Tales of the Wand 7 -  A Sensible Bra

by JMD & Alexandria


Part 7 of a continuing story. To read parts 1-5, click here; part 6, click here.


To be honest, Lisa’s punch didn’t hurt so much as catch him off guard.  Still, the result was the same.  Chris took a couple of steps backwards, stumbling slightly. 

From the bed, her twin was also surprised at Lisa’s actions and started to get up to help.  But Lisa turned and pointed a finger at her.  “You stay out of this, Maidenform,” she told her.  Holding her hands up in surrender, the other woman sat back down. 

Satisfied, Lisa turned all of her anger back on her husband.  “You bastard!” she shouted, taking a step toward him with her fist held up. 

Thinking she might take another shot at him, Chris brought the hand holding the wand up for protection.  This proved to be a mistake, because seeing the thing responsible for her transformation just seemed to make his wife angrier.  “Give me that,” she said, snatching it out of his hand.

“Now, Lisa,” Chris said, trying to calm her down.  “Be careful…”

“Be careful?” she repeated, cutting him off.  “Now you want to be careful?  What about earlier, Chris?  Were you careful then?  No, you weren’t.  And as a result, I spent the better part of the night lying on the floor in my living room, while you cheated on me with… with…”  She struggled with the words, as if even she couldn’t believe it.  “…with my underwear.”

“Lisa,” Chris tried, “it wasn’t…”

“Don’t, Chris,” she shot back.  “Don’t even try.  I might have been just a piece of satin, but I could still see…and hear…everything that happened.  So, don’t try to tell me it wasn’t what I thought it was.”

Chris didn’t know what else to say.  In desperation, he glanced over to the other Lisa sitting naked on the bed, hoping she’d have a suggestion.  Instead, the woman just raised her shoulders in a shrug that said he was on his own.  With a sigh, he turned back to his wife, ready to give it another try. 

Immediately, he realized he’d made a mistake.  He knew this because of the look in Lisa’s eyes. 

He’d seen that look only one time before.  That time, he had been shocked awake from a sound sleep by a bucket of cold water.  After he recovered enough to realize where he was, he spotted his wife standing over him with the now empty bucket.  She didn’t say anything, just stood there with that look of quiet anger.  Then, she turned and walked out of the room, giving him a clear view of the big wet spot on the back of her nightgown over her butt.  That’s when he remembered getting up to go to the bathroom earlier, and knew that he had forgotten to put the seat back down on the toilet when he was through. 

He never made that mistake again, swearing that if he could do anything to prevent it, he would never see that look in his wife’s eyes again.  But here he was, looking into that very same expression now.  With a mental oh shit, he tried to calm her down.  “Uh,” he stammered, “Lisa honey…”

“So,” his wife said, again cutting him off.  She wasn’t shouting anymore, but there was an icy edge to her voice that worried Chris even more.  She looked to her side, eyeing her twin on the bed.  The other woman just gave her a raised eyebrow in response.  “So,” Lisa repeated, turning back to face her obviously scared husband, “you prefer her to me.  Is that it?”

“What?  Of course…”

“Well,” Lisa went on, not letting him finished, “let me fix it so the two of you can be together.”  And before he could protest further, she reached out and touched his naked chest with the tip of the wand. 

A second later, Chris got the answer to a question that had been on his mind ever since he had first turned Lisa into the satin nightie earlier that evening.  What had it felt like?  Unlike Lisa, however, he knew what the strange electric-like shock signified.  As his vision clouded, he found himself totally helpless, dropping softly to the floor.  Unable to move at all, he couldn’t check himself out to see what Lisa had turned him into.  Still, he had a pretty good idea. 

Lisa didn’t have to wonder what she’d done to Chris, of course.  She had seen it with her own eyes.  Still, it was hard to believe, just the same.  Even though she knew what the wand could do…what it had done to her, in fact…this was the first time she had actually witnessed the effect.  It was a pretty unsettling sight. 

Still shaking her head in disbelief, she bent over and picked up the pair of white panties that had been her husband just a few seconds before, holding them by the waistband for a closer look.  She knew from her own experience with the wand that Chris could both see and hear her, so she tried to think of something clever to say.  Unable to come up with anything, she finally settled on the one word that expressed what she was feeling at that moment.  “Whoa,” she said softly.

“Nice,” she heard her own voice say from across the room, causing her to jump slightly.  She turned to face the woman that was sitting on the bed.  “So,” her twin said, with an edge in her voice, “are you gonna wear him, or what?”

Lisa turned to face her.  “Now, look…”

“No, you look!” the other woman said, in a tone that Lisa recognized immediately as her don’t-screw-with-me voice.  “I was willing to sit here like a good little brassiere,” she went on, getting up from the bed and walking across the room, “because I know how you are when you get this way.  But since you’re standing there holding your husband in your hand like a limp cloth, I’d say we’ve gone beyond a simple hissy fit here.  Do you really think that Chris deserved that?”

Lisa glared at her.  “Considering what he did, I’d say he got off lucky.”

“And just what did he do?”  She stopped and thought for a second.  “Oh, yeah.  That’s right.  He cheated on you.”

“That’s right,” Lisa said, standing her ground.  “He did.”

“No,” the other woman told her matter-of-factly, “he didn’t.”  Lisa started to protest, but she cut her off.  “Seriously, take a look,” she said, nodding her head to one side. 

The two of them turned together and found themselves looking into the vanity mirror.  The effect of seeing two of her in the mirror threw Lisa off more than a little bit.  “I don’t know about you,” she watched her twin say in the mirror, “but I’d say we’re pretty much identical.  So, be fair, Lisa.  How was Chris supposed to know I wasn’t you?”

“Because I’m his wife, dammit!”

The words came out so strongly that the other woman actually took a step backwards from her.  For a moment, she thought that Lisa was going to use the wand on her like she had Chris a few moments before.  But a second later, all the anger seemed to go out of her, and Lisa sat down on the vanity’s chair.

“I’m his wife,” she said again, softer this time.  “Not some cheap copy made by this...”  She held up the wand.  “…this stick.  He should have been able to tell the difference.”

The other Lisa looked at her and realized how close she was to crying.  She bent down and placed her hand on Lisa’s shoulder.  “But don’t you see?” she said, her voice taking on a comforting tone.  “There is no difference.”

“Sure there is,” Lisa told her.  “There has to be.”


Lisa had to give that one some thought.  “Because,” she said, finally, “I just can’t accept that this thing is powerful enough to actually make another me.”

“So, I’m what exactly?”

Again, Lisa had to think before answering.  “I don’t know,” she admitted.  “Not for sure.  I guess you’re the me that Chris sees.”  Suddenly, her face lit up.  “Yeah, that’s it.  That’s why you threw yourself at Chris like you did.  Somehow, he must have wanted you to, and the wand made you do it.”  That brought a smile to her twin’s face.  “What?”

“Oh, come on, Lisa,” the other woman said in a slightly scolding tone.  “Are you seriously trying to tell me that you didn’t find being turned into a piece of satin arousing as hell?  It didn’t make you downright horny.  Come on.  Tell the truth.”

Lisa turned away.  “Well…”

“Besides,” the other woman went on, “if what you said was true, how come I remember things that Chris doesn’t know anything about?”

Lisa turned back to face her.  “Maybe he does.  It could be things that we discussed on dates, or over dinner and whatnot.  I can’t remember everything we ever talked about.  He could have even heard some of it from my family.  Maybe the wand pulled all that stuff out of Chris’s subconscious.”

“I see,” the other Lisa said with a strange look in her eye.  “So, I guess that means that you must have told Chris about you and Cindy Kirkland.  You know, that night after homecoming.”

Lisa’s eyes shot open wide.  “Oh, god, no!” she spit out.  “Of course, I didn’t tell him about that.  I didn’t tell…”  She stopped, locking eyes with her twin.

The other woman nodded with a smile.  “That’s right.  You never told anyone about it.  So, how is it that I know, huh?”  Lisa didn’t answer.  She just looked down at the wand in her hand.  “You’re just gonna face it, Lisa.  I’m you.  Top to bottom.  Inside and out.”

“Yeah,” Lisa replied, no longer able to deny it.  “I guess you are.”

“So, you see.  Chris didn’t cheat on you.  Not really.  So, don’t you think it’s time you let him off the hook.”  She paused for a second for effect.  “Unless you like the idea of wearing your husband under your clothes, that is.”

Lisa smiled at the thought.  “Maybe later.  Right now, I think I owe him an apology.”

“There you go,” her new friend smiled, standing back up.  “But before you do that, I think we need to do something about my situation first.”

“What do you mean?”

She reached out and gave the panties that Lisa still held a push.  “Well,” she grinned, “as much as Loverboy here might like having two of us to…uh…play with, I don’t think either of us would be too keen on the idea.”

Lisa nodded slowly.  “No.  I’d say my behavior earlier proved that one.”

“Right,” the other woman agreed.  “So, I’d say it’s time that I got back to being what I’m supposed to be, then.”

Lisa looked at her for a moment, as if she’d just thought of something.  “Why?” she asked suddenly.


“Yeah,” Lisa went on.  “I just realized something.  You didn’t have to do any of this.  Chris was asleep when you found out that I was still a nightie.  And like you said, he wouldn’t have known the difference between you and me.  You could have just folded me up, put me away, and went on with your…  Well, with my life.”

“Yes,” the other Lisa nodded.  “I could have.”

“So, why didn’t you?”

Her twin smiled.  “Let me answer that question with a question.  If our situations had been reversed…if I had been the real Lisa, and you had been the living bra…could you have left me trapped like that?”

Lisa thought for just a second, and then smiled back at her.  “No,” she replied.  “I don’t guess I could have.”

“Exactly,” the other woman said, patting her on the shoulder.  “Now, if you don’t mind, I think I’d like to get this over with.”

Lisa sighed and stood up.  “Yeah,” she said, holding out the wand.  “Thanks…for everything.”

Her twin smiled.  “My pleasure.”

And without another word, Lisa reached out and placed the wand on her shoulder.  There was the familiar flash, and she watched herself disappear.  A second later, an empty bra appeared in the place of her twin.  It was still hooked, as if Lisa had been wearing it at the time.  For just a second, it hung in the air.  Then, it dropped down to the floor.

Lisa sighed again as she stared down at the bra on the floor.  Then, she turned to look at the panties in her other hand.  “Guess it’s your turn, Loverboy,” she said, using the name her twin had use a few moments before.  Tossing them onto the floor next to the bra, she smiled at the sight of them lying together.  “The perfect couple,” she joked.  Then, picturing Chris in her mind, she bent down and touched the wand to the panties and stepped back.

A second later, a naked Chris was lying on the floor, looking uncomfortable.  After taking a moment to get his wits about him, he reached under his back and pulled out the bra he was lying on.  As he stood up, he looked from the bra to his wife.  “Strange night, huh?”

“No doubt,” she agreed, walking into his arms.  “But it could have gotten a lot worse if she hadn’t talked some sense into me.”  She looked softly into his eyes.  “I’m really sorry about my fit earlier.”

He smiled back at her.  “Tell you what.  I’ll forgive you if you’ll do the same for me.”  He hung the bra over the back of the vanity chair, so he could hug her tight.  “Deal?”

Lisa was careful to keep the wand away from both of them.  She didn’t want any more accidents.  “Deal,” she said, leaning forward to kiss his lips.  Pulling back, she smiled up at him.  “So, how do we seal this agreement?” she asked with a playful gleam in her eye.

Chris backed away from her, taking the wand from her hand.  He placed it on the vanity table and led his wife toward their bed.  “Oh, I think we’ll come up with something,” he told her, letting his hand drop to her behind.


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