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Welcome to All Under Control!

This site is about a sexual fantasy of mine, shared at least in part by many others, involving the total control by one person of another.

When I say "total control," I'm referring to something mostly impossible in the real world today. Hypnosis may come closest, but what I tend to think of is the control one might have over a robot, or magical powers to control another person. The essence of it is that one person can coerce another, and the victim simply cannot resist effectively. I find the effect most appealing when it is a female being controlled.

Personally, my favorite control effect is that of an android, with something of a will of her own, but programmed to obey orders. By simply giving her an order, one can force her to do one's will, prevent her from acting on her own will, or even alter her thoughts, memories, and feelings. I prefer this to using magic, hypnosis, or mind control to take control of a real woman, because with the android it's not only possible to control her, but it's okay to control her - that's what she was made for. But the others also hold no small amount of fascination for me.

The idea of the artifical woman is definitely a big part (though not all) of this fantasy. In addition to robots, the idea of a mannequin, statue, or doll with some degree of awareness is something I find sexy. It's especially good if she can be given a limited amount of freedom of action, but not have control over how much - the statue can be turned back into rigid stone at someone else's will, and the mannequin must pose as she's told to. The artificial woman owes her very existence to her creator or her owner, and so has no right to complain about her treatment or to be treated in any particular way.

Control of real women also takes a part. The woman may be frozen in place by a freeze ray, forced to obey orders by a control implant, or simply caught in a time stop. This does raise moral issues I'm a little uncomfortable with, but I've decided that as long as it stays in the realm of fantasy, it isn't a problem. In my real life, I'm a pretty decent guy.

There's definitely a relationship between my control fantasy and bondage, although it's not a close one. Tying a woman up doesn't particularly excite me, and I get no thrills whatsoever from hurting her. Enslavement does have some appeal, but the slave normally has the ability, if not the will, to disobey her master, which interests me less.

Stories that appeal to me in this genre aren't always nice - people are sometimes kidnapped and immobilized, transformed into something non-living, or forced into obedience. On the other hand, they're not always nasty - some are romantic, exciting, fun, or even funny.

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