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[Updated 2006. Some obsolete links deleted. - Leem.]

If you enjoy the material on this site, here are some links to other sites you might enjoy. Most of them have links pages too.

  • Controlfetish Yahoo! Group, which I created specifically for discussion of the control fantasy. I'm hoping it will bring together the aspects of many other groups that I (and perhaps you) am most interested in. Please join!
  • Fembot Central message board: The current meeting place for all things android. A good place to discuss things on this site, if you care to; I read it regularly.
  • The LTBSA archive: Literally hundreds of stories about androids, statues, mannequins, dolls, etc.
  • DB's android stories [link suspended pending launch of new site]
  • Mechana: Great drawings of female androids, mannequins and wind-ups. (Rarely updated, unfortunately.)
  • The Chat Chronicles: An archive of control-related chat logs and stories created from chats. Check out Heart's Section in particular.
  • Living Mannequin Circle: Focused on living mannequins, but sometimes gets into more control-oriented stuff. They have a message board.

A site that wants to sell you things

I am NOT comparing these products; if you choose to buy, it's on your head.

  • RBP Studios, especially their Living Dolls page. Videos. Trivia: My "In the Keep" is what I came up with when I decided how I would have written RBP's "Junkyard Dolls

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