by Paul G. Jutras

"Oh," Samantha said reaching into Paul's pocket and pulling out a dildo. "We almost forgot the most important thing." Samantha walked up to her former body, with Paul trapped inside.

"Welcome to womanhood." She whispered into the plastic ear of her former body. She then inserted the vibrating dildo into the folds of Paul's new labia. "I know how good it used to make me feel, so you'll love it."

"AAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOHHHH!" Paul screamed silently inside the plastic body of his former girlfriend. He had never felt anything so intnese. It was so intense he passed out.

Paul woke when he felt something touch his arm. His skin was so sensitive that he had to orgasm. It intensified when he felt his legs seperated in a V Form. His pelvis was moved forward with one arm behind his back to show off his new breasts.

"There we go." Samantha smiled and held up a mirror. Paul saw that at some point his shiny new head had been shaved. He was as bald as cue ball and was reminded of his father at age sixty.

Samantha then used the store's device to remove Paul's now slender arms, leg and toso. He couldn't help but be frightened when he watched himself remove his head. Darbie then dusted and polished Paul's smooth skin causing his insides to explode with pleasure.

Samantha then placed a wig as beautiful as her former hair style on Paul's head and then put him back together. She lifted him up and placed him onto a pole. He thought he would die when it entered what used to be Samantha's pussy. Instead he found it a pleasureable experience.

The pole was in a stand on wheels, making it easy to move Paul through the store. He blanky stared at the other mannequins, many of which were former living women like himself. Himself, herself. I was so hard for Paul to take in what happened to him.  He knew how full he felt where the vibrator was place.

Once in the window, Darbie fooled with the wig and finished Paul's make up. He never thought of what it'd be like to be a woman, let alone a mannequin one. But he was enjoying the personal attention. "There, I'll leave you to Paul." Darbie said to Samantha.

Samantha walked up to her own naked body and ran Paul's strong hands over her former breasts. "I know you can feel this, honey." She said. "I'm sure you'll enjoy selling outfits as much as I used to as a model."

Samantha started to dress him with a pair of black sheer nylons. They slid effortlessly up the smooth plastic legs. Sam couldn't help but play with the area
that her former sex use to be. Paul could feel the nylon invading him in and out. He would cum if he could.  He then almost panicked when Samantha removed his arms and placed a baby doll nightie over his head.  His arms were then put back on.

The vibrator started up again and Paul was washed again with the glow of pleasure. Putting a hand on Samantha's mannequinized form, Sam could feel her former body vibrate with pleasure. Samantha knew how much Paul must be enjoying it in his petrified state.

Oh my God, part of me wants it to stop and part of me never wants it to end. Paul thought as Samantha finished preparing her former body for the window display. She knew how she liked to work, which made her work easy for her.

After the store opened it wasn't long before it became busy.  Staring out at the parking lot, Paul could see at his frozen angle all the people entering and exiting.
It was hard to keep track of time except by the alternating night and day.  Even that wasn't easy after awhile.  He didn't seem to care as he resigned himself to his new state of being.

Then one night, Samantha and Darbie returned to the window.  Without an outfit to change him into.  Instead, they picked him up and wheeled him out to the storeroom.  He wondered what was becoming of him.  He wasn't broken like some of the mannequins he and Darbie use to put in the shredder.  
He just hoped that wouldn't become his fate.

to be continued...

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