Statue in Silicone II: Weekend Getaway

By Grey Scribbler and Zapped!

Part 6

Not for those under 18 (or whatever the legal age for this sort of stuff is in your area). If you are offended by graphic
descriptions of sexual activities, especially non-consensual ones, then don’t read this. All characters and situations are fictional.

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Annie expelled a lengthy groan in regret, head pounding, as she swam back towards consciousness ...How much did I have to drink? ...The travel agent rose up groggily from her mattress, leaning back against her elbows. She slowly rubbed the sleep away from her weary eyes, and then studied her surroundings for a moment ...Well at least I made it back to my bedroom.

Then she noticed something else. There was this splendid buzzing sensation going on between her legs that refused to subside. It was rather pleasurable at first, but as Annie considered the possible culprit, her eyes widened in panic! ...What the ...How in the hell did that get in there? ...Her suspicions arose even further when she tried to move her arms, but her own limbs refused to obey her!

Annie could feel the buzzing sensation intensifying, building up pressure deeply within, as the penile object —or whatever it was— sent gratifying pulses through her frame. She shuddered in reaction, knowing that she was right on the edge...

...Wait! ...What? ...Oh god no!

Teeth gritted, Annie tried her best to resist, but the first wave of pleasure was already racing up her spine. A shudder suddenly rocked her frame. Fireworks burst across her brain as a gasp of pleasure slipped past her lips. She remained arched, hips pumping, stomach flexing, her entire being pleasurably rolling in bliss for nearly a full minute, before falling back against the mattress. The woman then lay there for a long moment, breasts heaving, as she panted breathlessly in relief. An unexpected aftershock rippled through her and made her jerk all over again ...And even as the first one ebbed, another took its place, and then another. Before long, the raven-haired travel agent lost all sense of time.

Annie lay there gasping for breath, her heart pounding heavily within her chest. ...Where in the hell did this damned thing come from? ...It had to be Daniel, that dirty fuuu...


Annie’s thoughts instantly shattered as another climax ripped through her; the thrilling sensation shot from her pussy to her nipples, ricocheting around in her head and then back again. Her body collapsed in another heap. She lay there again, once more frantically trying to catch her breath, her heart pounding heavily.

Before Annie even realized it, she was rising up from the bed. Burning desire dissolved and panic settled in again, as she realised that her body was no longer under her control. She started shuffling towards the centre of the room, stumbling as she went, her hands reaching for the buttons on her pyjama top. A “woah!” erupted from her throat as her wobbly legs gave out and she fell to the deeply carpeted floor. Annie heard a ‘pop’ from her hips, and then struggled to get back up, barely managing to stay upright once she did. Assuming that she’d hurt herself, the woman remained there hunched in the middle of the room. After a moment, she realised, with great relief, that the buzzing sensation in between her legs had somehow stopped, and that she seemed to have regained at least a little control of her body.

After a few deep breaths, Annie pulled down her pyjama bottoms. She flipped out the O-ring, crooked her finger inside, and then carefully withdrew her intruder. She held it up before her eyes, frowning as she did so. The device looked like a normal vibrator to her, but the effect had been anything but normal. During the removal process, Annie’s fingers had come in contact with a strange gel covering the vibrator. Her fingers started to go stiff and numb, and she hastily dropped the phallic object to the floor...

“What the hell?” the woman exclaimed before wiping her hands on her pyjama top.

Annie shook her head, still not remembering how she got back to her room after dinner. How the vibrator ended up inside her was a whole other mystery. She knew that she didn’t put it there ...It had to be that fucking pervert Daniel! ...Regardless of the culprit, the woman was certain that something was very wrong, and that she needed to find her friends —Fast. She hastily threw on a checked shirt, yoga pants, and some runners, before cautiously heading out into the hallway...

Sara’s room was closest to hers. Annie inched the door open before slipping inside. “Sara, you there? Sara!” Annie hissed into the dark.

In the moonlight, Annie could see the clothes Sara had worn to dinner, now all neatly folded at the end of her bed. The Duvet bed covers were noticeably rumpled, yet it didn’t look like she’d really slept on them. Sara wasn’t in sight.

“Hello-ooo!” Annie padded over to the bathroom, the only other place she could think her friend might be, but there was no sign of her there either.

“Damn it, where are you?” Annie muttered, not fancying searching through the entire mansion for her friend. She decided to try Carrie’s and Heidi’s rooms first...

Annie crept down the hall to the next room, trying to be as quiet as she could. She opened Carrie’s door and peered inside. “Carrie? ...You in there?” Hearing nothing, Annie opened the door even further and stepped inside. Shutting the door behind her, she felt along the wall for a light switch. The lights clicked on, and Annie’s heart sank; Some of Carrie’s clothes sat neatly folded at the foot of the bed. The bedcover itself was undisturbed, as if no one had even slept there...

...What the fuck is that bastard up to? Annie wondered, her growing fear further deepening her mistrust of their host.

Switching off the light, Annie slipped back out into the hall. She made her way to the next door on the left, which was Heidi’s room. Does Heidi have something to do with this? Annie wondered, remembering Heidi’s claims at dinner of having seen Carrie. What Heidi had said didn’t match the state of Carrie’s room. And where are Sara and Carrie anyway? Have Heidi and Daniel done something to them?

Annie considered ...What if that psycho is in there with her right now? ...She leant up against the surface of the door, listening closely for any voices ...Nothing. Not even a peep.

Whatever was going on, Annie knew that she needed answers. The nearest place she might get them was Heidi’s room, however little faith she had left in her friend.


Finally summoning up her resolve, she thought ...Well here goes nothing! The woman flung herself into the room, groping around for the light switch as she slammed the door behind her.

The lights flickered on and Annie screamed out in horror, her determination melting away in the face of the unimaginable scene before her.

Heidi lay stretched out on the bed, arms extended beyond her head, wrists bound together and tethered to the headboard. Carrie stood posed in a similar position beside one of the twin nightstands, back slightly arched, as she stretched out taught against the wall. Her arms extended correspondingly beyond her head, with hands bound in leather cuffs and fastened to a metal eyebolt sticking out of the wall. Both of her friends had been stripped naked, their blissful expressions unwavering on their frozen faces, eyes staring glassily into space. Annie had no bondage experience, and the idea of degradation completely revolted her. Her first husband had suggested some BDSM play to spice up their marriage, and her refusal ultimately led to their divorce. Nevertheless, the travel agent wasn’t naïve, and the tableau before her was extremely explicit by any sense of the word...

Another figure was kneeling ramrod straight at the foot of the bed, legs spread obscenely wide, her wrists crossed over one another behind her back. Annie could tell by the profile that it was Sara. She immediately rushed over to the kneeling figure, and then recoiled in horror at the sight of the red ball gag stretching her mouth wide. She began shaking her friend’s shoulders in fear.

“Sara! Sara, can you hear me?” she pleaded, “What the hell is going on? ...Sara? ...SARA, PLEASE ANSWER ME!”

It took Annie a few moments to realise that her friend wasn’t going to answer her. More than that, Sara was completely rigid, her body seemingly locked in position. Refusing to accept the obvious evidence before her, Annie then rushed over to Carrie, her friend staring sightlessly as her body stood completely exposed. She glanced down at the spreader bar that held her ankles apart, and then looked up at her friend with tears welling up in her eyes.

“Carrie! ...Carrie it’s me, Annie!” she pleaded once again, “Carrie, wake up for me! ...Come on, please wake up, we’ve got to get out of here!”

Annie frantically shook her friend, trying to ignore the unnatural stiffness of her lifeless body as she did so. Carrie just bobbled about on her restraints like a fully extended Jack-in-the-box, completely unaware...

Finally, in desperation, she turned to her friend Heidi, who still lay outstretched on the bed...

“Heidi, what in the hell is going on?” Annie implored. “This ...this shit isn’t even funny! ...Come on, honey, say something.” Anxious for a reaction, something finally snapped inside her, and Annie suddenly slapped her friend hard across the cheek. Heidi’s expression didn’t change, nor did she even flinch as her would-be liberator sat there, stunned. “No!-NO!-NO! ...They can’t be dead! —THEY JUST CAN’T BE!” Fear growing, Annie reached out to Heidi’s throat, where she pressed two fingers over her friend’s carotid artery. Even after a long moment, she felt nothing. “Please Heidi,” she begged, “Please don’t be dead!” ... Leaning in close to her friend’s silent form she finally noticed the faint sheen on Heidi’s skin.

“Oh my god!” Annie exclaimed, jerking backwards before leaning in again. It was unmistakeable; the skin of the figure that looked so eerily like her friend had the same artificial shine that she’d seen on all of Daniel’s mannequins.

“Oh no. No, no, no.” Annie expelled, fearfully backing away from the faithful facsimile. She jumped with a start, as she mistakenly backed into Carrie, (or the figure that looked just like her). Annie could tell that figure wasn’t breathing either.

She leapt away from the wall, forcing herself to crouch next to figure kneeling on the floor. Summoning up her courage, Annie pressed two of her fingers to that figure’s throat as well. As with Heidi, she felt no pulse. The Sara replica had the same artificial sheen to its skin, just like the others...

“It can’t be, they’re just mannequins,” Annie tried to convince herself ...He has them hidden somewhere, scanned them and made 3D models of them, the pervert. All she had to do was escape and find help. She’d call 911 and the authorities would come and rescue her and her friends. ...And then they’ll throw that fucking creep in jail!

Everything would be okay.

Another explanation of the scene in Heidi’s room played in the depths of her mind, memories of old movies threatening to surface, but Annie refused to contemplate the possibility.

Annie fled the debauched scene, desperate to retrieve her phone from where it sat in her room.

Once back in her bedroom, she fumbled her phone out of her handbag, fingers tripping over each other as she keyed in the digits of the emergency number. Nothing happened. Annie tried again. It took her a moment to realise that she had no reception. Then she remembered what Daniel had told them the night before, about the lack of reception in the mansion. She almost threw the phone away in frustration. She knew the handsets in the room were useless, they were for internal communication only. She muttered a few choice curses on Daniel as she tried to hold back her tears. Whether he was somehow blocking the signal or the house was just too remote Annie didn’t know. Heidi’s boyfriend was a good enough target for her anger in either case.

* * * *

In another room in the mansion, an alarm had finally roused Daniel from slumber. Too eager to watch the final transformations, he had refused to go to bed. Groggily he shook the sleep out of his head, realising that he must have dozed off. He remembered watching as Sara took up her position at the foot of the bed, but he must have fallen asleep shortly after. He checked the cameras in Annie’s and Heidi’s rooms, but the raven-haired woman was nowhere to be seen. Brow creasing, he checked the readout for her vibrator...


Hastily, Daniel scrolled through the other camera feeds, until he finally caught sight of Annie running down a hall, not far from Heidi’s room. He quickly scanned the options on the computer screen in front of him, slamming the enter key when he reached the one to awaken Heidi. Then he grabbed the phone, punching in the number 8 for Max’s room... “Come on, COME ON!” Daniel hissed, eyes flicking from the phone to the camera showing the motionless display in Heidi’s room to another showing Annie’s progress through the mansion.

The ringing finally ceased as Max answered the phone, his voice lacking its usual imperturbable calm as he groggily asked, “W-what’s up, Boss?”

“The fucking vibrator in Annie malfunctioned, she’s on the loose!”

“Shit. I told you the mark 3’s weren’t ready,” Max’s voice sounding unusually sharp towards his employer.

Daniel wasn’t in the mood for reproach, “Well, they worked just fine on the first two.”

“You didn’t overload them with commands. I said all the instructions for Annie putting on her outfit was pushing it.”

“I’ll consider this little test a failure then,” Daniel hissed, “Just make sure she doesn’t get out!”

“Right, boss, where is she now?”

“Heading towards the dining room and I’m going to lose her from the cameras soon.” Mentally Daniel kicked himself. He’d never had the mansion fully fitted for security, just cameras in the guest rooms and at other strategic points. He promised himself he’d rectify that little issue as soon as possible. First, he had to solve the emergency that Annie suddenly represented.

“I’m on it, Boss.”

“And untie Heidi on the way. The two of you will be able to cover more ground.” It wouldn’t take Max much time to release Daniel’s favourite, he’d have to pass Heidi’s bedroom to get to where Annie now was.

“Okay” Max replied just before he hung up.

Daniel watched as Annie fled through the house, occasionally stumbling here and there in the dark. Flicking his eyes to another screen he saw that Max had finally reached Heidi’s room and untied the now animate woman. Hastily he dialled the number for her room. He could see her reach for the phone as Max left.

Groggily she reached for the phone “M-Master?

“Annie’s loose, get some clothes on and find her, calm her down”

“W-What do I t-tell her?”

Shit, she can barely string a sentence together.

“Anything, I don’t know, just keep her there until Max or I catch up to you.” He hoped Heidi wouldn’t be the one to find Annie, not in the muddled state she was in, but luck didn’t seem to be on his side tonight.

He could see Heidi moving, though more slowly than he’d have liked. Even as he watched, she stumbled about and then shook her head. Daniel frowned, realising that he was lucky that she was as lucid as she was, none of his other girls would have been. For now he’d just have to hope Heidi could be useful in some way.

As Annie left the scope of his cameras, Daniel got up from the surveillance console. Grabbing some supplies, he swiftly headed out of the room. As long as one of them found Annie before she could get away, everything should be fine. Annie had scrambled from room to room, hoping to find an unlocked door to the outside. So far she’d had no luck. She’d already lost count of the number of times she’d bumped into things in the dark, and she couldn’t risk getting hurt at this point; her friends lives depended on her escape. ...They’re still alive, I just know it, Annie kept telling herself. Maybe if she repeated it enough times, she might even start to believe it.

Growing frustrated, she violently shook the door in front of her ...Fucking locked just like all the others! If only I could find a crowbar, or a hammer -ANYTHING!

Like, like, ... a knife. Annie seized on the idea. Their meals had been prepared to restaurant quality, the kitchen must be fully equipped. Annie looked around, realising that she was still near the dining room. She tried to think which way the maids had seemed to be heading whenever they left.

“Maybe this way” she muttered as she set off again in the dark.

Sometime later, Annie cautiously considered the door in front of her. She’d tried a few but still hadn’t found the kitchen. This one looked more promising, white and functional, unlike the other, more decorative doors she’d come across. She cautiously pushed it open for a quick peek. The floor inside the room beyond gleamed with a beautiful shine; she could tell by the way that all the appliance lights reflected off the recently waxed tiles. She slipped inside, letting the spring-loaded door swing closed against her fanny.

It was obvious as soon as she stepped through the door that Annie was in the kitchen; even in the near-darkness the polished stainless steel surfaces and the white marble counters that surrounded her were unmistakeable. An impressive assortment of pots and pans and other cooking utensils hung in the shadows above a central workstation ...I could always use one of those frying pans to bust out a window, she thought, before feeling around in the dark for a light switch. The lights flicked on and Annie jumped with a start.


Annie bit her lip, hard, swallowing a scream. At first she thought she’d been discovered; two figures were standing there right beside one of the marble counters. Annie desperately looked left and right, judging her escapes routes. Then she realized that she’d heard nothing; no sound of movement from the pair, not even a shout of discovery. Cautiously, she looked over in their direction...

Madison, the co-ed, stood stock-still in her French maid uniform. It took a moment for Annie to recognize the other figure as Sofía, the chef that handled all the cooking. She wasn’t wearing the uniform Annie remembered from when the woman had helped served them dinner. Annie got the impression of a hairdresser’s smock, as one might see in a beauty salon, not a kitchen...

I must be losing it, not that’s it any surprise, Annie thought, then shook her head.

The women stood at ease, as if they were engaged in a casual conversation, but they were unmoving, as if they had somehow been frozen in time. Cautiously Annie crept closer, almost certain of what she’d find. As she circled around the women, neither one of them batted an eyelash, (nor seemed to breathe for that matter). Gathering her courage, Annie leant in close enough that she could see every pore on their skin. Her eyes flicked from one to the other, the olive skin of the cook contrasting with the pale features of the maid. At this distance, only a few inches from them, Annie could see the indicative sheen to their skin.

...So; not real people, just more creepy mannequins.

Annie’s sense of confusion grew. She felt lost in some surreal alternate world. If these were only replicas of Sofía and Madison, where were the real servants? Why would Daniel place mannequins in the kitchen? They’d surely be in the way whenever there was real work to be done. Either their host was totally losing it or, or...

The horrifying idea that Annie had refused to contemplate in Heidi’s room crept back, the shaking woman unable to suppress it any longer. What if these were the real Madison and Sofía, somehow transformed into mannequins? What if those figures in Heidi’s room weren’t replicas, but in fact were her actual friends, unwittingly frozen and stripped naked ...cruelly displayed as nothing more than sex objects ...joining the silent ranks with the rest of Daniel’s immobile collection.

“No, no, no!” Annie’s attempt at rejecting the idea trickling out of her, almost choked by the mounting fear constricting her throat. It couldn’t be true; it wasn’t even physically possible. She’d seen the two women, just hours earlier, talking and moving about, as they politely served lunch to her and her friends, Madison again at dinner. Now they were here, frozen and unmoving. Annie could feel cold sweat trickling down between her shoulder blades.

Nobody could do that to an innocent person –Not even that asshole!

The figures had to be more replicas, the real women held somewhere in the mansion against their will.... But then the image of an empty display case forced its way to the front of her mind, their host’s casual explanation of the absence of the figure of Victoria now nowhere near as plausible as Daniel had made it seem. Annie had seen Victoria walking around the manor; she’d also seen the girl’s figure displayed in the case, frozen there behind the glass. However, she’d never seen the two together at the same time.

...Fuck this!

Annie turned and ran to the drawers, hastily pulling them open, no longer caring who heard. She had to find something to get out of here. If her suspicions were correct, then her friends were in more danger than she’d feared, and she had no doubt that Daniel had the same plans for her...

Annie spotted a wooden block full of knives. She pulled one out that looked sturdy enough to use as a lever. The blade itself was long and wide, with a wickedly sharp tip; even if her escape plan didn’t work, she could still use it to defend herself.

As she left the kitchen, Annie couldn’t resist a backwards glance at the two unmoving figures. Once again, she tried to convince herself that they were mere reproductions, that the real women are being held against their will somewhere else in this godforsaken building. The other explanation was just far too horrible to be true. Those motionless, sightlessly staring figures couldn’t be all that was left of two women that she’d known, however briefly. But the image of the empty display case hung in her mind, a cold certainty running through her that, frozen as they were, the figures were more than just simple models. Fighting down the panic that threatened to overwhelm her, she headed to the nearest door...

Annie reached the lounge area, grateful for the moonlight as it spilt through the large windows. She could see it reflecting off the shimmering surface of the lake outside, where freedom awaited her. She hurried over to the nearest door, experimentally thrusting the tip of the knife into the crack between the door and its surrounding frame. “Annie?”

Annie shrieked, spun around, the knife held in front of her. Across the room she could see Heidi approaching from the shadows.

“Annie, are you okay?” Annie’s first reaction was relief at reuniting with her friend. It was so tempting to trust the sound of concern in Heidi’s voice. But Annie couldn’t forget the scene she’d found in the woman’s bedroom. There was no way the brunette could be completely ignorant of it.

“Stay, stay back,” Annie yelled, waving the knife back and forth.

“Annie? What’s the matter?” Heidi questioned as she took a few cautious steps forward.

“Stop right there!” Annie warned, her voice rising. “You’re in it with him, you know what’s going on. Tell me where Carrie and Sara are. What’s he done with them?”

“Annie, what do you mean?” Heidi didn’t move any closer, but Annie wasn’t taking any chances, she moved behind a lounge, putting it and the table near it between her and her friend.

“I saw them, —you, Carrie and Sara, or something that looked like all of you ...All tied up, unmoving, not even breathing ...I don’t know what was going on, but I saw it!” The raven-haired woman paused for breath and then angrily snarled, “STAY BACK, I SAID!” Heidi retreated, the two tentative steps forward undone, she was now back where she’d initially been, her hands raised in caution. “...And those other two in the kitchen; he did something to them too, or at least with them.”

“Carrie? Sara? They’re not in my room, I guess they’re in theirs. Annie this isn’t like you.” Heidi soothed.

Annie laughed bitterly, “Not like me? Not like me? Is it like you to be tied naked to a bed, stiff as a fucking statue? To help your fucking boyfriend do something to our friends? What have you got planned for me? The same? Is there a case here with my name on it?” Annie was shaking, she couldn’t keep the fear and panic out of her voice.

Heidi shook her head, slowly, “Oh Annie, no-one’s going to do anything to you. If I was a statue I wouldn’t be talking to you would I? Look, come on, we’ll go to my room, and then you can see Sara and Carrie aren’t there. We’ll wake them up if you want, everything’s ok. I’m not naked am I? I’m in my pyjamas, for God’s sake.” The brunette crept closer to her friend, one hand beckoning. “Look, you probably just had a bad dream, come on, you’ll see.”

Annie shook her head. Maybe it was just a bad dream. A bad dream she could just forget. It couldn’t be real. Heidi was here, standing right in front of her, not posed as a statue, but moving and talking. So maybe she had just dreamt up everything. And even if she hadn’t dreamt it, Heidi wasn’t frozen and maybe it was a trick, a stupid joke, they were all playing on her. Maybe Carrie was just on the other side of the door, trying to smother her laughter, Sara telling her to be quiet, that they’d taken it all too far.

But no, it wasn’t possible. She knew what she’d seen. Heidi was lying. And there was no way that Daniel could have made replicas of her friends so quickly, from what he’d told them last night it took weeks to make a figure. Tears ran down Annie’s face, fear giving way to anger.

“A bad dream?,” Annie hissed, her emerald green eyes sparking with indignant fury, “How stupid do you think I am?”

“Oh Annie,” Heidi smiled gently, “everything will be all right.”

The door suddenly burst open from the outside; it hit Annie with such a force that she went reeling forward – the butcher knife raised up perilously within her hand. Heidi reached out to grab her, catching her stumbling body with one arm, as the other grasped the hand still holding the knife.

Annie tried to scream, but she was quickly seized around the waist from behind ...A damp cloth suddenly clamped over her face, covering up her nose and mouth. She tried to wield the knife to defend herself, but Heidi had a steel grip, and Annie’s limbs began to feel heavy and weak. She managed a few muffled screams, but they did no good...

The frightened woman made one last attempt to break free, but it was hopeless, her wrist held firmly in Heidi’s hand, the drug already seeping into her system robbing her of strength. The brunette had pushed in towards her, Annie now sandwiched between Heidi and whoever was behind her. Heidi’s face was inches from her own and Annie felt her eyes go wide as she saw the unmistakeable sheen on Heidi’s skin, faint, so hard to notice, but there, just like on the figures in Daniel’s display, on the figures she’d seen in the kitchen, on the images of her friends in Heidi’s room.

“Shush, sweetie,” Heidi whispered as she leant in towards Annie’s ear, “it’ll be okay, we’ll all be together.”

Fear and despair robbed Annie of any strength, the fumes from the cloth already filling her lungs. She tried to rouse the will to fight, but her body wouldn’t respond, Heidi’s betrayal too much for her to cope with. Annie could feel one tear running down her cheek as her eyes rolled back and the blackness took her. Her body finally went limp and she slipped down to the floor in a lifeless heap.

Moments later Daniel burst into the room. Max was looking thoughtfully at the unconscious woman on the floor as Heidi straightened her friend’s tangled limbs.

Maxwell looked over to Daniel. “That was a close one, Boss...”

“Yeah,” Daniel responded, expelling an agitated breath, “...A little too close for my liking. Now take her back... No, wait. I’ve got a better idea.”

After giving Max his instructions Daniel tuned his attention to Heidi. The brunette was now looking placidly over the lake, apparently unconcerned at her friend’s plight. Daniel gave her a kiss on the cheek. “You did well, I’m pleased with you.”

“Thank you master,” she smiled.

“Head back to your room, I’ll be along soon to fix you up.”

“Yes master,” the brunette intoned as she pivoted on one heel and exited the room.

Max hefted Annie’s unconscious body up over his shoulder, allowing her upper half to hang over his back. The Japanese henchman pressed his splayed hand against her bent buttocks, giving it a good squeeze. He then carried the woman off, her hair and arms swaying back and forth in an unfettered motion as he walked...

(To be continued)