vibrating inside her, constantly auto-correcting Heidi’s thoughts and keeping her in-check. The brunette’s eyes slowly lidded as she sank into the pure pleasure of it.

...If they only had a clue. The hypnotic buzz drew her in, consuming her thoughts to the point that it became difficult to focus on the purpose at hand.

...Feels so good ...Fits just right.

“-Hey?” interrupted a voice in the murky distance.

...Pretty soon they all just might.

Now there were faint popping noises flowing in and out, like the muffled sound of fingers repeatedly snapping underneath water.

...Lunch ...The table ...Her friends.


Heidi gulped with a start, her erotic daydream dashed away by a sudden dose of reality. Her vision cleared to the sight of Carrie at her right, still repeatedly snapping her fingers at her face. Sara was staring at her with a worried expression from across the table. Annie yelled out from the left, “You’re a nurse –DO SOMETHING!” “Geez, are you alright?” Sara asked, bolting up from her seat. “It looked like you were having some sort of seizure.”

“I’m fine,” Heidi assured them, absently shaking it off, “...Just need a little sleep, I guess.”

Sara felt around the woman’s forehead asking, “Are you sure?”

“Yeah, yeah ...Please, sit down already!”

Sara reluctantly returned to the other side of the table, shrugging her shoulders at her friends, while Annie leaned back in her chair in relief. Carrie passed over her bottle of Perrier mineral water and Heidi bobbed her head in appreciation. She took a few swigs just to put everyone at ease and set it back on the table.

“Glad we got that out of the way,” Carrie frowned, flipping her cloth napkin out in the air a few times to clean off the corners of her mouth. She glanced over at Annie and Sara, giving them a knowing look.

Both looked back, nodding their heads in approval. It was time...

“So,” Carrie said in between wipes, “...what’s the story on this new guy you’ve been seeing?”

Heidi was still staring at Sara directly across the table; the nurse’s eyes were sparkling with sincere interest as she offered her undivided attention...

...Master is right; Sara would make a pretty mannequin. She almost looks like one now. “Hell-ooo?” Carrie teased, “...Earth to Heids, can you hear me?”


“Well, his name is Daniel and he owns his own company,” Heidi finally revealed. “He makes custom props for Hollywood films and television productions.” Daniel’s holdings were much more extensive than that, but the SFX Company was his favorite and the one most likely to draw her friend’s curiosity. Out of her peripheral vision, Heidi noticed that Annie looked up from her iPhone the very moment she’d said ‘Hollywood’ ...The travel agent immediately set the phone to silent mode and then placed it down on the table. She then went on to inquire, “Um... what kind of props?”

“He’s done some smaller pieces: shields; weapons; various prosthetics for Sci-Fi and horror films and such. But his proudest works are the extremely life-like mannequins that he makes as stand-ins for actors ...Actually: he’s the one behind that display we were going to go to at the Crown Point Museum...”

Heidi’s explanation was met by looks of disbelief, but she could tell that her friends’ curiosity had been piqued.

“Stand-in mannequins?” Carrie probed, “I’ve never heard of such a thing. Have you ever seen these so-called mannequins?”

“I have,” Heidi revealed, “...up close and personally, in fact.”

Chomping at the bit for more details, Annie pressed, “So has he worked on anything that I might have seen?” Heidi rattled of a string of recent films that had featured Daniel’s work. Annie’s eyebrows lifted in amazement.

“Never mind all that,” Carrie rudely cut in. “So what’s he like? ...Is he hot?” “He’s sweet,” Heidi replied, “...And very polite —and totally handsome, of course. But most importantly: he’s taking really good care of me.”

Annie furrows her perfect eyebrows and gives her a suspicious look.

“When did you meet him? At the museum?” Sara asked, before adding hastily, “Sorry I couldn’t go with you.”

“Hey girl, don’t worry about it,” Heidi said reassuringly. For a moment she wondered if things might have been different if she hadn’t been alone that day. Probably not. “And yes, we did meet then, but we didn’t hook up until later.”

“Well, it seems like he’s good for you,” Sara complimented from across the table. “I mean; you look like you’re positively glowing!”

Heidi glanced down at her hands for a moment, but realized her friends wouldn’t notice what those changes really meant unless they knew what to look for...

“So what’s he like in the sack?” Cassie asked slyly.

Heidi noticed the lack of surprise on the other girls’ faces. Annie was even rolling her eyes. Whenever a new boyfriend came into the picture, the inevitable question of bedtime performance always “arises” in the conversation. The brunette looked around at the other patrons, making sure no one was close enough to overhear, and then she cracked a devilish smile...

“He’s so good that I can’t even move when it’s over with...”

There was a collective sigh from around the table, as envious girlfriend’s often do...

“So good that you can’t even move, huh?” Carrie repeated, sounding more than a little skeptical. She paused in thought for a moment, as if conjuring-up the sensual scene with herself in Heidi’s place. Then she continued to pry, “So I take it he’s an older guy then?”

“He’s a little older,” Heidi admitted, going on to add, “...And definitely talented. He’s the kind of lover that likes to take his time and cover all the details, so-to-speak.”

“And he’s successful?” Carrie pressed. The Barbie-like blonde had always had ambitions of landing a rich guy. Heidi could sense more than a hint of jealousy from her friend.

“Yes,” Heidi replied, “He’s pretty well-off.”

“So when did you move in with him?” Sara asked from across the table. “You haven’t been at your apartment in nearly a month. When I finally called your office, they told me you’d quit about the same time. We were all getting pretty worried. I was starting to think the texts you sent me weren’t even from you.” “For god’s sakes, Heidi: you just up and quit your job for this man?” Annie butted in, “...How in the hell do you expect to support yourself?”

“Oh, I’ve already got another position,” Heidi replied breezily, “...a more permanent one, in fact.”

“I don’t know, honey,” Annie debated, her skepticism clearly showing. “There are some real scumbags out there, and I don’t want to see you get hurt all over again...”

Despite Annie’s reservations, the questions kept coming. Heidi’s friends (or at least two of them) were obviously excited that she’d finally found somebody after so long...

“So when do we get to meet this mystery guy?” Carrie asked.

“Well,” Heidi started, (relieved that the conversation had finally gotten to the point she’d intended). “He has this place over on the lake. It’s called ‘Maison de Beauté’ and—”

Carrie cut her off in mid-sentence, dramatically inhaling in total amazement. “Are you fucking kidding me right now? ...Maison de Beauté is like a five, maybe six million dollar waterfront mansion!”

Heidi just shrugged with indifference. “I told you he was well off.”

“YA THINK?” Carrie reacted loudly. She started rubbing her eyebrows in total disbelief.

...How in the hell does a mousy office assistant land a fucking guy like that? I’m out there working it every day, schmoozing with the crème de la crème, getting my ass pinched left and right, while she’s hiding in a damned cubicle! —Friggin’ unbelievable!

Ignoring Carrie’s growing jealousy, Heidi continued with her explanation, “Anyway, his place is really nice: there’s a spa; a hot tub; a boat house with a private dock ...He even keeps his private collection there.” “I’ve never been out on the lake,” Sara considered out loud.

...And he does sound like a good prospect, Carrie thinks to herself.

Heidi swoops-in for the kill.

“Anyway; Daniel mentioned that I should invite some friends over sometime, so he can get to know you guys better ...Maybe you can bring your swimsuits and we can hang out on the lake. He can have his chef cook us something later-on.”

“The guy has a chef?” Annie quizzed.

“Yes, and she’s really talented,” Heidi assured. “He’s also got two maids, so you won’t have to clean-up or anything ...Pretty much just show up and enjoy yourselves... ”

“I could use a weekend off,” Sara admitted, “The hospital has been running me into the ground, lately.”

“Yeah, a little weekend getaway does sound nice,” Carrie agreed.

“I suppose I can get one of my associates to cover for me,” Annie added.

As the waiter began to clear the table, the girls made their plans. Heidi couldn’t help but smile; she’d done exactly what Master had instructed her to do. If everything went as planned, her friends would soon have the opportunity to share her bliss. That is: whenever they could feel anything at all...

(To be continued...
In Statue in Silicone II: Weekend Getaway)