True Lies - 1

by Fembotlvr7

This story contains Adult themes and sexual situations. It is intended for mature readers with a fetish for robots and androids of the female nature.
I give many thanks to many others for their inspiration in this.

5:10pm -- Manhattan, NY
Sara Miller walked hurriedly down the street. She was running late, and was currently on her cell phone with her secretary. "No Julie, not the fax from Westmoore, the Wenthler Industries fax. I told them I would e-mail a reply and I got behind. Just send them a yes with more to follow. They will under stand. Got that." Sara said with a heavy sigh. Sara slowed her walk as she approached the busy intersection. "Look Julie, I have to catch the subway to make it to the pier on time to get home tonight. Scott is putting something together for our anniversary and I cant, no I don't want to disappoint him! So I gotta go, just do it ok. Bye." Stupid girl she thought to her self.
Traffic was heavy at this time of evening. Rush hour was an understatement. Sara looked down into her purse and placed her cell back into it, then looked up and waited for the light to change. Sara stood back about halfway through the crowd that waited to cross the road. Finally the signal changed and the group lunged forward. Pedestrians on the opposite side began their march across as well. On New York streets at this time of day it was hard not to rub shoulders with strangers. Sara was used to it and held tight to her purse. She scanned the on coming crowd and saw nothing out of the ordinary. Then without warning from behind her she was pushed rather hard, she felt the strap on her purse loosen as she was spun around, then she stumbled. "Hey!" Sara yelled out. She stood back up and obtained her bearings she was facing the way she had come and could finally see her would be purse snatcher running away. Slowly she stood up. "Hey Lady, better get moving." A man yelled out.
Sara regained her balance. The crowd of pedestrians were gone. She looked up at the signal and saw that it had changed. "HONK!" Blared a car horn from behind her. She whirled and jump out of its way, giving its driver a glare of anger. "HONK, BEEEP!" More horns started to blare. Each one seemingly closer. Sara stood in the middle of the street, traffic now cris?crossing around her. "HOONNK" rang a long deep horn. Sara in her confusion took a step backward as she turned, then her view toppled as she was struck from behind by a car. Sara flew forward at a diagonal and was then struck by another car. This time her body rolled up over the hood and into the windshield, her head hitting and shattering it upon inpact. AS the car careened into a swerve, Sara rolled off and onto the street, coming to rest on her side.
Traffic came to a screeching halt around her. She couldn't feel her left leg, her vision was partially impaired, almost static like. "Help . . . m me. I . . . mmust . Must get . . errrrror." Sara stuttered. "Hey look, her leg, it's not real!" Yelled a man. "Oh my God!" Cried out a women as she peered from her car. "Look at her face, she's some kind of machine." Said another woman. "IT's a robot, a damn robot!" yelled the first man. Sara tried to push herself up, but got no response from her arms. Then in her vision she began to get a list of system errors and malfunctions. "Must ...sennnd ...sig signalll. Systemssss.....errrrorrrr." Sara searched within herself, found and activated a signal transmitter. She could no longer see the number of people hovering over her. Their comments were clear, she was discovered. In Sara's vision a new message read : Signal sent ? Termination sequence initiated : 10 seconds.

"Hey, she not moving anymore." "Is it dead." Who made her." "What she look like." Sara closed her eyes and then the noise of the crowd was gone.......................

5:14 pm

6:55pm - Newburgh, NY
Scott Miller stood at the open door way of his home in Newburgh, New York. His face showed of concern and anticipation. "Where is she?" He asked himself. From behind him, one might smell the scent of a home cooked meal, a vintage white wine, fresh bread.
Slowly Scott moved back inside and closed the door.

7:00pm - Warehouse District, NY, NY
"Download complete, accessing memory files, accessing completed, Initializing programming, final string error." The woman said. The room was dark, no noise and no other movement occurred. "Oh what an awful thing to have happen to me." She said with a slight twitch of her head. "Lights." she called out, suddenly to lights activated. The form of Sara Miller stared ahead then blinked once, standing naked on a short platform, she stepped off. "Better get dressed and get home to Scott." She moved over to a wardrobe and opened the doors. "What ever shall I wear." She said to herself. Sara's head twitched to one side. "Don't honk at me you bitch." she said aloud to no one,  and proceeded to get dressed.

8:10pm -Miller residence
Scott Miller sat in his chair watching the news report. There had been an apparent car bombing in downtown Manhattan this evening. He sat watching intently. In his lap, his cell phone and cordless phone clutched in one hand. "Ring" The home phone rang. Scott quickly answered, "Hello Sara!?" "No, Scott this is Amy, I work with Sara. Is She there?" She asked. ", she's not. I don't know where she is. I expected her home a few hours ago." Scott said with disappointment. "Well I'd expect her soon. But I am not far from your home right now. Could I come and wait with you? I know you had plans, but this is important." Amy asked with some force. "Well...if you're in the area I guess." Scott replied. "Great, be there soon. Bye." Amy said with satisfaction. Scott put the phone down and turned his attention back to the television and the news report. His face saddened, "Sara ....where are you?"
Scott was up and half way to the front door as he heard Sara's key enter the lock. Scott smiled as he grabbed Sara and pulled her close and hugged her tight. "Sara! Where have you been? When you didn't arrive and didn't call. I I just thought the worst had happened to you." Sara returned Scotts embrace, "I am so sorry dear. I had a last minute call to transact. Julie had brain damage again and then....then.....well I'm home now." Sara said with a smile.

Their embrace broke and Scott took Sara's hand and they walked to the kitchen. "I put the food away. I could reheat some of it if you'd like." He looked into her eyes. "I'm not really that hungry either. What say we skip dinner and go up stairs and make dessert?" Sara replied. Then smiled, her head did a slight twitch to the left. Scott gave her one more hug. "Ok but first, Amy called and said she needed to talk to you. Something urgent. She'll be here in a few minutes." Sara's expression turned to one of confusion. "Well alright. I'm gonna go change though. OK?" "Yeah. I'm glad your home." Scott said as he watched her go up stairs. "Hey hon, what did cause you to be so late?" He asked. Sara stopped and turned back to Scott. "My purse was stolen, then ... then ... I'll explain later ok?" She said.

"Ok Later." He said. Scott turned back to the living room just in time to see a cars lights turn up the drive. "Must be Amy." Scott said to himself, trying to remember if he had met her before.

Scott waited in the doorway as Amy came up the steps. "Hi there." she said as she extended her hand to his. "Welcome to our home." he replied. After closing the door Scott took a quick moment to try and recognize Amy. She was about five foot seven. Her brown hair done up in a bun. He took her coat. She wore a white satin blouse and a knee length blue skirt that zipped up the back. He was impressed with her figure and shape, and younger than he expected. Probably in her late twenties. She had green/blue eyes which also caught his attention. Nope he hadn't met her before, he'd remember Amy for sure. "I assume Sara's home now. I saw her car out there." Amy asked. "Yes she's upstairs changing." Scott replied. "Great, can I go chat with her for minute?" She asked kindly. "Yeah, up the stairs and to the right. Can't miss it." Scott told her. Then added "would you care for a drink or something?" Amy turned and with smile said; "sure. Something diet if you have it or juice would be nice. But give us a few minutes ok?" She winked at Scott and turned back tot he stairs. Scott turned and headed to the kitchen. A few minutes, give us a few minutes? What for.....Sara will tell me later if it's worth while.



Scott finished his cookie and placed the two glassed of juice on the tray. A few minutes he thought. I've given you twenty minutes and now I want my wife to myself. Scott reached the stairs and headed up, at the top he listened to see if he could still here them talking. Nope nothing. He made his way to the bedroom door which was nearly closed shut. He stopped dead as he took a peek before pushing it open with his foot.

Sara stood at the foot to the bed, topless. Her hands cupping her breasts, her head leaning to one side. Motionless. Amy stood behind her. She was holding some kind of small screwdriver and pen light and using them up at Sara's neck. Scott held the tray and quietly watched what was going on. Sara's head suddenly twitched to look forward, then back down, then back up. "I am missing several gigabytes of memory. Error at 43892RZ9003." Sara said in a flat tone.

"Sara 43D7C you have experienced a cascade macro failure, this explains your malfunction." Amy told her. "I have a file to help compensate for this." She added. Amy untucked a corner of her blouse and then reached down her skirt. After a few seconds she pulled out cord, then plugged the end of it into Sara's neck. "This will take a few minutes." Amy said.

Scott slowly and quietly put the tray down and continued to watch. He felt his member stiffen between his legs as he stood back up. Sara's not a robot. We've been married for nearly two years. I know her. I know her don't I? He thought to himself. "Beginning transfer." Amy said.

"Accepting Data." Sara replied. They both stood there motionless. For Scott, he wanted to push open the door and ask a thousand questions. But he waited for a minute or two, then three. Finally he entered the room. Both Sara and Amy stood motionless in front of Scott. He had entered and neither of them had moved. He waved his hand in front of Sara's face, then Amy's, ....nothing.

He looked closer at Sara's neck. Blinking lights and wires, circuitry.
He gasped as the thought began to solidify in his mind that Sara was an android. And Amy. Whom he had met just tonight. Stunningly beautiful, she too was an android. How was that possible? He knew the government had been progressing with robotics, but only in the movies had he seen anything remotely like this. He again waved his hand in front of Amy's eyes. He moved behind her and looked down at the zipper on her skirt. Where was the cord coming from? He wondered.
He slowly at first placed his hand on her hip, then over to the zipper and slid it down. Amy still didn’t move.  He grabbed at the waist and slid it off and down to the floor. Scott lifted the back of Amy's blouse, she looked perfectly human. She wore a thong panty. Her legs smooth and silky. Scott ran his hand along her ass, then turned to see where the cord was coming from. Just above Amy's right thigh a portion of skin was peeled back and the cord came from directly inside her. Scott poked his finger in to the hole in Amy's body. Warmer in there, he thought to himself. Amy's black thong panty caught his attention again. If Sara was complete....was Amy all there also. He reached over and pulled away the front of her panty to reveal her snatch. Shaven and clean.

Scott had a rock hard member now. To many things to digest. He stood back up and turned to face Sara. He reached up and ran a finger over her lips, then over her right breast. He pinched her nipple. She liked him to do that when they made love. ‘Pinch and suck’. She called it. "File misread . . . .ERROR IN DATA TRANSFER..”  Amy’s head twitched. “ intimacy program initialized . . . 90% host data transfer complete." Amy said flatly. "Accepting new data." Sara replied.

Scott took a step back, startled a bit. Realizing what he had done. Scott turned towards the door started to walk out.

"Data transfer competed." Amy said in her normal pleasant tone.

"All data accepted. Configuring new data.....all systems are accepting data." Sara replied.

Amy reached up and unplugged herself from Sara. She looked down at her waist for a moment, noticing her skirt on the floor, then retracted the cord back to it's place. She closed up her thigh and then adjusted something in the back of Sara's neck.

"Thank you Amy." Sara said.

Scott watched from the hall as Amy proceeded to close up Sara's neck panel. When Amy had finished, she took a step back then reached down and slid off her own panties, then she proceeded to remove her blouse. Sara shook out her long dark hair and continued to run her hands over her breasts. Sara then reached down and undid her suit pants, then her panties, she then turned and faced Amy. "My sexual program is active. I have a desire to please you Amy." Sara said.

Amy stepped close to Sara and reached up and cupped Sara's breasts. "I know, me too. But this wasn't part of the original transfer file." Amy replied.

Sara pulled Amy close and gave her a passionate kiss. Amy began to run her hands over Sara’s perfect body. Scott couldn’t resist any longer and entered the room. The two women stopped their kissing and turned to Scott.  Sara’s and Amy’s head both twitched.

“What are you? How how can you be......a machine Sara?” Scott asked in a stupor.

“Scott darling...I .. I was unable to tell you the truth.”

Scott turned and looked at Amy. “And you too? Who built you? How many others are there? Are there male as well as female androids?” He blurted out.

Amy’s head twitched to one side. “I am experiencing an feedback loop error as a result of the data transfer. My physical stimulus program are active and building.” She said without emotion.

Scott caught a glimpse of Sara as her head twitched as well. “My sexual program is engaged also. I am detecting dual data files from the transfer.” Sara spoke.

Scott took a step forward. “What’s going on?” He asked looking at Sara.

Sara turned to Scott and walked toward him. “Scott dear, we’ll explain everything later, but right now I must follow my directive. Let me please you, satisfy you sexually.” She said speaking normally now.

Amy turned and walked over to Scott as well. “You find me attractive as well, I am equally skilled in sexual intimacy. We will both please you.” She said.

Scott took a few steps back as Amy and Sara both finished removing their clothes. Scotts mind was racing. What did I do? Touching them must have caused this error in the both of them, in the transfer, and what happened to Sara tonight. Did something happen and somehow they made her into an android. Scott was shaken from his thoughts as Amy grabbed his hand and Sara began to remove his shirt. Scott almost wanted to run away, but the thought of having to gorgeous women, robotic women make love to him made his member hard. Rock hard. They looked so real...but machines....androids.

As Scott leaned back against the dresser, Amy began to undo his trousers. “My you have something big hiding in there don’t you?” She teased. Sara leaned in close and began to kiss Scott passionately on the lips as Amy pulled his boxers down and took hold of his manhood. Her touch was warm and gentle. Amy knelt down and brushed her cheek against Scott’s hard dick, then began to tease him with her tongue. Scott wrapped his arms around Sara and pulled her close and then grabbed at her breasts, kneading her mounds and pulling at her nipples. They went hard instantly. Scott closed his mind to the many questions he had and let his passions take over. If these two beauties wanted him then he would give himself to them. Sara ran her hands over and across Scott's bare chest, teasing and pulling on his nipples. Amy took hold of Scotts testicles as she slid her mouth over the tip of Scotts penis and began to work her way down. Slowly at first then pumping him wildly. Scott reached down with both hands and held Amy’s head as he began to thrust in to her with each pump of her head. Just before he was to loose his load he pulled Amy away from him, then pushed Sara back as well.

“That was great!” he said catching his breath, “but I want to fuck you both, you can make ....I mean you do have sex?” Scott asked.

“Of course.” They both answered in unison.

“Amy first, then you my dear.”

Sara nodded as she took a step back. Amy stood now too and went over to the bed and lay down spreading her legs as she got into position. Sara stood off to the side as Scott got into the desired position, then leaned down and kissed Amy. Amy returned his kiss and pulled him closer. Scott could feel the heat from Amy’s love hole as the point of his member touched her opening. Slowly he slid into her. She was tight and firm and she wiggled a little as he slid all the way into her. When Scott first met her downstairs earlier he had wondered what it would be like to make love to a younger woman. He was nearly thirty-eight, not that old. Sara was thirty-six......well in appearance that is. He was always honest and truthful to Sara. But Amy had lit a fire that now he had to quench. Scott looked back down at Amy and began to pump her faster. Sara crawled up on the bed now and slowly made her way  to kneel over Amy’s head. They began to kiss and caress each other. Amy reached over with one hand and started to fondle Sara’s snatch, making her moan with pleasure.

     Scott continued to fuck Amy as Sara straddled her face. Amy didn’t hesitate in stimulating Sara’s clit.  “I can’t believe you’re both not human.” Scott said as he felt himself build up nearing his peak.

Sara leaned in to Scott and gave him a kiss. “I never wanted to .....uhnn yesss deceive you.” She cried in pleasure.

Amy began to match Scott’s thrusting motion. Amy’s tits jiggled uncontrollably in all the action. Her body was perfectly formed, from her face to her feet, not a flaw was noticeable.  Amy suddenly grabbed at Sara’s ass and pulled her hard down on her face, munching harder at Sara’s clit. Scott couldn’t hold back any longer and let loose his load. The bed shook violently as Scott’s orgasm rushed through him, and as both Amy and Sara began their own orgasms as well. As Scott began to regain his senses he slid out of Amy and pushed Sara down onto her back and positioned himself over her now. He leaned down and licked at her nipple, teasing it and playing with it, feeling how warm she was.  Then he took it all into his mouth.

She arched her back and spread her legs. “Take me now Scott! Fuck me like you did Amy!” She pleaded.

Scott looked at his wife, then to Amy who was now beginning to massage herself. Running her hands across her breasts and down over her soaked crotch. Scott gave Sara a quick kiss then mounted her, pushing his way gently at first, then hard.

“Uhnn.....yess.....hard I want it hard!” Sara cried.

Scott was still very hard and with all that he had witnessed earlier between Amy and Sara, the opening of compartments, exploring Amy’s body, the malfunction of both of them. Having his way with Amy first and now his wife. He just couldn’t believe that they were machines. They were too perfect, too sexy, too damn real.

Scott returned to his turn with Sara.



  “Oh yess Scott.” Sara cried as Scott came inside her.

Amy continued to masturbate as Scott and Sara finished their round. He rolled off Sara and lay between the two of them. Sara turned on her side to face him and slowly ran her hand over his chest. Amy moved one hand over to Scott’s inner thigh, then slowly made her way up to his now softening penis.

Scott turned his face to Sara’s, “Can you explain to me how all this came about now?”

Sara smiled, never missing a beat of her hand running over Scott’s chest. “I hope this makes up for being late tonight.  Having us both was wonderful.” Sara said.

Scott’s expression turned to confusion. He smiled back and then turned to face Amy. She looked into his eyes and smiled as well. Her hand gently stroking his penis and making it stiffen again.

Scott took a deep breath, “Amy....are you both still ... experiencing  errors?  . Are you having any malfunctions?” He asked.

Amy’s head twitched, then she smiled. “No, my sexual programs are fine. Do you want to fuck me again?” she said casually with a smile.

Scott sat up abruptly.

Sara too sat up and Amy as well. Both of them looking at Scott with lust in their eyes.

He turned to Sara again, “Who are you and what you want?” He asked with a more stern voice.

“I am Sara Miller silly, your wife.  Lets play some more huh?” She said with a smile.

He turned back to Amy, “And you?” again he asked.

“My name's Amy, Amy Birch. I came to help Sara with....with.........humm......with you.” She said with a slight twitch of her head.

Scott turned and looked at the door and thought to himself. Their errors went from needing sexual fulfillment to major wacked. They both don’t know anything much other than having sex right now. I could get al I wanted from these two. But Sara’s got a real good job. One that pays really well. And Amy....who know what she does. Maybe someone else will come along now to fix their malfunctions. What do I do? What should I do? He thought to himself.

         Scott lay back down and stared at the ceiling. Amy grabbed Scott’s penis and started to stroke it again. Sara lay back down and pulled Scott’s hand down to her crotch and began to move it around, teasing herself.

After several minutes Scott turned to face Amy. “Amy.. the data that you were transferring to Sara...what did it contain?”

Amy’s smile turned to a look of deep concentration.  “It was to correct her systems transfer malfunction that occurred after ...after...afterrrrrrrror..error located DTF879RSARA-20:50.” Amy’s face went blank and she let go of Scott’s penis now.

“Amy?.....Helloo?” Scott waved his free hand in front of her face. She didn’t move.

“What happened to Amy?” Sara asked. Now sitting up to look over Scott.

He turned to face Sara now. “Do you recall the reason why Amy came to the house tonight. Was it to correct something?” He asked as he touched her face.

Sara smiled and began to reply. “Well, I had a rough day at work and on my way home I had an accident. I ......I was hit a trruucckk.” Her speech slowed and then she blinked once, her head twitched to one side. Scott sat straight up to look directly at her. “I .... am confused.....I died....b bbutt..I am alive...I...I’m I’m I’m I’m I’mmmmmm.” Sara’s head twitched hard to one side. Scott heard what sounded like a wire shorting out from inside her. Sara’s face went blank then in the same monotone voice as Amy she spoke. “Malfunction detected......I am Sara mmmeee....error error errorrrrrr.” Then she was as silent as Amy.

Blank faced and staring at nothing.


      Scott Miller sat in the office of his home staring at the display on the computer screen. Before him was the list of Sara’s associates from her workplace. He recognized the names of several people, people he’d met at parties or had been introduced to by Sara. He wondered how many of them were androids....if any, or were they all. His attention focused on a female's name; Tiffany Henton. There was an asterisk next to her name and her name only. Could she be...possibly? He needed answers to his questions, and he had a lot of them. Scott picked up the phone  and began to dial the number.

To be continued................................................

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