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Android Stories

The IPM Tales

IPM is a fictional corporation in the business of designing, building and marketing humanoid robots for the consumer market. I invented it in the process of writing a series of stories about androids, and it sort of grew. The following stories all take place in the IPM universe, more or less. (Yes, there are some inconsistencies.)

A Chat with Chet, July '03 (2059): (M/f, f/f, ASFR/control, nc, rated R)

Courtesy Suites, Oct. '99 (2048): (M/f, ASFR/control, freeze, some nc, rated R)

Lisa's Tale, by DB (Dec. 2055)

  • Links to be added. [The author DB has requested that I should not re-post this multi-part story here, but should instead link to it as soon as the revised version is posted on his own site. Please bear with us! --Leem]

Choices, Apr. '01 (May, 2054 to April, 2055) (M/f, ASFR/control, freeze, nc, rated R)

Encounters at Courtesy Suites, Sep '00 (2055): (M/f, ASFR/control, freeze, some nc, rated R)

The Playroom (Dec. 2055)

Market Test, June. '01 (2058) (M/f, ASFR/control, freeze, nc, rated R)

new! Chat log, EHY and conscious_object, March '05

I've also written some IPM-related items that aren't actually stories:

By Other Authors

Here are a few stories I've enjoyed by other authors (with thanks to Dmuk and the LTBSA for hosting these stories and many more, and to the authors for writing them and permitting me to link to them.) These certainly aren't all the stories I've liked; they're just a few I happened to find when looking just now.

The following story is presented without permission because I do not know how to reach the author. If you do (or if you are the author) please email me, as I'd like to make sure he or she doesn't mind my posting it.

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