All Under Control!

Market Test

by EHY

July, 2001

Please see the legal stuff.

In 2058, nearly everyone had heard of Courtesy Suites. Billing itself as "the most advanced luxury business hotel in the world," it was founded, according to its marketing literature, on the principle of using advanced computer and automation technology to satisfy their guests' deepest desires. But everyone knew that the service that made Courtesy Suites completely unique was, of course, the staff. Almost every staff member, from the receptionist at the front desk, to the housekeeping staff, to the restaurant maitre d', to the "companions" who would visit you in your suite at your request, was an android, a robot that looked and acted almost perfectly human. Each android was designed, built, and programmed expressly to please its guests, in any way possible.

Maureen Brown believed in that mission. She wasn't an android - with her heavyset figure and plain-at-best face, nobody would ever confuse her for one - but she was a Courtesy Suites employee and proud to be one. She did not like the orders that had come to her from upper management... but, even human beings had to obey orders sometimes.

So it was that she was admitting a suit named Alan Dresselman into the Operations Center.

"Why's this place so secret?" Dresselman asked. "I must've been here almost a dozen times, on business and pleasure, and I never knew about it."

"Think about it," Maureen said. "If you were here as a guest, you probably acted out some of your deepest fantasies. The androids you were with could have been in touch with us here at any time. Don't you think knowing that might have inhibited you a bit?"

"I guess so," he agreed.

"Not that there's anything to worry about, really. We never see any identifiable details about individual guests, not even their sex. The androids normally tell us the minimum possible, and only when they can't figure out what to do next - and if you work for IPM, you know how rarely that happens. These days, between IPM's donated personalities, the advanced PersAnalysis software from Expressions, and other technologies... well, we don't often deal with more than a few dozen issues a day, from all our hotels in this state."

"Oh, I believe you," Dresselman said. "In fact I wonder that you still need an Operations Center at all. I'm sure you did when you first opened, but with today's technology..."

"Well, to be honest we probably don't," Maureen admitted. "Every now and then something important does come in, and the bots' programming just isn't good enough in quite the right way. But mostly what we do these days is record collection and analysis, helping to set directions for future R&D. And of course we keep a special eye on new androids, and especially new programming."

"Which is what we're here for tonight," the suit said. "I assume you've read my summary of the experiment?"

"Yes, I have, and I must say I don't like it. I couldn't work here if I didn't approve of androids, but this... well, I think it might be going a little too far. And I think it might weird out whatever guest we spring her on."

"Well, that at least shouldn't be a problem. We've prepared a full profile for the kind of person we'll need."

"Yes, but we don't have that much detail on our guests. Even the computer doesn't; we can't do a psych workup on a guest. We just learn whatever we can from what they do while they're here. But we'll do the best we can with what we have. Management supports this experiment, so we'll do it. But it might be a while till we have an appropriate opportunity. Would you like to visit the bar or something? I can have you called-"

"No thanks, I'd rather be right here. I figured it would be a while, though. I brought a book."

Maureen grimaced; she'd hoped to keep the suit out of her way as long as possible. But he sat down and started to read, and didn't bother her until she called him over.

"I think this might be what we're looking for," she said, pointing at the computer screen that had just alerted her with a beep. She waited just long enough for him to be confused by the technical shorthand on the screen before going on. "Single, likes females exclusively, third night of first visit - that's good, our profile's pretty extensive on him. 80% estimated match on your requirements - not perfect, but pretty good. Requests two female companions, one to be brought in deactivated. Says he wants a surprise, something different. Guest analysis says he'll want explicit control with some resistance, donated personality preferred, probably aesthetic factors 3, 7, or 9B - Erin's a type 7..." She went on translating the request parameters, speaking quickly. If they were to override the main computer's response to the guest's request, they would have to do it quickly.

Dresselman wasn't as quick as she was. "It sounds good," he agreed hesitantly. "Is that all we know?"

"That's all we get. Anything else is confidential. The computer has more, and says it's an 80% match."

"He wants two girls, you said? What do we use for the other one?"

"Let's see... the computer was going to send him a Becky and a Jessica, with Jessica deactivated. I'd say let's use Jessica. Becky's too pushy; she'd distract the guest from playing with Erin." She called up an image of Jessica, along with her personality summary.

"She's beautiful," Alan said. "Won't she distract him anyway?"

"All our dolls are beautiful, Alan. But she's a 3C, which probably won't be too distracting to a guy who likes 7s and 9Bs." A new notice appeared on her screen. "They're on their way already, we need to decide now if we want to override to send in Erin."

"Well... okay, let's do it."

Maureen had already typed the necessary commands. At Alan's decision, she pressed the Enter key.

Elsewhere in the building, a pretty blonde android named Becky was pushing a padded handtruck down a hallway. Loosely tied into the handtruck was a larger, more mature-looking female, Jessica. Had anyone else been nearby, they could not have helped but notice the contrast between Becky's perky, vivacious movements, and Jessica's perfect stillness.

Until Maureen's order reached them. They had almost reached the elevator, when Becky suddenly turned around. She suppressed a cry of annoyance - she enjoyed her visits with guests, especially male guests who wanted sex. But now she stopped to untie Jessica from the handtruck, and she knew when she was done she would be returning to the ready room. She wondered what had happened to change her orders, but long experience told her she would probably never know.

Meanwhile, Jessica was powering up. She reached full consciousness just before Becky had fully untied her.

"Do you know what's going on?" she asked.

"Nope," Becky said. "I was taking you to a guest, but then my orders were changed. I don't know why. What are you supposed to do now?"

The taller woman stepped off the handtruck and began guiding it herself, and both androids walked together toward the ready room. "I'm supposed to get another deactivated android and bring it to Suite 824," Jessica explained.

"That's the same suite I was taking you to!"

"Maybe the guest decided he didn't want a blonde?" Jessica suggested.

"It's possible, I guess." By now they had reached the ready room again. "Good luck," said Becky, heading for the back of the waiting area, where she would be deactivated until she was requested again. She knew it wouldn't be long - she was a very popular model. And even if she weren't requested soon, she would be unaware of the passage of time until then.

There was a knock at the door. Len Satterthwaite answered it immediately.

Outside stood two androids. One, a beautiful woman in a tight-fitting pink top and off-white slacks, smiled brightly at him. She was perfectly proportioned, with long slim legs, good hips, and nicely sized breasts. Her skin was absolutely unblemished, with a light blush highlighting her cheeks. Her wide eyes were a lovely light blue. Len's eyes locked on her for a moment.

"Good evening, sir," she said in a friendly soprano. "My name is Jessica, and this is Erin. You sent for us?"

It took Len a moment to tear his eyes off Jessica and look at the second doll he had ordered - but it was well worth it. As lovely as Jessica was, Erin was even more so. As he had requested, she was clearly deactivated - her eyes were closed and she did not move at all. In fact, she was tied into a handtruck in which Jessica had apparently transported her to his door. But even deactivated, she was the sexiest goddess Len had ever seen - and this at the end of a weekend at Courtesy Suites! Her hair was soft and red, just long enough to outline her face, but unlike most redheads her face was clear and smooth, not freckled. Her lips were slightly open, just enough to let him see the even white teeth beyond.

She was wearing lacy underwear of a deep purple color. He could tell, because over it was only a sheer blue sleeveless dress that hid nothing at all. Her skin was perfect, her breasts large and firm, her waist pleasingly narrow and her hips generously wide. Her legs, locked together, were smooth and shapely, and ended in a pair of perfect feet standing on a pair of pink stiletto heels.

He realized Jessica was speaking to him. "What? Oh, yes, come in." He stood aside and watched Erin as Jessica wheeled her into the room. He could hear a quiet ticking sound as they passed him. He recovered enough of his cool to close and lock the door behind them.

"I was told you wanted something unusual?" Jessica asked.

"Yes," Len agreed. "Though beautiful like this may be enough." He walked over to Erin and stroked her unresponsive cheek.

"I'm glad you like her," Jessica said. "But she's unusual too, as you requested. Erin is a brand new doll, newly programmed. When you wind her up and turn her on, she will be activating for the very first time. Nobody knows exactly how she'll behave."

"Really?" Len's hand made its way down the doll's neck to the smooth expanse of her upper chest. "Tell me about her."

"I really can't," Jessica said. "I haven't been told much more than that myself. I know she's a donated personality, as I am, and that she's part of a new market trial. Because of that, I've been given more access to her than I usually would be. If anything goes wrong, I will be able to take control of her body. But the chances of that are very small, of course."

"Of course," Len agreed, his eyes still on Erin. He wanted to wake her and see what she was like... and yet, he was enjoying drawing out the moment. His eyes were drawn to the winding key that hung from a thin chain around her neck. Its handle was about the size of his palm, with wide loops that looked something like a black ribbon tied in a bow. The business end was a round, grooved affair, about the size of his index finger. "How did you feel the first time you were activated?" he asked Jessica.

"Excited," the older android said. "A little scared, of course, but mostly excited. I loved the idea of becoming a beautiful android. My human body was fat and ugly, and I hated my life. Becoming an android was... was wonderful. It was exactly what I always wanted."

Len looked up at her. "Even though people like me can force you to do anything we want you to?"

"Even though," she agreed. "Oh, that's part of why I was scared, and I'm always a little nervous when I go to visit a new guest. You never know what they'll make you do. But... I make people's dreams come true. I can tolerate being a little uncomfortable for that."

"Do all donated androids feel like that?" Len wondered.

"Well, not exactly. I mean, we're as unique as the people who donated our personalities. But we're all volunteers. I know of a few dolls who didn't realize what they were getting into, and didn't adapt very well, but not very many."

"Hmm." Then Len grinned, taking the key from around Erin's neck. "So she's a wind-up doll? Where do I wind her up?"

"There should be a slot in her back, like mine." Jessica turned around and held up her hair, revealing a small keyhole just below the base of her neck. "Each half-turn of the key gives her about five minutes of movement - more if she's not very active, less if she is."

"Great. Take her off that truck." At Len's command, Jessica moved to unstrap the redhead. While she was doing that, something else occurred to him.

"Hey, you're a wind-up too?" he asked Jessica. "How long till you wind down?"

"I don't know, exactly," Jessica said. She shook out her arms. "I still feel pretty energetic. Ten, fifteen minutes, maybe?"

"What if I want you to to wind down sooner?"

"Oh, I hope you don't," Jessica pouted. "But I wind down faster if I'm very active. Or if you insist, I can unlink my spring mechanism from the rest of me, so I wind down very quickly without actually doing anything."

Len was only partially listening to Jessica's answer. He didn't actually want to wind her down right now - in fact, he was hardly thinking about her at all. He stepped behind the motionless figure of Erin, which Jessica had by now separated from the cart. A few inches below the end of her hair was a black slot, embedded in the center of a small circle made of some stiffer material than her skin.

He carefully inserted the key into it. It slid in easily, and he could feel it click into place at the end of the hole. As he turned it one full turn, he felt the ratcheting mechanism inside her, and heard its sharp cli-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-ck!. He let go of the key expectantly.

"She can't activate until her electronics are turned on too," Jessica added. "You can do that with the standard remote control. She has three modes, just like me - Robot, Passive, and Natural. If you wake up her mind, she'll stay awake then even when she winds down."

"I know about modes," Len said. He unclipped the remote from his belt, pointed it at Erin's back, and pressed the button marked "Natural."

An electronic-sounding whir issued from somewhere inside Erin's body, loud for a moment, then diminishing to an all-but-inaudible level. Then the red-haired head twitched, and she came to life. Len could see and hear the key begin to click around as she moved.

"What's going on? Where am I?" Erin cried, looking around wildly. Her voice was a sultry contralto.

"Hello, Erin," Len said calmly. The doll jerked around to face him, her hands batting at the air.

"Oh, my..." Her eyes - green and pretty, Len could now see - widened in shock. "Oh, no. It's still real, isn't it?" She raised her hands in front of her face and looked at them in horror, then looked down and clasped tham across her ample bosom. "I'm still an android?"

Len was surprised, to say the least. "Yes, you're an android. What did you think you were?"

Erin turned to him pleadingly. "I'm not a doll! I'm a human being. My name is Erin. No! I mean my name is Erin. No! That's not what I mean!"

"I know," said Len, "you're a donated personality-"

"No! I'm not! Please believe me. I'm not like the other androids here. I didn't want to be an android. This isn't my body. I don't want to be your plaything. I don't belong here!" Len was trying to decide how to react to that, when suddenly she ran for the door -

- And just as suddenly froze in her tracks as she tried to unlock it.

"I'm sorry, sir," said Jessica, "but I didn't think you would want her to leave the suite. Would you like to give her any orders before I release her?"

"Is what she's saying true?" Len asked. "Did she really not volunteer to be an android?"

"I don't know," Jessica replied. "I can inform the hotel management and find out if there might be a problem, if you like."

"No," Len said, "I don't think that's necessary. She is an android, though? No chance she's some kind of... I don't know, a mind-controlled human being?" He knew the question was stupid as soon as he asked it - Courtesy Suites didn't do things like that. Besides, he'd stuck a key into her back! But he didn't worry about it. There was no harm in asking an android a stupid question - she just answered.

"She's definitely an android, sir. Would you like to open her up and prove it?"

"No, that's okay." He turned to Erin, still standing frozen in the act of unlocking the door. "Don't open that door, Erin, and don't leave this suite. Jessica, release her."

"Yes, sir," Jessica acknowledged, and Erin burst into motion again. But now she could only scrabble helplessly at the door. After a moment of that, she turned around and leaned against the door, her breasts heaving.

"You're gorgeous," Len told her.

"You're kidding," Erin said. She looked around, and ran to the large mirror over the bureau. "I don't believe it," she said. "I look like a sex doll!"

"I was thinking supermodel, but sex doll is good too." He went to stand just behind her as she looked her her body in disgust.

"My god, how big are these things?" She was cupping her oversized breasts in her hands.

"Big enough." Len reached around her from behind and put his hands over hers, but she pushed them away and spun to face him.

"Don't do that," she said. "I'm not what you - what I look like."

"Actually I think you are," Len said.

"No! Dammit, I'm a sales manager! I have a fiancee! I have a college degree! I don't know how they got me into a -"

"Come here."

"- scanner but I would never have agreed to-"

"Clasp your hands behind your neck, and keep your feet where they are."

"- have my personality donated for a goddamned sexbot stop that!" Erin had obeyed his orders, and now he had started to run his hands along her ribs. She was trying to stop him, but all she could do was to twist wildly between his hands. "Stop that!"

But he didn't stop. She was an android, after all, and he was her master for now. He could do as he liked with her... and he liked quite a bit. He pulled her against him. She tried to pull away, but she wasn't very strong, and he found he could hold her against him with one arm while he took her face in the other. "Please, don't..." she pleaded as he roughly turned her face to his and kissed her.

She didn't resist very forcefully. He heard her whimper gently twice as he kissed her, and after a moment she even stopped trying to pull away from him. She didn't cooperate in the kiss, but neither did she continue trying to stop him. It took him a minute to realize that the soft ticking that had been coming from her back had all but stopped: she was winding down.

He released her. She tried to straighten out her body and compose her face, but she was on her last tick, and it wasn't enough. She was frozen, posed just as she was, unable to even close her mouth. Across the room, Jessica stood motionless as well - she must have wound down while he was preoccupied with Erin.

He wanted to see her naked. He could wind her up and have her strip for him, but he decided to undress her himself while she was still helpless. He liked her helpless - and not just helpless, but wanting to fight him. He'd grown accustomed to lovely, smiling dolls, all perfectly obedient and anxious to please. But Erin... Erin wasn't anxious to please him. How did she feel, he wondered, as he lowered her arms so he could take off her dress? He was sure she didn't like it. She wanted to fight, to stop him, to preserve her dignity... and she couldn't. Unwound as she was, she couldn't even try to protect herself, let alone succeed.

He dropped the thin dress in a blue pool around her feet, then lifted her out of it. He'd grown used to the fact that most of the dolls here weighed less than forty pounds, even when they looked three times that weight. Then he popped her bra snap open, freeing her wonderful breasts. He tickled one with his fingertips. What kind of sensation would that be sending through Erin's helpless body, he wondered.

"How do we monitor the new doll's activity?" Dresselman was asking in Ops. "She's been there almost half an hour and we don't know a thing!"

"Sure we do," Maureen said. She pointed to two screens with quickly scrolling data. "Can't you read an AADF digest?"

"Sorry, it's been years since I was a programmer," Dresselman had to admit. "Can you summarize it?"

"It doesn't take a programmer to read AADF," she muttered. "This is Erin's digest here, and this is the Jessica's. I've told Jessica to watch Erin whenever she can, so we get another perspective. As we expected, he - well, it could be a woman, but I'm guessing it's not - he was more attracted to Erin, and since he turned her on he's been ignoring Jessica. He doesn't seem to be bothered by her protests, maybe even turned on by them. He's let them both wind down, and undressed Erin."

"Can you tell how the androids are feeling?"

"Not exactly, but I can get their motivation tables." She touched some controls, and a new display appeared under each activity digest. "The colored indicators show the strengths of each android's major desires. The extensions show their range of play - that's how far the motivations could be expected to change through internal activity, like new realizations and thoughts. Of course, Erin's is more complex than Jessica's right now, of course..."

"Yes, I can see that. That would be two strong obedience lines here, yes? Natural given the nature of this experiment. Desire for freedom high and growing..."

At least the observer wasn't a total idiot, Maureen reflected. She should have thought to show him the motivation tables sooner. They were easier to understand and would keep him interested.

It was time to wind Erin up again, Len decided. He went behind her and turned her key again. The instant he released it, her arms snapped up to cover her bare breasts. He put his arms around her again.

"Go away," she pouted. "Or let me go away. I don't want to be here."

"What's the matter, don't you like me?"

"No, I don't like you!" Erin all but shouted. She twisted out of his grip, and darted across the room, crossing her arms across her chest again. "I don't like you, and I don't like this body, and I don't like being a sexdoll, and I want to go home!"

"Well, I like your body," Len said casually, sitting down in an armchair. "Let me see the rest of it. Take off your panties."

Erin's hands started to move to her waist, but she pulled them up again. "No... please don't make me..." Len was intrigued; it looked almost as if Erin were fighting some invisible force that that was trying to make her move her arms. She was losing, but she was fighting, as her arms lowered, her fingers grasped the corners of her bikini, and she slowly lowered the garment down her legs. Her crotch was completely hairless. She kept her legs as tightly together as she could, but even so he could tell she looked good in there.

"Why do you mind being naked so much, Erin?" Len asked teasingly. "Didn't you say that's not your body? You don't even like it."

"Ugh!" Erin grunted. She hurled the panties at Len, and missed badly. "I hate you!"

"Nonsense. You're just a doll, and I'm your master. All dolls love their masters."

"I told you, I'm not like other do- I mean, I'm not a damned doll!"

"Come here. Sit with me." He made a bit of room for her on the armchair. She she tried to fight the programming that forced her to obey him, but ultimately she had no choice but to squeeze into the chair with him, sitting partially on his lap. "Put your arms around me, and make out with me."

"I don't want to do this," Erin insisted, but she literally couldn't stop herself. She pressed her body against him, teased him with her fingers and lips. She leaned into his touch when he caressed her smooth shoulder. His hand encountered her key, still protruding from the hole in her back. He didn't want to risk her sitting back and breaking it, so he pulled it out of the slot and tossed it on the end table.

"Do you think I'm handsome?" Len asked.

"You've got to be kidding," Erin replied. "You're -" He kissed her lips, and she had to stop to return the kiss. "You're about as plain as they come. And I hate men with beards to start with. You're all scratchy." Len rubbed his beard against Erin's soft cheek. He could feel her cringe as much as she could, while still rubbing against him. "Stop that."

"You know, you're the first doll I've seen here all weekend who didn't think I was sexy." He didn't mind, though. His ego had been boosted plenty for one weekend, and he knew he wasn't much to look at. Maybe if he was he wouldn't have needed to spend his vacation weekend here.

"They're all programmed to say that," Erin said.

"I wonder why you're not?" Len wondered. "Unbutton my shirt. You are programmed to make love, aren't you?"

"Yes, sir. Please don't make me, though..."

"Isn't this making you at all horny?"

"Nnn... yes, a little. But I don't want it to! And I don't want to say so!"

"Disadvantages of being an android, eh?"

"Like there's any advantages?"

"Sure there are," Len said. "You're beautiful -"

"Well, if I wasn't you wouldn't be drooling all over me."

"You'll never get old -"

"Great, men like you will be drooling all over me forever."

"- never have to earn a living -"

"I had a job I loved!"

"- never have a period -"

"Umm... okay, I guess that's worth something."

"There, you see? It's not all bad."

"But I wouldn't give up my freedom for it!"

"Too late."

"Dammit, let me go!" She started straining against him again - no, not against him; he wasn't holding her down. She was straining against his orders, a stronger bond on an android than mere strength could ever be. But it made him look up, and he saw Jessica still standing motionless, wound down. She looked awfully forlorn, standing there by herself.

"Okay," he said. Erin sprang out of his chair. "Wind up Jessica, please."

She looked almost relieved to be able to get away from him, even if only for a little while, she scarcely even seemed to fight his order. But she had no sooner lifted the doll's keychain over her head when her movements began to slow down.

"Oh no," she sighed. "I'm winding down... again." Her voice started to deepen. Len ignored her. She kept trying to obey her last orders, though. She gathered up Jessica's full mane of light brown hair and held it aside in her left hand, and inserted the key into its slot with her right. "Please... wind... me..." she begged, as with her last few ticks she turned Jessica's key. Then she ticked to a stop.

Len sighed. He was comfortable, and didn't feel like getting up. "Jessica, did she get you wound at all?" But the doll didn't answer.

He let his eyes roam over the tableau they created. They were both such beautiful girls... Jessica must have assumed that pouty look deliberately as she wound down, he thought. And Erin, standing frozen behind her, manipulating her... mmmm...

"I'm sure I saw her wind you..." he muttered. But - that must be it - Erin must not have had a chance to release Jessica's key when she ran down. But, the dolls weren't even ten feet away from him...

He leaned forward and pulled off his shirt. Crushing it into as tight a ball as he could, he pitched it at Jessica's head. It struck, and Jessica wobbled... and caught herself.

"Thank you... well, sort of," she grinned sheepishly. She slowly moved forward, but found her hair still caught in Erin's frozen grip. She reached up and carefully extricated herself, draping her hair over her shoulder to leave her key exposed. "I was hoping you weren't going to leave me out all night."

"Oh, I still might," he said. "Come here, though, I want to wind you up some more." Jessica came to him eagerly and sat on the arm of the chair, presenting her back to him. Each time he gripped the key in his fingers, she froze, then relaxed again as he let go to take a new grip on it.

"Mmmmm," she purred. "I love -" (wind) "- the feeling of -" (wind) "- being wound up."

When he'd wound her up as tight as she could be wound, he pulled the key out of her back and tossed it next to Erin's. Then he grabbed her and pulled her down into his lap, making her shriek delightedly. He bent down and kissed her lovely face. Unlike Erin, Jessica loved the attention. But he had another plan.

"Get up, Jessica. Now, I want you to forget I'm here. Don't see me, don't hear me, don't feel my touch if I touch you. Just obey my orders."

Jessica didn't acknowledge his command, but her gaze drifted idly around the room. Her gaze was drawn to the window, with the curtains closed. She perked up suddenly, and ran to the window, where she opened the curtains partway and looked out. She smiled delightedly, half-closing her eyes as the late afternoon sun lit her lovely face.

Len got up and moved to stand behind her. She ignored him completely as he put his hands on her arms. She was beautiful, standing there drinking in the sunlight. How long must it have been since she'd seen the outdoors? From her expression, it had clearly been longer than she liked. He pushed her hair aside, and kissed her cheek from behind.

After a few minutes, he grew bored, and moved away from her. A moment later, so did she, though she left the curtains open. Now she went over to Erin, still posed as if winding an invisible doll in front of her.

"I'm really sorry for you, Erin," she said. "I thought all donated personalities were volunteers. But I think you'll come to like being an android."

Len gathered Erin's key, and went to wind her up. He was curious what the two dolls would say to each other when they thought they were alone.

He'd only given the redheaded doll two half-turns of her key before she spun around to face Len, but he spoke before she could. "I'm not here, Erin. Don't see me or hear me or feel me; just obey me."

Erin looked around wildly. "Where did you go? Dammit, I know you're still here!"

"Who's still here?" Jessica asked, looking around herself.

"Him. You know, the guy who was here. I don't know his name."

"Oh, the guest. I don't know his name either, but he left a little while ago."

"No, he didn't! He just wound me up and vanished!"

"He couldn't have; he was gone long before that. Or did you stand still for a while after he wound you?"

"Why on earth would I do that? Of course I didn't! He was here just now!"

"Well, really, what difference does it make?"

Len interrupted. "Erin, believe I'm not here."

"Oh-" Erin shook her fists in frustration. "None, I guess. He's not here now, anyway." It was remarkable how stupid an android could be when you told her to.

Erin picked up her discarded clothes, and looked at them in disgust. "There's hardly any point to getting dressed again," she muttered. "Even wearing this I'm indecent. Hell, this body's probably indecent fully dressed in a trenchcoat." She went back to the mirror and examined herself again, touching various parts of her body. "I can't believe I'm shaved!" Len positioned himself to get a good view too.

"You're one of the most beautiful dolls I've ever seen here, Erin," Jessica said.

"But I don't want to be a beautiful doll! I just want to be me! A real woman who doesn't have to act like a sexbot for any loser who wants her!"

"It's fun acting like a sexbot," Jessica grinned. "I don't get to do it as often as I like. Men like looking at me, but they don't want to screw me all that much."

"Lucky you."

"Well, I don't think so. It's no fun always being the one who gets sent off for food, or new clothes, while a couple of big-breasted, pouty-faced sexbots with no personality stay. Or worse, standing there like a statue watching a sexy guy make love to two or three dolls like that. I do that a lot."

"I don't care!" Erin fell onto a loveseat and dropped her face in her hands. "I don't want to be here at all. I want to go home and cuddle with my boyfriend and nobody else, and know I'm going to work tomorrow and I can do whatever the hell I want!"

"I'm sorry," Jessica said. She went back to the window and looked out.

Erin looked up. "I can't even cry."

"Neither can I," Jessica agreed. "Most androids can't, though I've seen a couple who can. You know, most of us can't talk about our past lives, either. How come you can?"

Erin thought for a moment. "I don't know. I do get a feeling like I'm not supposed to, but it doesn't stop me. I just wish I didn't have to do all the other stupid things I have to do."

Jessica turned her head as if she were about to say something else, but decided against it. Len sat down next to Erin and cuddled her against him. She felt good even when she didn't know she was being touched.

"What are they doing now?" Dresselman asked. The motivation tables were low for both dolls.

"Nothing they're reporting. They think they're alone in the room. A lot of guests like to do that. Usually the androids talk to each other a bit, then get boring, unless the guest gave them other orders. This one hasn't, I think. He's paying attention to Erin now - probably feeling her up while she doesn't know, but she's not reporting details so whatever he's doing isn't a problem. They both report he's happy with them, especially Erin."

"Well, that's good."

The dolls didn't do anything else interesting for a little while, and Len got bored. He decided to spice things up some. "Jessica, move your body however Erin tells you to, but otherwise freeze. You can talk if you want, but that's it. Don't even use any smarts in obeying Erin, just do exactly what she tells you to." She hadn't been moving at that moment anyway, but Len could still tell that something had changed - she didn't move at all now, not even the slight swaying and fidgeting that even a person standing still makes. Erin, of course, didn't react, unaware he had even spoken. "Erin, pretend I told you this before I left. In a little while, after you've wound down, I'm going to come back, and whichever one of you looks sexier is going to sleep with me. And you have to pose for me yourself."

Erin looked up - not at him, but at though she'd suddenly remembered something. "Jessica, you have to pose for him before he gets back."

"Um... I can't," said Jessica, still staring out the window. "I can't move unless you tell me to."

"What? You were moving just a minute ago!"

"I must have received new orders."

"Oh, fine! Um..." Erin stood up and looked around. "Come here," she ordered, indicating a spot near the door. "If he sees you first when he comes back, maybe he'll ignore me." ("Not likely," Len thought to himself.)

"That would be nice," Jessica said, walking to the spot Erin pointed out.

"Yeah, it would," Erin said. "Now take a sexy pose."

"I can't. I can only move how you tell me to."

"Dammit... okay, fine, then. Put your right leg in front of your left, bent, like this..."

Jessica moved her leg as Erin instructed. "You might want me to take my pants off," she suggested. "I don't think these are very sexy."

"Good idea," Erin agreed. "Take off your pants. Are you wearing a bra?"

"I'm not sure; somebody dressed me when I was turned off. I think I am."

"Then take off your top too."

It turned out she was wearing a bra, a pretty strapless white lace one to match her panties. Jessica froze again once she'd stripped down to her underwear. Erin was standing nearby watching, and Len decided to go over and feel her up while she posed the other doll.

"Put your legs back how they were before," Erin ordered, ignoring Len's hands on her naked back. ", bend your left arm up..."

"You can just move me, if you want," Jessica pointed out.

"Are you sure you won't mind?"

"It doesn't matter, Erin. I'm an android. Besides, if you want me to be sexy, so do I!"

"Well, okay." Erin stepped forward and moved Jessica's arm herself, bending it up so that her hand was near her face. Then she stood back and thought again. "No, wait. Like this..."

She went at the task with a will. Sometimes she told Jessica to bend her waist back a little, to open her eyes a bit wider, to puff out her chest more. Mostly she gave up on trying to explain what she wanted in words, and just manipulated the other doll's body with her hands. When she was finished, Jessica stood with her head tilted just so, her left hand posed like that near her mouth, her hips sexily swayed... it was a pretty good pose, Len thought, though watching Erin manipulate her into it had been more fun than the pose. As Jessica herself knew, she was certainly beautiful, but she wasn't particularly sexy.

"Can't you smile sexier than that?" Erin asked.

"Probably," Jessica said, "but you have to tell me how."

"Oh- Well, smile a little wider... no, not like that, that looks dumb. Um, show your teeth a little more... Damn, I don't know how to smile!"

"This doesn't feel like a very good smile," Jessica agreed.

"It's not."

"Why don't you smile, and tell me to copy yours? You're a sex doll, you should have a nice sexy smile if you don't think about it."

"Can you do that? Okay, let's see..." Len moved so he could see both dolls' faces. Erin's lips curved in what he had to agree was a pretty sexy smile. "Smile like I am now."

Jessica's face copied Erin's expression. It was a pretty good try; Jessica's face just wasn't shaped quite right for that particular smile to work on her features. Erin stared at her intently for a moment. Len took advantage of the moment to caress her cheek. "I guess that will do," Erin said.

"Do you want to do anything with my hair?" Jessica asked. "There's probably a hairbrush in the bathroom."

"Not really," Erin muttered, "but I guess I should." She turned and headed for the bathroom, but before she could get halfway there her movements began to slow down. "Damn, I have to... pose..." She still had enough time left to do so. Len hadn't told her she had to pose sexily; he'd just counted on the fact that Erin was sexy enough that any pose would look sexy if she was frozen in it. Rather than doing anything explicitly cheesecake, she just stood up straight, with her arms held just slightly away from her sides and her hands pointed out. She smiled a little, but it wasn't a very genuine smile, Len thought - she looked more nervous than happy, which she probably was. She must have realized she didn't have enough power left to turn her whole body toward the door, but with her last bit of movement she started to turn her head that way. She didn't quite make it before her mechanism ticked to a halt, and her body froze.

"Erin?" came Jessica's voice. "Are you okay?" But the redheaded doll couldn't answer, and Jessica couldn't do a thing about it.

Len went to where Erin had frozen. Jessica was certainly beautiful, in her own way, but it was Erin who appealed to him more. He stood in front of her and felt up her large frozen breasts. But it would be more fun if Erin knew he was here...

"I'm here again, Erin." he said. "You can see and hear and feel me normally." There was of course no visible reaction from the helpless doll, but he knew she was aware of him again.

He moved behind her, touching her playfully as he went. Her key was still in her back - when he wound her up last, she'd pulled away from him before he could take it out. He toyed with the skin around it now. "Do you want me to wind you up again, Erin?" he asked, knowing she couldn't answer. "I bet you do... but I don't want to just yet." Instead he slipped the key out of its slot, and hung it around her neck again. Then he tipped her over backwards, catching her rigid form in his left arm, and lifted her knees with his right. She lay like a board in his arms as he carried her stiff body into the bedroom.

He placed her on the bed, her firm breasts sticking up in the air. Jessica said something out in the living room, but Len scarcely heard her at first, as he was trying to undress himself without taking his eyes off the lovely android on his bed. He was imagining what he would do to her, and how she would feel about it, when he realized he was just too close to the edge of his own arousal to really enjoy her the way he wanted to. Perhaps it would be more fun to let Erin stew in suspense while Jessica relieved his tension. Then he could come back and enjoy the sexier doll.

"I'll be back in a little while, Erin," he teased the girl, tickling one of her breasts. "You can just hang out here till then. Oh, wait, you have no choice, do you? Silly me." He played with the key nestled in her cleavage, making sure she knew it was there. It must be frustrating, he thought, for her to know her key was so close, so available, and yet be unable to move enough to use it. He liked the idea of Erin being frustrated.

Naked and hard, he went back out to the living room, closing the door to the bredroom as he went. No need for Erin to know what he was up to.

"Hello, Jessica." He half expected her to answer, but of course she couldn't hear him yet. That was enough of that, he decided. "You can be aware of me again," he said, coming up behind her and encircling her waist with his arms.

"Oh!" the doll exclaimed. "You're back."

"Mm-hmm," Len agreed. "And you're still here."

"I don't seem to be able to move," she said. "Do you like my pose?"

"Not especially," Len said. "It's a good pose, but it doesn't really work for you."

"I was afraid of that," Jessica agreed. "But you want me anyway, don't you?"

"Actually, yes. You can move." Immediately, the brown-haired android relaxed. She flowed around in his arms and embraced him herself, kissing him lightly on the lips.

"Shall I make love to you, sir?" she asked seductively.

Len caressed her cheek, looking at her face. If there was one place where Jessica's beauty surpassed Erin's, it was her face, and particularly her lips. "You want to please me, don't you?"

"Of course," the android agreed. "That's what I'm here for."

"Well, that's what Erin is here for too, but she doesn't seem to like it."

"True," Jessica said thoughtfully. "That's very strange. It must be part of her new programming. I've never heard of a doll that didn't like to serve before. But I do, and I'm looking forward to making love to you. I can tell you want me to." Her hand moved down to his crotch, teasing him gently.

But she had such lovely lips... "Give me a blow job, Jessica."

"Yes, sir," she agreed. Her smile faded a little, but Len could tell she was trying not to let her disappointment show. Well, she was here to please him, not herself, and a blow job was what he wanted right now. "Would you like to sit down?"

He let her guide him back to the armchair and tilt the backrest comfortably for him. Then she knelt down between his knees and licked his member once, before taking it in her pretty mouth and going to work. She lay her hands on his thighs, massaging them gently as she moved up and down on him.

Already strongly aroused, it didn't take him long, even given how many times he'd come this weekend. His muscles tightened as he shot himself into Jessica's throat. She used her hands and lips and tongue perfectly to guide him through his orgasm, keeping him at the peak as long as he could, and letting him down gently, cleaning him gently with her tongue as she withdrew.

Len sighed deeply. "You sure are good at that," he said.

"Thank you, sir. Would you like anything else now?"

Len considered. "Yeah. Get me a glass of water, would you?"

He lay in the chair, relaxing, while Jessica went. That was one of the nicest things about Courtesy Suites, he reflected - you never had to get up right away after sex. You could always send the girl for whatever you needed. The few times he managed to spend a night with a real girl, he was always the one to get up for things afterwards - or even before. He didn't want her to think he was lazy, or making her do all the work. But who cared if an android thought you were lazy? They were programmed to do all the work, and they knew it. Jessica even tipped his head up for him, and held the glass for him to drink out of.

Dresselman wasn't happy. "Dammit, I'm not spending this much money here for Erin to get left alone. Can't we do something to get him back in there with her?"

Maureen rolled her eyes. "What did you have in mind?"

"I don't know... have Jessica remind him how sexy Erin is?"

"No," Maureen said simply. "Wait..." A new line of data came in from Jessica. "He's told Jessica to leave. Looks like you have your wish."

"Wait a minute, we don't want Jessica gone. She's giving us more information about his interaction with Erin!"

"Sure, we want her in there, but we can't override the guest's orders. But maybe..." Maureen took a closer look at Jessica's motivation table. As she'd suspected, obedience was currently a low priority. "It wasn't a very strong order, and she'd rather stay. I can raise the priority of her desire to stay... look, she's even curious, I'll raise that some too..."

Jessica stopped with her hand on the door lock. "Sir? Do I have to leave? If it's all the same to you, I'd actually like to stay."

Len had been heading for the bathroom, but he stopped. "Why? And don't tell me it's my stunning good looks."

"Well, you are good-looking to me," Jessica said shyly, "even if Erin doesn't think so. But... well, mostly I'm curious about Erin. I'd kind of like to see what else she does. I promise, I won't interfere - I mean, you can even order me to just stand in a corner and not talk, that's fine with me."

Len considered her request. He certainly felt no obligation to satisfy a doll's curiosity, but... "Sure, I guess I might find a use for you sooner or later. You can stay."

"Thank you!" She came toward him with her arms extended, and flowed into a deep kiss... a very deep kiss, with those lovely soft lips of hers... Len found himself getting erect against her once more. He could still taste a bit of his cum in her mouth.

"There, he let her stay."

Dresselman let out a sigh of relief. "Good job. Wait, her sex desire is going up... what's she doing now?"

"I think she's thanking him..."

"She's not seducing him, is she? We want him with Erin!"

"Look, he's a guest! We can't control him. He'll do whatever he does, and we'll get the data we get! It's bad enough tweaking a donated personality's motivation tables. It always confuses them." She took a moment to calm down. Blowing up at Dresselman wasn't going to help anything; he was only doing his job. "No, I don't think Jessica's going to seduce him. Probably just giving him a good kiss. She's good at that, and enjoys it. Look, there, he just left her alone."

"Where'd he go?"

"Well, Erin isn't reporting anything, so either he's in the bathroom or he left the suite. I know which one I'd bet on."

When Len was finished in the bathroom, he found Jessica had already gone into the bedroom. She was posed prettily in the chair, her gaze on the bed. She didn't look at him as he entered, but he could still see her breathing shallowly and moving slightly. Besides, he knew he'd given her a good winding. She held her key loosely in her turned-up palm.

"Do you wind down when you're not moving?" he asked.

"Only very slowly, sir," she answered.

"Good," he said. "Then don't move at all." Now she froze completely. If he decided he did want her for something, he didn't want to find she'd wound down.

Now he went to the bed, where Erin still lay powerless. He lay down next to her, lying alongside her lovely body, his head propped up on his hand so he could look down at the android's face. She looked so beautifully artificial like this, he thought... especially when he touched her. She didn't flinch, didn't smile, didn't blush, didn't react at all. Even as he circled her eye with his fingertip, she reacted no more than a photograph. He brushed his finger along her eyebrow, swept his hand down her cheek... leaned down and kissed her frozen lips, gently at first, then deeper, prying her mouth open to him. There was resistance, but it was the passive resistance of an unplugged machine, not the active resistance of an unwilling girl.

There was a remote control on the nighttable. He'd left it there that morning, after having fun with it and another pretty redhead named Danielle (were there really so many redheads here, or had they just noticed he was partial to red hair?). Now he picked it up and held it so Erin's frozen eyes could see it. It would work just as well on Erin or Jessica.

"I'm going to wind you up again now, Erin," he told her. "If you choose to be very, very nice, I'll wind you up fully and let you stay free for a while. But if you do anything I don't like, I'll just start turning you off. I think you don't want me to do that, do you?"

He put the remote down again. Sitting on her thighs, he pulled Erin's torso up against him, her head staring blankly over his shoulder, so he could reach behind her and wind her. He took a moment to caress her still-helpless form, then began cranking.

He felt her gasp hard after the first turn, but he didn't stop. He loved the rhythm of her breathe - freeze - gasp - freeze - tense - freeze - as he wound her up. "Please don't -" (wind) "- turn me of -" (wind) "- ff," she said between windings. "I'll try to -" (wind) "- do what y -" (wind) "- ou want me -" (wind) "- to."

"Good," he said, pulling out her key. She sat up, no longer leaning against him. Her mechanism ticked steadily within her chest. She was still breathing hard, and she was flexing and clenching her hands.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"I don't like not being able to move," Erin said tremulously.

"Then don't you think you should thank me for winding you up again?"

"Oh," she said. "Thank you. For winding me."

Len waited. "That wasn't very convincing thanks," he suggested.

Erin looked scared and uncertain. "What else do you want me to do?" He didn't answer. "I don't know what you want!" she cried.

"Well, if a lovely sexbot like you can't think of a way to thank a man, there's not much point to you, is there?" He reached for the remote control.

Erin's eyes shot wide, and she reached for him. She screeched, "No, wait, I'll -" But Len decided to ignore her plea for now. He pointed the remote at her chest and pressed a button. Her voice chopped off, and her body jerked to a halt. Her arms were stretched out toward him, her features wide in alarm.

Without another word to her, Len got up and went back to Jessica. He was pretty sure Erin see both of them, out the corner of her eye at least. He tipped the lovely doll's face up, and leaned down over her.

"Kiss me again, like you did before," he ordered her. This time he couldn't know for sure if Jessica wanted to kiss him, but it didn't matter - she obeyed him regardless of her own wishes. The kiss wasn't quite as good without the rest of her body participating, but at the same time he found it more exciting knowing she was completely helpless to do anything other than kiss him. When he'd had enough, he stood up again, and tipped her head back down so she could continue watching. Then he returned to Erin and sat on her thighs where he had been before.

Using the remote control again, Len turned the doll's body back on and waited. She shook herself out and took a deep breath. "Thank you for turning my body back on," she said. She was clearly trying to sound seductive, though there was a serious qualm in her voice. But she had learned from experience. Tentatively, unwillingly, she leaned forward and kissed him. She wasn't really letting herself go, but it wasn't a bad kiss. Not bad at all.

"Better," Len admitted. "Now, what else will you do to make me want to keep you free?"

She thought for a moment, then reached for him. She began to caress him gently. "That's not bad," he allowed.

"I could massage your back for you, if you like," she offered.

"Well, you've got better things to offer," Len pointed out, "but that sounds nice for now." He could still use some time to recharge after Jessica's blow job. He slid off Erin and lay down on his stomach. The doll perched herself atop him now, and leaned down to massage him. Her touch was pleasant, but timid.

"Harder," he said.

"Yes, sir," Erin acknowledged, increasing the pressure of her hands. "I'm not sure how strong I am. I don't want to hurt you by accident." Was he imagining it, or had there been a slight pause before the words by accident? He ignored it for now, relaxing into her massage.

"Looks like things are going well," Maureen announced. "Both androids agree the guest is relaxed. Erin's pretty relaxed too... I haven't seen her desires this low since she went in there."

"That's good, I think," Dresselman agreed. "Jessica doesn't look so happy, though."

"Probably jealous," Maureen said, after checking the readout. "The guest is paying attention to Erin instead of her... I think he's got her immobilized, either wound down or just told to stay out of the way."

"That's fine, especially if she can still watch them."

"Are you asleep?" Erin's soft voice woke him from the light sleep he'd fallen into.

"Nope," he said. "Let me roll over." Erin lifted herself off him, and he rolled over.

"Did I please you?" she asked nervously.

"Yes, you did, Erin." She smiled in relief.

"May I go now?" Len glared at her. "Never mind, I'm sorry! I'll stay."

"Yes, you will," he agreed. "And you'd better do something to apologize for asking to leave." He looked over to make sure the remote was still there - but of course it was. Androids weren't allowed to touch remotes unless they were told to.

Erin paused, then timidly lay down next to him. He put his arm around her, and she curled herself into the curve of his arm. Then she leaned over and began to kiss his chest. He liked that.

"Do you like me?" he asked after a little while.

"No, sir," Erin said. Then, quickly, looking up, "Please don't punish me! I can't lie when you ask me a direct question like that."

"What would you say if you could lie?"

"I do like you." She didn't sound very convincing, and she must have realized it. "I like you a lot... will you tell me your name?"

Len chuckled to himself. All this time and she still didn't even know his name. Courtesy Suites was wonderful. "Len," he said.

She repeated his name. "I like you a lot, Len."

"What do you want to do with me, Erin, since you like me so much? You don't have to tell the truth."

"I want to... to get to know you better. We could go dancing... there's a club -"

"You're not a dancing girl, Erin."

"No, sir, I'm sorry." She moved up and kissed his mouth, by way of apology. She still hadn't gone anywhere near his crotch.

"What are you, Erin?"

"I'm a- an android."

"What kind of android?"

"A... female android, with a donated personality..." She looked away from him, embarrassed.

"Programmed for...?"

"...programmed for companionship... intimate companionship..."

"And the thing you're trying not to say?"

"...and sex! I'm programmed for sex."

"Good girl. So tell me again, what is it you want to do with me, since you like me so much?"

She closed her eyes, but she clearly knew what he wanted her to say, and she knew the power he had over her if she didn't say it. "I want to have sex with you," she said.

"Well, that was like pulling teeth," he sighed, amused.

"I'm sorry, Len. But I told you before how I really feel."

"And I told you I don't much care how you really feel. You're here for my entertainment."

Her eyes flashed with anger. Len reached for the remote. "I'm sorry, you're right!" He took the remote, but didn't point it at her. "I'll do what you want, just don't turn my body off."

"Are you scared?" he asked, sitting up. He liked the fact that she obviously was.

"Yes, I'm scared. Wouldn't you be scared if somebody you ha- I mean, if somebody you hardly knew could control you completely, do anything they wanted to you, punish you if you did anything they didn't like? Of course I'm scared!" She rolled over on her back, and brought her hands to her temples. Her knees were together and bent, her feet resting against the bed.

"So, where were we? Oh yes, we were discussing what you are, and what you want."

"Yes," she said tonelessly. "I'm a sexbot, and I want to have sex with you."

Len pointed the remote at her, and pressed several buttons. She saw it coming just in time to tense a little, open her lips a bit, and raise her hands an inch above her head, before her the first button rendered her immobile. Subsequent ones let her make involuntary movements, like breathing and orgasming, and allowed her to speak and move her eyes. She also had control of her sex. He'd enjoyed this combination with the first girl he'd had here, and he thought Erin's distaste for him might make it even more fun with her.

"Hey!" Erin cried. Len reduced her vocal volume some. "What did I do wrong? I'm sorry, whatever it was!" Her chest rose and fell quickly as if she were hyperventilating. Her eyes darted around wildly, and he knew she would look desperate if she were able to change her resigned, submissive expression.

"Nothing in particular," Len said. "I just wanted you helpless."

"But I did what you wanted! That's not fair!"

"Sure it is," he denied, starting to toy with her breasts again. This time there was enough life in her for her nipples to pop sexily erect. "I paid for a weekend at Courtesy Suites, for which I get the services of any android I want. That's you."

"But-" she started again, but there was obviously nothing else she could say. Even she knew Len was right. She let out a sigh that was almost a sob, and shut up. Her lips didn't quite close - she had started to open them to protest when Len had pointed the remote at her, and they would stay that way when she wasn't speaking until Len let her move them. He kissed them instead.

She was even more fun to play with now. Her skin was still silkily smooth, and she was so helplessly responsive... she shuddered when on an impulse he tickled her ribs. "Stop that!" she cried, in between gasps, but she couldn't make a move to defend herself. Len grinned, and stopped, continuing his gentle playing with her body.

Her legs were clasped tightly together, but that was easily fixed. She whimpered as he spread her bent knees apart, but she couldn't even try to hold them together. Once he'd spread her, though, he didn't immediately go for the target - her legs themselves were so smooth and shapely, he spent some time enjoying them.

"Are you enjoying this at all?" he asked her.

"Nnn... yes, damn you!"

"Naughty, naughty," he scolded.

"Like it matters now. You'll do whatever you want to me no matter what I do."

"True. But tell me, what would you least like me to do to you now?" He grinned, watching Erin's lips struggle.

"You bastard... make me..." She was desperately trying not to answer. Len gave her time, slowly his caressing hands closer to her crotch. He knew she'd eventually lose the fight, and answer.

"Don't... make me... play... with myself... in front of you. Dammit, I hate you!"

"Well, you're lucky," Len told her. "I don't feel like watching you play with yourself right now. Wish I'd thought of it earlier, though. What's the next worst thing I could do?"

For the first time, he touched Erin's clit, and she gasped, either forgetting to try not to answer his question, or realizing she couldn't succeed. "You could play with me yourself while I have to react to it, but can't stop you!"

"That sounds fun," he decided.

"You were going to anyway," Erin said, but she didn't sound all that confident.

"Maybe," Len said, "but I'll enjoy it more now. Let's see... don't hold back any reactions you feel like making to what I do down here," he said, brushing her pussy with his hand. She gasped again, and moaned. "Let's see what else... I think there's a combination on the remote that lets you move a little more, isn't there? Jessica, what's the code to let her move just an inch or two, but no more than that?"

"I think you mean Code 73," Jessica replied.

"Thanks." He aimed the remote at Erin and punched the appropriate buttons. Immediately, the doll began to squirm, It was as if every part of her body were tied exactly where it was, with just a little bit of free rope that she could strain against. "Yes, that's what I wanted."

Just for fun, he pushed Erin's right arm way up over her head. It was no harder to push than her legs had been to open, even though she seemed to be straining against him as hard as she could. He brought her left arm down near her waist... then changed his mind and bent her elbow so as to place her fingertips near her left nipple. He guessed she would eventually start playing with herself on her own, and hate herself for doing so and him for letting her. That would be fun.

Then he returned to her pussy. "Len, please don't do this to me," Erin begged. "I'll do whatever you want- oh my-!"

Some of Erin's desires had gone off the scale, and the display zoomed out to accommodate them.

"Is that normal?" Dresselman asked.

Maureen grinned. "No, but it happens sometimes. Guests react to it, too - sometimes well, sometimes poorly."

"How's this guest reacting?"

"Well, Jessica thinks he's satisfied." Not that Jessica herself was satisfied - her own sexual motivation levels were getting pretty high for her. But the guest's happiness was the important thing.

Erin had completely lost control. He'd teased her every way he knew how, and made up a few new ones. She was playing with her breast incessantly, and straining against her invisible bonds of software. Len could no longer tell if she were trying to escape, to masturbate, or to hold him down and fuck him, and he suspected she didn't know either. Certainly she hadn't said a meaningful word in some time, though she was sighing and moaning regularly. Realistic fluid soaked her between the legs. But he was hard and dripping and ready to move on.

He punched another code into the remote, and Erin's struggles ceased. She still breathed like a woman on the verge of orgasm, and her nether lips worked wetly, hoping for something to enter them. He'd expected that to be all she was capable of under these orders - but he noticed her left hand was still twitching ever so slightly on her tit. She must be incredibly horny to be able to override the remote program even to that tiny extent. He grasped her wrist and moved her hand away, and Erin squealed in frustration.

Now Len lay on top of her, between her legs. Her breasts rose to meet him as he came down on her helpless body. Virtually all she could do to relieve herself was to work her sex as he lowered himself into her.

"Don't come till I do," he ordered her, setting off another frustrated squeal and a renewed struggle to move - one she could not, of course, win. But this time he didn't especially want to frustrate her; he just wanted to make sure she couldn't frustrate him by losing interest before he did.

And she didn't. She came with a yell that he barely heard through the veil of his own release, as he thrust himself deeper and deeper into her helpless body...

Erin's motivation tables jumped in a pattern very familiar to Maureen. "That was a pretty serious orgasm," she announced.

"For Erin or the guest?" Dresselman asked.

"Both, I expect, but I'm only sure about the bot. Jessica still reports he seems satisfied, though."

"Excellent. What happens now?" Maureen turned and stared incredulously at him. He coughed, and turned an interesting shade of red. "Well, I don't mean that. I mean when can we get Erin out of there and debrief- um, get her report?"

"Not till the guest sends her away," Maureen said. "Which might not be till the morning or later."

Dresselman harumphed.

"You don't have to stay around. We can't send her out again until you clean out the special programming, so it's fine if you don't get to her right away."

"Well, let's wait a while and see what happens."

From the remote observers' perspective, it was not an exciting night, though they could tell it was for the guest and his two dolls. Erin had sex three more times that night, once apparently with Jessica. All indications suggested the guest was highly pleased - in the top ten percent of guest satisfaction ratings, in fact. Maureen was rather surprised, and a bit disturbed - what did it say about this man that he enjoyed Erin's special programming so much? And would all men react as he had? She didn't know... but as Dresselman pointed out, IPM would certainly want to continue this line of research. Who knew what would come of it?

Eventually Dresselman got bored watching readouts he didn't understand. Maureen arranged for a room for him to sleep in. She toyed with the idea of checking to see if he'd called for a companion - she knew where he was, and could do that - but she decided she really didn't want to know.

When her shift on watch ended, Erin and Jessica were still with the guest, though not much had happened for a while. She supposed he was asleep. She filled in her replacement on what had happened, and asked him to call her when Dresselman returned to debrief the experimental android.

Maureen didn't normally sleep at the hotel, but she wanted to be close by tonight. She called for an android herself, to hold her as she slept. That always made her sleep better.

Len slept past eleven in the morning. When he woke, Jessica was nestled close on his right side, one arm under his neck and the other resting a half-inch above his chest. Her face was composed in a lovely smile, her eyes closed, her body rigidly motionless.

"Jess? Are you awake?" The doll didn't answer. She must have wound down during the night.

On his other side lay Erin, sprawled on her back like a love doll. Her exertions in response to his and Jessica's repeated stimulations had wound her down late, and he hadn't bothered to wind her up again. Her body was almost as much fun when it didn't move as when it did. In fact, he might as well take her once more this morning...

Or perhaps not, he decided, when he realized her sex was full of his dried cum. He hadn't exactly given her a chance to clean up. He could do that now, but then, Jessica was still clean.

Her key was in reach, so he rolled her on her stomach and pushed her hair aside to reach its slot. She relaxed as soon as she had the power to do so, and let him finish.

"Good morning," she said, rolling over and stretching like a cat. If he hadn't just spent the night with Erin, he'd be speechless at her beauty. "I tried not to wind down, but I guess I didn't have much left by the time you went to bed."

"That's okay," Len said. "Now you're wound again, and I'm awake."

"Mmm," she said, sounding intrigued. She cocked an eyebrow. "Can I interest you in breakfast?" she asked, indicating her body with a wave of her hand.

Len wasn't interested in witty banter. But the doll didn't seem to mind when he dove upon her...

An hour and a half later, Len was relaxed, clean, and dressed. This was the last morning of his vacation. He'd set Jessica to packing for him while he showered, and by the time he was ready to set foot outside the room where he'd spent most of the last seventy hours, his suitcase was ready to go too.

She'd dressed herself again too, in a new outfit - he'd found out the previous morning that extra clothes for the androids were delivered to each room during the night, so they could dress fresh for their guests in the morning. Now Jessica wore a slinky, very low-cut black dress that hugged her curves down to her thighs.

"Do you like it?" she asked.

"Looks more like Erin's style," he said, "but it works on you."

"I thought you might like me to look sexier this morning," she said.

"Well, it doesn't really matter," he shrugged. "This time I really am finished with you. I'm leaving."

She looked disappointed. "Oh." She stepped closer to him, and looked up hopefully. "Can I kiss you again before you leave?"

What a pretty pleading pout she had... "Freeze," he ordered. He stroked her cheek, touched her rigid lips... and went back into the bedroom, where Erin still lay where he'd left her last night. He'd decided to leave her there. He brushed his hand against her nipple, and bent down and kissed her open mouth. "I'll be back for you later," he whispered in her ear. "You might want to spend the time thinking of how to please me. You might convince me not to keep you quite so helpless tonight." He imagined the thoughts racing inside her lovely immobile body. Would she be anxiously awaiting his return so he'd let her move again, or more dreading the indignities he would inflict upon her? And how would she feel when she discovered he was not, in fact, coming back? He got excited just thinking about it.

He left her behind, then, and closed the bedroom door again. He went back to Jessica. "You can move again when I kiss you," he said, as he began caressing her lovely skin. He rubbed his cheek against hers, and smelled her chestnut hair... and kissed her. She came to life in his hands, returning his kiss enthusiastically.

"I really enjoyed spending the night with you," she told him. "I hope you'll come back some time."

"I hope so too," he agreed fervently. It wasn't likely he could afford it on his salary... but a man could dream, couldn't he?

He ordered her to carry his suitcase and follow him. As he emerged into the foyer, he saw two women kissing over the reception desk. The one in front of the desk noticed him and broke off the kiss suddenly, blushing. Without another word, she turned and left the building.

Len chuckled... and then noticed the woman behind the desk was Danielle, the pretty redhead he'd enjoyed Friday night. "I thought you didn't like women," he said, remembering a conversation they'd had.

"I don't," the girl said, "but she asked me to kiss her."

"Do you remember me?" he asked as he handed in his cardkey.

She cocked her head to one side. "No, sir... oh! I see I spent time with you recently. Would you like me to remember it?"

"No," Len decided. "Just as well you don't." He reclaimed his suitcase from Jessica, who he knew was not allowed to leave the grounds.

"Very well," said the android. "I hope you enjoyed me. And the rest of your stay at Courtesy Suites, of course. Thank you, and please come again!"

A little while later, Maureen, Dresselman, and a male android named Ronald entered Suite 824. It was against normal rules for human staff to enter a suite after a guest's departure until it had been cleaned up, but Dresselman had insisted on going immediately. Maureen had checked with the hotel manager, and he agreed in this case the rule could be suspended.

Only years of experience at Courtesy Suites enabled Maureen to be blase about the sight of a naked female spread out on the bed. Dresselman, despite working for IPM, wasn't quite so unperturbed. Perhaps it was that he was male, Maureen thought. Nevertheless, he recovered himself quickly, and looked around the room thoroughly, then examined the doll with an almost clinical casualness. He noted the doll's pose, and the stains between its legs and up its belly. He even peered into its open mouth and examined the condition of its sex.

"Okay," he said to Maureen. "Can you activate her now?"

The technician had brought with her a larger remote than the one most guests were offered, with a correspondingly wider range of features. With it, she could override the doll's wind-up mechanism and activate it immediately.

Instantly, the doll convulsed in the beginning of a huge suppressed orgasm. Erin, a bit disgusted, turned to Dresselman. "Mind if I shut that off?"

Dresselman just stared at Erin for a moment, then shook his head and nodded to Maureen. She keyed in a code on the remote, and the doll's ecstasies ceased immediately, leaving her panting on the bed.

"How do you feel, Erin?" Dresselman asked.

The android must not have noticed him, caught up in her orgasm as she'd been. She suddenly sat up and grabbed the blanket to pull over herself, a look of terror on her face.

"Who are you? I feel raped and humiliated, how do you think I feel?"

Maureen spoke up. "Her special orders are still in place. Do you want them suspended now?"

"Oh, yes. Please."

"What are you talking about?" Erin demanded, her face full of fury, but Maureen ignored her and entered another key sequence on the remote.

Suddenly, the fury drained out of Erin's face. She shuddered, and her scowl was slowly replaced by a wide smile. She took a deep breath, and her smile continued to grow. It was as if a minature sun had just appeared inside her skull, the way she started to glow with happiness.

She looked down at herself, holding the sheet up, and dropped it with a laugh. "Oh, my," she breathed.

"Are you all right?" Maureen asked, simultaneously using her remote to call up a readout on her.

"Yes, yes, I'm fine," Erin said. "I'm sorry I yelled at you just now - well, you know why I had to. Oh, Mr. Dresselman, that must have been the most fun I've had since I became an android! And the guest... he had so much fun with me too! I really think he enjoyed thinking he was raping me."

"But you're fine?" Maureen asked again. All her readouts looked normal, but Erin could check her own status more thoroughly than Maureen could with this equipment. She'd have to bring the doll to the shop for a full exam...

"Oh, yes!" Erin was practically bubbling. "It was so much fun pretending I hated him... I know you can't let me remember the whole night, but can't you at least let me remember how much fun it was? I want to be able to do that again!"


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