Statue in Silicone II: Weekend Getaway

By Grey Scribbler and Zapped!

Part 3

Not for those under 18 (or whatever the legal age for this sort of stuff is in your area). If you are offended by graphic
descriptions of sexual activities, especially non-consensual ones, then don’t read this. All characters and situations are fictional.

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Sara Ang lay alone in her master-sized bed, staring up pensively at the ceiling. Sleep had managed to elude the young woman, even though her body felt completely exhausted. The four of them had stayed up talking for hours, long after Daniel had retired. When Heidi finally left, the remaining trio hung out for a little while longer, determined to finish off the bottle of red wine. Sara finally threw in the towel after Annie brought up her suspicions about Daniel and his mannequins again. She even claimed to have seen a piercing hole in the nose of one of the figures ...Imagine that! Even if Annie’s right, it would simply mean that whoever was scanned for that figure would have been pierced in the first place. As Sara got up and left for bed, she heard her friend claiming that the models they had seen were nothing more than explicitly accurate sex toys. Carrie had reasoned, “If that were the case, then they’d have WAY bigger boobs, right?” Annie argued, “You’re almost as bad as he is!” ...A short while later, Sara heard the sound of both of their bedroom doors closing ...Carrie must have grown tired of listening to her bullshit as well.

Before long, Sara was tossing and turning within her bed, unable to get the images of those very same mannequins out of her head. It seemed like they could have been living people, suddenly trapped in some ruthless villain’s time warp, forever waiting for the cue to start moving again So real, but so still ...She’d never been able to get that close to someone to just, well, —stare at them ...At least not without having to worry about them reacting to her presence. There were several times during the tour when she had thought about just reaching out and running her hands over them, wondering what they would feel like. When she finally got the opportunity, the feeling was so surreal. The way the skin slightly gave beneath her fingers ...Or how the epidermis was slippery to the touch. ...Like it was synthetic.

...But of course it would be synthetic, Sara chided herself, they aren’t real!

Though she didn’t know why, Sara felt compelled to hear herself whisper it out in the darkness, “Just like a silicone doll.

Sara rolled onto her right side, nestling her cheek within the crook of her bent forearm. After a few minutes, she rolled right back in the opposite direction. No matter which position she tried, she still couldn’t fall asleep. The very thought that Victoria was one of them ...No, Sara quickly corrected herself ...One of them is modelled after Victoria! Regardless, the sight of the co-ed’s frozen features, just staring placidly through the glass like that, it all weighed on her ...Sara imagined herself back in the display room, silently creeping around so they wouldn’t notice ...Not that they could notice; they’re all mannequins, silly! Just like store dummies, only so much better looking! In her mind’s eye she could see Victoria amongst them, just standing there motionless within her case, unable to react. Sara would be circling around her immobile form, admiring the young co-ed from every possible angle ...Casually studying her pretty likeness as if she were some connoisseur appraising a much sought-after object ...Or like some hungry predator stalking its juicy prey.


The young woman rolled completely over, promptly burying her head beneath the pillows. She shouldn’t think like that, —she couldn’t. Yet she hadn’t been able to stop herself ever since she’d seen Victoria ...The real Victoria. The co-ed had stirred-up long forgotten feelings of another unrequited love from her past; a name she hadn’t allowed herself to say in years. “Felicity,” Sara murmured out in the dark as if under a spell. She slowly emerged from the pillows, rolling herself upright to stare at the ceiling again. ...No, I’m not like that.

Whether she was or not; Sara couldn’t deny her memory or the resemblance. No one could ever mistake Victoria for Felicity; yet the similarity was there, and it was close enough to keep her awake at night. Sara’s thoughts slipped back to her days in high school, back to a time when she and Felicity were varsity cheerleaders ...Ho-ho. Hey-hey. Let’s go Panthers all the way! She’d nearly lost it when she’d first seen the blonde’s dupe in that cheer getup ...Even wearing my old school colours to boot! Everything she had ever felt for Felicity came rushing back to her. She tried to tell herself that it hadn’t ever amounted to anything ...Just a silly schoolgirl crush. The object of her affections had probably forgotten her name by now. Sara knew that her family would disown her if they ever suspected something like that of her. And so what if her boyfriends never made her feel quite like Felicity did. She certainly cared for them at the time, and she even enjoyed having sex with the few that she’d actually slept with. She couldn’t help it if she occasionally liked to look at pretty girls, (or even her friends for that matter). It wasn’t like she was going to act on it. In fact, it was exactly like she’d said; she was just checking out the competition!

...But all those suspicious looks I got from everyone earlier.

She couldn’t be into girls, could she? ...No, it couldn’t be; she had to marry one day. Her family constantly gave her grief about it, and they’d only accepted her chosen career as a nurse once they realised how many rich doctors she’d be directly in the path of ...It would serve them right if I turned out to be a lesbian, at least then they might get off my case. Sara quickly pushed the thought away, the shame filling her. She didn’t want to be that way, and she certainly didn’t want to cut herself off from her family; they meant way too much to her. She wasn’t even sure how to tell if she was gay or not, and the very idea of viewing porn horrified her ...Watching tacky videos and flipping through dirty magazines won’t ever equate to a warm body that can love me back.

Sara’s thoughts soon drifted back to this evening ...360 degree digital mapping, Daniel had boasted. Exact likeness to within +/- 0.006% ...She couldn’t be sure of the details of the process behind those words, but they’d started looping around in her head like a running commentary to the images of the mannequins themselves. Whatever that mysterious process entailed, it had obviously worked; the incredible facsimiles couldn’t have been any more convincing. It wasn’t just the realism that fascinated her; it was their frozen and sightless looks as well. Just standing there posed in silence, entirely inviting, allowing anyone that came along to look at, feel, or even kiss them. Sara’s eyes widened at the sudden realization ...Oh God; have I got some kind of statue fetish as well as being gay? She wondered if there truly was something wrong with her, memories of the mannequins and her reaction to Victoria’s poised, elegant, pose at dinner rolling and mixing in her mind. I should probably stay right here, Sara rationalized, even if I can’t get to sleep. Then her curious side wondered if trying too hard to fall asleep was the main problem itself. Perhaps in her exhaustion, she was becoming delusional ...Maybe if I just went back for a quick look, Sara persuaded herself, then I’ll realise what an idiot I am...

Once that plan crept into Sara’s head, it gnawed away at her resolve. In frustration, she finally threw back the covers and silently padded across her room...

Sara quietly opened her door and stepped out into the hallway beyond. She looked one way and then the other, making sure that the coast was clear. The accent lighting had dimmed at some point, but at least she could still see where she was going ...Daniel must have left some of the lights on just for me, she smiled to herself. Before long, Sara stood before the ornately carved door they had entered before. She hesitated for a moment, debating what to do. ...I could play it safe ...just go back to bed and stare at the ceiling all night or I could get this shit over with once and for all.


After expelling the deep breath, Sara finally reached for the handle. She stepped inside and almost did a U-turn as the lights slowly came on, one right after another. She waited for a few breathless moments, fully expecting to hear an alarm, or even the sound of fast approaching footsteps ...They must run off a motion detector, she reasoned. Besides, it’s not like the door was locked or anything.

However, in another room inside the manor, an alarm did sound. It drew Maxwell’s attention over to security feed #4. “Well, well,” he said to the intruder, who was silently tiptoeing across the monitor unaware. “And what are you up to, Sara-san?”

Sara looked around the room nervously, still trying to convince herself that this was a good idea. The mannequins were still there, of course, perfectly content with just standing behind the glass, or posing on their little pedestals, forever gazing out. She already had the urge to run to the centre of the room, to where she could see the figure of Victoria housed within her case. However, that would just be giving in to her weird fantasies. If she were going to settle this for good, reliving the distant yearnings of her youth wouldn’t work.

Sara gazed upon the two women beyond the barbarian, trying to choose between the streetwalker and the sophisticate. She took a few steps to the right, drinking in the sight of the elegantly dressed socialite before her. The engraved inscription on the plaque beside her heels was titled ‘Woman of the Hour’ ...Sara’s eyes rose up, following the line of the mannequin’s legs, grazing over the curves of her hips, the rise of her breasts, creamy mounds of flesh exposed by the deep swoop of her dress. She came to a rest on the model’s airbrushed face, her full red lips, unmoving, her cobalt eyes unblinking and staring, as if patiently waiting, nothing stopping anyone...

“Of course she’s attractive, I know she’s attractive. Nothing wrong with admitting that,” Sara acknowledged, trying to persuade herself that her statements held some logic, yet at the same time trying to ignore the heat rising up within her.

A hand had already reached out for the figure’s case, but Sara managed to stop herself. She couldn’t touch her. Everything about the figure was immaculate; what if she accidentally broke a piece of jewellery? She could not risk someone finding out that she had been here. With some reluctance, Sara turned and headed over to the other figure, the one that looked like Julia Roberts...

“Hi”, she greeted, before pausing to lecture herself. ...She can’t hear you; she’s not even real, silly.

Again, Sara let her gaze roam over the mannequin, the figure’s lush breasts seeming to ache to break free from her skimpy vest. This time Sara couldn’t deny the heat she felt at the sight of the feminine beauty before her ...Maybe just a little touch; I need to know if I want to do that. The door of the case silently opened...

Max pushed a mic button on the control panel in front of him. “Time to get up boss man; I got something here I think you’ll wanna see.”

Back in the display room, Sara didn’t feel right about “just groping” the figure.

“Hey, you know what? I think you’re really attractive for a mannequin. I don’t know if many people actually tell you that, but it’s true.” Sara thought she should feel silly whispering to the silent figure, but somehow it felt right. The effigy’s frozen gaze almost seemed like an open invitation to fill the space in between them.

With growing confidence, Sara reached out and stroked the figure’s arm. This time the touch didn’t disturb her. If anything, the figure’s lack of reaction only encouraged her.

“You don’t mind, do you?” Sara politely asked, delicately running a finger along the mannequin’s jawline. “No, I guess you don’t...”

“What about this?” she asked, before leaning over to give her a quick kiss on the cheek. “Okay? ...Well how about this?” Sara planted another smooch on the opposite cheek. “Alright, alright; that wasn’t so bad how about —this?”

Sara mashed her hungry mouth against the model’s unmoving lips, bracing one hand on its shoulder, the other running over the denim on the figure’s out-turned hip. Sara was standing in the case herself, her unbridled lust seizing her, as she pushed her body into that of her inactive partner. Her hand ran higher, encountered the suede of the figure’s vest, felt the swell of one breast. Before Sara knew it, she was fumbling around for the few buttons that held the garment closed...

Sara could feel her heart racing as the vest fell open, her hands immediately exploring the exposed spheres, at first just caressing and fondling, then all-out squishing and squeezing. Her fingers sank into the artificial flesh, the mannequin’s globes not totally solid, yet much firmer than a real woman’s breasts. Sara dipped down, flipping her long black hair out over one shoulder so she could suck unimpeded. Her eager tongue flicked over the dummy’s exposed nipples.

“Do you like that?” her hot breath whispered before closing her lips over one of the hardened nubs. Images flashed through her mind like a pornographic slide show; beautiful women she’d known or seen, delicious lips, breasts and thighs. Partitions were breaking in her mind, passionate feelings that had been dammed-up for years finally releasing. She imagined her hands, seeking, exploring, unrestricted, but the images were all stills and no-one moved but her.

Heaving great breaths into her lungs Sara pulled back. For a few moments she gazed hungrily at the figure, still trying to catch her breath as she drank in the sight of the mannequin’s exposed tits. Despite the riches on offer Sara knew where she really wanted to be. “Hey, umm, thanks,” the pyjama-clad nurse gasped, attempting to pull herself back together. “But I, well ...there’s someone else I need to see...” Sara gave the figure a quick, but deeply indebted, kiss and then waved goodbye. She turned herself away and left for pastures anew.

Unseen in her haste, a security camera tracked Sara’s movement as the Asian woman crossed the marble floor... Max pushed the mic button once again. “You were right boss; she’s making a bee-line for Victoria.” The young nurse hurried over to one of the cabinets in the middle of the floor, quickly yanking the door open. All the memories, all the desires, everything she’d tried to repress for so long came flooding back. She wanted this girl, wanted her more than anything else before ...Even more than Felicity. She had been a mere teenager then, but now she was a grown woman. Sara wasn’t sure whether she wanted the real Victoria or this frozen facsimile standing right before her. In some ways, it really didn’t matter; Victoria wasn’t there; the figure was...

Sara pulled her pyjama top up over her head, exposing her pert breasts and almond-skinned curves. She tossed the garment aside before stepping up inside the case. She glanced down into the mannequin’s cleavage, the tantalizing sight making her swallow hard. She looked up in to the figure’s light green eyes, completely captivated by the detachment in her empty stare...

“Well hi there,” Sara managed, her breathing still a little hard. “I sincerely hope ... (smooch) don’t mind ... (smooch) ... the present company,” she’d added, her breathy words spaced out between the delicate little kisses she placed along the figure’s neck and collarbone. She brushed the mannequin’s bangs away from her brows while looking at her adoringly. Then she confessed, “I honestly think you’re the most beautiful one in here.”

Sara felt the figure rock back and forth on her base, so she slipped one arm around its slender waist to steady it in place. She continued with her impassioned ministrations...

“...Really, I do,” Sara assured, her whole body pressing up against Victoria’s. “You’re amazingly cute, and oh-so-tempting ...” She could feel her small tits pressing into the figure’s larger ones, their noticeable firmness causing sparks in her brown and erect nipples.

Their lips met as Sara ran a hand through the model’s glorious golden tresses, one leg rising up to rub her inner thigh against the figure’s rigid leg. She kissed the model’s lips, while her free hand squeezed the cheerleader’s tits through her cardigan sweater. Sara wanted nothing more than to lock her lips around those enticing orbs, but she didn’t think she’d be able to get the outfit off the figure without damaging something.

Her hand fell lower instead, gliding down to the figure’s waistline, and then its silky-smooth thighs. Sara couldn’t stop herself as her fingers ran over the perilous curves of her slippery skin. After a moment, her hand rose upward again, but now it explored the cotton expanse underneath the pleated skirt, gliding over the soft material until they encountered a sink line beneath the surface.

“Hey?” Sara uttered aloud, before pulling her head back. She looked directly into the figure’s eyes, meeting its sightless gaze. “So just how anatomically correct are you, anyway?” she asked, her fingertips brushing over the cotton, feeling the distinct impression of what lay beneath. Sara couldn’t deny how turned on she was, how much she wanted this, absolutely needed it! Unable to resist the temptation any longer, she pushed the elastic leg hole aside and then reached in to rub her digits over the realistic pubic mound. Like the rest of the figure, the skin down there was slippery, waxen and noticeably warm to the touch. She continued stroking, marvelling at the smooth, hairless skin ...Doesn’t Daniel’s process capture the hair down, uh, there? Sara found herself wondering. Or, umm, is Victoria really like, um, shaved completely smooth like that? Oh God! ...Sara stroked the rubbery folds faster and faster. Her middle finger soon separated from all the rest, eager to explore, splaying the swollen lips evenly down the middle. It pushed further in until it hooked back in the crotch of the figure’s panty and then inserted itself up into the silky smoothness at the bottom. The replica invited Sara in, the slippery, waxy, feel, of the figure’s skin repeated inside, allowing the young woman to examine the figure’s depths and to nestle within the walls of her tight confines...

Sara had her own urgent business to attend to. She slipped her other hand behind the waistband of her silk panties and immediately got to work on her clit. She was unbelievably hot down there ...And sopping wet too! Sara’s heart raced faster and faster, as she stared at the figure’s unmoving features. She had to be careful not to knock the mannequin off balance, while at the same time stroking both of them off at a feverish pace. Sara could feel the pleasure building, but she knew she would need something more to get her off.

...Either penetration or something to grind on.

Sara tugged her own panties down to her ankles, and then tore one of the pom-poms out of the replica’s grip. She turned the figure’s palm around 180 degrees, and then manipulated the three middle-most fingers so that they were facing upward. She then yanked the mannequin’s arm forward, stretching it out between her thighs so she could straddle it like a cowgirl.

“Hopefully this won’t hurt you,” Sara said, before standing upright. The replica just stared out over her head without a reply.

Sara tried mashing the figure’s extended digits up into her hole, but her efforts were futile. Completely dissatisfied, she finally pulled the arm all the way back in between her legs. She glanced over her left shoulder and down beyond the deep cleft of her ass, where she still held the mannequin’s hand by the tips of its fingers. ...Hmmm.

With her back slightly arched, Sara began working her hips back and forth across the surface of the mannequin’s forearm, relishing in the friction that her crotch created against it. She looked up at her makeshift lover, riding her in a slow, delicious canter. Victoria’s image continued to stare forward transfixed, seemingly unfazed by her rather peculiar situation. Sara reached out, groping one of the mannequin’s tits, as her juices continued to lubricate the figure’s silicone arm, allowing her to slide back and forth with growing ease. And as she built up speed, she could feel the pleasure building once again, radiating out from her pussy ...A small sob escaped from Sara’s lips as her head fell back, her orgasm dancing right on the edge...

Then all at once, Sara arose on her tiptoes, her thighs tightening around the mannequin’s arm, while her ass cheeks clinched. A loud gasp of delight escaped from her parted lips and she began to cry out, “Oh ...OH GOD YES, VICTORIA! ...OH GOD HOW I LOVE YOU!” ...The one-sided cries of devotion went on for nearly a minute, with the horny nurse sliding over the extended length of her lover’s forearm, as Victoria teetered back and forth rather dangerously.

Sara was only vaguely aware of announcing such acclaim; she was too overwhelmed by her own climax to even realize what she was saying. It wasn’t until the contractions receded, and the grim reality of the real world came back into focus, that she suddenly realized what had happened...

“I got so caught up in the moment that I had sex with a mannequin, that’s what happened...”

Sara remained partly hunched over Victoria’s arm, which was still posed outward and in place. As the Asian’s breath returned to some semblance of normalcy, she weakly muttered, “Well I hope that was as good for you as it was for me...” She then raised her hands up to the figure’s shoulders, bracing herself, before carefully swinging her leg back over the outstretched arm. She bent over, pulling her silk panties back up her legs, allowing the waistband to snap around her waist.

Sara’s hands dropped numbly to her sides in defeat. She looked up at the mannequin’s vacantly staring face and mumbled, “Why did you have to look so damned realistic?”

...Maybe Annie had a point: if the mannequins are created by full body scans ... why the internal detail? Perhaps Daniel’s mannequins were nothing more ultra-realistic sex toys; some rich man’s plaything specifically designed to replace a living, breathing woman and the many hassles that came along with her. Sara then considered the awful mess that she’d left behind.

...God, what have I done?

Sara began to work with haste, quickly rearranging the figure’s outfit as best she could. She noticed a wet stickiness as she manipulated the mannequin’s hand and fingers back to their original position, pulling the sleeve down to cover the physical evidence. She then placed the missing pom-pom back within its grip, and straightened the arm at the figure’s side. Sara blew her a kiss and then closed the door behind her...

Sara scooped her pyjama top up from the floor and pulled it over her head as she fled the room, not even noticing the disarray in which she’d left the streetwalker...

A few minutes later, once the security cameras showed Sara safely back in her room, Daniel finally entered the display room, a delighted smile showing on his face. He walked over to Mallory first and buttoned up her vest, though not before allowing himself a feel of her tempting assets. He then straightened the rest of her outfit.

Daniel kissed her cheek and stepped back. “Poor dear,” he said to the frozen art critic, “always the entrée, but never the main course.”

Moving over to Victoria, he rearranged her cotton underwear before running his hands up and down her sides to smooth the lines of her uniform. He tugged at the lower hem of her pleated skirt so it hung just right.

“Nice work tonight, my dear,” Daniel murmured in praise, his fingers turning her head just slightly. “You’ve managed to win over yet another admirer. Oh don’t worry; she’ll be joining us soon, along with her pretty friends. Sara seemed quite taken with you. Perhaps I’ll pose you two together some time, now wouldn’t that be nice?”

Victoria just stared ahead in utter silence.

“...But of course it would, now get some rest,” Daniel advised as he gently closed the case. A moment later, a heavy door clicked shut and the lights dimmed in finality...

Back in her room Sara could feel the tears running down her face, soaking her pillow. She couldn’t believe what she’d done. I really am a lesbian; before she had thought she was only bi-curious, but now she was certain. Maybe she should just accept that for what it is ...I just can’t do, or say anything about it though —not ever! ...The thoughts of what she’d done with the models, how they’d made her feel, sent waves of shame and embarrassment through her. Not enough, though, to stop her hand from finding her clit, slowly riding herself to orgasm once again, as images of a beautiful blonde, dressed first as a French maid and then as a cheerleader, poured through her mind...

(To be continued)