True Lies - 2

by Fembotlvr7

This story contains Adult themes and sexual situations. It is intended for mature readers with a fetish for robots and androids of the female nature.
I give many thanks to many others for their inspiration in this.

[Second part of a continuing story.  To read the first part, click here.]



Scott Miller sat back in the chair as he listen to the phone ring once, twice.......then five times, then stop. "Hello, you've reached me." said the voice in a jubilant tone. "Tiffany....please leave me message and I'll get back to you.........BEEP!"

Scott paused, and took a deep breath, "Yeah hello. This is Scott Miller, Sara Miller's husband. I uhh..needed to ask you a question and thought you could help me. Give me a call at 742-5391, Thanks." Scott hung up the phone and reclined back again.

He began to massage his temples and realize that he had had a long day.

Today was his second anniversary with Sara. They were supposed to have dinner together then go out for some fun. Instead he spent several hours impatiently waiting for her to come home. Then when she does come home, she blocks his questions, then another women comes over to supposedly talk to her, he waits some more. Then he finds out that the woman he loves and has shared so much with in the past few years is an android. A machine built and programmed to function like a human. She and Amy, her associate......have malfunctioned, a result of his actions. No not totally. He made love to them at their behest, they wouldn't stop. Then when he had time to think and ask a question to them...... poof, they finally melt down.

Scott stood up and went out to the front foyer and stopped, where was Sara's purse? He thought to himself. That may have some answers. Not finding it, Scott turned back to the office and fell back into the chair and lay his head in his hands then finally rested over the desk and fell into a deep sleep.

11:07pm Miller Residence

The android known as Amy Birch lay on the Miller bed, naked. Beside her was Sara Miller in her frozen malfunctioning state.

Amy's eye's blinked once, then her body moved slowly into an attention posture flat on the bed. Arms and legs together. "System . . reconfigured . . data transfer error deleted . . sexual response program error deleted . . initializing secondary systems directive . . alpha systems on line . . adapting personality program . . scanning residence . . scanning . . scan complete. " She spoke monotony. Amy blinked twice then sat up as if from a long sleep, this time with nothing of human movements.

She stood up and walked over near the dresser and picked up her clothes and started to get dressed. Once dressed she closed the door and locked it, turning back to the bed she sat down beside the inactive Sara.

Amy rolled Sara over on to her stomach then moved her right arm out perpendicular to her body, Amy then pushed in and up into Sara's arm pit. There was a click and a soft whir as a seam began to appear outlining Sara's back. The panel lifted it self and Amy gently took hold and turned it fifteen degrees and lifted it away to reveal Sara's inner mechanisms. Amy peered closely, studying the motion of blinking lights, she pushed another button and a small display activated. "Initiate alpha level diagnostic - Sara - priority one." Amy said. The display blinked once then started to scroll in a rapid manner. Far too fast for the normal human eye to register everything. After several minutes the scrolling stopped.

"Diagnostic complete" Sara said flatly. The display changed to list the systems and files currently damaged.

"You require repair that I cannot completed here. Initiate remote drone command and engage." Amy said.

"Understood.....accessing emergency protocol beta, transferring primary link to unit Amy Birch. " Sara replied.

Amy stood back up and began to pick up Sara's clothing. "Dress yourself." Amy instructed.

Sara took the clothing and began to dress, moving quite mechanically.


Amy stopped at the doorway to the office and looked in. Sara stopped just behind her, but did not turn to look in as well. Scott lay asleep on the desk unaware of his on looker. Amy turned away and continued towards the front door with Sara following in step. Quietly she opened the door and gestured for Sara to lead out, then she closed the door behind them.


Scott's rubbed the back of his neck as he sat up from the desk. A pool of drool stained some papers. "Man what a head ache." He said as he continued to rub his neck. "KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK" Scott turned to face the open doorway of the office as he recognized the sound of knocking on the front door.

He quickly stood up and straightened his shirt and adjusted his trousers as he made his way to the door. "DING DONG" Rang the door bell. "I'm coming, just a second!" He called out. Scott peered out the side window as he approached the door. Two Black sedans. Opening the door "Yes, may I help you?" Scott greeted. 

Standing there were two men and a woman, the men were dressed in business suits and the woman in similar conservative attire; they looked like accountants, or cops.. "Are you Scott Miller?" Asked one of the men.

"Yes, yes I am." he replied.

"Mr. Miller, I'm Agent Granger, this is Agent Hobson, and this is Detective Hatch. May we come in and have a word." He said politely.

"Uhm yeah. Can I ask what this is in regards to?" Scott asked.

The woman, Detective Hatch spoke up. "This is about your wife; Sara Miller."

Scott's expression turned to one of confusion and curiosity as he let them pass and enter his home.

After a few minutes of chit chat, complimenting the home and asking Scott what he did for a living the Agents from the FBI got straight to the point. "Mr. Miller where is your wife?" Asked Granger.

Scott took a deep breath, "Sir....I don't know to be truthful.

"When was the last time you saw her?" Asked Hobson. Scott turned to him, his face one of concentration. Do I tell them about last night, my wife the machine? Oh she's upstairs in the bedroom naked, stiff as a board. Or yesterday morning. He thought to himself.

As he thought about it, Detective Hatch pulled some photos from her jacket pocket. "Mr. Miller. Last evening about 5pm there was an accident in the Manhattan area." She said quietly. "Scott is this your wife?" while handing him the photos; Scott took them and examined them closely. They showed a woman laying on her side in the street, but none of the pictures showed her face directly. The hair was Sara's, the outfit. Everything.

"Yes, yes this is her." He said looking back up at the three of them.

Granger turned to Hatch. "Show him the others." Hatch again took more pictures from her pocket and handed them to Scott.

Again Scott examined them. His jaw fell in shock as this time he could see the face and more Sara's body. Half her face was scraped away to reveal metal and circuitry. Her left arm was bent up behind her, it also revealed more robotic parts. Scott again scanned the various photos. He looked up and turned to Granger. "This.....this is my wife. What she wore to work yesterday......but.....this isn't...she's not..."

"Mr. Miller, Did you know your wife was an android, a machine?" Asked Agent Granger.

Scott shook his head. "No. . no. Yesterday was our second anniversary. I waited for her to come home. I got worried when she didn't." Scott said staring at the floor.

"Scott. Mr. Miller. Your wife is the second android to have been discovered in the last four months. We investigated a rape in the Pittsburgh area that turned up the first one. The bureau has nothing on them."

Scott looked up at Granger in amazement.

"We'd like to search the house with your permission. We have a lot of questions, just as you do now." Said Detective Hatch.

Scott looked back up at her. "There is something else."

"What?" Asked Granger. "Last night. Sara did come home. About 8:30pm. She didn't give me an answer as to where she had been. Then an associate of hers came over and I saw them together upstairs in the bedroom. They were both...."

"Both what?" Hobson interjected.

"They were both robots. Amy, Sara's associate was plugged into Sara's neck with some wire. They didn't notice I was in the room and when they didn't move I got curious and examined them both. I must have tripped something and they both started to malfunction. They're both up stairs now, both naked on the bed." Scott said putting his head in his hands.

"Naked?" Asked Hatch.

Scott nodded. Granger and Hobson both stood.

"Mr. Miller, may we?" Asked Granger.

"Yes. Yes. I want to know what's going on too." He said. T

he two FBI Agents took to the stairs and headed for the bedroom. Detective Hatch stood up and turned towards the window. "Scott, we'd like to leave an officer here at the house with you." She said flatly.

Scott looked up. "What, for my protection? Or for ...." "

Let's just say to be safe." Hatch cut him off.

Scott stood up and waved his hand. "Alright." he said. He turned and started towards the kitchen.

"Scott, may I ask as personal question of you?" She asked. Scott turned back to face her. "In two years, you never suspected that she......"

Scott shook his head. "That wasn't personal Detective."

She stared back then relaxed a little. "You're right that wasn't, but was she in..."

"Mr. Miller," Hatch didn't have time to finish her question as Granger and Hobson returned from upstairs. "Mr. Miller. There's nobody upstairs in either bedroom. Are you sure that's where they were?"

Again Scott Miller had another unexpected surprise with this news. "No. Yes; I mean, I thought I was sure. They were in our bedroom. That's were they were last night when I last saw them."

"What time was that?" Asked Granger.

"Uhmm, about 10:15 or so. I got ....washed up and then came down here to grab something to eat. I fell asleep in the den over there."

Granger stepped up to Scott. "Sir, I know this seems pretty confusing to you and all. But may we search the house? We'll let you know if we find anything." He asked politely.

Scott nodded his head and turned back to the kitchen. "Go ahead. I'm gonna fix me some breakfast.  It's gonna be a helluva day, I can tell."


After several hours and more agents than Scott could count the last of the FBI agents left. Granger and Hobson thanked him for his cooperation, he had submitted to a physical exam and blood test to certify he was human. The two agents left with a small box of items and the home computer.

Detective Hatch had long since left, and now the only other person at the house was a uniformed officer. Fred was his name. A stout looking officer of about 35 yrs. He had been polishing his gun now for the last twenty minutes, whistling the same tune over and over. He never looked directly at Scott, But Scott could feel his watchful eyes on him where ever he went.

The morning passed and the afternoon came. No news, all was quiet.

Two days later - 3:40pm

Scott began to feel like he was a prisoner. Aside from the house, everywhere he went an officer accompanied him. Fred liked to talk sports and about his marksmanship. There was Barney Rollins, a true Barney 'Fife'. He looked the part and acted the part. Scott could always count on a good laugh from him, and there was Amber Mitchell. She was more relaxed than Fred, totally with it compared to Barney, and kinda fun to be around. She was almost too pretty to be a cop.

Scott had let his mind wander more than once to imagine what she looked like beneath the uniform. He found himself starting to get used to the fact that he might truly not be married. Truly married that is. He missed Sara deeply and tried to come to grips with what was happening. He wished that he would hear something from the FBI or Detective Hatch.

"Well, looks like my shift is almost up Scott." Said Fred, never looking up from shining his gun. "You gonna miss me tonight?"

Scott turned to him and smiled. "No Fred, not tonight and probably not ever."

Just then on cue as Fred had predicted Amber pulled up in her patrol car. Scott turned and went toward the door. Fred started to collect his things and place them in his bag. He stood up and started towards the door as well.

Scott reached the door before Amber could knock. "Please come in officer Mitchell." Scott said with a sigh of relief.

"Please call me Amber, it's an easy name to pronounce." She said with a smile as she entered.

"Have fun with him, he's in a mood today. See you around again." Fred said as he passed her through the doorway.

Amber closed the door and turned to face Scott. "Any news today?"

"No nothing." He replied.

"Well cheer up something will turn up. It always does." She said with a smile of hope. Amber turned and went to the lounge chair in the living room and sat down. She opened her bag and pulled out a crossword magazine.

"Another cross-word magazine today?" Scot asked.

"Yep, gotta keep my mind keen you know." Amber said. Scott turned and stared towards the kitchen, "You hungry yet?" He asked over his shoulder.

"Just a little, same as ever." Was her reply. Scott entered the kitchen and stared to take inventory in his mind what he wanted for dinner.


Scott reached the phone on the fourth ring. "Hello." He answered.

"Mr. Miller. Agent Granger. Wanted to let you know that we were able to break and decode some of the android's, uhm humm, your wife's memories you might say. We've been able to uncover that there may be a central control location near the waterfront. We're going to check on that here tonight. As far as other things go. There are more of these androids around that we might have first thought. I just wanted to touch base with you and at least give you this information." Granger said.

"Agent have you found out if she was always an android, was she replaced, anything like this?" Scott asked hesitantly.

"No, I'm afraid not. Nothing like that. We'll stay in touch." Granger said, then he hung up.

Scott turned to face Amber as she had gotten up and started to come over towards him. "News?"

"Yeah, they think that...." But Scott's train of thought was lost as he saw a car start to pull up the drive. "Somebody's here." He said pointing to the window.

Amber turned to look out now as well. She placed her hand on the butt of her gun. "You expecting anyone?" She ask, now more serious and all business.

"Not really."

A sporty blue car pulled up the drive and stopped. The door opened and a woman stepped out. She was tall, about 5'10, and looked to be in her mid twenties. The woman turned to look at the patrol car as she came up the steps.

Scott opened the door. "May I help you Miss?"

"Yes, are you Scott Miller?" She said with a cheery smile.

"Yes, that's me." Came the reply.

"Hi, I'm Tiffany Henton. Sara's friend." She said, sticking out her hand in greeting. "You called the other day and left me a message. Sorry that it took me so long to get back with you."


Scott let Tiffany get comfortable after Officer Mitchell explained that she had to search her person and then take her metal detecting wand over and around her to make sure she wasn't an android. Tiffany seemed slightly amused by all of that. Scott got the two of them some drinks then sat down across from her in the den.

"So what can I do for you Scott?" She asked with a wink of her eye.

Scott took a sip from his glass and carefully looked at Tiffany. She was a sight to behold. Probably about late twenties he guessed; in perfect physical shape. She had golden brown hair to below her shoulders, styled in a modern fashion. Her face and general skin tone was slightly bronzed and showed no imperfections or flaws. He thought about how Amy had looked when he had first met her. There were a lot of similarities, both in actions and appearance.

"Well, Tiffany. I was hoping to find out if Sara had mentioned to you what she may be hoping to get for her birthday." Scott said casually.

Tiffany took a sip from her glass, then smiled. "Well if you really want to know. No, she's not said a word to me." She let her eyes wander over Scott, as if she were looking at a piece of meat at the market.

"When was the last time you saw Sara?" He asked.

Tiffany's smile faded and she became more serious. She leaned forward to give Scott her full attention. "Scott, I'm not beating around any bushes and neither should you. She's fine now and you'll see her again." Scott's expression never changed. If Tiffany had hoped to get a reaction from her statement, he didn't show one. "Actually she was going to tell you soon. The truth about her being a machine." She continued.

Scott took a deep breath and sat back tensing for what may come of this. "Are you one too?" He asked.

Tiffany smiled and stood up and walked to a area of the room that hid her view from the officer in the other room. She turned back to Scott and started to unbutton her blouse. Scott didn't move as he watched her take off her blouse and then her bra. Her breasts stood at attention, just as she did. Her nipples started to firm up under his gaze. He could tell that she was toying with him.

She smiled, "Scott, do I look like a machine? Honestly... do I?" She asked with a pouting look.

Scott stood up and walked over to stand directly in front of her. He smelled the scent of her sweet perfume. He could hear her breathing. He looked down at her firm breasts then at her lips. She was beautiful, very beautiful and alluring, all in one package. Then Scott grabbed her one breast and pulled her close with his other hand and gave her a deep passionate kiss. Their tongues began to probe each other's mouths. Tiffany returned Scott's embrace and she ran her hand down to his crotch. Scott rubbed his hand all over her breast, then pulled at the nipple. Making it harder. Tiffany began to moan softly. Enjoying their playing.

Then without warning Scott pushed her away, swung his hand up and slapped Tiffany hard across the face. Tiffany took a stumble back but said nothing. She regained her composure and stood again to face Scott.

"Was that really necessary?" She asked pleasantly.

"You didn't answer my question, so I found my answer." He replied.

Tiffany reached up to her face and gently ran her hand across where Scott had struck. "You never hit Sara." She stated. Scott half turned. "I loved Sara. Who she was. Her personality and what she meant to me. Now . . . I ..I don't know."

Tiffany picked up her bra and blouse and started to put them back on. "What did you tell the FBI?" she said, rather petulantly.

Scott acted like he didn't hear and sat back down.

"Did you tell them about us?" She asked. More sincerely this time. Scott still stared straight ahead.

Tiffany finished dressing and stood in front of Scott. "I'm gonna freshen up a bit. Maybe I came across as too .. .. too... hard." Her last two words were spoken softly. Tiffany started towards the rest room and Scott watched her go.


Scott sat quietly in the lounge chair in the den. He ran and re-ran what had occurred between him and Tiffany and it only made him steamed all the more. He felt like the rat in the cage of an experiment, and he was even more enraged that she didn't even let out so much as a whimper when he hit her. She was a real fake. Real in outward human appearance, but fake through and through.

"error." The one word came from the living room. It sounded like Amber.

Scott listened again and heard nothing. He stood up and moved over to the doorway to look into the living room. Amber sat straight up at attention. She was staring straight ahead at the wall. Scott noticed that Amber's cross word book had fallen to the floor. He walked over to her chair and bent down and picked up the book.

"Amber? You ok?" He asked. He glanced at the book and saw that every page had been completed. Amber didn't answer. "Amber?" He called again, this time waiving his hand in front of her face.

She blinked twice then stood to face him. "Scott?" She asked with a puzzled look on her face.

"Amber....... not you too?" Scott asked sorrowfully.

"H.H.Help me....." She said in a more robotic manner. Scott took a step back, wondering if this was some kind of trick. "I.....I have lossssst contact with ....." She slurred.

Scott took a chance and grabbed her at the shoulders. "Amber, what have you lost? Tell me!"

Amber's head twitched to one side, her expression went from confusion to a more content. "This unit is no longer in contact with the Central Governor. Please state what function or action you wish this unit to perform." She stated.

"Huh?" Scott asked.

Again Amber repeated her statement. "This unit is no longer in contact with the Central Governor. Please state what function or action you wish this unit to perform."

"Amber.... are you an android?" Scott asked.

"That is correct." Was her reply.

"What is this Central Governor?" He asked.

"The Central Governor is the governing device that controls, regulates and designates all units in this region."

Scott sighed. "Ok, ....uhmm how many governors exist?"

Amber frowned then smiled to answer. "There are three in the North American area, one in South America, three in Europe, two in Asia, and one in the Region of Africa." She replied.

Scott tightened his grip on Amber's shoulders. "How many androids are there?"

"There are 128,339 androids total in North America. Of those 86,745 are female. This unit does not know total world population." She answered with a smile.

Scott took a moment to process all this information.

"This unit is no longer in contact with the Central Governor. Please state what function or action you wish this unit to perform." Amber stated again.

"What severed the link between you and the Central Governor?" He asked.

Amber's face turned to a slight frown, then back to a smile. "Federal Agents...... unexpected raid."

A question began to form in Scott's mind, what 's going on with Tiffany? Scott half turned away from Amber then turned back to her. "Amber, take off your shoes, your uniform, leave your underwear on. Undo the bun from your hair then go upstairs to my bedroom. Alright?"

"Yes." She said with a blank smile as she proceeded to untie her shoes. Scott turned away and started for the bath room.


Scott had found the door to the bath room locked. He found the pin above the door and slid it in the lock and then opened the door. Inside was Tiffany, leaning over the vanity. "Tiffany?" He called.

Tiffany slowly turned her head to look at Scott. A slight smile formed around her lips. "Too ....too many errors. All units....units linkage severed, I can't provide....not enough access......" Tiffany's head turned back down and she turned on the water, she splashed her face with water then reached for the hand towel.

Scott grabbed it for her and handed it to her. She dried her face then stood up and turned away from Scott and walked into the opposite wall, then stumbled back and to the floor. Scott folded his arms and thought how ironic this was. Tiffany's movements as she began to regain her composure revealed her robotic nature.

"This unit is no longer linked to the ..." She stuttered.

"Yeah the Central Governor. Please tell me what to do." Scott interjected.

Tiffany's head cocked to one side as if to understand his mocking tone.

"Who created you?" He asked.

Tiffany smiled at him. "Scott Miller. Subject NAR3-2798A espoused to Sara Miller. Unit R3NA50-89S7." She said.

Scott smiled back at her. "Tiffany, do you want something to focus on?"

Her gaze didn't change. "I would that." She replied.

"Ok then....who built you and the others like you? Answer that and....and I'll help you." Tiffany's brow furrowed some then she smiled again and took two steps toward Scott. "I am designed to emulate a human female, in features, function and performance. I was created to study your society and culture. I...." Zzzzttttt! Tiffany's head twitched to one side. "This unit is no longer in contact with the Central Governor. Please state what function or action you wish this unit to perform."

Scott was frustrated that his repeated question had been either dodged or she was truly unable to answer it. Well if he couldn't get some answers from her, he was going to have his way with her and.... with Amber.


Scott had showered first before he started his fun with the two androids.

He had Tiffany follow similar instruction to what he had given Amber. They both stood at attention at the foot of his bed. He came out of the bathroom wearing only a towel around his waist. He smiled at the two women before him.

"Are you ladies sexy?" He asked them.

"We are designed to be flawless in appearance and be desirable to human males and females." They answered in unison.

Scott frowned. He was hoping that if at all possible he might find a way to get them to act more normal, more human and still have fun with them. "Are you both programmed for sexual relations?"

"Affirmative." Again in unison.

"Can you both act and speak to perform as humans in this function?" "If that is how you wish us to act and perform, we can access our social programming protocols and function accordingly until you desire otherwise." Again they stated in unison.

Scott thought for a minute. "One last question girls. What was to happen to me when all of this was over?"

Amber stood expressionless, Tiffany looked directly at Scott. "Sara was to continue as your wife. You were going to be told the truth and relocated to another region. No harm was going to befall you." She said in a more human tone.

Scott sat down on the corner of the bed and digested this bit of information. "Tiffany, why don't you go across the hall to the spare bedroom and lay on the bed in there. Take off the rest of your clothes, then engage your sexual protocols and masturbate as a real female would and wait there till I come to fuck you. " Scott ordered. Tiffany turned and exited the room.

Scott turned and sat on the edge of the bed. "Amber, please sit here by me." He said patting the bed next to him.

Amber did so and turned to face him. Scott examined Amber's features.. Again, she had a flawless body, no imperfections, no scars or moles. Her face was genuine and sweet. "Amber, how much information do you possess in regard to knowledge of the central governor, the other androids, and ....Sara?" He asked kindly.

She smiled back, "I have over two terra quads of information stored in my primary memory drive regarding the all units and the Central Governor. Fifty three gigabytes in regards to Unit R3NA50-89S7 - Sara Miller." She answered in a monotone voice.

Scott felt like he was conversing with a computer...and he was in all actuality. "Amber access you normal speech files while we talk, all right?" Scott asked.

"Alright." She answered. This time in a more genuine fashion.

"Who created you? Where were you built?" He asked, leaning in more closely.

"I am designed to emulate a human female, in features, function and performance. I was created to study your society and culture. I was assembled ....." Amber's brow furrowed, then she frowned and looked back up at Scott. "I am sorry Scott. I cannot answer that question."

"Figures." He said in disgust.

Scott stood up and walked to the doorway of the bedroom and looked across the hall to the other bedroom where Tiffany was sprawled on the bed. She was fingering herself with one hand and kneading one breast with the other. She would continue doing this till he stopped her and had her do something else. He turned back around and went back over to the bed.

"Stand up please." He asked her. "Now turn away from me." She did so.

Scott undid the hook on her bra and slid the straps off her shoulders, then he gently lifted her arms up and pulled the bra off her completely. Then he reached around in front of her and cupped both her breasts and began to run his fingers across her nipples, making them harden and begin to point out. Amber didn't resist or say anything. She was his to control and command.

"How does this make you feel?" He whispered in her ear.

Amber tilted her head to one side and slightly back. "It is what a real female would consider very arousing. My sensors are reaching a heightened state of activity." She replied.

Scott pulled on one breast and slid his other hand down into her panty and tickled her crotch. She felt warm and he could feel her start to moisten up. "Is it possible for your sensors, your sexual sensors to be overloaded?" He asked now, while pulling her closer and moving his finger closer to her hole.

She relaxed a little more to match his posture. "Yes, but only if I adjust them to the lowest settings."

"If they overloaded...... would you begin to malfunction?" He whispered.

"My sexual programs would most likely be damaged, however I would continue to function." Amber said.

Scott dug his fingers into Amber's breast and pulled on it, wanting to see if her skin would tear.

"What are you doing, dear?" A very familiar voice said from behind them. Startled, Scott released Amber and spun around to see Sara standing in the doorway. Amber just stood there, frozen stiffly in place, a slight smile on her sexy lips.  She seemed even more like a machine when she acted 'paused' like that.

"Sara?!" He said in shock and dismay. "I wasn't......I mean, I'm glad to see you. But but how?"

Sara entered the room, her bearing different than when last he had seen her; she was now more confident - in charge. She was dressed in a one piece skin-tight jumpsuit that accentuated her every luscious curve. Her hair was styled slightly different he noticed. She smiled at him. "Scott dear, I am so sorry for everything that has happened. I should have told you. I should have been able to tell you everything. You were always honest with me. Can you forgive me?" She asked as she walked towards him.

Scott, still reeling from this surprise took a step back behind the rigid figure of Amber,. Not letting her too near just yet. "How come you're not uncontrolled like Amber or Tiffany?" He asked.

Sara stopped and let out a sigh. "They are only un-linked because I wished them to be. They are under my complete control currently. We wanted to make sure that your intentions were not to turn us over to the government authorities." She took another small step towards Scott. "Does that answer your questions?"

He stood straight up to look her in the eyes. "What about the surprise raid and the Central Governor losing control over the androids?" He asked.

"It was all part of the test. They wanted to make sure you wouldn't turn against us. You passed... I'm sorry for all you've had to go through. Really I am." Sara held out her arms to Scott, once again the loving wife.

His mind was going so fast trying to make sense of all of it. A test, me turn against Sara, the androids. But......but what about the phone call from Granger? "Sara? Were the FBI agents and the police that were here... Were they androids?"

She took a step forward past Amber and took Scott's hand. "No, they are very human. Only Amber here is an android. We've had her in the police department for over a year now. It was simple to arrange though to have her here to observe you." She began to pull him toward her. "But Scott, we must pack some belongings and get ready to move on. To live somewhere else."

Scott pulled away from her grasp. "Why Sara, why?"

She turned slightly away as if ashamed. "Because, now that the Government is aware of some of us. They will keep a very close eye on you. We wont be able to be together." She began to turn away and Scott grabbed her hand, then pulled her back and kissed her.

"We..." he broke down as he looked at her. "Sara I'm sorry too. I love you. Tiffany told me I wouldn't be harmed by you or any androids. Is that really true?" He asked.

Sara smiled and pulled him close to give him a warm hug. "Of course my dear. We'll spend the rest of our lives together. I promise." Sara released him and ran her hand across his cheek. She turned to face Amber. "Were you ever going to have your way with her, or were you going to just question her to death?" She asked in a teasing manner.

"Humm....I told you once that you were the only one I had really ever had sex with. That was until three days ago when you and Amy were here. I ......I was starting to think about to be untruthful." He answered.

"Well Scott, if you want to continue you may do so with my blessing. I'm going to pack some things for us, then maybe we'll all join in." She looked back at him and winked. Scott's mouth dropped open, unable to say anything.

As Sara went to the closet Amber came to life and moved towards Scott. "Why don't you finish what you began. Oh, and if it's any help, I'm a virgin. Just a sweet twenty seven year old virgin." She teased as she pulled him close and gave him a sensuous kiss.

Scott saw out of the corner of his eye Sara pulling down two suitcases from the top of the closet as Amber kissed him. He lost his focus on Sara as Amber loosened his towel and let it fall to the floor. He went stiff pretty fast as her hand found his member and started to massage it. He pushed the two of them back and onto the bed. "You want it that way, officer? Fine, but you're under my house arrest." He said as he grabbed her one breast and spread her legs with the other hand.

"I won't resist. But I may want you to shoot me. If you know my meaning..." Amber teased. Scott slid his hard dick into her tight hole. She wiggled a little under his penetration. Then as Scott was about to start his fun with Amber she froze up again.

Then he heard a thump come from inside the closet, he looked up to see Sara staring up and a box over turned at her feet. She too was still. Not moving. "Sara?" he called.. Then looking down at Amber beneath him, "Amber?" He got a sudden chill and quickly pulled out from Amber and off the bed.

As he did so Amber's form stiffened to attention. He turned to look at Sara in the closet, she too now stood erect. Then he watched as both their heads twitched slightly to the left and then in unison said : "This unit is no longer in contact with the Central Governor. The primary link has been severed. Please state what function or action you wish this unit to perform."

Epilog -- 8:45pm, Miller Residence

As Scott watched the motionless bodies of Tiffany, Amber, and then Sara be rolled out on stretchers he turned to Agent Granger. "So what's next? They said I would be safe. But will I be now? I mean you took them by surprise."

Granger's face softened and he let out a sigh. "I don't know. But I think this has only just begun. We lost a few good men today. But they... they lost a lot. Who ever and what ever is controlling them will want pay back. They usually do." He answered. Granger turned and reached the door and looked back. "Mr. Miller, I want to say thank you, but more than that......I'm really sorry. Good night." And he closed the door.

To be Continued?

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