Tales of the Wand 6 -  I'm Not Lisa

by JMD & Alexandria


Part 6 of a continuing story. To read parts 1-5, click here.

"Oh, Chris!"

   Lisa sat straddling her husband's waist, her back arched as she began to build to yet another orgasm. Her breasts strained against the pink nightie that she was wearing, and he reached up to massage them through the fabric. By rubbing the satin over her nipples, he drove her closer to release, causing her to call out his name again.

    Chris closed his eyes as he worked his hips to drive himself deeper into his wife. Lisa was working on her third -- or was it her fourth -- orgasm, and he had to admit that he was surprised at his own stamina tonight. He usually wasn't good for more than two rounds in a single night, but he felt like he could keep it up...literally...for the rest of the night.

    Lisa cried out his name again, and he smiled at the sound of it. His smile faded a second later, however, as he felt her pound her fist onto his naked chest. "Hey!" he called out, opening his eyes. "Not so rough, hon." In reply, she struck him again, her head thrown back in ecstasy. "Lisa!" he shouted, trying to get her attention. He grabbed her wrists to stop her from doing it a third time. She fought him, still calling out his name. "Lisa!" he shouted again, beginning to get worried.

    Suddenly, Lisa threw her head forward and stared directly into his eyes. "Damn it, Chris!" she shouted. "Will you please wake up?"

    Chris eyes shot open as he sat up in the bed. Shaking his head to clear the cobwebs, he looked around the room. It took him a few seconds to realize that it had all been a dream. He turned to see Lisa standing naked next to the bed. She had the wand in one hand, and was holding up her pink nightie with the other. "Lisa?" he asked, swinging his legs from under the cover. "What's going on?"

    "We've got a problem," she told him quickly, holding up the nightie.

    He looked at it in confusion, before turning back to face her. "Your nightie's a problem?"

    "No!" she said in frustration, tossing him the wand and crossing the room to her dresser. She opened the drawer where she kept her lingerie and pulled out another pink gown. "This is my nightie," she explained, holding it up for him to see. She lowered it and held up her other hand. "This is me."

    The confused expression on his face deepened. "Lisa..."

    "No!" she shouted, cutting him off. "No! You're still not getting it! I'm not Lisa!"

    Chris couldn't help but smile at his wife's unintentional song reference. "So, who are you exactly?" he grinned. "Julie?"

    "No," she answered, ignoring his attempt at humor. "As near as I can tell, I'm my bra."

    Chris just looked at her for a second. "Your bra?" he repeated. She nodded slowly in response. Okay," he said, using his free hand to rub the bridge of his nose, "perhaps we should start over."

     Lisa put the gown she had pulled from the drawer back, and folded the other one over the back of the chair at her vanity. "Okay," she told him, leaning against the dresser, "but you have to let me finish before you say anything. Agreed?"


    "Okay," she nodded, "you remember using your grandpa's wand to turn me into a satin nightie, right?" He nodded. "And using it to change me back?" Another nod. "Well, I don't think you did change me back. I think, instead, you touched the wand to my bra and turned it into me."

     He cut her off. "What? That's ridiculous!"

     "Is it any more ridiculous than you turning me into a nightie to begin with?" He had to admit she had a point. "Think about it, Chris. When you changed me earlier, you only changed me. My clothes didn't change. That means the wand will only work on whatever you actually touched with it. Right?"

     "I guess that makes sense," he admitted.

     "Well, when I went to pick up our clothes out of the floor just now," she explained, "I found this nightie still in with mine. What I didn't find was the bra I was wearing when you changed me. Can you honestly say for sure that when you changed me back, you touched the wand to the nightie I'd become, and not my bra? It was right on top of me. You could have missed."

     Chris thought about it for a second, realizing that she could be right. But he still didn't want to believe it. "No," he said, shaking his head. "This doesn't make sense. I'd know if you weren't my wife."

     "In a sense," she sighed, picking up the nightie and coming over to him, "I am her. I mean, I look like her. I move like her. Hell, I even think like her. I have memories in my head that only she could have." She sat on the bed next to him, looking him straight in the eye. "But I can't deny the evidence before me. I'm not your wife, Chris. This nightie is. And I think she'd like you to change her back now."

     Chris continued to look at her for a few seconds, still not sure. She handed him the nightie and pointed at the wand. He looked at the piece of satin in his hand, then back up into her face. She smiled softly and nodded.

     With a sigh, Chris got up and walked to the middle of the room. He sat the nightie carefully on the floor, and stood back up. With one more nod from the woman that he had thought was his wife, he turned back and reached down with the wand. Picturing Lisa in his mind like he'd done before, he touched the tip to the nightie.

     With a blink, there were two naked women in the room. The Lisa on the floor slowly sat up, and Chris reached down to help her to her feet. She was obviously pretty shaken up by the events of that evening. "Are you okay?" he asked, as she turned to look at him.

   And in response, Lisa punched him in the face.


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