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IPM Female DP Owner's Guide

If I can't have an android of my own, the next best thing I can think of is to describe the android I want.

Well, that's not exactly true. The next best thing is to describe the android I fantasize about having. Not quite the same, you see. If I actually were in charge of a program to design an android, it wouldn't have a real woman's personality. Donated personality androids, such as I'm about to describe, introduce all sorts of moral issues I just wouldn't want to bring into the real world, and don't really add very much that you couldn't get five or ten years later in a designed-from-scratch android. There's so much to a real person that you just don't need in an android. Why, for example, would you want an android who could want to disobey you? What would be the point of making an android that could secretly hate you while she obeyed your command to behave like a loving girlfriend?

Well... in fantasy, the point is that it's fun. So I invented the idea of a donated personality android as a lame excuse to be able to have androids with the kind of independence and self-will I wanted to be able to command.

Read an android's manual...

In fact, they're not all that different from what I'd really build if I could.

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