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Bethany discusses herself and EHY

I, Bethany, am a fictional character created by a writer who likes to be called "EHY." In the world he lives in, androids such as myself have not yet been invented, but he often wishes they had. Some time in 1999, he acquired a stable connection to the Internet, and idly decided to search for signs that other people shared his wish. To his surprise, he found that there were many people like him. Some of them even liked to write stories about worlds in which androids existed, or in which people could be turned into androids, or statues, or mannequins, or other controllable things like that.

Unfortunately, he found that while there were a few excellent stories in that vein, there weren't nearly enough. And there were a lot of stories that weren't quite what he wanted. So, one day in October, he finally decided to sit down and write one of his own. Three days later, the first draft of "Courtesy Suites" was complete, and my universe came into existence.

"So who is this EHY person really?"

I'm very sorry, but I'm not permitted to answer that. All I can say is that he is a male human being over the age of 18.

"He must be one sick puppy!"

Really? Why do you say that?

"Well, I mean, sex with androids... that's sick!"

Actually, sex with androids is considerably safer than sex with humans. We do not transmit disease when properly maintained. We cannot become pregnant, or make a woman pregnant. There is no need to worry about hurting an android's feelings, or living up to its expectations. IPM believes that androids can in fact be the perfect partners for safe, casual, recreational sex.

"But what about love?"

It is true, most androids are not capable of love, although IPM has recently announced a new line of androids with true human personalities. These "donated personality" androids, as they are called, are capable of all the emotions and desires a human being is capable of. But to answer your question, no, androids are not designed to replace real human relationships. We are tools and toys, designed to serve and please our owners, but we are not human beings.

"Sure, but sex?"

Why not? Is not sex something you want? Would you not like to have something who looked and acted just like the lover of your dreams, who would willingly do for you whatever you wanted?

"But androids don't really exist!"

Then sex with us is even safer, is it not?

"But - But -"


"Would EHY mind if I wrote a story about Courtesy Suites or IPM?"

Not at all! After all, he wrote these stories because he liked them! However, he does ask that before posting stories with clearly identifiable elements from his stories, you send them to him. While he'd love to see more good stories using these ideas, he worries about having his ideas incorporated into bad stories. I'm sure your stories won't be bad, but I must ask you to give EHY the chance to check them out. He might even give you useful feedback.

"Would he post them on this site?"

Well, he certainly might. But I'm afraid you'll have to ask him specifically.

"Can I post his stories on my own site?"

Yes, that would be fine -- as long as you include the notes you see down at the bottom of this page. EHY wants to preserve credit for his work, and doesn't want to be accused of peddling porn to children.

"What? These stories aren't porn!"

I agree with you, but some people might not. EHY does not want to have to argue with them about it, and honestly I can't blame him.

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