All Under Control!

The Valley

Part 2 of an ongoing story by EHY


written August 2002

Please see the legal stuff.

This story should be considered Rated R for nudity and sexual situations. It's also ASFRish in the mannequin and robot senses.

This story may be freely posted on any appropriate website, so long as the author is informed and given due credit.

Farther along the shore, I spot Allison and Linda across the water. Allison's a tiny little thing, barely five feet tall, but incredibly cute. I don't freeze her very often, because I love the way she moves. And she's one of the ones who always obeys me, although she doesn't like having to. She enjoys her freedom. Linda, on the other hand, is a tall, elegant woman, who sometimes seems happier to be a mannequin than to be alive. I forget why I left her free this time.

The two are sitting under a tree uphill from the bank, apparently talking. They look more friendly than I would have expected, knowing how different they are. Besides, Linda doesn't seem like the sort to have friends, or even to like anyone very much, but I might be wrong. I don't know her very well. And Ally is certainly friendly enough to make almost anyone like her.

"Allison!" I call out. The two dolls turn to me. "Come here!"

The little doll immediately stands up. She takes a brief look back at Linda as she begins walking quickly toward me. Linda stands up and follows, looking as if she's moving slowly, but her long strides cover the ground faster than Ally's shorter ones. She stops at the water's edge to remove her heels and lift up her skirt before crossing in her bare feet. Ally simply grimaces as she steps into the water - I've told her to come to me, and she can't stop for anything on the way.

"My feet are cold!" she cries as she reaches me.

"Take off your shoes and socks," I tell her. "And your blouse, too." She's wearing a long-sleeved top. It's pretty, but I feel like seeing her skin.

"And you interrupted our conversation," Linda complains. She may be friends with Allison, but she doesn't like me very much, and I don't think it's because of my power over her.

I don't apologize for cold feet or the interrupted conversation. I'm the master here, and they know it. (Which is not to say I never apologize, but I don't feel like it now.)

"Would you like me to freeze you, Linda?" I offer. I could just do it, of course, but as long as I don't really care - and I don't - I don't mind following her preference. Besides, I usually like the way she poses when I give her the chance.

"Will you be keeping Allison very long?" she asks.


"Then thank you, I would like to be frozen. Let me put my shoes back on." I look at Ally while she does. She looks grumpy, but in a cute way. Her blouse is tucked under her arm; her wet socks stuffed into her shoes on the ground.

Linda chooses a classic mannequin pose, as she usually does - one leg in front of the other, her left arm hanging loose and her right in some indeterminate pose in the air. I like the pose, but not the haughty expression on her face, so I order her to smile. She rolls her eyes, but obeys, and I will her back to her mannequin form with a pleasant smile on her face.

I turn back to Ally. "Walk with me," I say. "Leave the blouse here. You won't be needing it." The girls always have clothes. I don't know where they come from, but no matter how often I leave their clothes lying on the ground, I always have more for them in the closets in the house - and they find clothes somewhere else too. I assume they come from the other people in the valley, but I don't often ask.

I put my arm around Ally's waist, and she puts hers around me. She fits nicely against me, a fact I always appreciate. And her bare skin feels good against my arm. She's wearing a pretty cotton bra, though her small breasts don't really need one.

I feel like talking with her, so I ask if she and Linda are friends.

"Sometimes," she replies, in her pretty voice. "I used to talk to her sometimes, when she was a mannequin. It seemed like she always was. Then one day when I was frozen she came over to me and started talking to me... and now we talk together sometimes."

"What do you talk about?" I ask.

"You, some--"

"Stop. Do you want to tell me what you talk about?" I'd noticed that she looked upset when I asked the question, even though she couldn't help but answer me. She's pretty enough that I don't like to upset her without a good reason.

"No, sir. I'd really rather not."

"Okay." If I feel like knowing later, I'll ask Linda. For now it doesn't really matter.

I steer us away from the river now, towards the woods. There's a pretty spot I want to take Ally to. Leaves crackle under our feet as we pass into the shade.

"May I ask you a question?" Ally inquires, looking up at me. She knows I often don't like to be asked questions. Some of the dolls I've even forbidden to do it. But I like Ally, and I want to talk with her. I invite her to continue.

"Amanda thinks you don't like her. Is that true?"

I don't have to think about how to answer that. "Pretty much. She's sexy as anything, but I don't like her."

"Do you like me?"

"Definitely." I look down to kiss her, but she turns away. "Kiss me," I say, and she does.

"Do you dislike her because she doesn't have to obey you like I do?"

Amanda was one of the dolls who was very self-willed. I could command her if I really wanted to, but if she didn't like what I told her to do I might have to repeat myself three or four times, or shout at her, to make her obey. Another doll like her I just never bothered to bring to life, but Amanda was sexy enough and good enough in bed that I couldn't resist her. I think the other people in the valley must have felt the same way, because I often found her alive outside when I knew I'd left her frozen - but I didn't think she came to life spontaneously, because she never did inside my house.

But it wasn't her self-will I didn't like. "No, it's not that. Sometimes I even enjoy trying to make her do what I want. She just seems so... I don't know. Selfish? No, more than that. Like she wants everyone else to be miserable."

"I don't think she wants everyone else to be miserable. She likes me."

I laugh. "I don't know how anyone could not like you."

"Well, she likes Stephanie and Pam too."

"Maybe she just doesn't like me. It doesn't matter." Suddenly I find I'm not enjoying Ally's conversation. "Don't talk anymore," I tell her.

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Author's Notes

Usually I review and revise and polish and edit my stories before posting them. Not so with this one. I may revise later, but for now, this is what it is, pretty much right off the fingers. I'm writing this because I'm in the mood to write, but not in the mood to plan... so take this for what it is.

If you feel like writing your own chapters set in the Valley, feel free. Write about one of the "other people" in the Valley, or take the perspective of one of the mannequins if you like. My only request is, try not to disturb the continuity I'm writing. No big overarching plots, don't change the rules of the world in a way that affects my narrator, stuff like that. Oh, and let me know you're doing it. Fan mail is great.

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