Sister, Sister

by Paul G. Jutras

If anyone told me a year ago I would be where I am now, I'd of laugh at them. I should still be mad at my sister, but since I'm stuck like this, we've decided to call a truce. She says she feels really bad about my condition being permanent, and she's been a lot of help getting me used to my new life.

It started as a simple sibling rivalry, and slowly got out of control. I was three years younger than Akari, my sister. She claimed that younger sisters were created to bring misery, so I did my best to fulfill her beliefs and expectations.

We were both super smart, which allowed us to come up with the level of tricks we played on one another. It all started when she was running late to perform in a concert, and I substituted her boots for the ones our robot maid wears. The look on her face when I activated the remote and took control of her ability to walk. I almost got her out the door before her cries where heard by mom and dad. I would of so much loved to of make her do the dancing in the concert. Except for school work I wasn't allowed around any technology for two weeks.

It soon became obvious that Akari was using those two weeks to plan her revenge. I was in my room, waiting for the grape nail polish I had put on my fingers to dry, when I noticed my fingers had fused together. I could still grip things, but I couldn't wiggle my fingers. It was no surprise when I picked up the polish bottle and took a sniff that I noticed a whiff of super glue mixed in. After dad used a laser to separate my fingers apart, my sister had to buy me any kind of expensive make up I chose.

I used a computer virus to wipe out her diary and her computerized address book of all the guys she went out on dates with.

She snuck into my room while I was asleep. She used hair dye to turn my hair blue; that make me look like some of those Japanese animation women brought to life. The only piece of comfort I got out of it was that it matched my blue eyes. Eyes which she used her play plastic surgery kit to make look like the large ovals found in Japanese cartoons. I could do nothing but wait till the dye faded, but mom made Akari turn my eyes back to normal.

I got an idea on the net one day when reading a bondage story. I just had to wait until just before the mid-winter dance. Mom had bought her a tight panty-girdle that made her look half her size when she was wearing it. While sis was in the shower, I went into her room and used the special glue I had extracted from the nail polish prank, and spread it carefully inside the girdle.

The dance was in the school gym. Akari made it half-way through the dance when she had to take a leak. She went into a stall and started to undress when she found the girdle was firmly glued to every part of her skin that it touched. There was no way it was coming off.  After realizing that, she tried to hold it but when her boyfriend brought her over another cup of punch, she lost it all over the floor. Even I was a little embarrassed for her.

Mom and dad had to dissolve the glue in a similar manner as with me before they could peel her out of the garment. She was so humiliated that it was a week before she could go back to school and face her friends. I had spent that week confined to my room when at home and cleaning the school grounds when school let out each day.

Akari told me she'd get even. But she didn't seem to come up with anything, I began to think that she was just trying to scare me. Little did I know what she had up her sleeve.

Because Akari was the first one up, she was in charge of getting breakfast ready. In April she started to serving me and herself some energy shakes. They tasted a bit weird, but I figured she was on some kind of diet kick.

By mid-May I noticed that my nipples seemed to be a lot bigger than my sister's were at my age. I also notice that the fuzz that I had grown around my sex was disappearing. I was finding my joints feeling stiff in the mornings and it would take some time before I could move normally. I noticed one morning that my skin tone had seemed to fade. Although a little worried, I figured once summer came and I started getting some outdoor exercise, everything would be okay.

The next day I woke up and found myself staring at the ceiling, eyes wide open. I could neither move my eyes or blink. My entire body was completely stiff. Akari came into my room with a catty smile on her face as she pulled off my sheets and revealed my toes were fused together. She then rolled me over on my stomach and inserted a butt plug into me. She rolled me back and rubbed my Barbie doll crotch playfully. I could only watch helplessly as she pulled out a rod attached to a glass plate on a wheeled platform. I felt very light, being lifted up and planted on the pole.  My feet barely reached the surface of the glass.

"Wondering what I'm going to do with you, sis?" Akari asked. I watched as she moved around me, outside of my limited range of sight.

'Terrific,' I thought to myself. 'I can't even call out to mom and dad!'

"I could rent you out to a local store as a mannequin," she said as she moved back in front of me. But, I'm sure mom would notice you missing. That's why the nanites you've been drinking in your shakes have taken over the function of verbal control. You'll now be my own little robot servant."

'I don't think so,' is what I wanted to say, but could not, as my body moved on its own. What came out of my lips, however, was "I'd be happy to help you out in any way I can."

"Very good." A smile spread across her face as she lifted me off the rod and back onto the floor. Under her orders, I went over to my dresser and sat down with my hands on my lap. I stared helplessly at my image in my make up mirror. By looking at the reflection in the mirror, I could see her going through my closet.

Under her orders I found myself sliding a pair of nylons up my legs. I then pulled on a tank body suit over my pantyhose and zipped it up. I hadn't worn it in years, and had grown some since then.  It was extremely tight. My crotch felt so hot, stimulated by the sensuously smooth layers that fitted like a second skin. I figured that Akari didn't want mom and dad to notice that my breasts remained erect without the aid of any support undergarments. One the tank suit was on, a shirt and pair of long pants hid as much of my shiny skin as possible. My pants made my pussy heat up ever more. The four-way stretch and seamless bodice allowed me to move anyway she demanded.

At school she ordered me to act normally, but not be able to tell anyone what had happened to me.  It was frustrating, being turned into an obedient robot.

"Dinner is great, mom," I found myself saying that night at the table. Only one of a series of pre-program topics that found myself force to talk about that night. Conversations that were designed to keep our parents fooled as to my fate.  Sis sat across from me, loving every minute of my forced prattle.

The next morning, I was forced to make Akari's bed and wished I could tell mom what had happened to me. Neither of my parent knew anything about it. She was just glad to see us getting along so well for a change. Thought it was big of me to become so helpful to my sister.

When Akari wanted to privacy, she sent me to my room and told me to remain frozen. I was laying in bed, wondering if I was going to spend all of my free time staring at the ceiling for now on. Suddenly I found myself sitting up; when sis came in to my room I saw tears in her eyes. Mom and Dad were with her. She apologized again and again for doing what she had done to me and saying that she told mom and dad when she learned the process couldn't be reversed.

She was sorry for about two weeks, then her mischievious streak started to assert itself.

It was after I overheard Akari  in her room making sweet talk to a boyfriend that I was put in freeze mode and rented to the nearest department store.  Later, caught again, she was yelled at. Our parents did some research. That was when they learned that the effects to me were truly permanent, even with the latest advances in medicine. Only then was when she started to feel really concerned about what she did to me and brought mom and dad to my room again.

She told me to take a nap while she called the family doctor about what to do. Doctor Anderson, the family physician was an accomplished expert in both bio- and cyber-technology. Mom had to let Akari come along, since her voice commanded my bodies' movements. She was requested to order me to remove my clothes before I could be examined. She couldn't resist freezing me there so the doctor would have to lift me. As I was laid on my back, I could hear the hollow sound my body made when he tapped on my hardened skin. An erotic sensation still washed over me whenever he touched my breasts or sexless crotch but since I could not move a muscle he didn't know what he was doing to me. Or did he?

When it was over, Akari had been asked to order me to get up and dressed. As embarrassed as I was, my face could not express any emotion of my true feelings. I just sat up with my legs dangling over the side of the table as the doctor escorted the others out of my hearing range. It was obvious that the doctor had a bunch of questions to ask them. He did not know my hearing was much better than normal.

"All things considering, she's in excellent health." I heard the doctor say, with a faked smile. "But there is no way in science currently known to remove the micro-robots from her blood stream. They have already done far too much to her metabolism to simply be removed or deactivated.  If that were done, she would perish immediately. I suggest you make the best of things. Since Akari has control of her actions, she can just order her sister to act like she used to before this program was introduced." Thinking back, there was nothing else he could have said.

Mom drove us both to school from then on and dropped me off at JR. High before bringing my sister to her high school. She wanted to make very sure that sis didn't leave me with any embarrassing commands. I was dressed in a clingy body shaper that seemed to increase my cleavage, a blue shirt-dress with several buttons, and stockings and shoes that matched the ensemble.

Since my breasts had already grown quite a bit during the past month, my friends didn't notice anything was different with me. Neither did my teachers. I had an excuse from gym class so I wouldn't have to disrobe and reveal my fused toes or how glossy my skin really was.

By the time the JR High and High School proms came around, I was used to how incredibly sensitive my skin had become. At school the novelty of my shiny face and hands had worn off, so I no longer had to avoid any probing questions about it. The way the clothes rubbed on my smooth, plastic-like body was really erotic. Before Akari turned my body into a robot, the guys ignored me. Now I was up to my -- well, whatever, in them.

My first dance was incredible. Brad touched me as we danced and sent surges of pleasure through my being. I was so on fire that I was like a living volcano. My date really knew how to make me feel light on my feet, even though I didn't weigh very much to start with.  Things just got better later that night...

I wasn't even mad about Akari turning me into a being more robot than human, though I do wish she would stop taking advantage of me. Sis still has me do her hair for her before dates and vacuum her room. Mostly, though she lets me be myself and jump Brad's bones whenever I get the chance. Sometimes Akari and her date would make me play 'sandwich' with them and my date. Not that I really mind. The best part is that I never get tired and find myself constantly aroused and able to orgasm at the drop of a hat. Any hat. I even got an after-school job modeling clothes in the local department store displays.  I can be a wonderful mannequin.

I'll have to remember to thank her for my transformation someday. Someday that is, when I have a free moment between school and love.


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