Working Stiff

by Paul G. Jutras

Joane was waken by the sound of the phone going off. Removing her eye mask, she sleeply knocked her alarm clock off the night stand as she picked up the reciever. "Hello?"

"Oh, Marge." Joane yawned as she sat up in her silk nightie. "What's up? You know I don't get up before noon unless I got a modeling job to go to. Something you've been failing to do lately.

"Oh you have?" Joane said as she climbed out of bed and started to pace back and fourth. "Althright, give me the address and I'll be done there. What kind of modeling job is it any way?"

"Okay." She said. A couple of simple poses for some posters. Ya' know, this should be the easiest job yet."

That afternoon, Joane was down at Energy Studios. After she stepped into a dressing room, she slipped a pair of Laser Energy Hosiery up over her knees. She always loved the brand, but never felt so electricfied as she did that day. She also had a strapless dress with slits up the side.

"How's this?" Joane asked Steve Tripper as she pouted her lips in a sexy manner and arched her back so that her breasts were almost in his face.

"G..G..Great." During which time he stepped back and snapped a picture. "Let's get started shall we?"

Over the next half hour, Steve took several photos of Joane in several sexy poses. He then set the camera he was using next to his spare camera. He then picked up his second camera "Cool. I use multiple cameras to save the time of changing film. Now lets have a side view with your head turned and facing me. Try to look as sexy as you can."

With that, he pressed the button. Instead of snapping a picture, a weird ray shot out of the lens. "What's happening?" Joane asked, finding that she couldn't move anything but her eyes, which glanced at her breasts. "I'm feeling flat?"

Her 3D image vanished from the stop she was standing and a 2D image appeared in blank poster that sat in a frame on a nearby seat. Steve walked over and picked the poster up. He was pleased with his final shot.

Steve took a moment to admire his work and them went over to the wall and placed the framed poster on a wall hook. He noticed how the nylon leg sticking out of the slit in her dress shimmered with an electrical energy that truely advertized the

The energy would be caressing her pussy and the two-dimentional state would be keeping her arouse for the rest of her flattened life.


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