Statue in Silicone II: Weekend Getaway

By Grey Scribbler and Zapped!

Part 4

Not for those under 18 (or whatever the legal age for this sort of stuff is in your area). If you are offended by graphic
descriptions of sexual activities, especially non-consensual ones, then don’t read this. All characters and situations are fictional.

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Sara had to force herself to get out of bed the next morning. Part of her wanted to lock herself in her room and hide beneath the layers of bedcovers until it was time to go home. The other half wanted to reveal the dirty little secret she’d discovered about Daniel’s dolls, just to get it off her chest. She still couldn’t believe what she’d done last night, and now she’d have to bear the burden of shame all alone. The young woman padded into the bathroom and took a much-needed shower, though whether it was to cleanse her conscience or just to freshen up, she wasn’t quite sure. A short while later she retrieved a bright yellow sundress with spaghetti straps from her closet. The entire time she spent dressing, she grew more and more nervous about going downstairs...

By the time Sara made it to the breakfast table, she couldn’t even look at Victoria, as the two girls, once again attired in their French maid uniforms, waited at attention to serve them ...Oh god, please not her! Why couldn’t it be Madison? Come and serve me, she thought, looking over at the brunette maid, let Victoria serve everyone else. Sara nervously reached for a dish with almond scones hoping that no one noticed her anxiety... When Victoria finally stepped in beside her and asked what she would like for breakfast, Sara nearly choked on the small piece of quick bread.

“Just eggs and toast,” Sara coughed out. Her watery eyes were focused on anywhere besides the noticeable cleavage being displayed right beside her head.

Victoria continued to question, “...And will it be coffee, tea or orange juice?”

“Tea would be good,” Sara answered rather timidly.

There was an awkward moment of silence, as the pretty blonde leant in to fill Sara’s teacup, seeming to offer up her very own delectable feast within the two lacy cups of her push-up bra. Sara’s eyes flicked at the familiar cleavage for nearly a second, as Victoria gave her a knowing look. The servant rose up stiffly, disappearing behind the kitchen doors a moment later...

“Hey, you ok?” Annie asked from beside her.

“Yeah; you look sorta out of it,” Carrie observed from across the table.

“I’m uh, —fine,” Sara replied, “I guess I didn’t sleep well.”

“Not me,” Carrie laughed, “That wine knocked my ass out!”

“Yeah, no kidding,” Annie teased, “I could hear you snoring through the wall.”

Heidi looked over at Sara, sympathy showing in her eyes. “Would you like some aspirin?”

“Nah; I’m good,” Sara replied. “But thanks anyway.”

Her brunette friend started talking about what they had planned for the day; including some horseback riding in the hills, as well as the anticipated boat ride out on the lake. Sara was grateful for the simple distraction...

Later on, (after the girls finished their breakfasts and their hosts went off to get ready), they watched the servants clear-off the last of the table. Annie waited until the last maid disappeared behind the kitchen door.

“C’mon Sara, I know something’s wrong.”

“No, really,” Sara protested, “I just didn’t sleep well last night.”

“And were we dreaming about someone in particular?” Carrie ventured.

“Drop it,” Annie spat. “If anything; she probably had nightmares about those creepy mannequins.” Sara couldn’t keep in any longer; she just had to say something to get it off her mind. “Well it’s just that those mannequins ...they seem very, umm, well really accurate, you know? ...Like as in too accurate.”

“I tried to tell you,” Annie said, reproachfully.

Carrie frowned at Annie and then focused back on Sara. “And how would you know?”

Sara tried to smile, pushing her emotions down. “Well, I am a nurse, I can tell.”

“How?” Carrie repeated in obvious confusion. “Yeah,” agreed Annie, her brow creased in thought as she ignored her blonde friend, “that’d be enough to give anyone nightmares.”

“Oh? And what’s that got to do with it?” Carrie pressed.

“It’s got EVERYTHING to do with it!”

Guuuys!” Sara whined, trying to redirect their focus back to the subject at hand.

“Ok, ok, we’re listening,” Carrie assured.

“Yeah; go ahead,” Annie urged in agreement.

Sara let out a deep breath before she continued, “So I decided to go for a walk last night, and I ended up in that display room where Daniel keeps all of his mannequins.”

“Oh jeez,” Carrie expelled, “here we go!”

“Shhhh!” Annie cautioned before going on to encourage, “Please ...Sara, and then what happened?” “Well,” the young Asian woman started, before making a wincing face, “...I guess my curiosity sort of got the best of me, and...”

Both Annie and Carrie looked-on expectantly.

“Well ...they have —stuff.”

“They have stuff?” the blonde real estate agent asked, a bemused look showing on her face.

“Yeah, stuff? What kind of stuff?” Annie chorused. She then turned to Carrie and asked, “What on earth is she talking about?”

Carrie shrugged her shoulders as if completely baffled.

“They have fucking vaginas; pussies; pudenda; whatever you prefer to call them, OKAY!” Sara revealed in an overly loud voice. She went on to add, “They’re fully penetrable in every sense of the word.”

Carrie immediately smacked her hands in the air and announced to the world, “I KNEW IT; the kid has gone full-blown lesbo!”

“I’m not!” Sara wailed.

Shhhhh!” Annie cautioned, “They’re gonna hear you both!”

“It was the one in the cheerleading getup, wasn’t it?” Carrie pried. She started snapping her fingers, trying to jumpstart her memory. “The one based off the blonde in the French maid costume. What’s her friggin’ name ...Err ...Ah —VICTORIA!”

“Careful now,” Annie warned again, “she’s right there in the damned kitchen!” Sara’s chin had already dropped to her chest in total shame.

Annie looked over at her crestfallen friend and then raised her hands up in the air. “Now look what you did!”

Carrie just wiped her mouth off on her napkin while she attempted to comfort, “Ah, don’t worry about it, kid; we all went through an experimental phase at some point in our lives, right Ann?”

Annie’s eyes went as big as saucers. “You bite your tongue!”

“I need to bite on somethin’ soon, that’s for sure.” Heidi’s head suddenly appeared around the door, already dressed in jeans and a flannel shirt. A sensible pair of brown riding boots completed her outdoorsy getup...

“Hey guys,” their co-host warned, “you’d better get yourselves ready or there won’t be much time for our horse rides.”

Sara couldn’t get away from the table fast enough. She hurried past her friend and then ran to her room to change into something more rugged.

Heidi pointed her thumb over shoulder and asked, “What’s up with her?”

“She’s just a little confused right now,” Annie replied.

“It’s only curiosity until you round third base,” Carrie joked, “...then it’s considered premeditation.”

Heidi rolled her eyes. “Whatever, but you’d better hurry up,” she said, before turning and leaving.

“So you think Sara’s really gay?” Carrie asked after Heidi was out of sight.

“Well you were the one making fun of her about it.” Annie shot back.

“That was just a joke.” the blonde protested.

Annie rose to get ready for the afternoon’s expedition, shaking her head. “I don’t know if she really knows yet. You keep being mean to her and I’ll kill you.”

“Who? Me?” Carrie’s look was all innocence, “hey, I know how to be nice.”

The blonde paused in thought for a minute and then added, “You don’t think she’s into me do you?” “You would!” Annie criticized as she turned to walk away. She made a sour face and considered to herself ...And that completely gross.

Sometime later, the five of them could be seen trotting out of Daniel’s stables as they headed toward the riding path...

* * * *

It was several hours later when the group returned from their horseback ride in the hills. As the rest of the guests changed into something more casual for lunch, Annie took the chance to slip away. Sara’s confession had only added to the growing suspicion she already had about Daniel’s models, and she wanted to do some investigating of her own. When Annie reached the ornate door to the display room, she was rather surprised to find it unlocked. She looked both ways down the hall, before pushing the door open and slipping inside...

Looking around the room, her eyebrows rose as she noticed the central display case was empty. Leaving that mystery behind for the moment, she assumed that the streetwalker would be the easiest subject for her investigations.

Before long, she had the door of Mallory’s case open and her hand was pulling up the figure’s short denim skirt.

“No friggin underwear?” Annie muttered to herself, “As if that should really be any surprise.” As she’d expected, both from Sara’s comments at breakfast, as well as her own growing suspicions, the figure’s realism went far deeper than one would see at the surface. Grimacing, Annie forced herself to brush her fingers over the figure’s barren vagina. She was no sex-doll expert, but it seemed realistic enough to her. She cringed, swallowing hard, before carefully pulling back at the rubbery folds. A very pink centre gradually revealed itself, the texture of the lining soft and somewhat flexible ...almost elastic.

“Okay that’s completely gross!” Annie burst out as she jerked her hand away, “Display models my arse.” The many disgusting uses for such a doll flashed through her mind like so many perverse atrocities. She could have thrown up if she’d really thought about it, but the sound of an opening door made her pull down the skirt and exit the case with haste. She barely managed to close the door, as Daniel entered the room. She quickly swung round, glaring at Heidi’s boyfriend...

“Oh; fancy seeing you here, Annie,” her host greeted her with a tone of surprise. “Can I help you with something?”

“You’re the only one that needs help, mister!”

“Is there something wrong?” Daniel inquired rather innocently.

“There surely is, you— you sex-crazed deviant!”

Daniel raised his eyebrows.

“Does Heidi know about you’re dirty little secret?” she accused, pointing her index finger accusingly at their host.

“And what would that be?” Daniel asked as he began strolling around the room, casually checking the displays

. “That you make sex toys, you sick-o! ...I’d be willing to bet you even use them yourself!”

Daniel just laughed. “But of course she knows; you can even ask her. We don’t keep any secrets from each other. My company works with silicone, so it only stands to reason that we would branch out into other markets. Are you even aware of just how profitable the sex toy trade is?”

Annie paused, taken aback by Daniel’s frankness. She hadn’t considered looking at things from a “business” point of view. Despite his willingness to explain, she wasn’t quite ready to give up. “And where’s the cheerleader?” Annie questioned, her finger pointing at the now empty case. “Oh, you mean Victoria?” he replied, innocently.

His blasé use of the name of the figure’s original annoyed Annie all the more ...Seriously; could this chauvinist pig be any more demeaning?

“You know; you’re not the first to come back for a second look,” Daniel revealed. “I had to take Victoria away to undergo some thorough restoration, after Sara’s late-night romp.”

“W—wait a minute; now what happened?” Annie blinked and shook he head in confusion.

“She might not want her friends to be aware, but Sara had quite the little make-out session in here last night. It was as much a surprise to Heidi as it seems to be to you; she’d no idea that Sara swung that way.”

Annie’s head spun. One of her friends knew that her boyfriend made adult sex toys and didn’t seem to mind, while another was making out with said mannequins —and female mannequins to boot!

...That wasn’t exactly how Sara described it, no wonder she seemed so peculiar at breakfast!

“By the way; lunch is served and your friends await your presence,” Daniel informed her. He then went on to advise, “As their gracious host, I refuse to starve them over such trivial nonsense any longer...” He then turned and abruptly exited, leaving his guest speechless in his wake.

Annie stood in the display room, trying to make sense of it all. She may not like what Daniel was doing, but if Heidi didn’t mind, then maybe it wasn’t her place to object. Perhaps she should just be happy for Heidi and try to help Sara with whatever issues she was going through. Annie knew a little bit about Sara’s family, and she could imagine how hard it would be for her friend to come out. “Wow, just, wow,” she managed at last, before leaving the room without looking back...

True to Daniel’s words, lunch was already there waiting on the table. His personal Chef even made an appearance, looming overhead and calmly poised to answer any culinary questions. She was quite a strikingly attractive example, (much like the other women that their host surrounded himself with), and she spoke with an accent that hinted at her Columbian roots. Sofía stood with her legs braced apart, and with hands clasped behind her back, looking like a brigadier as she explained how she’d prepared their Sushi. The two younger servants were present as well, standing in wait at the sides to offer any assistance required. When Annie tried to slip into the dining room unannounced, the taller Hispanic woman shot her a glare from the other end of the table. Apparently Sofía didn’t care much for tardiness... “Ahem!”

Annie offered an apology for her lateness and took a seat at the table. Sofía frowned down at Annie and then returned her focus to the other guests. “I hope joo like jour Sushi, and dinner will be serfed at 8pm sharp. Please enjoy jour stay here at Maison de Beauté.”

There was a brief round of applause and Sofía took a short bow, before returning to the kitchen. Everyone was quick to tear into the lunch after riding horseback out on the trail all morning. Even Sara, who was generally a light eater, bore down on her meal. The only exception was Annie, who just sat there, picking away at her food, completely unsure of what to say to her friends. Sara was the last one she’d ever expected to be playing for the other team. Perhaps it was Annie’s religious upbringing that made it all seem so taboo ...But still; making out with a mannequin? What on Earth was that girl thinking?

After giving it much thought, Annie still considered Sara to be her best friend, and she wasn’t about to abandon her. She finally decided it might be in everyone’s best interests to just drop her concerns about Daniel’s creepy mannequin’s altogether ...Maybe the boat ride this afternoon will help clear my head.

By the time Annie had finished her lunch Carrie, Sara and Daniel had already left the table to prepare for the ride around the lake. Heidi had just gotten up from her seat and warned, “Better hurry it up; I told you he doesn’t like having to wait, and we’ll be leaving within an hour. I haven’t forgotten how long it takes for you three to get ready!”

“Hey, I’m not as bad as the other two,” Annie protested.

“Yeah, true,” Heidi conceded.

“Look, umm,” Annie stumbled, trying to find the right words.

“What’s on your mind?” her friend asked, concern creasing her brow. “You seem a little, well,”

Annie took a deep breath. This wasn’t easy, but she had to know for sure. “Well, Daniel was telling me about Sara and, well, what she got up to with the mannequins.”

“Oh,” Heidi replied breezily, “that.”

“Was she really, you know...” Annie couldn’t bring herself to actually put it into words. With Daniel it had been different, but Heidi was her friend.

The brunette finished Annie’s sentence for her. “Making out with the cheerleader figure? Victoria’s? Yeah sure.”

Annie just stared mutely at friend.

“If you don’t believe me I can show you the surveillance tapes. It was pretty wild.” Heidi shook her head. “Never thought she was like that. I didn’t believe it until I saw it.”

“No, no, it’s okay,”’ Annie replied hastily.

“All right then,” Heidi established, “her orientation doesn’t bother me, and she’s still our friend right?”

“Sure she is, I was telling Carrie earlier not to bug her about it.”

“Thanks Annie,” Heidi smiled, “I’m sure Sara would thank you too, if she knew. The four of us; altogether ...forever, right?”

Annie nodded. Heidi was right, Sara was their friend, and whatever she did in her own privacy wasn’t about to change that. They were friends, (even Carrie, annoying as she could be sometimes), and they’d stick by each other through thick and thin.

Annie’s reverie was broken by Heidi’s firm command, “Now get that booty moving, you don’t want to be late.”

“I’m going! I’m going!” Annie exclaimed. She wiped her mouth off on one of the expensive monogramed napkins and then hurried upstairs to change into her suit...

* * * *

Carrie Dixon struck another pose in front of the full-length mirror that her room provided ...You know, I really could get used to living like this, she thought to herself as she stretched this way and that, admiring her own shapely reflection. It was still another hour or so before the boat trip, but the statuesque blonde had slipped into her bikini early, hoping to get in a little “alone time” while sunbathing. She had tried on the metallic pink one first, (one of just four that she’d brought along for the trip), but that one seemed a little too shiny. She pulled out the neon thong next ...Nah; looks like I’m trying too hard! Carrie liked the gauzy white one the best, but her nipples would show whenever it got all wet ...Don’t need to raise any more dirty looks from Annie. She decided on the turquoise one with the underwire cups and the high-rise bottom. It might not have been as slinky as the others, but it still showed off enough skin to grab everyone’s attention. The top strings tied behind the neck, while the lowers secured in the centre of the back, giving her shoulders a broad and elegant look. The underwire cups forced “the twins” up and together, creating an impressive amount of cleavage. The bikini bottom was a V-cut, which sat high on the hips both front and back, making it perfectly clear that she’d taken the time to shave. Carrie ran her splayed hands out over the swells of her breasts, descending even further to come to a rest at the rise of her hips. Then she turned around and looked over her shoulder, arching her back a little to get a better view of her tush. The sparkling aqua material made her ass look even more spectacular, as it hugged the tight curves and crept up in all the right places. She was hot and she knew it, her confidence and poise at an all-time high.

Carrie wondered what kind of reaction she’d get from Daniel and her friends when they saw her. Sure, the girls had seen her in something like this before, but their eligible host? ...Once that playboy lays his eyes on this body, he’ll forget all about his silicone mannequins —and even Heidi for that matter. Sure the woman was cute, (in a girl-next-door kind of way), but what man would choose a Volkswagen over a Porsche?

Carrie had done a fair amount of swimwear modeling back in college, (thus the expensive implants). If there was one thing that she took away from that experience, it was to keep your friend’s close, and the competition even closer!

She spent a few more minutes turning from side to side, tugging and pulling at the material to ensure maximum impact. Then she reached for a bottle of Chanel and spritzed some perfume across her ample cleavage. She pulled back the upper band of her bikini bottoms and gave her kitty another shot for good luck. Carrie giggled and shook-off the chilling sensation. She blew an adoring kiss at her reflection, before grabbing her beach bag and towel and heading towards the door. She ran into Heidi the very moment she stepped out into the hallway...

Heidi’s eyes went wide. “Woah, you’re really rockin’ that bikini!”

“Eh; it was just something I had lying around,” Carrie replied rather coolly. “Hey, where’s the best place to get some sun before we take out the boat?”

Heidi paused for a moment in consideration. “Umm, for this time of day, probably the patio right out the back. I’d lie out on the sundeck all the way to the left, as there’s usually a nice breeze that comes right off the lake.” She pointed down the hall before warning, “Just don’t fall asleep or you’ll miss our ride.”

“No chance,” Carrie smiled as she sauntered off.

After her friend had disappeared from view, Heidi hurried off in search of her master. The pair had a quick conversation, and their plans for the day underwent a slight revision...

* * * *

Carrie strolled around the concrete patio, trying to decide on which one of the loungers to use, when she suddenly realized that she’d forgotten to borrow the suntan lotion from Sara. Her fists clenched in annoyance and she cried out, “Damn it all!” ...As the blonde turned around to stomp back towards the mansion, Daniel exited from the patio door.

“Ah, just who I was looking for!” he called, before waving something in the air.

“Yeah?” Carrie beamed while rocking her torso from side to side in a flirty way. “Well here I am, handsome.”

“So I see,” the man replied, his grateful eyes already scanning over her impressive dimensions. “Heidi said you were going sunbathing and I thought you might need some lotion.”

“I actually do,” Carrie admitted. The sound of her voice took on a softer manner and she asked, “You wouldn’t mind helping me out with it, would you?”

“Sorry,” Daniel politely declined, “but I don’t think Heidi would appreciate that.” “Ya’ never know,” Carrie pitched, “She might be willing to share among friends.” Daniel just raised his eyebrows, preferring not to comment.

“But if I might recommend this,” he said while offering her the tube, “’s a little something I picked up on my last trip to the Orient.”

Carrie examined the white bottle within her opened palm. The flamboyant lettering announced the scent as ‘Enchantment’ with the words ‘Activation Agent’ below it in much smaller print.

...Activation agent?

“How come there aren’t any ingredients listed on the label?” she questioned with a look of concern. “Is this stuff even safe?”

“We’ve tested it thoroughly and yes it’s safe,” Daniel assured. “It acts as a sun block while rejuvenating the skin, giving it a nice silky sheen. I guarantee it’s the best treatment your skin will ever get ...I was so impressed that I’m thinking about adding it to our product line.”

Carrie still looked unconvinced. “But what is it made from?”

“Well as they say: ...That’s an ancient Chinese secret -Heh!” ...Daniel joked.

Carrie flipped the cap open and took a good whiff. She raised her eyebrows and concluded, “Well at least it smells good ...Sort of reminds me of Lilacs in the springtime.”

“Well lilacs are one of the natural ingredients.”

“I don’t know; maybe I should just go and ask Sara for hers...”

Daniel looked back towards the manor, where Heidi was watching them from behind a window. She gave him a nod as if urging him on, and he quickly turned back to Carrie. “I’ll tell you what; I’m so convinced that you’ll love this product, I’ll agree to just do your back.”

Carrie handed back the bottle and reasoned, “Sounds fair enough to me.” She immediately turned around, secretly hiking up her bikini bottom as she did so. A delighted smirk was already showing on her face; the spoilt blonde always loved it when people caved and she got her way...

Daniel advised, “Now you’ll want to hold that long hair up so it doesn’t get in the way.”

“Not a problem,” Carrie assured, before working the scrunchie she’d been saving down over her wrist. As his guest gathered up all of her locks into a ponytail at the top of her head, Daniel removed the surgical gloves he’d secretly tucked into his back pocket. He carefully pulled the synthetic rubber up along his fingers with a smile as he thought ...It always pays to plan ahead. By the time Carrie was finished, a golden mane sprouted up from the centre of her head like the stalk on a fully-grown carrot. She held it up off her shoulders with one hand, while Daniel squeezed some of the clear goop across his opened palm...

The man set the bottle down at his feet and admired Carrie’s legs on the way back up. He began to spread the lotion over the young woman’s back and shoulders and then gently worked it into her pores. He still felt every single inch of her lovely skin despite the neoprene gloves. He liked the way the sun gleamed across her tanned body and how the breeze from the lake gently ruffled a few of her stray hairs. His appreciative gaze studied her back, following the spine up to her bare shoulders, where each Trapezius swept up gracefully into her exposed neck. Daniel squirted some more goop into his cupped palm and began to work it into her lower lumbar region, dipping into the cute dimples there. Carrie seemed to relax just a little bit more as the seconds passed, her body loosely swaying in time with the circular movements of his skilled hands. Weak moans of appreciation began to escape from her lips, as the masseuse worked his magic over her bare skin. The man couldn’t help but stare down at her shapely rear end, admiring the way the sparkling teal fabric stretched out over her ass, displaying its rounded curves.

“Okay, get them up.” Daniel ordered, tapping his hands against her ribs. Carrie raised both arms up over her head, as if she were reaching for the sky. The host worked the lotion underneath her armpits, and then down along her sides. Carrie’s back seemed to give more and more beneath his touch as he did so. Encouraged by the sharp, outward humps of her ass, Daniel leaned in; his thick arousal pressed up tight against the deep recess of her crack. She was a vision of absolute perfection just standing there before him like that, and he’d surely taken notice. It was at that very moment that inspiration struck the artist and his muse unwittingly sealed her own fate...

Carrie continued to arch deeper and deeper, pressing her ass cheeks rearward even harder against her admirer’s thighs. She could feel the heat of his cock burning through the thin material of her bathing suit, and for a minute, she thought he might grab her arms and take her from behind right there on the patio!

Daniel leaned in close to her ear and then he gently whispered, “Carrie.” “Yesss?” she gasped, the tension inside her heightened by his hot breath on her bare skin.

“Now you’re going to do a little favour for me.”


“On a countdown from three; I want you to freeze for me,” the man instructed. “Do you understand what I’m asking of you?”


“Just hold the exact pose you’re in right now, got it?”

The blonde just nodded, swallowing hard.


She rose up on her toes, preparing herself for impact.


Her heart pounding away so wildly!


Carrie’s eyelids flared in anticipation.

“And freeze.”

As Carrie locked in place, she felt herself squirt in her bikini bottoms. She couldn’t help it; she’d always been a “squirter” ...Some of her more gifted lovers knew it, and now Daniel was going to know it too...

Daniel circled around his guest, bent fingers propped beneath his chin as if in thought. The turquoise bikini top she wore stretched out over her ample chest, daringly displaying their impressive swells. It made his mouth water and his dick stand on end...

“Now repeat after me: I feel just like an erotic sculpture ...beautifully posed for all to see...”

Carrie snickered weakly, still half-willing to play his silly little game. “I feel just like an erotic sculpture ...beautifully posed ...for all to see.”

Daniel had walked around her backside again, completely out of her view, but his words still rang out, clear and true. “Just a beautiful statue ...enjoying being still ...for hours upon hours a restful state of limbo.” Carrie’s eyes had taken on a glassy appearance, slowly lidding, as she dully repeated, “Just a beautiful statue ...enjoying being still ...for hours upon hours a restful state of limbo.”

“Feel yourself drifting deeper and deeper into this carefree, restful state,” Daniel intoned beside her. “You find great pleasure in this restful state of limbo ...It leaves you completely open to suggestion. In fact: whenever you hear the words Pretty Barbie, you’ll go blank immediately, and find yourself willing and able to perform whatever action is asked of you.”

Carrie stared forward, her eyes glassy and distant. Her tall frame just barely wavered in place on its own two feet. A noticeable calmness had come over the woman, as if she’d somehow fallen for her admirer’s bewitching words... Daniel moved about her, readjusting his mannequin’s limbs without her even realizing it. As a final touch he released her hair from the scrunchie holding it in a ponytail. By the time she came to, their mysterious host had already left the patio...

Carrie blinked a few times and then looked down at the hand on her left hip. Then she slowly craned her neck to see that her right arm had somehow been set to wave in the air. “Heeey!” she protested before quickly spinning around. Daniel was long-gone, apparently having left without her even realizing it. She made a funny face and mumbled, “What in the hell?”

The leggy blonde continued to look around in wonder for a moment, and then felt herself blush in embarrassment ...I swear I must be losing it!

Carrie picked up the bottle of lotion and squirted a big puddle into her cupped palm. She rubbed her hands together, noticing that the treatment was more slippery than the sunscreens she was used to “...Ancient Chinese secret huh? I guess we’ll see...”

After lathering herself up, Carrie lay back and let her mind drift off for a while. A short time later she was rudely awakened by a distant cry of “Hey girl!” She sat up and looked around, feeling strangely stiff, only to see Heidi fast approaching in a blue-on-white bikini. A bottle of wine was in one of her hands, while the other held up two wineglasses.

“Hi yourself,” Carrie grumbled before falling back against the chair.

“Care for a drink?” Heidi offered, waving the expensive bottle in her direction.


Heidi poured them each a glass and handed one to Carrie. They chatted for a while, but soon Heidi was maintaining the conversation all by herself. Carrie felt herself drifting off again, only barely paying attention. Before long, there was a pull at the sides of her head as her white ray-bans were carefully removed. She struggled to open her eyes, blinking in the brilliant sunlight, eventually managing to see Heidi leaning over her...

“There you are,” her friend said as she hung the Ray-Bans in between her moderate cleavage.

“Wouldn’t want you completely out yet, now would we? For a minute there, I thought that I might have over-drugged your drink.”

“Wha, what?” Carrie managed through anesthetized lips that didn’t quite work. Drugged my drink? What the hell? She’s roofied me? ...The blonde tried to sit up, but her limbs were all tingly and numb and wouldn’t co-operate.

“Don’t worry, you won’t be here that long.”

...What the fuck? ...What are you doing, you bitch? Do you think I was after your stupid boyfriend? Carrie thought, conveniently forgetting the details of her recent encounter with Daniel.

Carrie could see Heidi turn and speak to someone else beside her. “Do you have everything?”

The half-comatose blonde managed to turn her head just enough to see that Heidi was talking to Victoria. The co-ed, still attired in her French maid outfit, was holding up a silver serving tray, but it was raised too high for Carrie to see what was on it.

Heidi reached over to the tray. To Carrie’s horror she saw that her friend had picked up a large pair of scissors. ...Oh fucking hell: she’s going to kill me! ...No Heidi, please, no! You can keep your damned boyfriend! Carrie tried to scream but all that emerged were feeble moans, her attempts to move or raise her arms to protect herself proving just as futile.

Heidi bent over her and Carrie thought she was going to die. Instead, all she heard were two quick snips followed by a tugging sensation, as Heidi pulled away her bikini top.

Carrie sighed as relief flooded through her, but then confusion and resentment took the place of the fear ...So you drugged me just to get your eyes on my boobs? ...And we thought Sara was the gay one!

Carrie watched as Heidi pulled on a set of latex gloves. Then she seemed to be preparing something else on the tray. Despite being under the influence of the drugged wine, Carrie’s eyes went wide when her friend’s hands emerged holding a vibrator. She could tell the shaft was already lubed-up from the way it glistened in the sunlight.

...You have gone fucking gay, you stupid bitch! You’re so going to pay for this!

“You’ll start to feel the effects of the vibrator within minutes,” Heidi explained breezily, “but you can thank me for this later.”

Carrie watched in shock as Heidi knelt down. She felt a tug below her waist, as her bikini bottoms were pulled aside. Without ceremony, Heidi plunged the toy deep into the blonde’s pussy, the rigid device stretching and pushing at her inner linings. Carrie groaned as its vibrations had an immediate effect.

Through the sexual haze rapidly enveloping her mind, Carrie realised that Heidi was speaking to her again, her tone still calm and collected. “It was so nice of Master to let us have dinner and the horse ride. If you hadn’t slipped off for your little impromptu tanning session and given him an opportunity he couldn’t resist, then we could’ve hung out the rest of the day as well. Then again, it’s not like we won’t be spending a lot time together; there just won’t be much chance for conversation.”

...What do you mean you crazy bitch? This is so messed up! Get this damned thing out of me! Oh, fuuuck ...You should have stabbed me when you had the chance, you loony -uh ...I’m going to fucking kill you—OH GEEZ! ...Uh! OooH! ...What in hell is this fucking thing doing to me?

Carrie felt her pussy clench around the device, waves of pleasure tumbling through her. She was scared and completely humiliated, but that couldn’t stop the sensations that were spilling outwards from the heat in her centre. ...Get it out. Please, Heidi, I swear I’ll take it all back, just get it out of me!

Her friend ignored her silent pleas, of course, choosing to flatten-out the pull ring and then tug the real estate agent’s bikini bottoms back in place. Carrie could feel the material stretching over the handle portion that wasn’t quite enveloped by her throbbing pussy.

“Now you have something from Master filling you, too” Heidi grinned, before giving her friend two quick pats just above where the vibrator was filling her hole. The brief contact on Carrie’s clit was exquisite torture. Heidi leant over to give her friend a chaste kiss on the cheek before whispering in her ear, “I’m looking forward to seeing the “new you” when we get back. And don’t worry: I’ll be sure to pass on your sincerest apologies to Sara and Annie for missing the boat ride.”

...The new me? ...What in the hell is that supposed to mean?

As Carrie’s thoughts slowly dissolved, she could feel an orgasm building within. It ripped through her as Heidi rose to her feet, the seed of another already taking its place...

Victoria watched, fixedly, as the blonde woman’s hips rolled and flexed in climax after climax. She knew that Carrie was soon to join a new display of her master’s. A twinge of jealousy shot through her, quickly dampened by the control egg buzzing away in her pussy. However much she wanted it, it wasn’t her place to join a permanent display just yet. Master had promised her that she could, just as soon as she graduated from college. The co-ed listened, intently, to Heidi’s detailed instructions. On one level, she knew that this other woman was simply another possession of Master’s, just like her. On another, she knew that Master considered Heidi special, and he’d specifically told her to obey the brunette when he wasn’t around.

“The extra gel on her skin will speed up the process,” Heidi informed the maid, “so she should turn in two, maybe three hours —tops. Sofía already knows what to do, but make sure you have her heels and restraints ready to go. Master will take care of all the final details later this evening. Max will handle any problems while we are away.”

“Yes mistress,” Victoria replied crisply before turning on her heel and leaving. She still held the silver tray before her, along with the scissors, the tube of activating gel, and the disposable gloves. In place of the vibrator were the remnants of Carrie’s bikini top. Victoria didn’t really care, except in as much as her instructions had to be followed in order to make Master happy.

Heidi smiled down at her friend as another orgasm wracked the blonde’s frame. It might just be perspiration from the heat, but she could have sworn that Carrie’s skin was already taking on a slight sheen.

“Time to go,” she said brightly, “I don’t want to miss the boat!”

* * * *

Daniel’s Yacht, (a Tiara 3600 Coronet model appropriately christened Medusa), sat idling beside his privately owned dock, its twin 375 HP Mercury engines loudly burbling beneath the water. The artist-turned-captain sat ready at the helm, staring out anxiously through the wraparound composite windscreen. He would glance at his Rolex and then over at the patio where Carrie still lay, and then back over his shoulder at the boathouse. It wasn’t so much that Heidi was keeping him waiting, but rather the poor timing of it all...

And the idea of getting started on Carrie.

Daniel’s fingers tapped impatiently across the steering wheel, a slight smile curling on his face at the mere thought of

Heidi’s two remaining girlfriends were already sitting in the rearward lounge, taking in the sun. They appeared to be as ready and anxious as he was, but for other reasons...

Sara had arrived wearing a cute little black number with white polka dots. The top was a string bikini, while the bottoms were Cheeky Boy shorts, which made the petite Asian look more like a teenager than a twenty three year old, but Daniel wasn’t complaining. Annie the —the opinionated one— sat kitty-corner from Sara. The busty travel agent was wearing a floral print one piece with ruched panels that hugged her womanly curves in all the right places. A wispy sarong allowed her a little bit of modesty.

Heidi finally appeared in the background wearing her own pale-blue-on-white bikini. While more daring and sophisticated than Sara’s or Annie’s suits, it hardly compared to Carrie’s revealing number.

“Where’s Carrie?” Sara asked, as her friend climbed aboard. Fortunately, at least for the hosts, their two guests couldn’t see their friend from where they sat in the back of the boat. Only Daniel, from up high on the bridge, could see her prone figure.

“She’s not coming,” Heidi smiled back, “said she just wants to lie there and soak it in. I don’t think she’s going to be moving for a while.”

“Oh,” Sara replied dejectedly, her shoulders noticeably sagging a little.

Heidi sat down next to her friend, putting an arm around her shoulders to comfort her. “Hey, don’t worry; it just allows us more time to talk.”

Annie looked over at Heidi a bit suspiciously. “Aren’t those Carrie’s sunglasses?” She nodded her head, indicating the white-framed Ray-Bans still conveniently hooked inside Heidi’s cleavage.

...Damn, I forgot to exchange them with mine! the brunette chided herself.

“Oh these?” she stalled, “I suppose we do share some similar tastes.”

Daniel gave Heidi a knowing look and then turned back to face the steering wheel.

“Are we good?” he called from his place at the helm.

“We’re very good,” Heidi replied.

“That’s what I like to hear,” Daniel returned. “Forward anchor is already up, so how about untying us back there.”

“Aye aye, Captain!” Heidi complied while mocking him with an exaggerated salute. The brunette turned sharply on her heel in true military fashion, and then leant herself over the cushiony seatback to unwind the dock line from the cleat.

Sara’s eyes flicked over to her friend, enjoying the way Heidi’s bikini bottom creeped up her ass the further she stretched ...Good thing I wore these big sunglasses, the young Asian thought. Then she squeezed her eyes shut and shook her head What the hell do I think I’m doing?

To Sara’s immense relief Heidi had taken her seat when she opened her eyes. Neither of her friends seemed to have noticed her oogling Heidi’s behind...

However, Daniel had caught her peeping from his higher vantage point on the bridge. A mischievous smile had already formed by the time Heidi gave him a thumbs-up. The captain steered the boat away from the mooring and they were on their way...

Over on the far end of the patio, Carrie had lost count of the number of climaxes the vibrator had driven her to. One would barely recede before the next started welling up inside her. The intruder had surely taken root, repeatedly assaulting her aching pussy with its incessant, yet exquisite, vibrations. Her mind swam in a confused haze of fear and sexual bliss, and even those thoughts became harder to cling to as the time passed. She could not believe that Heidi had done this to her, let alone decipher whatever it was her deceitful friend and the maid had been talking about. Something was horribly wrong, and Carrie didn’t know whether to be angry with her friend, or be afraid for them both. Even her eyes disobeyed her now, and she couldn’t comprehend how she could be staring blankly ahead, while the device throbbed away inside her pussy. It sparked wave after wave of sexual bliss ...An electric wildfire coursing up and down her spine, each crescendo rippling from the numbed walls of her pussy, spreading up and outward to her inflamed nipples, and then detonating within the deepest recesses of her brain.

Before long, Carrie felt some sort of movement, though it took her a minute or so to realize that it was she who was sitting upward. Glassy-eyed and slack-jawed, she slowly arose from her chair and then shuffled along stiffly towards the end of the dock. With every few steps, she’d stumble and pause, as another debilitating climax rolled over her. Without her own volition, Carrie’s voice suddenly spilt forth from her mouth:

“I am obedient to my master ...I am nothing more than his Statue in Silicone ...Just an erotic sculpture ...Always ready and available ...Beautifully posed for his viewing pleasure...”

Fear coursed through her being as she recited the words. She couldn’t hold onto a thought long enough to make any sense of what they meant. Somewhere, deep down, Carrie knew that this couldn’t possibly be good at all...

As the blonde reached the end of the dock, she lazily raised one arm in the air and began to wave. Her mind was far too muddled to register what was happening, and the fact that she was topless before whoever might be passing by was of no concern. Carrie’s nipples stood out from her breasts, hardened from the blowing breeze, golden hair streaked across her face. She stared out at nothing in particular, and yet continued to wave, her arm now working in one repeated, mechanical motion...

Out on the boat, the three friends were thoroughly enjoying their cruise, laughing and joking as Heidi and Annie both put their efforts into cheering Sara up. Daniel looked back occasionally, pointing out various landmarks around the lake. After a while, they circled back and made their first pass in front of Daniel’s mansion.

“Hey!” Sara called out, pointing excitedly at the shoreline. “Is that Carrie waving at us?” “I think it is,” Heidi replied, her hand rising to shade her eyes. She knew Daniel was keeping the boat far enough away from shore so they couldn’t see their friend’s changed demeanour.

All three women began waving back in unison.

“Oh my god,” Sara shouted, “she’s got no top on!”

“What does she think she’s playing at?” Annie said, disapproval edging her voice.

“Well, she never did like tan lines,” Heidi shrugged.

Daniel looked away from the wheel and over at Heidi. They gave each other a knowing wink, both satisfied that events were moving along as planned.

Even after the boat had passed, Carrie continued to wave in the same direction, seemingly at no one in particular. She began to mewl softly, as an odd prickling sensation began to overtake her body; it was everywhere but the top of head and around the area of her eyes. This feeling of hundreds of tiny needles puncturing her skin was rather discomforting, (almost enough to derail the pleasurable sensations still emanating from the intruder inside her). Yet she remained glued to her spot at the end of the dock.

“What in the hell is she doing?” Annie cursed, still looking back at the shoreline. “Do you think she’s alright?”

“I’m sure she is,” Heidi said. ”If there was a problem she’d be waving us in.” “I suppose,” Annie replied doubtfully.

“I can’t believe she’s topless,” Sara gushed, “I mean, that’s quite a feat, even by Carrie’s standards!”

Annie relaxed as she saw the distant figure of her friend slowly turn and head back down the dock.

Back on the shoreline, Carrie walked right past her towel, her beach bag and everything. She progressed stiffly towards the manor, where Max was waiting to meet her, his Asian features hidden as always behind his wrap-around sunglasses. She tried to form the word ‘help’ with her lips, but something else emerged instead:

“I am figure number two.”

Max nodded in understanding. “You are to follow me to your display area.”

Her inner fear suddenly elevated again ...What? No! ...No wait! ...Please, Max, you have to help me! It’s me, Carrie: the sexy blonde you picked up with the limo last night ...Don’t you even remember me?

Max stood before her, hands coolly crossed down in front, seemingly oblivious to her thoughts. His face twitched from an involuntary tic, but his cold expression didn't change in the slightest. Carrie was standing so close to him, she could see her own distorted face staring back at her within the lenses of his wraparound shades.

Pretty Barbie.”

Carrie’s thoughts immediately blanked out; her shoulders went slack and her arms dropped at her sides. Whenever Max used a trigger on one of his boss’s subjects, it was like watching a raindrop rippling across a pond, its effect was always immediate and its reach went well beyond its own dimensions.

He’d never had to use it more than once; they always went under with the first try. This gold-digger would be no exception...

“This way,” he ordered.

Carrie followed his steps like a hypnotized zombie, her consciousness fading in and out along the way. When it next returned for any length of time, she was standing in a bedroom, but not one that she recognized. The vibrator still buzzed away, and Carrie couldn’t believe that her weary body could withstand any more orgasms. Yet they rolled over her continuously, pressing up from her groin and radiating out to every nerve ending in her body, the pleasure, excruciatingly intense, repeatedly blacking out her thoughts.

The pressure finally eased, and she could make out a hand waving in front of her face. Carrie’s eyes slowly refocused, losing some of their glazed look. A face began to materialize before her, Carrie eventually recognizing Daniel’s chef. After a brief struggle with the fog within her mind, the dazed blonde managed to recall the woman’s name, Sofía...

“Dees one should make good mannequin,” Sofía announced in broken English, before turning her head and snapping her fingers loudly.

Victoria stepped forward, again holding the silver serving tray. Carrie cringed —internally, as her body was still not obeying her. She vaguely recalled what happened the last time the blonde had approached her with that tray; at least this time she could see what lay on it. Placed in the middle of the polished surface were a set of stiletto heels. A pair of scissors lay to the left, while four leather binders were presented at the right. Victoria raised the serving tray in front of Carrie. Beyond the servant’s shoulder was Madison, putting a hairbrush down on the room’s dressing table. Then the brunette picked up something that Carrie couldn’t quite make out. It appeared to be a bar of some sort.

“Master said you will wear dees,” Sofía announced, holding up the heels and turning them about for Carrie to observe. “They’re imported from Italy and rather expensive, so he trusts that you should like them.”

Carrie remained silent, her stare fixed forward and distant. However, even in her compromised state, she could see that they weren’t run-of-the-mill, everyday club heels; the pair before her were $4,000 Christian Louboutin Ombré crystal leather pumps, (in rare gold and pink to be even more specific). Each was covered with a dazzling array of Swarovski crystals that oozed style and sophistication... Her mind swam, something telling her that she’d always wanted a man to shower her with gifts like these. Now that dream was coming true...

Carrie felt the chauffeur step in behind her and grab her by the shoulders, steadying her in place.

“Figure 2: raise dee right foot,” the chef ordered from somewhere beside her.

Helpless to do anything but obey, Carrie lifted her right leg, her foot swinging gently forward. Her weight remained supported on her left, Max holding her steady. Madison knelt down before her, and took the first shoe from the chef. Gently, the servant slipped the heel onto Carrie’s foot.

“Figure 2: you will lower the right foot.”

This part wasn’t easy. Wearing only one of the high-heeled shoes created a drastic height difference between Carrie’s two long legs, making her extremely unsteady on her feet. Nevertheless, Max held her firmly in place and she didn’t slip.

Sofía directed, “Figure 2 will now raise her left foot.”

Carried obeyed, delayed confusion seeping through the sensual haze in which she was caught. Soon she stood before the servants wearing the glittering stilettos. Max released his grip on her shoulders while Madison remained kneeling at her feet.

The chef lifted the scissors from the tray and proceeded to snip at the strings of Carrie’s bikini bottoms. She pulled the ruined garment away before placing the remnants on the tray for proper disposal.

Carrie felt a slight breeze waft across her nether region. She could just make out her own reflection in the mirror of the vanity table, and noticed that her neat little landing strip was gone —her pussy was now completely hairless! ...What the fuck!

Sofía lifted one of the leather cuffs up from Victoria’s tray. She displayed it to Carrie before informing her, “Figure two: your purpose is to represent the over-arm position.”

...What? ...No! That’s not—

Carrie suddenly straightened without saying a word.

...I’m just an erotic sculpture in silicone ...Beautifully posed for my master ...Totally obedient and available ...Ready for his viewing pleasure.

“Yes, I...”

The older woman fixed two of the binders around Carrie’s wrists and then cinched them in place, one over the other. Then she raised Carrie’s hands up high over her head. Maxwell backed her over to the wall. Carrie could see Madison shuffling forward on her knees, shadowed by Victoria, still carrying the tray. Delicately balancing the tray on one hand, the blonde maid bent at the knees and passed one, and then the other of the remaining binders to her brunette counterpart. Carrie could feel them being fastened around her ankles, just above her expensive stilettos.

Sofía instructed, “Figure 2 will spread her legs.”

Carrie felt herself flush with embarrassment as she followed this latest command, realising just how exposed her new position made her.

“Now stoppa!”

Carrie’s legs were now braced in the proper position; Madison expanded the spreader bar below her and fixed it to the cuffs around the blonde’s ankles.

Carrie wondered, her thoughts drifting in and out, why she still had her hands over her head. She thought she should think about lowering them, but the idea got no further than that, the actual impulse to move her arms refusing to form. “Figure 2 will raise her hands slightly.” Carrie’s eyes widened as she followed Sofía’s instruction.

“Now stoppa!” ...Carrie’s arms froze in response to the command.

Sofía walked over to the bed, flipping open a case Carrie hadn’t noticed before. Inside was an array of expensive makeup. The chef handed a brush and a makeup palate to Madison, and the pair then returned to their “blank slate” to continue.

...Great. NOW what?

Sofía brushed the backs of her fingers over Carrie’s cheek, admiring her attractive lines like the fine art that she would soon become. “You have e’good, supple skin,” the woman praised, “You are most fortunate not to ruin in the sun. Now assume a neutral expression for me.”

Carrie felt her features go slack.

“That’s good girl,” the Hispanic applauded, “now I make you pretty mannequin.” ...Wait, what? Confusion rippled hazily through Carrie’s mind, the blonde not understanding what Sofía meant.

Sofía proceeded to apply a layer of foundation to Carrie’s face, before treating her to a full application, including mascara; eyeliner; contouring; and highlights. The artist was extremely careful, being fully aware of her master’s obsession with detail, and she intended to respect his wishes. Carrie felt her skin tightening; at first she thought it was the makeup, but then she realised it was happening all over her body...

“Dees make-up style most suitable for fashion events,” Sofía lectured the maids as she worked, “not too heavy, but highlight best features of subject. We are lucky that she has good facial structure.”

Carrie lost track of time as Sofía moved about her. When the woman finally stepped back, the now former real-estate agent didn’t even remember where she was. It took her a moment to recognize her surroundings, and by then, the makeup artist was moving on to the next step...

“Now for setting dee proper expression... Let it show on your face, display your desire, your vulnerability.”

Carrie felt her facial features shift, as the human sculptor manipulated her expression with her skilled fingers. “Now for finishing touch.” Sofía leant in close to Carrie’s face, her steady hand carefully applying the mannequin’s lipstick. By the time she finished, her captivated audience noticed an incredible change in Carrie’s appearance. The shapely blonde was no longer a mortal woman; she’d been transformed into an inanimate display object, just staring ahead sightlessly, already posed in the position their master intended.

“Master will be very pleased with jour results,” Sofía assured the motionless figure before her. Once her assistants had gathered up her supplies, the makeup artist turned to leave. The woman exited the room with her entourage closely in tow. Maxwell was the last one to leave, reaching over to turn off the lights and then closing the door in finality...

...Master will be very pleased with your results, the woman had said. As Carrie stood there in the total darkness, that somehow made her feel very good inside. Then even that thought was lost, her consciousness fading to nothing at all, as all motion ceased.

(To be continued)