All Under Control!

A Chat with Chet

by EHY

July, 2003

Please see the legal stuff.

This is written in the style of a chat log, although no such chat actually happened. It takes place in a room at Courtesy Suites.

KATHRYN and RACHEL are IPM Donated Personality Androids, as described in the IPM Female DP Owner's Guide, with the addition of Courtesy Suites specialized program packages. CHET is a guest at Courtesy Suites.

KATHRYN enters the room. She appears about twenty-three years old, tall and graceful. She has long wavy dark brown hair, currently tied back in a ponytail. She's wearing a long blue silk bathrobe, and looks wonderfully sexy in it. She looks around for the guest, but the room seems to be empty. She smiles in anticipation, and lounges on the sofa to wait, letting her robe fall open to reveal one long, tanned leg.

Time passes.

The door opens, and CHET leads RACHEL into the room.

CHET is taller than either android, with close-cropped brown hair. He is perhaps thirty years old, and at the moment a slightly cruel gleam in his eye. He holds a remote control in his hand.

RACHEL appears about twenty years old, tall and slender, blue eyes, long curly light brown hair. She's wearing a white dress blouse, tan slacks, and high heels. Her face is blank, and she is moving calmly and emotionlessly - her initiative set to 0.

KATHRYN: "Hi, stranger!"

CHET points the remote at KATHRYN and presses a button, freezing her in place. "What are your settings now?" he asks her.

KATHRYN: "My initiative is 6, obedience 6, sex drive 4, deference 8, independence 2."

CHET uses the remote to reconfigure her: INIT 8, OBED 5, DRIVE 8, DEFR 7, INDEP 4.

CHET points the remote at RACHEL and reconfigures her as well: INIT 8, OBED 5, DRIVE 1, DEFR 3, INDEP 8. Then he unfreezes KATHRYN, and clips the remote on his belt.

RACHEL takes a defiant attitude. "I'll be going now," she says.

CHET: "No, you won't, I'm not finished with you yet. Stay here."

RACHEL rolls her eyes and sighs, but stays.

KATHRYN smiles sultrily. "A threesome, sir?"

CHET: "Maybe. Stand up." He walks over to her, and kisses her, roughly.

RACHEL looks dismayed at the possibility of a threesome. She sits down on a chair and crosses her legs.

KATHRYN returns his kiss hungrily. Lots of tongue. Her hands go around him and tease him.

CHET: "Frisky, good. Don't talk; hold still."

KATHRYN was about to say something, but stops. She remains all but motionless.

CHET runs his hand down her cheek, gently, admiring her beauty.

KATHRYN smiles slightly, and presses her head against his hand. She leans toward him as much as she can.

RACHEL: "Are you sure you need me here?" An instant later she realizes she shouldn't have called his attention to her, but with her initative set so high it's hard to consider her actions in advance.

CHET ignores RACHEL. He opens KATHRYN's robe a little to see what's underneath it.

KATHRYN: a lacy black teddy, and a lot of smooth tanned skin. Her breathing deepens. She tries to pull him closer to her.

CHET: "Are you bisexual?"

KATHRYN: "No, sir." She can't speak any more than to answer the question.

CHET: "Can you be?"

KATHRYN: "Yes, sir."

CHET: "Be bisexual."

KATHRYN: "Yes, sir." Suddenly, RACHEL looks damn sexy.

RACHEL looks dismayed, but keeps quiet.

CHET: "What's your name?"

KATHRYN is amused that he asked about her orientation before asking her name. She's only a little bit offended, though. She is only an android; she's used to being treated like a thing. With her independence set fairly low, she even mind very much. "Kathryn, sir."

CHET kisses KATHRYN lightly on the lips, then turns away and goes to RACHEL.

KATHRYN tries to kiss him back, but can't do more than open her lips slightly more than they were, and move her tongue just past her teeth. She hopes he'll let her move soon.

RACHEL sits back against the chair.

CHET: "Stand up."

RACHEL sighs and obeys, moving to get some distance from him.

CHET follows till she's in the middle of the room. "Stop."

RACHEL takes another hesitant half-step, then stops. She crosses her arms, keeping her back to CHET.

CHET: "Don't move."

RACHEL's eyes widen angrily, and she tries to turn her head to refuse. But the order is b, and she is only able to resist it for a second or two before her director takes over and freezes her in place, only allowing her to breathe.

CHET stands behind her. He gathers her hair together, and lets it fall lightly against her back.

RACHEL thinks, "Dammit, I hate not being able to move."

CHET walks around her and strokes her face much as he did KATHRYN's, earlier.

KATHRYN wishes she could see what was happening. Or that it was happening to her.

CHET moves RACHEL's arms down to her sides.

RACHEL thinks, "He'd better not undress me."

CHET: "Okay, you can both move and talk. Rachel, stay where you are. Kathryn, come here."

KATHRYN: "With pleasure, sir!" She gets up and walks around the sofa to them, swaying her hips sexily.

RACHEL looks at the door longingly, but can't move toward it. She crosses her arms again.

CHET: "Stand here, Kathryn." He guides KATHRYN to a spot about two feet in front of RACHEL, so they are facing each other.


RACHEL rolls her eyes.

CHET: "Rachel, do you find Kathryn attractive?"

RACHEL: "No! I mean, she's a beautiful android, but I'm not attracted to females."

CHET: "I could make you be."

RACHEL: "You can make me do whatever you want. I don't have to like it."

CHET: "Unless I want you to."

RACHEL: "I guess."

CHET: "Address me as Master, Rachel."

RACHEL: "Screw you!" She feels her director trying to open her mouth once more. She tries to hold it closed, but her director forces her to say the last word. "Master!"

CHET turns to KATHRYN. "Do you find Rachel attractive?"

KATHRYN: "Very much so, Sir. Do you want me to call you Master, too?"

CHET: "If you want, but Sir is fine. Undress Rachel for me."

KATHRYN grins. "Yes, sir." She reaches for the top button of RACHEL's blouse.

RACHEL bats her arm away. "Don't touch me."

KATHRYN: "I'm sorry, you know I have to." She reaches for RACHEL again.

RACHEL tries to back away, but can only move one foot back a little. She sighs, and reaches for her collar. "Fine. If I have to undress I'll do it myself."

CHET: "No you won't. Let Kathryn undress you."

RACHEL: "Yes, Master." Her hands stop before reaching her collar. She tries to brush KATHRYN's hands away, but the best she can do is to grab KATHRYN's wrists lightly. "Dammit!" Even that much, she has to fight for, and when she fails to prevent RACHEL from undoing her top two buttons, she gives in and lets her arms fall away from KATHRYN's.

KATHRYN undoes the rest of the buttons. She feels a little bad about upsetting RACHEL, but she knows it's really CHET's fault, not hers. And she can't help being excited about revealing RACHEL's lovely body. She brushes her finger across the top of RACHEL's breast, as if by accident.

RACHEL: "Stop that!"

KATHRYN: "Sorry."

KATHRYN finishes undressing RACHEL.

RACHEL endures this, crossing her arms across her breasts after KATHRYN removes her pretty white bra. She reluctantly lifts each foot in turn so KATHRYN can pull off her shoes. She looks down, embarrassed, when her pussy is revealed, but there isn't anything she can do about it except to hold her legs close together. She knows it won't help to ask KATHRYN - or CHET - to stop.

CHET: "Her earrings too, Kathryn."

KATHRYN: "Sorry, sir, I forgot them." She reaches up and unclasps RACHEL's earrings, then stands back, looking at CHET expectantly.

CHET: "Rachel, remove Kathryn's robe."

KATHRYN smiles and holds her arms away from her body.

RACHEL grimaces, but she has no choice but to say "Yes, Master," and obey. She drops the robe at KATHRYN's side, and crosses her arms again.

CHET: "Quit crossing your arms, Rachel. I want to see you."

RACHEL fumes. She makes a token effort to hold her arms in place, then drops them to her sides. It occurs to her to try covering her pussy, but she finds her director won't let her do that either. CHET wants to see her, so she has to let him.

CHET: "That's better. Now, let's see..." He thinks for a moment about what to do next.

KATHRYN is standing there in her lacy black teddy and high heels, looking awfully sexy.

CHET had planned to have RACHEL finish undressing KATHRYN, but he decides he likes the way she looks now. Her legs are long and smooth and shapely; very tempting... but how to use them, and take advantage of RACHEL at the same time?

KATHRYN poses sexily, showing off her long sexy legs invitingly.

CHET: "Go to the bed and lie down, Kathryn. On your back."

KATHRYN licks her lips, and goes to the bed. She kicks off her shoes (wondering if CHET will tell her to keep them on...)

CHET watches, enjoying the view.

KATHRYN stretches herself out on the bed, shimmying herself up towards the pillow when she "realizes" she "accidentally" had let her feet hang off the end. She raises her knees, lifts her shoulders up on elbows, and smiles invitingly. "Next, sir?"

CHET: "Lovely," he whispers. KATHRYN's smile widens. "Don't move below the neck."

KATHRYN's smile fades a little, but she holds still obediently.

CHET spreads her legs wide. He peers between her legs, looking to see if there's a snap at the bottom of the teddy that could be opened to provide access to her pussy without removing it.

KATHRYN: There is.

CHET reaches in and unsnaps it.

KATHRYN is very wet in there. She gasps slightly at the touch of his fingers.

CHET looks up at her face, and strokes her more deliberately.

KATHRYN: "Ooh, yes, sir." She instinctively tries to push herself against his finger, but her director holds her all but motionless as CHET had ordered her to be.

CHET runs his hand down the inside of her thigh, trailing a bit of moisture behind. He rounds her knee, coming back up along the outside.

KATHRYN: "That feels so good, sir..."

CHET: "Don't cum till I tell you to, Kathryn."

KATHRYN: "No, sir... but please don't hold me back too long?"

CHET doesn't answer her, but calls to RACHEL. "Come here."

RACHEL, who hasn't been watching this, comes over obediently (though reluctantly.) "Now what, Master?" She'd intended it to sound bitchier, but it's hard to sound bitchy when you're calling someone "Master."

CHET: "What do you think I want you to do next?"

RACHEL knows what she expects, but she doesn't want to say it. She temporizes by saying, "I don't know, Master." A true statement, after all.

CHET: "Guess."

RACHEL didn't expect to get away with it. She was too damn easy to manipulate. Speaking through clenched teeth and fighting every word, she says, "I think you want me to lick Kathryn's clit."

CHET grins. "Got it in one. And I want you to look like you want to."

RACHEL stands there. She can feel her director pushing her to crouch on the bed, but the urging is light and easy to resist.

CHET: "Rachel?"

RACHEL: "Yes, Master?"

CHET: "You know what I want."

RACHEL: "Yes, Master." Of course she knows what CHET wants - and so does her slavish electronic body, which increases its urge to obey - but damned if she's going to do it of her own free will! If he wants her to do that, he's going to have to force her.

CHET grins - frustrated, but at the same time enjoying the reminder that RACHEL is here against her will, only because she has no choice but to obey him. "Rachel: lick Kathryn's clit. Make her cum. And look like you want to do it."

RACHEL continues to try to resist, but now that CHET has made his order explicit, her director will not let her disobey. Its only concession to her efforts is to move a little slower than it might otherwise have done. She hardly notices that her angry expression has melted into an eager, hungry smile.

KATHRYN smiles in anticipation, and lets her head hang back so the first touch of RACHEL's tongue will come as a surprise...

RACHEL crouches on the bed between KATHRYN's motionless legs, and slowly moves her face toward KATHRYN's pussy. Her director won't even let her close her eyes - apparently it thinks that wouldn't be consistent with looking like she wants to do it.

CHET rests one hand on KATHRYN's thigh, and the other on RACHEL's back - not pushing her down, just feeling her perfectly smooth artificial flesh. He's content to know his order is pushing her down.

RACHEL's grinning mouth opens, and her tongue comes out. She never stops trying to back away, but her efforts are futile. Finally, her tongue reaches its goal.

KATHRYN moans in pleasure.

RACHEL begins to lick KATHRYN.

CHET strokes RACHEL's leg and RACHEL's back.

RACHEL is disgusted at what she is doing, but helpless to stop. She can't even interrupt her licking to complain. Her attempt at an angry growl comes out as a sensual moan.

KATHRYN is absorbed in the sensations coming from between her legs.

RACHEL's sexual programming is excellent. She responds perfectly to KATHRYN's signals, even compensating for the fact that CHET's order prevents her from responding fully, giving KATHRYN the most pleasure she knows how to give.

KATHRYN's programmed sexual responses are no worse than RACHEL's. She could not hide her pleasure if she wanted to. She tries to push herself against RACHEL's face, but can only barely budge her hips. "Harder!" she whispers between moans.

CHET moves his hand to KATHRYN's breast and toys lightly with her nipple, then pinches it sharply.

KATHRYN's moans intensify. She gasps when CHET pinches her.

CHET moves down to RACHEL, running his hand down her back and around the curve of her buttocks.

RACHEL clamps her legs together, fearing what he's about to do.

CHET: "Open your legs a little, Rachel."

RACHEL tries to resist, but her legs spread of their own accord. She is able to keep them from spreading more than a few inches, but that's enough to make her vulnerable, and she knows it. "Don't!" she tries to plead, but with her tongue occupied, the word is barely intelligible.

CHET reaches for her pussy and strokes her, hard.

RACHEL moans sharply. Despite her unwillingness, her own sexual responses are programmed into her. If her initiative had been a little lower, she might have been able to hold it back, but set that high she has no control. And the touch, however unwelcome, does stimulate her pleasure circuits. A little moisture dampens her pussy.

KATHRYN is nearly overwhelmed with lust. She knows she's good and ready to come - only CHET's order is holding her back. "Oh, god, I need to come now!" she gasps.

CHET continues to rub RACHEL's pussy, knowing she doesn't want him to but is helpless to stop him.

KATHRYN: "Please, sir, may I come?" She knows that until he gives her permission, she'll be caught here on the edge of ecstasy, unable to gain release...

CHET withdraws his hand from between RACHEL's legs, and dries it on KATHRYN's teddy. For good measure, he lets his hand caress her stomach.

KATHRYN: "Oh, sir, please!" If she were allowed, she knows she would be thrashing wildly, pulling RACHEL's head against her... but only her head can move. Even so, her entire body quivers with sensual excitement.

CHET looks at her face. He leans down and cups the back of her head in his hand. Pulling her toward him, he kisses her roughly on the mouth.

KATHRYN kisses back hungrily, mad with arousal, her tongue reaching deep into his mouth as she welcomes his.

CHET releases her.

KATHRYN moans desperately, wanting to pull him back to her but unable to. "Please let me come, sir!"

CHET turns and walks into the bathroom.

KATHRYN: "Sir! Ahhhh... Please!"

RACHEL: "Ngggggghh!" Unable to express her frustration, she can only keep licking KATHRYN, knowing she'll keep doing it helplessly for as long as CHET wants her to - or until it occurs to him to let her stop.

CHET returns a few minutes later, naked. He goes directly to the remote control and points it at KATHRYN.

KATHRYN: "Sir, please... god, you look so hot..."

CHET resets KATHRYN's sex drive to 0.

KATHRYN's moans suddenly change character. No less aroused than she was a moment ago, she now views RACHEL's attentions as a rude invasion, rather than a joy. She struggles to pull herself away from the other android's attentions, but CHET's order still holds her helpless from the neck down. "Stop!" she cries. "Sir, please make her stop!"

CHET points the remote at RACHEL, and sets her sex drive to 9.

RACHEL is suddenly incredibly aroused. Fluid flows into her pussy, and her sensual smile now reflects her own very sensual feelings. She'd much rather be sucking on CHET than KATHRYN - or better yet, have him licking her as she was licking KATHRYN - but this is something, and KATHRYN's moans are an incredible turn-on. She opens her legs wider, waggling her hips suggestively, now inviting his attention where a few minutes ago she had despised it.

CHET watches with pleasure as the two androids' reactions change at the touch of a few buttons. He notes RACHEL's invitation, and decides to take her up on it - but first he resets KATHRYN's sex drive up to 9, her deference to 3, and her independence to 7.

KATHRYN's feelings change once more. Again she desperately wants to be able to come, but now rather than viewing CHET's refusal to allow it as a whim which as an android she must simply endure, she resents his deliberate malice. "God, let me come already!"

CHET puts the remote down on a handy surface, and climbs on the bed, straddling RACHEL and preparing to enter her from behind.

RACHEL opens her legs, waiting for him, wishing he'd get on with it already and take her for himself, and let her stop wasting her time on KATHRYN.

KATHRYN, between gasps, cries, "Why are you doing this to me? Do you have any idea how this feels?" She tries to brush away the strands of hair lying across her face, but her arms remain frozen beneath her.

CHET reaches for RACHEL's hair. He grasps a handful, and pulls back, lifting her face out of KATHRYN's pussy.

RACHEL knows as soon as he lets go she'll have to go back to work, so quickly takes the opportunity to ask, "May I stop licking KATHRYN please Master?"

KATHRYN: "No!" She gasps.

CHET: "Yes."

KATHRYN: "Sir, that's not fair! Let me come already!"

RACHEL: "Oh, thank you, Master!" She pushes herself back against CHET, not even willing to take the time to turn over - and besides, she doesn't really want to see his face anyway, let alone kiss him. She just needs him to screw her. "Fuck me, Master!" she cries, using a word she's only allowed to say when her independence and sex drive are both very high.

CHET is in no mood to wait either. He presses against her and enters her.

KATHRYN: "Dammit, Chet--"

CHET: "Shut up, Kathryn." He thrusts against RACHEL.

RACHEL, turned on as only an android with her sex drive set to maximum can be, uses every technique in her programming to delay CHET's orgasm and prolong her own pleasure.

KATHRYN fumes silently, her sex drive as strong as RACHEL's, but even more aroused and completely unable to seek release.

CHET continues to thrust, seeking his own release. His hands press against RACHEL's sides as he pulls himself into her.

RACHEL reaches up and moves one of his hands around to her breast.

CHET fondles it for a few seconds, then, finding it distracting, moves his hand back to its comfortable position.

RACHEL growls. "Play with my breasts, Master!"

CHET ignores her demand. It occurs to him that he should have come by now. "Make me come," he orders.

RACHEL: "Yes, Master!" She reluctantly stops stalling, and pulls another program into play. The movements of her pelvic muscles change, and a few seconds later, CHET's orgasm against her triggers her own.

CHET sighs, withdrawing from the android and turning over to lie on the bed.

RACHEL sits up, her arousal temporarily sated. But with her sex drive set to maximum, she can't help but seek further pleasure. She knows CHET needs time to recover, and though a female is no substitute, KATHRYN will still be better than masturbating. She climbs over the other android's motionless body, placing her pussy within reach of KATHRYN's lips and tongue.

KATHRYN watches RACHEL's approach, knowing she's as sex-crazed as KATHRYN herself is. She doesn't mind giving her head - in fact, she's so horny she can scarcely resist - but she wants to get something out of it too. So she leans away from the offered pussy, and mouths, "Do something for me."

CHET watches the two of them sleepily.

RACHEL is in no mood to bargain. She turns around and bends her head to KATHRYN's pussy, leaving her own in reach of KATHRYN's mouth.

CHET: "Rachel, bring me the remote control."

RACHEL: "Master!" She fights to stay where she is long enough for KATHRYN to touch her.

KATHRYN throws her head back in frustration, knowing RACHEL will have no choice but to get up.

RACHEL lowers her head toward KATHRYN's clit. Her tongue almost, but not quite, reaches it, before her director enforces CHET's order and makes her get up.

CHET lies in bed, aware of the frustration he's causing the androids and enjoying it. He reaches casually for KATHRYN's nearer breast and caresses it softly.

KATHRYN closes her eyes and focuses on the feeling. She would moan if she were allowed to make a sound.

RACHEL picks up the remote control, wishing she could use it - but her programming strictly forbids her from manipulating it except at a master's direct command. She hands it to CHET with a look of hatred.

CHET points the remote at RACHEL and sets her initiative to 0.

RACHEL lowers her arm and does not move further. Her face relaxes, becoming expressionless. She burns inside for sexual satisfaction of some sort, and hates CHET for keeping her helpless... but with her initiative reduced to 0, her director will only allow her to obey CHET's commands.

CHET: "Would you like to masturbate, Rachel?"

RACHEL, having been asked a question, can answer it as she likes so long as she doesn't lie. "I'd rather make love to you or Kathryn, Master, but yes."

CHET sets RACHEL's sex drive to 2. "How about now?"

RACHEL: "I don't want to masturbate now, Master." Especially in front of him, she didn't add.

CHET considers telling her to do so, but decides against it for now. It's enough just knowing he can control her desires this way.

KATHRYN wishes he'd ask her what she wants, or let her masturbate. Or just let her finally come!

CHET props himself up on his arm, leaning over KATHRYN, still reclining on her arms in her black teddy with the crotch open. "Want to make love to me, girl?"

KATHRYN: "Oh my god, yes, sir!" At this point she would make love to an ox if only he would let her come.

CHET caresses her soft, warm body. He knows he's teasing her and that adds to the excitement, but now that the fire of his arousal has been burned out with RACHEL, he's more interested in the slower approach of simply enjoying the android's lovely body.

KATHRYN likes the attention, but in her state now she just wants to be fucked. She turns her head to him and mouths, Please let me speak!

CHET leans down and kisses KATHRYN on the lips.

KATHRYN pulls back from the kiss, annoyed, and mouths Let me speak! again.

CHET: "Kiss me!"

KATHRYN sighs and lifts her lips to his, trying to make the kiss quick.

CHET caresses her breast as they kiss, long and tender.

KATHRYN tries to draw away as soon as she can, but she can't end the kiss before CHET is ready. She does her best to make him enjoy it, figuring he's more likely to do as she wants if she makes him happy. And it is a pleasant kiss. Under other circumstances it might be the perfect kiss to please her.

CHET notices the change in her kiss, and enjoys it for a long time before moving on. He rolls onto his back. "You can move, KATHRYN. Make love to me."

KATHRYN doesn't waste a single second. Like a crazed whore, she spins herself over, her hand already reaching for CHET's member to ensure it's erect and guide it into her.

CHET: "Whoah, relax - I said make love! I meant like a lover, not a harlot!"

KATHRYN is beyond caring what he meant, but her director never ignores her master. It allows her hand to reach his manhood, but instead of diving upon him and impaling herself, as she'd intended, she curls against his side, pressing her breasts lightly against him. Unable to get her pussy to its target, she settles for playing with his manhood, teasing it, trying to get it to a state that will make him want to be inside her. She's able to fight her director enough to let her push her hips against his leg, but not hard enough to feel good.

CHET: "That's better." He hugs her to him, enjoying the play of her hand. "Softer there, for now," he says.

KATHRYN's touch lightens obediently. She decides to try something else, and her director allows it. She lifts herself on her elbow and leans over, kissing CHET's chest lightly. Once here, once there, moving to there... Every few kisses she lets her tongue pass between her lips, wetly tickling his skin.

CHET smiles, enjoying the attention.

KATHRYN lets her hand stray from his crotch, sliding it up his chest to pick (softly!) at the hairs on his chest, as she kisses her way up to his face. She takes his lower lip lightly between her teeth, smiling dreamily the whole time, then kisses him firmly, with plenty of tongue.

CHET accepts the kiss. Focused on his own pleasure as one can be only when one needn't worry about the pleasure of one's partner, he doesn't bother to return it.

KATHRYN, frustrated with the lack of response, moves on, kissing his cheek, his brow, each eyelid. Her frustration is mitigated by the knowledge that after long enough of doing this, she'll be allowed to have sex. Indeed, her director is already allowing her to slide herself on top of CHET's body, though it won't let her take him inside her quite yet. She slides her crotch along his manhood, feeling it erect beneath her, so desperately wanting it inside her...

CHET reaches for her, holding her in his arms, ready for her now. He guides her hips up, and back down on his manhood.

KATHRYN smiles lovingly, eagerly accepting him inside her. She wants nothing more than to slam herself down on him, pounding him inside her till she climaxes, but that wouldn't be how a lover makes love. Instead she slides down him gently, sighing silently but visibly, letting him see how much she wants to be where she is.

CHET closes his eyes, losing himself in the pleasure KATHRYN is giving him.

KATHRYN, once he is completely inside her, bends over and kisses him once more on the lips, then finally begins to slide up and down on him. Her vaginal "muscles" work to enhance both of their pleasure. She reaches for CHET's hand, and presses it to her breast.

CHET takes the suggestion, though his hand moves to the soft "flesh" left uncovered by the black teddy, rather than her more sensitive nipple. He is rapidly approaching climax, but something is missing...

KATHRYN accepts what she can get, no sensuality being too little.

CHET realizes what he wants. "Make noise," he breathes.

KATHRYN has no problem with that - she's been wanting that for a long time. Her pent-up moans erupt in almost a scream of frustrated sexuality.

CHET, thrown over the edge by her raw ecstasy, orgasms bly inside her.

KATHRYN screams again when she remembers that she still isn't allowed to climax herself! "Let me come!" she cries, still moving over CHET's manhood.

CHET: "Freeze."

KATHRYN: "Aaahhhh..." She manages to hold out for several seconds before her director completely immobilizes her, still perched on CHET's cock.

CHET grins. He's enjoying not letting her come, but doesn't feel like hearing about it just now. He closes his eyes and breathes deeply.

RACHEL has been watching enviously, unable to act. She's not so envious anymore. She's as helpless as KATHRYN, but at least she isn't as turned on as the other android must be.

KATHRYN is writhing in frustration inside her frozen body, raging at CHET for his callous disregard for her pleasure.

CHET, after a while, reaches for the remote control again. He points it at each android in turn, and reconfigures them to a calm INIT 3, OBED 7, DRIVE 4, DEFR 7, INDEP 2.

RACHEL smiles and sits on the edge of the bed next to CHET, waiting for him to tell her what he would like her to do for him.

CHET: "You can move, Kathryn."

KATHRYN resumes her heavy, aroused breathing. "Thank you, Sir. I'm still very aroused. Would you like me to climax, Sir?" She hopes it would please him for her to come, but it is, of course, up to him.

CHET: "No."

KATHRYN: "Yes, sir." She considers asking him to tell her not to be so aroused anymore, but her relatively low initiative and independence she cannot bring herself to make a request solely for her own benefit. With time, her arousal will fade on its own. She raises herself off his now-deflated cock, and seats herself attentively next to him.

CHET: "Lie close to me, both of you," he says sleepily, stretching his arms out to either side.

KATHRYN lies down at his side, cuddling herself against his body and resting her hand on the triangle of hair above his groin, stroking him lightly. Even if he doesn't allow her to come, she is happy to be here with him.

RACHEL mirrors her fellow android's positon on his other side, not quite as close or as friendly. Although configured the same as KATHRYN, her personality is naturally more stand-offish. She cannot resent CHET's treatment of her, although she hasn't forgotten it, but she just isn't inclined to the same degree of intimacy as KATHRYN is.

CHET folds his arms around the androids comfortably. "Rest a little less weight on me, Rachel."

RACHEL immediately lifts herself a little.

CHET slides his arm down so it rests under her waist rather than her ribcage. Comfortable now, he closes his eyes and lets himself drift.

RACHEL continues holding herself up.

CHET's breathing slows as he falls asleep.

KATHRYN remains still, not wishing to wake him. Over a few hours, her sexual frustration fades. She hopes that if he decides to make love to her again in the morning, he'll choose to let her cum herself... but she'll also be content to satisfy his desire for the sense of control it gives him to keep her from her own climax.

RACHEL lies calmly, enjoying this period of inactivity, of not having to jump to a master's demands. For now she can imagine she is a real woman, resting with her lover. In the morning, she'll be a slave again - CHET's or someone else's - and, if her settings aren't changed again, she'll be mostly content to be one. But for this night, she can simply lie in peace - a rare pleasure for a Courtesy Suites android.

- END -

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