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All Under Control!

Welcome to All Under Control!

This site is about a sexual fantasy of mine, shared at least in part by many others, involving the total control by one person of another. (You can find out a lot more about what that means to me on the Fantasy page.)

Here are posted various stories, essays, and other content related to that fantasy. All content is selected solely by me. I'm open to suggestions but will not respond to demands. All the content I create in this genre will be posted here, and I may post other people's work (with their permission) as the whim strikes me. Updates will happen when I feel like it and have something to add.

This site is divided into the following sections:

  • Android Stories: As the name suggests, these stories deal with androids. It includes the Courtesy Suites and IPM stories.

  • Other Stories: Everything else, including mannequins, freeze, and an interesting form of slavery.

  • Philosophy: This includes essays and random musing on the general subject of androids, control, and so on. I'll probably repost some things I've written on various message boards here, and may write more just for here.

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