by Paul G. Jutras

"Well, I guess this is the place." Robin McGillis said as she held up and matched the address on the paper with the address on the building. The place certainly didn't look like a modeling agency. She hadn't had a job for months.

Robin walked up and knocked on the door. A young woman with her blonde hair pulled back in a pony tail answered. She had a pleasent smile encased in orange
lipstick that matched her nail polish. What really surprised Robin was the white lab coat she wore. "You must be the young lady who called about the job."

"I guess." Robin replied.

While the outside of the house looked like a haunted victorian building the inside was a cross between a museum and a lab that would put NASA to shame. In all the assignments Robin had been to, she never seen anything like it. The only type of models were frozen mannequins and Disney World type robots up on pedastals.

"I do apologize for keeping you in the dark about the modeling you'll do." The lady scientist said as she lead Robin into a sterile room. "We're going our best to keep
the project top secret till we're ready to go public."

"I understand miss.."


Miss Masion continued. "So, what we've got here is the spray that will aid your modeling as it saids the girls out in the entry hall."

"You mean those mannequins and robots?"

"They're as alive as you and me. The spray has two settings. The first, which you'll use, will only make your joints stiff and machine like. The other allows one to hold thier mannequin pose during the day without effort."

"Take a seat!" Miss Masion ordered. Robin did so and watched as Miss Masion grabbed her ankles one at a time and started to spray the soles of her feet. "Okay,
stand up." She snapped as she did around Robin's ankles and worked her way up Robin's body. All the long removing her clothes to get at her body.

"My feet!" Robin looked in shock as the spray seemed to fuse her toes together. She quickly calmed down as she touched her legs and found the spray was just
encasing her in nylon. Within fifteen minutes she was covered from the head down in a nylon body suit.

"This is wonderful." Robin looked down at her bare body covered in hosiery. She couldn't help but run her nylon hands over her nylons breasts and pussy. It made her hot. She tried not to cum since she didn't know if an orgasm could escape the air tight barrier.

Miss Masion walked up behind Robin, moved her long hair aside and placed a computer chip on the back of her neck. She then press a remote button and Robin's body froze up. Miss Masion then moved in front of her and placed a second chip into her sex.

"That should do it." Miss Maison said as Robin could feel the giant wind up key that Miss Masion placed into the hole that had formed in her back. A pair of mechanical hands then picked her up and placed her onto an empty pedestal.

"" Robin sound mechanical as her arms moved automaticly up and down while the key wound in her back.

"The chip on your next will allow you to move like the other mechanical figures that greet the visitors." Miss Masion answered. "Soon you will loose your voice until I reactive it. The chip in your sex; however, is for this evening where you'll be my personal Sex-bot."

Miss Masion then gave Robin a kiss on the lips and went to open up her shop for the day.


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