All Under Control!

EHY and conscious_object

This is a log of an actual series of chat roleplay sessions between myself and another person of very similar tastes to mine. I've edited it a little to remove out-of-game things (like "hold on, got to get the phone" and "I'm getting tired, will we get to a good place to stop soon?") and a couple of times we decided to back up and restart.

I present this for two reasons - one, you might find it fun to read; two, it may give those of you who've thought about doing some roleplaying but hesitated to try something you know nothing about an idea of how it can work. Naturally all roleplay sessions are different - different people have different styles - but this is a pretty good example, I think. To aid the latter purpose, I've left in some of the side comments, to keep it from seeming too much like we knew exactly what we were doing. (I made that decision after editing the first session or two more tightly.)

We began by chatting about our mutual interests. We agreed that we both liked "forced or non-consentual transformation and/or loss of control," "a person being treated like an object, or turned into a (humanoid) object...but retaining the ability to think and be aware... like, aware that they aren't in control...and maybe being teased about their lack of control of themselves in some way," "perhaps being remote controlled (like by a handheld device), or controlled by voice command," "being turned into a humanoid piece of furniture." I added the idea of "having her be (or be transformed into) a humanoid android that I can program, configure, turn on and off and control with a remote control and voice commands... not turned into a zombie or complete mind-slave; I want her to have her own personality and will and things she *wants* to do, but she can't because I've forbidden it, and to have independent feelings about what I'm making her do."

Having agreed this was stuff we were both interested in, I asked her if she had specific things she wanted in the roleplay. I always like to give my partner the first say in such things, since I have a lot more power to control where things go once we get started than she does. conscious_object said, basically, "surprise me." (Which I've found surprisingly common, as it happens.) So I asked her to tell me something about the character she would be playing.

Introduction of the victim...

conscious_object: she's in her early 20's

conscious_object: she's intellegent and pretty a bookworm sort of person

conscious_object: so kinda geeky, wears glasses...but also attractive

conscious_object: and maybe doesn't realize she's attractive

conscious_object: geeky chic

conscious_object: not very outgoing

conscious_object: straight brownish hair, medium length, put back in a quick ponytail.

conscious_object: as far as clothes, i think casual, like a pair of women's jeans, flared at the bottom

conscious_object: a grayish top

conscious_object: doesn't show any belly, but maybe shows some of her upper chest

conscious_object: she might have some small earrings

conscious_object: a college student...she probably spends most of her time studying lol

conscious_object: isn't the partying type

conscious_object: and her name

conscious_object: jamie

conscious_object: anything else...?

ehy_1: that'll do. I'm still thinking about what to do with you.

The actual play is broken out into smaller files so as not to be too imposing.

Also, Julie's programming.

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