Statue in Silicone II: Weekend Getaway

By Grey Scribbler and Zapped!

Part 5

Not for those under 18 (or whatever the legal age for this sort of stuff is in your area). If you are offended by graphic
descriptions of sexual activities, especially non-consensual ones, then don’t read this. All characters and situations are fictional.

Copyright 2016 and


Daniel Farnsworth glanced at his watch as soon as his boat pulled into the pier; it was already 7:00pm. “Sorry that we took so long,” the host apologized. “The trip around the lake took a bit longer than I originally planned. Dinner will be served at 8pm sharp. If you want to change clothes and clean yourselves up, you’ll have to be rather quick about it.”

“I don’t think we minded going over time, did we?” Heidi asked her friends. The other two just shrugged their shoulders with indifference.

“I’m just saying try not to take forever,” Daniel countered, “I don’t like having to wait, and Sofía doesn’t either...”

“They’ll be quick about it,” Heidi assured.

The trio split up, each one of them going to their separate rooms. Heidi entered hers, quickly closing the door and locking it behind her. She turned on the lights and smiled at the sight of the new addition to her room’s decorations. She slowly walked up to Carrie, admiring her taught lines and feminine form...

“Sorry that I can’t stay and talk, sweetie,” Heidi apologized, caressing the motionless woman’s cheek. “I promise that Daniel and I will be back later to welcome you properly.”

Heidi quickly changed into dry clothes and as she was about to exit, she stopped short and looked back into the room. “Shall I tell the others that you’re all tied up, or just hanging around?”

Heidi giggled at her own humour and then closed the door behind her...

* * * *

Annie checked her look in the mirror. She’d changed into a cashmere sweater that fit snug across her chest and hung just off the edge of her shoulders. The off-white material really brought out the colour of her skin, which was now sun-kissed from their recent outing on the lake. Then there were the beige skinny jeans that she’d struggled to get into on the bed—probably the tightest pair she owned—expertly matched with her suede ankle boots. Annie added the final touch by clipping her favourite pearl choker in place around her neck. She turned in profile in front of the mirror, assessing the outward sweep of her butt and then smiled with newfound confidence.

...I’m not letting Carrie have all the fun. Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire.

When Annie arrived in the dining room a short time later, she found their hosts already waiting at the table. Heidi looked over at her approvingly as she sat down across from her friend.

“What a lovely outfit!” the brunette remarked before prompting her master, “Isn’t that right, hun?”

“Yes,” Daniel easily agreed, his eyes sizing-up her womanly dimensions, “that looks very flattering on you, Annie.”

The blushing travel agent smiled, her emerald green eyes brightening at their approval, her dislike of Daniel momentarily forgotten. For a brief moment, it seemed as if she might finally get her due.

Heidi and Daniel thought the same.

Annie’s hopes were nearly dashed when Sara came sauntering into the room just a moment later. She’d changed into a light summer dress that could have easily doubled for lingerie. The wispy, open-back number flared out at mid-thigh and swirled in the opposite direction whenever she moved.

“And look at this fashionista!” Heidi praised, “You go, girl!”

Sara beamed as she did a cute little spin and then struck a runway pose. “He-he-he!” she giggled before taking her seat.

Daniel immediately noticed the Asian’s complete lack of a bra, while Annie looked-on with tight-lipped disapproval ...Well so much for getting my due! At least her and Heidi’s efforts in the afternoon appeared to have succeeded in improving their friend’s mood.

As the others began unrolling their utensils and tucking in their napkins, Sara looked around the table and asked, “Where’s Carrie?”

“I checked in on her a moment ago,” Heidi replied. “Carrie said she has a headache from drinking too much alcohol and being in the sun all day. She wanted to lie down for a bit.”

“Really?” Annie commented while making a funny face. “That’s a new one on me; that girl lives for the sun.”

“I dunno,” Heidi replied with a shrug, “But that’s what she told me. Said she’ll be down in another hour or so...”

Annie didn’t look very satisfied with her friend’s answer, but she let her doubts rest for the moment.

Daniel looked on from the head of the table, his eyes drifting over his lovely guests ...This has turned out to be a rather productive weekend, he reflected, and within a few short hours, it will become a personal landmark: three for the price of one! ...Quite proud of this accomplishment, the artist raised his glass. Heidi immediately raised hers, and their remaining company soon followed.

The host opened his mouth as if to speak but then paused and smiled. “Perhaps someone could propose a toast?”

Sara jumped in immediately, “I’ve got one!” Heidi noticed Annie holding her breath, perhaps fearing that their friend might embarrass herself. Don’t worry hun, soon it won’t matter

In her sweetest, most sincere voice, Sara declared, “Here’s to good friends, may they never be parted.”

Heidi flashed a knowing smile at Daniel at the irony of her friend’s comment. If only you knew, girl, she thought as she looked back at Sara. Then she joined a now-relaxed Annie in a chorus of emotional and girly Awe’s.

She saw her master looking at her as he cryptically followed the toast with one of his own “...And here’s to beautiful women, may they always be placed on a pedestal.”

Heidi could hear Sara giggling before her friend replied, “Now that’s a good one.” “You know it!” the brunette added. She could see a frown on Annie’s face. To her relief her friend said nothing, joining in the toast.

The foursome all took turns graciously clinking their wine glasses high above the table. As they downed their first gulps, Annie shifted awkwardly in her chair ...Did he really just say that? Gah, why did I bother dressing up for him? Her distaste for their host was returning in full force.

Heidi and Daniel looked at each after lowering their glasses and Heidi saw her master winking at her. They both knew things were about to get very interesting.

Sofía appeared at the table with her hands clasped down in front. She announced the details of their main course and returned to the kitchen. Victoria and Madison arrived soon after, serving them salads for the appetizer, and then the main course of Chicken Cordon Bleu in Mornay Sauce, with a side of rice pilaf. Everyone’s hungry faces lit up as they dug in eagerly with their forks. Soon the wine was flowing and the general atmosphere seemed bright and joyous. The two guests failing to notice that their wine always came from a different bottle to that of their hosts.

As the meal went on, Annie and Sara found it harder and harder to concentrate, their speech beginning to slur and attention noticeably slipping. Heidi and Daniel chatted away, as their guests tried fixedly to keep up. Eventually their contributions devolved to monosyllables and they started dozing off.

Daniel gave Heidi a perceptive glance and nodded over in Sara’s direction.

“Are you ok, sweetie?” Heidi asked with a forced look of concern.

“I feel a little ...woozy, I guess,” said the Asian, blinking her eyes a few times from the after effects. “You do look a little peaked,” Heidi chided, “You have to remember that you were out in that hot sun all day and drinking alcohol ...Maybe it’s time for bed.”

“Um, o-okay,” Sara mumbled rather sluggishly.

The shapely travel agent was looking tipsy as well. “Carrie. Where’sh Carrie?” Annie slurred, trying to get up from her seat. She’d gotten nearly halfway, when she dropped back in place on her fanny. “I-I thought you said she was coming?”

“Oh, don’t worry,” Daniel reassured the raven-haired woman as he got up from the table to help her out of her chair, “you’ll see her soon enough.”

The host reached beneath his guest’s armpits and hoisted her up, and she drunkenly hooked an arm around his neck. “I really didn’t think I had that much to drink!” she giggled.

Annie and Sara returned to their rooms, half-staggering and mostly supported by their hosts. After seeing them safely inside, Daniel and Heidi closed their doors and then exchanged smirks.

“So how does she look?” the artist asked, before escorting his favourite back to her own room. “Just wait till you see her!” Heidi said enthusiastically. She opened the door a moment later and reached in to turn on the light. Daniel couldn’t get inside fast enough...

“Oh! ... Oh ho-ho-ho! ... Oh yessss!” he exclaimed as Heidi closed the door behind them. She turned to find him with chin in hand, already admiring her friend, as Carrie stared sightlessly ahead from across the room. Daniel paced back and forth in front of the figure, his eyes never leaving her. The Christian Louboutin heels accentuated the long, graceful, curves of Carrie’s legs. Her arms stretched above her head to where the leather binders held her wrists together, and, combined with the arch of her back, thrust her breasts up and outward towards her audience. The expression on her face held an irresistible combination of vulnerability and need, as if she were aware of her helpless circumstances, yet eager and willing for someone to take full advantage of her exposed position...

“Oh you are quite a tease, aren’t you?” Daniel ribbed, flicking one of the figure’s obviously erect nipples. Carrie gave no reaction to this whatsoever. “And Sofía has done such a lovely job on your makeup.”

“So you like her then?” Heidi asked, wrapping herself around his arm.

“Definitely,” Daniel replied, “She’s a lovely adornment for your display.” He leant over and kissed the brunette on the cheek. “Speaking of which,” he added as he pulled back, “she needs her accessories.”

Heidi followed as Daniel headed over to the vanity table. From there he picked up a number of jewellery pieces that the maids had left. She helped him carry them back, holding them as he placed each piece on her unmoving friend.

Daniel finished hooking a clasp in place around the back of Carrie’s neck and then took a few steps back. “Oh yes,” the artist observed, “So much better.” ...He then turned from the motionless figure, to the animated one that stood beside him. “Do you think she’d appreciate all the niceties?”

“Well...,” Heidi started, before considering the expensive looking jewellery, which included a diamond necklace, matching earrings and a bracelet. They all glittered handsomely beneath the artificial light of the room, making her friend appear even more glamorous (and immobile) than before. She finally observed, “...Carrie has always preferred the finer things in life, though I doubt that she ever envisioned obtaining them in this fashion.”

“No, I suppose she didn’t,” Daniel replied with a laugh. “Now for the final touches.”

The artist leaned forward to hook his middle finger into the O-ring on the end of the vibrator. He carefully pulled it from between Carrie’s legs, watching her pussy lips draw outward until they flapped in place once it was completely removed. He handed it over to Heidi, still holding it up by the O-ring. “Careful,” he warned, “there might be some activating agent left on the shaft.”

“Heaven forbid I get some activator on me and wind-up prematurely frozen!” she joked.

“Mm,” Daniel considered, “what a memorable picture that would make!”

The pair shared a laugh as Daniel reached up and affixed Carrie’s wrist cuffs to an eyebolt jutting from the wall. Lastly he pulled a silk scarf from one of his pockets. Careful not to disturb the hairdo that Madison had carefully arranged, he tied the scarf tightly around Carrie’s head, arranging it to bunch in her slightly agape mouth, effectively gagging her.

“There we go,” he said with satisfaction, “she’s all set.”

Heidi couldn’t help herself. She strolled over to where Carrie hung, gently running a finger over the bare curve of her side, as she stared longingly into friend’s frozen features. The brunette stepped back, and then the couple slipped their arms around each other’s waists. They stood there in silence for a few more minutes, admiring Daniel’s handiwork...

“Well, my dear, time to start putting the rest of the pieces together.”

Heidi smiled, knowing precisely what Daniel meant. With her other two friends drugged and (most likely) unconscious by now, Master would be able to process them rather easily. In the meantime, she needed to resume her own position in the display.

Heidi slipped out of her clothes, giving Daniel a quick little peepshow as she did so. She didn’t go overboard; the young woman knew that her Master was far more interested in where this was leading. She carefully folded her clothes and put them away, leaving herself clad only in jewellery that was as exquisite as that adorning Carrie.

Heidi happily lay herself down on the bed, naked, just as Master preferred her to be. She extended both arms up above her head, with her hands crossed over at her wrists. She spread her legs, bending the left one up at the knee. By now, this seemed like the most natural position in the world to her...

Daniel picked up his favourite silver and grey tie that lay on the nightstand beside the bed. He then bound the prone girl’s wrists together before tethering them both to the headboard. He carefully arranged her chestnut hair about her head like an angelic halo. She smiled up at him adoringly as he did so. The girl knew that he could have left those gestures until after she was frozen, but he left her aware, and she truly appreciated that.

Heidi watched out of the corner of her eye as Daniel stepped back and withdrew his phone from his pocket. He started making small circular motions on its surface. Heidi’s breath caught in her throat as sparks shot through her, starting at her nipples and tingling down her nervous system. Daniel brought two fingers together and Heidi squeaked as she felt her nipples being pinched. Without letting his toy recover her breath Daniel started stroking a finger down the length of the screen, Heidi crying out as sensations rolled from her labia, her vision starting to blur.

She could just see Daniel making a small, sharp, rotating motion on the screen, over and over. Her clit sent forth waves of bliss, the heat rising in her belly, engulfing her breasts before sweeping through her overwhelmed brain. Any moment, she was going to come, a tight knot forming at her centre, threatening to blow out and engulf her being entirely, her back arching up from the mattress.

“uh, Uh, UH, U-“

As the orgasm crashed through her prone frame Daniel made one final gesture on his phone. Her body locked in place, mouth open in a perfect ‘O’. Heidi’s prone frame swayed against its restraints and she began the fall into oblivion...

Daniel bent over to withdraw the egg from Heidi’s slick channel, streaks of her cum still linking it to her pussy until he pulled it well clear.

The artist smiled down at the frozen figure before him, her face caught at the height of her passion. His brow creased slightly as he moved his head from side to side, examining the enraptured expression on her pretty face. “Hmm, I’m afraid you might have been a little too energetic in wiping your mouth off after dinner, my dear. I’ll have to send Sofía along to touch-up those ruby lips of yours.”

Heidi hadn’t heard him, of course; she was barely aware of her own existence. She’d already slipped into a passive state of hibernation, where her heart beat at a third of its normal rate, and her breath came less than twice a minute. In fact, only one thought looped throughout her submissively open mind:

Just hours and hours of pleasure ...An erotic sculpture in silicone ...Beautifully posed for—

Then there was nothing as everything stopped and she became totally frozen.

As Daniel rose from the bed he murmured, “Well that’s two down, and two more to go...” He tucked his mobile phone back into his pocket, eager to tend to his other business. The artist then headed out into the hall, carefully bouncing the slick egg within the cupped palm of his hand, whistling a happy tune as he walked...

As Daniel expected, Victoria was already standing outside and silently waiting for him. The blonde co-ed stared fixedly down the entire length of the hall; her polished serving tray held upright within her lace-covered hands, as if offering its contents to whoever might pass. Victoria remained resolute, even as her master studied her up close. If the artist didn’t know any better, he might have thought she’d frozen as well. A trained observer of such things, Daniel could detect the slight swell of her chest as she slowly breathed in and out, taking in only the slightest amounts of air. He remained there watching for at least a minute, waiting for her to blink, growing quite curious as to how long it would be between each one. The girl seemed completely enamoured of the idea of immobility. Not that it was much of a surprise; Victoria had been carrying an egg around inside her pussy for two whole semesters now, the controller persistently pressing the idea of being a statue into her increasingly pliable mind.

Very soon, she would become another permanent fixture in his growing collection.

“Come,” Daniel ordered after setting Heidi’s egg down into a small cushion on the tray. He then headed for the door of one of the other bedrooms. He could hear the noise of Victoria’s footsteps as she followed him, her heels digging into the carpet.

Daniel slowly opened the door and peeked inside. Moonlight was spilling in from an open window, providing the only illumination in the room. He smiled coolly as he saw that a figure lay unmoving on the bed. He slipped inside, signalling Victoria to follow him. Once the girl entered, Daniel gently closed the door behind her and switched on the light.

There was Sara, sprawled out across the width of the bed. She lay face down in a spread-eagle position and with both legs askew, while her arms and head hung limply over the side. The powerful drugs they’d slipped into her wine had overpowered her so quickly; she’d obviously passed out before she even had a chance to slip out of her clothes. Daniel stood there for a moment, his gaze sweeping over her slumbering features. A fragrant breeze was blowing in from the lake and through the open window; it drifted across her unconscious body and rippled the wispy material of her pink dress...

Daniel sat down on the bed next to Sara’s prone form. He reached out, running a hand over her athletic ass, appreciating the tight curves and giving it a good squeeze ...Nice and ripe, just as I thought it would be... Using both hands, he gently raised the Asian’s head up from the mattress. “Oh man, she’s really out!” he mused aloud.

Daniel’s thumbs had started stroking the unconscious girl’s cheeks. With her lips slightly parted, and her eyes closed beneath the silky lengths of her lashes, Sara’s face held a certain vulnerability that seemed perfect for what he had in mind. He carefully set her head back over the edge of the mattress, allowing it to hang free, before turning back around to address Victoria.

“You know, she did seem quite taken with you.”

“Yes Master,” the maid replied, her voice devoid of expression.

“Her permanent place will be in Heidi’s display, but I think I will pose the two of you together at some point. I’m thinking you in your cheerleader outfit and her in a Japanese schoolgirl uniform... You know: a pair of knee-high socks with black and white saddle shoes; a short pleated skirt; a crisp white top with a cute little tie.” Daniel glanced up and down the length of the Asian’s body, already envisioning the pose within his dirty mind. He continued to describe what he had pictured, “Sara could be on her knees, her head stuck beneath your pleated skirt and eating you out ...She might be diddling herself with one hand, and caressing you with the other.

Forced back against the wall, your hands desperately grasp at her hair to push her away, while simultaneously steering her head back to your honey-hole ...You’d reach your apex, gasping out a signal to your lover below, activating her own trigger, and then you’d both climax as one. It would be an intimate moment between two passionate lovers now flash-frozen in time.”

“I, umm, y-yes Master.”

Daniel felt a distinct vibration from the phone in his pocket. Victoria would be feeling a matching buzz from the egg in her pussy. He knew that the co-ed didn’t have a gay bone in her body, but the controller had clearly washed away any thoughts the girl might have had about refusing the pose he’d suggested.

“I’m sure you’d love to spend a couple of months with a girl’s tongue inside your twat, wouldn’t you, my dear?”

The co-ed didn’t offer a reply; she just stared fixedly ahead. Daniel grinned as he felt his phone vibrate in one drawn-out buzz inside his pocket. Victoria was already juicing at the mere suggestion of it, her reaction in marked contrast to her natural inclinations. He let the girl enjoy her moment, watching her eyes start to roll up into their lids...The artist smirked when the controller pulled her mind back into sync and her eyes refocused.

“...And we’re back,” he chuckled.

Daniel rolled Sara onto her back, the girl softly moaning as he pulled her more towards the centre of the mattress. Working from a straddling position, the artist pulled her limp body forward by the arms, her head lolling about before dropping to a rest against his shoulder. He reached around to the back of her neck, untying the spaghetti straps that held the garment up. When the artist released his hold, Sara fell back against the bed like a helpless ragdoll. Her head bounced to a stop at the edge of the mattress, her silky black hair cascading down over the side like a waterfall.

Daniel started working the dress down over Sara’s inert frame, revealing her beautiful body inch by titillating inch. Her smallish breasts immediately sprung free from the garment, delightfully wobbling about upon her chest. Pulling down even further revealed her mid-rise bikini briefs, which were snowy white in colour. A floral pattern covered most of the lacy front panel, while a little bow adorned the elastic waistband. As the garment slipped off her legs, each one dropped limp across the bed. The artist neatly folded her dress and then set it aside...

Daniel inched his way back on the mattress and started working the panties down over Sara’s narrow hips and shapely thighs. The briefs caught on the end of her toes at one point, but he gave the undergarment a snap to release them and then tossed them on top of the folded dress.

The man stood back for a moment, taking time to admire the naked body that lay before him. Sara’s daily workout regimen showed in her trim physique; her athletic frame was nicely defined, but not overly so. Her A-sized breasts were capped with brown nipples, which were already growing erect in the cool air of the room. Her bush had been neatly trimmed, the black hair tightly curled and angled back from her lips. Soon, she wouldn’t have to worry about shaving...

Daniel turned to the tray Victoria held before her. He slipped on a pair of latex gloves and picked up one of the two vibrators that lay there. He checked the setting, and then generously lubed the shaft of the device with activator gel from the jar on the tray.

Turning the device in his hands, he examined its entire surface before he was satisfied. Then, with one hand gripping the curve of Sara’s slim waist, he carefully worked the device up into her waiting pussy. He turned it on and heard the girl moan; then smiled when he saw her hips start to move.

Noticing the amount of gel still on the gloves he took a moment to fondle and caress her breasts, Sara’s moans growing even louder. “Just for luck,” Daniel teased, pinching one of her (now) fully erect nipples. He arose from the bed, carefully peeling off the gloves and depositing them on the tray. Sara lay on the bed, her hips slowly grinding and rolling to the sensations from the vibrator.

“Sweet dreams, little one,” Daniel said, before turning away.

Victoria followed Daniel out of the room before he turned off the light and closed the door behind them...

“We’ve got one more stop,” he advised his faithful assistant, before coming to a halt outside of the next bedroom. As he carefully turned the handle and pushed the door open, he realized the lights were still on inside. In Annie’s room it was immediately clear that the raven-haired woman had retained a bit more consciousness than her friend. The travel agent lay huddled in the middle of her bed, her form hidden beneath a conservative pair of pyjamas. “She’s a stubborn one,” Daniel observed to Victoria, “which is perfect for the position I have in mind.”

“Yes Master.”

Daniel gently took hold of Annie’s slack jaw, slowly turning the sleeping woman’s head from side to side. “Her features appear a little stronger than the others, so she’ll do. I’m sure Sofía will know just how to bring them out.”

Daniel reached towards the buttons of Annie’s pyjama top, but then he paused, an immoral smile curling his lips ...Something a little different might be far more entertaining. He pulled her bottoms down instead, giving himself just enough access. Then he donned the remaining pair of latex gloves, lubed up the shaft of the second vibrator and carefully slipped it into the woman’s waiting pussy. Annie was moaning and quivering even as Daniel pulled her pyjama bottoms back into place.

“Take these to Max,” Daniel ordered Victoria, indicating the contents of the silver tray.

“Yes Master.”

“Then get Madison to help you bring the other items to Heidi’s room. After that you can go to the display room.”

“Thank you Master.”

Victoria pivoted on her heel and exited the room. Daniel followed, pausing to look back at Annie before turning off the light. Humming softly to himself, the artist headed off to the security room; from there he could watch the night’s developments unfold...

* * * * Sara slowly drifted back to consciousness, her body occasionally twitching and jerking in the aftermath of yet another glorious orgasm. She could feel the cool air from the open window drifting across her naked body, the heat from within keeping her warm. But it wasn’t the cold that made her shiver, as yet another pulse of raw pleasure shot out from something lodged within her numbed pussy.

...Who? ...What? ...WHY?

Sara struggled to gather her thoughts together. She could remember dinner, and how she and Annie were a little bit concerned about Carrie’s absence. However, those memories broke up like a bad radio signal, quickly disappearing into the ether. She couldn’t remember coming back to her room, let alone why she was naked ...And then there was the thing buried in between her legs; it spread her sensitive tissue around its impressive girth and filled her entirely. The constant buzz coming from within told her it was a vibrator, but she had no idea where it originated from, nor when she’d inserted it ...If she’d inserted it. The nurse tried in vain to sit up, but soon realized she couldn’t, as she felt another orgasm beginning to well up from her centre. Waves of bliss rolled across her, dark and rapturous, as an erotic image of Victoria danced across her mind. It was too much to hope that the blonde had something to do with her strange predicament and besides, wouldn’t she be here if she had?

Fear started to mount in Sara; someone had done this too her; she didn’t know who or why, and it was getting so hard to think, as blinding pleasure boiled through her. Someone had shoved this thing inside her, raping her and what made it worse was that she couldn’t move and she couldn’t think, as her thoughts clouded over from yet another orgasm. She wanted to fight it, but she couldn’t, fear and determination dissolving, washed away by the waves of pleasure engulfing her mind.

Sara’s consciousness drifted away again, blitzed by the unending sensations flowing out from her thrumming pussy. A bead of sweat formed on her forehead and trickled down her face, but she didn’t even have enough capacity to wipe it away.

...An unknown amount of time (and orgasms) later, Sara’s thoughts began to reassemble. Her eyes snapped open as she realised that she was rising up from her bed. Hope rose within her for a brief moment, and then vanished in a flash of panic as she realised that her movements weren’t under her control. She tried to call out, but no sound escaped from her lips.

Sara came to a stop in the middle of her room, as her arms slowly rose unbidden from her sides. What felt like a thousand needles assaulted her skin, everywhere but the top of her head and around her eyes, the blinding torture fusing with the sensual need still echoing within her foggy mind.

...Totally obedient and available ...Ready for ...Ready for ...Something ...Dammit think!

Her eyes closed for a moment in thought. By the time they reopened, Sara found herself standing in the middle of the hall just outside their rooms. She could hear someone slowly approaching from behind. She tried to turn and beg them for help, her hope rising once again. As she rotated, she was greeted by Max, the chauffer, standing there in front of her. Despair took her as she realised that mere coincidence had matched her desire to move with the intent of the force directing her. When she tried to speak out, whatever was controlling her did the speaking for her.

“I-I am figure number three?” Sara nervously stuttered in the near dark. Her statement sounded more like a question than a validation, but then the tone of her voice slightly changed as she positively confirmed, “I am ready for collection.” ...W-wait ...why did I just say that? What’s happening to me? Help, please, help me! Maxwell, you know me! ...Fear pulled at the incoherent thoughts she had left within her mind. Then another climax raked through her body, sweeping them away all over again. Sara hunched over a little, feeling as if she would buckle in two if she had to endure another...

“Number three, you are to follow me.”

Maxwell stepped around her, quite dispassionately, and then made his way down the hall. Sara slowly pivoted in place behind him, ready and willing to follow him to the ends of the earth. However, the orgasms, and the intruder responsible for inducing them was making walking difficult. Like a brave soldier suffering from a mortal wound, she forced herself to continue forward, one determined step after another. It looked as if Max were leading her down the hall to Heidi’s room, and even though she was muddled and frightened, Sara still followed. She came to a stop at the door and waited in silence as Max opened it. The room beyond was dark and deathly silent.

The man then stepped back and studied her in profile. “You will be figure number three in this display,” he instructed. “Your purpose is to represent submission.”

Sara blinked lazily a few times and then dully answered, “I will submit for my master.”

...Wait, what? —I’m not going to submit to anything!

Despite her inner confusion, Sara’s feet carried her forward. Maxwell had placed his leathery hand at the small of her back as she passed, courteously guiding her inside, letting his hand wander just low enough to cop a feel of her bare ass. Sara didn’t even react to this, but rather continued walking forward, something well beyond her awareness pulling her along in the dark like an obedient pet on a leash.

The dim light from the hallway outside gradually reduced itself into a narrow wedge, until the door finally shut behind her. The vision of a stage curtain drawing closed on a cast of bowing performers flashed in her mind. Unfortunately, she was too far gone to sense the irony...

Sara stood silent in the darkness, listening to the room around her, but there wasn’t a sound to be heard. Gradually, some control returned to her body. She bent over in the dark, her hand running down between her legs, only to find that she’d been shaved completely smooth ...What the fuck? ...And then she reached further, locating the folding O-ring on the end of the intruder inside her. She gave it a couple of tugs with her one hand —Then two. However, the damned thing was stuck fast. Sara’s shoulders slumped as she began to sob in despair.

“Heidi?” she cried out in the darkness, “Are you there? ...If this is some stupid prank you guys are pulling on me then it isn’t funny!”

Something clicked and the room brightened a little —it still wasn’t alight; in fact, it was far from it, but at least she could make out some bedroom furnishings. It took Sara’s eyes a few seconds to readjust to the surroundings. She could make out the vague profile of something tall in front of her, and as the seconds passed, it began to take on the shape of a woman...

“Oh there you are. I was wondering why you didn’t...” Sara’s voice trailed off as her eyes fell upon a figure stretched taut against the far wall. At first she expected it to be Heidi, but then she realised it was actually Carrie! Her friend was completely naked, her arms extended up and then beyond the back of her head. Sara couldn’t understand what she was doing here, or why she was staring, empty-eyed, into the distance.

Sara raced over to her friend, or at least as quickly as her predicament would allow. “Carrie?” she asked, confused as her friend gave no sign of being aware of her presence. Closer, Sara noticed that Carrie was bound hand and foot, a gag in place, pulling her jaws slightly apart. She stared glassily out into the room.

...She must be drugged.

“Carrie! Carrie, it’s me!” Sara implored, “What’s the matter?” ...Her confusion only grew as the blonde showed no response to her entreaties.

She reached up and grabbed her friend by the shoulders, violently shaking her. Carrie swung stiffly within her grip and Sara fell back, completely horrified. The calves of her legs encountered the bedframe and she fell back clumsily on top of the mattress, her arm coming to a rest against a bare foot.

Realising that she wasn’t alone, Sara looked over to her right, only to see Heidi stretched out before her, just as naked as Carrie was.

“Heidi!” Sara screamed, “Baby wake up!” She crawled up the bed, trying to ignore her friend’s lewd pose and the bliss showing on her frozen features.

Drawing herself up level with the prone woman, Sara seized her by the shoulders and shook Heidi as hard as she could. “Wake up, honey! ...Please, wake up! ...Something really weird is going on!” She looked down into the glassy-eyed stare of her friend, her head snapping over to where Carrie hung at the wall, seeing the same glazed look over there. The way the dim light reflected off her body, she almost looked like the image of Victoria in the display gallery. Sara slowly released her hold on Heidi’s shoulders, an alarm sounding in her mind as she realised what her fingers were trying to tell her. Her friends’ skin not only shared the same silicone-like sheen, but it also felt just the same as the mannequins’ from the night before!

Unable to stop herself, Sara lent even closer over her friend. She was certain that Heidi wasn’t breathing; she hadn’t so much as moved a muscle or batted an eyelash since she was studying her. The young nurse nervously reached out, touching her friend’s comatose face. It felt stone cold. “Heidi,” she called out softly,

“can you hear me in there? ...Please answer me, I’m begging you!”

She pressed two fingers to Heidi’s neck, checking for a pulse. She couldn’t find one but Sara desperately wanted to believe that her friend was still alive.

“Think, dammit, think!” she urged herself. Her heart raced as she tried to keep her panic from spiralling further out of control...

Then something finally clicked: ...the blank stares; the cold glassy eyes; the slippery skin; the eerie life-like detailing ...Just like Victoria ...Mere coincidence? No, it couldn’t be possible; when would he have had the time to make them?

A bloodcurdling scream cut through the room:


Sobbing, Sara flung herself from the bed, leaving Heidi’s lifeless body lying there on top of the sheets. She looked around, completely frantic, hoping to find something to defend herself with. That’s when her eyes were drawn to one of the nightstands next to the bed, where there was a polished serving tray with a red ball gag placed in the middle of it. Positioned next to the gag was a small white placard, but Sara couldn’t make out any details from this far away. Trembling, she made her way around the bed and reached out for the label. She held it up and could make out her name printed in elegant script.

The placard dropped from her fingers as Sara managed to utter a sickened sounding, “No...”

Sara fought her hand as it reached out for the gag, the control of her body ebbing away as her fingers closed around it. Calm washed over her as she held the gag with the tips of her fingers. Sara lifted it in front of her face, slowly turning it around. Stiffly she walked to the end of the bed, eyes glazed and staring. Opening her mouth she pushed the ball of the gag inside before tightening the strap around her head. Pivoting around, she looked at Heidi, her friend posed on the bed, her pussy open and available between her spread legs, hips straining upwards towards an unseen lover.

...I want to be like that ...Totally obedient and available for my master.

Sara knelt on the floor and spread her legs, her athleticism showing in her every movement ...Back straight, breasts out ...keep the tummy in, she silently reflected as she configured her body for Daniel’s requirements. Her hands then moved behind her back into the proper position.

...Hours and hours of pleasure ...Just an erotic sculpture in silicone ...Beautifully posed for my master. All the while, the pressure had been building-up inside her again, the thrumming sensation radiating up from in between her legs, taunting her like a more-than-capable lover. It had kept her right on the edge, and now it was going to push her over it. As the orgasm rolled up and over her, Sara’s head went back, her spine bowed, an—

Sara’s body had locked in place, her pussy still pinging, her sporty frame swaying a little bit on her knees. That all came to a rest, as the blackness swallowed her awareness...

(To be continued)