by Paul G. Jutras


"Today's the day!" Colleen James called out to her twin sister Jennifer. Colleen couldn't believe that just a year ago is was Jennifer's brother Carl who had been transformed when they had made wishes upon their Christmas Tree's star for him to be more like her.

Both of them now were just over five feet tall. Both have the same blonde hair and blue eyes. While Jenn is a supernatural freak, Colleen was into math, science and classical television.

"Love the dangly snowflake earrings." Jenn replied. "Let's go downstairs."

It was almost seven, Jennifer and Colleen had gotten dressed early. Now they were joining their parents in preparing for family Christmas party. Their dresses were red with white trim. Their holiday color nylons had one green leg and one red one.

Jenn looked up at the Christmas tree, which stretched even higher than the one last year. "Remember when I wished for you to be more like me and you wish the day could last forever?"

"Yeah." Colleen giggled. "We were stuck the same day for a month before we could undue that half of the spell. Now I can't even remember what it was like to be a boy."

"You're not going to use this Christmas to change back?"

"No." Colleen answered. "I just wish for a special doll this year."

As Jennifer went to turn on the TV, Colleen looked at the top of the tree and watched as it seemed to hear her wish. The tree on top seemed to give a knowing sparkle.

"Don't touch the food, Colleen." Mrs. James said as she place a gray tray and a basket of biskits on the table. She eyed her daughter as she tried to reach for the plate of devil eggs.

"I know." Colleen smiled as she craddled her doll in her arms like a loving mother. "I'm not the same kid you remember last Christmas."

"Good." Mrs. James sighed. "You know we don't open presents till have dinner and we don't eat till after the family arrives. So don't go on with wild tales about how time is stopping again."

Colleen glanced at the TV. Jennifer was watched her favorite Christmas special. Santa's reindeer were dancing with a group of snowmen. "Haven't you gotten sick of that yet? We've watched that every day for a month last year."

"I never tire of--huh?" Jennifer paused as she stood up and measured their height difference with her arms. "Weren't we the same height a moment ago?"

"I don't know." Colleen answered as she went to the box of ornaments. She lifted her favorite. A teddy bear holding a present in its hands. Jenn grabbed a snowman on a snowboard. "Maybe I had a growth spirt."

"I could of sworn I could reach this branch early today." Jennifer stretched to put the snowman in place. She didn't notice the almost plastic shine her arm gave off
as her fingernails no longer had a different color.

"Just keep busy you two." Mrs. James said as she put out some club and finger sandwiches. "Time will be flying by any time."

Colleen rolled her eyes. "Yeah...right." she said. "I remember you saying that last year."

She glanced at the clock just in time to hear a car pull off. "There here!" Colleen said happily as she ran to the front door and opened it. Her Uncle Ray trudged snow into the house along with his wife Samantha. "It's so great to see you again, honey."

"Sam! Ray!" Mrs. James called as she went over and shook their hands."So good to see you again. "Jennifer, come say hello to your Aunt and Uncle!"

"Jenn?" Colleen called out as she notice she wasn't at the tree any longer. "I'll go find her."

Heading upstairs, she found Jennifer in her room. She laid on her bed with her face barried in the pillow. "Jennifer, is something wrong?" Colleen asked as she turned her over. Colleen jumped back as Jennifer stared at her with expresionless glass doll eyes. Her skin was a smooth plastic and as Colleen followed Jennifer's hand under her clothes she found her sister was sexless.

"Mom!" Colleen called out. "Jennifer is in trouble."

"Who dear?" Mrs. James asked as Ray and Samantha stared at each other puzzled. Colleen then remembered that her mother had thought she was always a girl. That's how the Christmas magic seemed to work. Now she and everyone else seemed to only remember her mom having one daughter.

"Uh...Never mind." Colleen said as she ran back upstairs and found at 16" plastic doll laying on a bed that wasn't Jennifer. Her room had magically changed into a guest room.

"Oh, Jennifer." Colleen said as she picked her up. "When I wished for a new doll for Christmas, I didn't think the magic would make you into it. I'll do my best to remember to change you back next Christmas. I promise as the wishmaker not to forget you're really my sister and not just my new Christmas doll.

Craddling Jennifer in her arms like a baby, she went downstairs to join for family for Christmas dinner.


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