Teaching Aide

by PleasureBorg

Darcy and her friends walked back to their lockers giggling all the way. They had just returned from the new health museum, where they snuck away to the exhibit on human reproduction.

"Eww, after seeing those models, I donít ever wanna be pregnant!" Laughed Darcy. "Itís a good thing my boyfriend doesnít want me that way either."

"Why wouldnít you want to be someoneís mom though?" Replied her friend Jen. "You get to take care of them and love them, when I get married, Iím going to have at least three!"

"And each time, your hips will get wider and your boobs will get more saggy" Joked Darcy "Me, Iím always gonna look this good!" and she made a little model pose. Darcy was an attractive girl, and she planned to keep it that way. The sixteen-year-old brunette had developed a perfectly proportioned body earlier then most of the girls she knew. By the time she entered junior year of high school, she wore at least a 36C, and had long silky legs that ended in a tight little ass that turned heads whenever she bent over.

Just then an announcement came over the school PA. "Darcy Simmons, please come to the office" Great, just great thought Darcy. When she got to the office, she found out she wasnít in trouble. The school secretary informed her that she left her purse at the museum, but they were closed now, so she would have to get it when they opened up again on Wednesday.

"Oh thatís just great!" Darcy complained to the secretary "My house key is in there and my parents are out of town for the week, oh crap and my car keys!" She felt around in her pockets, and then stopped, remembering "Itís a good thing I keep an extra pair in my schoolbag, but I took my spare house key out this morning because it got bent!"

"Well maybe you can catch them before they leave, they said theyíd leave it in the office" replied the secretary.

"Thanks a bunch Ms. Smith," said Darcy as she ran back to her locker to get her school bag.

Darcy said a quick bye to her friends and ran out to her car. She drove all the ways back to the museum only to find it completely deserted. Now what am I going to do, she thought. She began checking the dark windows for any sign of movement. She went around back and checked a few doors. To her surprise one of them was open.

"Hello?" she said as she entered the museum, but no one answered. Well I guess Iíll head towards the office, Iíll probably run into whoeverís still here on my way. Looking around she figured she came in through the museum cafeteria, so she headed out towards the exhibit hall. The closest one to the cafeteria was of course about nutrition. When she got to the end of the hall she saw two signs. One pointed to the left and said "The Immune System, Main Entrance, other Exhibits" the other pointed right and said "Human Reproduction". Hmmm, thought Darcy, I should go right and make sure no one is in there first.

She soon found herself walking around various representations of the human reproductive cycle. Earlier in the day, she and her friends had giggled at the models of male development from infancy to adulthood. " Ooo, I bet you get wet just looking at that thing. "Darcy had teased Jen, referring to the depiction of the adult male genitalia. Darcy giggled to herself again. The "thing" she had referred to was only a picture of a flaccid cross-section of a dick. The kind of thing that is used in health class to show the internal workings of something students doubtless had questions about. Darcy suddenly looked up when she thought she saw someone move over by the models of the gestation cycle.

"Hello?" She called out. No one answered, so she walked over to take a closer look. Yeah, I definitely donít wanna get like this she thought as she walked about the cross section models. They were torsos only that were supposed to show the growth of the fetus inside the womb, and the changes that occurred to the female body. There was supposed to be one for each month, but the last model, the ninth month one, was missing. Hmm thatís weird; it was here today she thought. Just then she heard footsteps behind her and turned around to greet whoever it was. When she turned around, a bald naked woman stood before her. She also appeared to be nine months pregnant. There was something very strange about the woman, her skin looked dull like it was made from rubber, and she had absolutely no hair anywhere. Darcy was so shocked she fainted.

When she came to, she realized she was tied down and couldnít get up. Not only was she tied down, but also she was completely naked! "Help!" She cried out. The only response she got was from the strange woman she had seen before.

"Donít worry my dear" she said "itís your turn now, and while Iíve enjoyed my time, I realize itís over now, and besides, I didnít want to be nine months pregnant forever! Well, I suppose we should get started" And with that the rubber woman bent down between Darcyís spread eagle legs and began to finger her. Darcy tried to resist, squirming as much as possible. "Oh stop that!" said the rubber woman "Just lie back and enjoy it". Yeah right, thought Darcy, like Iím gonna let some freak rape me! But soon she was finding it harder to resist the pleasure, and she just gave up and enjoyed it. Next the rubber woman began licking her clit while she continued to finger fuck Darcy.

Darcy noticed something weird happening, it looked like all her pubic hair was being re absorbed back into her body. She also noticed that her toes and fingers had fused together, and that her nails (which she painted pink earlier in the day) were the same color as her skin. She also noted that her skin was turning a to dull shade that somewhat matched the rubber woman. When she looked back at the rubber woman, she noticed her skin was starting to look more like skin, and less like rubber. Part of Darcy was screaming. My turn now, what did she mean by that? Thought the same part of her. OH SHIT! Is she turning me into pregnant torso model! Part of Darcy wanted to try and get away at all costs, but the part of her that was enjoying getting eaten out had more control.

The woman continued finger-fucking Darcy, and now used her other hand to rub Darcyís now rock hard nipples. As she did, Darcyís nipples began to fade back into her breasts, sending huge waves of pleasure throughout her body. As Darcyís nipples faded, the rubber woman, who now looked more human and less rubber, developed nipples and areole on her once featureless breasts. As she continued, Darcyís skin took on the look and feel that the woman once possessed. Darcy was having more and more trouble moving, but she didnít care, the woman was providing too much pleasure.

Then suddenly the woman stopped. "Keep going, please!" Darcy wanted to say, but she had trouble moving her mouth and tongue, so all that came out was a pleading moan. Without the stimulation provided by the woman, the little voice in the back of Darcyís head got louder. She noticed she could move very little and that she looked like she was some kind of rubber doll. Looking at her breasts, they looked like a pair of featureless orbs. Whatís happening to me, thought Darcy. "I told you, itís your turn now" The now quite human looking woman said, and she reached over and took off Darcyís hair like it was wig. "Now let me see, we need a man for this next part, well at least part of a man," She giggled

The woman walked over the picture of the fully developed adult male. As She rubbed the picture, Darcy watched wide-eyed as a phallus grew out of the picture. When it was long enough, the woman grabbed it like it was a dildo and approached Darcy. She non-chalantly bent down and popped it right into Darcyís open vagina. As soon as it was fully inserted it took on a life of itís own. Darcy felt it begin to squirm about. Oh my god itís fucking me she thought. As she felt it squirm between her legs, it began to swell until finally she felt something warm shoot from its tip. It felt like someone shoved a hose into her pussy and turned it on warm for about five seconds. As the phallus released its load (who knows from where) she noticed a small bulge appear in her abdomen. She wasnít sure, but she thought she saw the womanís stomach shrink a little at the same time. Her pondering was cut short when she felt the squirming between her legs start up again. She let out a gasp, the phallus found her g-spot somehow, and any movement it made massaged the area. As the squirming continued, waves of pleasure flooded over Darcyís changing body, and her inability to move only amplified the sensations.

Once again the phallus released a deluge and she felt the bulge grow a little more. Darcy had ceased all movement completely now, and her skin didnít just look like some kind of plastic or rubber, it WAS. Darcy could still think and feel everything though, which did puzzle her a bit, but she didnít have any complaints. Well she did have one complaint; the woman must have tightened the bonds on her arms because she could feel the ropes pulling uncomfortably on her outstretched arms. "Oh my, Iím sorry about that," said the woman in response to Darcyís thought, "I totally forgot to undo those!" And she reached down and untied Darcyís arms. Just then the squirming started up again, and Darcy felt something weird in her arms. She could still move her eyes so she looked to her left arm. It was receding into her body! As she watched, her fingers became stubs, and then vanished into her hands. Then her hands shrank back into her wrists. Finally her arms shrank back into her body, leaving her with short little stub at her shoulder where an arm had once been. Looking to the other side, she saw the same had happened to her right arm. Darcy was more amazed then afraid now. She realized what the bulge in her abdomen was too; she was quickly becoming nine months pregnant!

A tornado of pleasure engulfed her body, but Darcy still noticed the strange tingling in her face. She went cross-eyed and watched her nose vanish into her face. At the same time she felt her mouth closing, and a tingly sensation beginning in her ears. The tingling in her ears grew stronger; she knew that her ears were vanishing too. Soon the only thing left of her face was her eyes. When her vision began to cloud over she knew that they were disappearing too. Everything faded to black, and then suddenly she could see once again. She could even move her eyes around and close them. Her point of view seemed to be from where her eyes had been. She began to look around and soon discovered her eyes had a greater degree of freedom than usual. She now had the ability to look directly behind, and directly down at her body. Then something hit her. SHE DIDNíT HAVE A HEAD! It must have receded into her neck the same way her arms had.

Now the pleasure was becoming unbelievable, and once last wave finally pushed her over the edge into mind numbing orgasm. At the same time, she felt another explosion as the phallus came at the same time. Her orgasm intensified as the bulge grew again. She looked about two months pregnant now. "Well that should do it," said the woman. Darcy couldnít tell now (she was lost in ecstasy), but the womanís waistline had significantly decreased. She bent down and removed the phallus from Darcyís pussy. As she did, Darcyís orgasm subsided. "Oh donít worry, the feeling will come back every so often, in fact the best is yet to come" She paused, giggling to herself "the best is yet to come, I crack me up" Darcy soon learned what the woman meant. Her abdomen suddenly began rapidly expanding and she was hit with an orgasm more intense then she had ever felt before, even during this whole strange process. She could also feel her breasts growing, just as if they were swollen with milk. As her breasts and stomach reached their final size her orgasm subsided. "Well, letís get you up and posed then," said the woman, picking up Darcy as if she weighed nothing at all.

Her mind no longer lost in intense orgasm, Darcy was noticing things about her changed body. Despite the fact she had just come harder then anything, she could feel no moisture in her pussy. She was completely dry! She also noticed that the woman no longer looked pregnant at all. The woman then passed in front of a mirror (part of some womenís self image exhibit) Darcy saw herself, as she expected she looked nine months pregnant, the only appendages still protruding from her torso were her legs, and she no longer had a belly button or nipples. Not only did she look nine months pregnant, but she felt that way too. Her back ached, her feet were sore, and her bladder felt like it was going to explode! "Well, for the sensation you are going to feel, there is a small price," said the woman, sensing Darcyís distress. What sensations thought Darcy, but was answered quite pleasantly when the woman blew on Darcyís breast and fanned air between her legs. The sensations were so intense that Darcy came right then and there. "See? Soon it will take even less to feel that good. Youíll especially like the air conditioning; itíll feel like someone slowly bringing you to orgasm for an entire day. I think youíll agree itís worth the price," said the woman, Darcy reluctantly agreed, but she still didnít like the idea of being eternally nine months pregnant.

The woman carried Darcy over to where to ninth-month model had been (guess thatís me now thought Darcy) Darcy felt her legs being moved as the woman positioned Darcy so that she could stand on her own. When Darcy no longer needed to lean against the woman, she felt herself shrink as her legs melted into the floor. Now Darcy was truly just a pregnant torso. The woman went back into the other room and retrieved what had once been Darcyís hair. She then proceeded to place it upon her bald head, and as soon as it was settled, Darcy realized that it was no longer a wig, but now the womanís real hair!

"Oh itís so nice to have hair again!" said the woman running her hands through her newly acquired locks." Thank you for taking care of it" she said to Darcy "I used to be a blonde you know, we shall see if the grass is greener eh? Oh well one last thing to do". As she said this she plucked one of her longer hairs out "Ouch, forgot about that" She then took the hair and walked over to Darcy. "Youíre supposed to be a cross section" and she started cutting Darcy in half! It was like the hair was a laser beam, and the woman showed no effort in cutting Darcy in half. The experience wasnít painful for Darcy either, in fact it felt very pleasurable, and when the hair reached her pussy, she had an orgasm. When the woman was done, Darcyís other half just vanished, and the woman picked up Darcy and placed her in her proper place in the display. Despite the uncomfortable sensation associated with being nine months pregnant, Darcy could feel the air rushing over her now extremely sensitive skin. She could also feel the air rushing the inside of her plastic pussy, which was now viewable to all in cross-section. After about twenty seconds, she had another orgasm.

Darcy noticed that the woman had left, but she heard some movement from the other room. After a few moments (and another three orgasms) the woman appeared again. This time however, she was wearing Darcyís clothes! She even had Darcyís missing purse! Darcy noticed that the woman had the same build that Darcy once had, and she figured the same measurements. Her friends would have probably mistaken the woman for Darcy from a distance; she looked exactly like her, but with a different face. Darcy realized that the woman was going to take her place! The new Darcy approached the old Darcy for one last time "Well Darcy, hmm, guess thatís my name now", she took out Darcyís drivers license and held it up to transformed girl. The face had change to match that of the new Darcy! "Donít worry about me, everyone will think Iíve always been you, in fact, Iím starting to believe that right now! I donít even remember who I was, or how long Iíve been trapped as model of the gestation cycle, but I know I enjoyed the experience, and you should too!" and the new Darcy started to walk away. Darcy wanted to scream "Hey donít leave me like this! I donít want to be nine months pregnant, and Iím not worried about you, you bitch, youíre stealing my life!" but she couldnít. Just then, as if in response, the new Darcy turned around and approached the old Darcy, with a devilish grin on her face, she reached up ran her finger along the now exposed insides of Darcyís pussy. The orgasm was so intense Darcy blacked out.

Darcy woke up the next morning to another pleasant sensation as the people in the museum walked around creating air currents that gently aroused her and brought her to orgasm. As the days went by Darcy began to forget who she had been, but she always knew she wasnít always a model of a nine-month pregnant woman. Every now and then, the feeling that her bladder would explode drove her a little nuts, but she often forgot about the unpleasantness when someone would reach up and touch her plastic insides. This nearly always resulted in her blacking out from pleasure. Soon the months turned into years and the model had completely forgotten whom she had been. She had accepted who she was now and learned to enjoy it. She especially liked the summer months when the museum turned up the air conditioning. In fact, this is how she counted the years. Whenever the air conditioning was turned up, she knew another year had passed. After about ten years, the museum decided it was time to refurbish everything. The model was worried that she would be destroyed, and cried herself to sleep one night (well not really, but if she could have she would have). When she woke up, she was no longer in the museum, but sitting in some classroom! Well, thought the model, it appears that every time I am in danger, Iíll become a different model (This actually wasnít true, she had been sold to the school and moved during the night)

Her experience in the school was hundreds of times more pleasurable, so much so she almost forgot she was also pregnant. The boys would always touch her pussy because they thought it was funny to touch a plastic vagina, and the girls would rub and caress her pregnant belly, looking forward to the day that they too would be with child. She also learned to take more pleasure, and rarely blacked out anymore, only the most incessant prodding would produce an orgasm she couldnít take.

One night, after about five years at the school, she woke up to find that she was no longer a cross section! Soon her legs grew back along with her arms and even her head and face. She could even talk and move! Her skin was still made of rubber, and she was hairless. She also looked and felt nine months pregnant. She waddled over to the classroom door. She was about to go out when she heard someone coming, so she hid behind the teacherís desk. The door opened up and a redhead with well-proportioned measurements walked into the room. The model knew her time was up, and somehow knew the process to get another to take her place.

Dammit thought Katie, where did I leave my car keys? Just then the cute redhead heard movement behind her and turned around to see a rubber woman who looked pregnant emerge from under her teacherís desk. Katie fainted and woke up to find herself tied downÖ..

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