All Under Control!

The Valley

Part 3 of an ongoing story by EHY


written August 2002

Please see the legal stuff.

This story should be considered Rated R for nudity and sexual situations. It's also ASFRish in the mannequin and robot senses.

This story may be freely posted on any appropriate website, so long as the author is informed and given due credit.

A little farther along, I spot a mannequin leaning against a tree, grinning. She's cute, with blonde hair just long enough to be tied into a ponytail. She's wearing a white crop-top and blue jean shorts, and her feet are bare. I like the happy expression on her face. I can't remember her name - I haven't seen her in a long time. I walk over to her and touch the rigid surface of her cheek, then kiss her frozen lips.

"Go back to the river and kiss someone," I tell Ally. Somebody will get a pleasant surprise. I hear dead leaves crackle behind me as she leaves.

I will the mannequin to life, as I tell her not to move. I can't remember whether she'll have to obey me, but I want her to keep this pose. She shimmers, and begins to flutter a little. She's not as stiff as, say, Ally would be if I told her not to move, but she clearly has to obey me.

"You look happy," I say as I stroke her face, now soft and human, and warming quickly.

"I'm not," she replies, although her smile barely changes as she speaks. "I was just happy the last time I could move."

On impulse, I kiss her lightly on the lips. She has very pretty lips, soft and wide and pink. Her teeth, beyond them, are even and white. "What made you so happy?"

"I was with a master I love. We were having fun, and teasing each other, and playing. Then Karen came along, and he froze me here and went off with her."

"How long ago was that?" I wonder aloud.

"Seven days," she says. I'm surprised. That's a long time for a mannequin to stay frozen - at least, I think it is, for most of them. I could be wrong. "I don't like being out in the rain, and you remember it rained the other day. One of the masters came by a little before it rained and played with me a little, like you are, but when it started raining he put me back in this pose and froze me again."

She really is very pretty. I trace my finger up her right arm, which is stretched up the trunk of the tree.

"How come I never see you?" I ask.

"The master I love keeps me in his house most of the time," she replies. None of the dolls ever say our names, even if I order one to.

"What's your name? I can't remember."


"Would you like to make love to me, Vickie?"

"No! I told you, I love someone else!"

"Well, then," I say, taking a step back, "I guess I'll leave you here till he comes for you."

"No, wait!" she cries. I wait. "If I make love to you, will you leave me free after?"

Of course I don't have to make a deal with her. I can order her to make love to me. And nothing will stop me from breaking any deal I make. She knows both of those facts. This is a place where ethics and morals are totally irrelevant. But I like making the deal sometimes, especially when I know how it'll turn out. And she has nothing to lose by agreeing to it. "If you want."

She took a deep breath. "Okay. I hope he won't mind."

"You can move," I said.

The doll relaxed, stepping away from the tree and lowering her upraised arm. "Thank you," she said. She looked at me once more, then put her arms around me and kissed me. "I mean it. I was really tired of being frozen."

I always find it strange how some of the dolls hate being frozen, others don't seem to care one way or another, and a few seem to dislike being able to move.

"Come with me, Vickie."

She hesitates. "Where are you taking me?"

"A place I know. Come."

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Author's Notes

Usually I review and revise and polish and edit my stories before posting them. Not so with this one. I may revise later, but for now, this is what it is, pretty much right off the fingers. I'm writing this because I'm in the mood to write, but not in the mood to plan... so take this for what it is.

If you feel like writing your own chapters set in the Valley, feel free. Write about one of the "other people" in the Valley, or take the perspective of one of the mannequins if you like. My only request is, try not to disturb the continuity I'm writing. No big overarching plots, don't change the rules of the world in a way that affects my narrator, stuff like that. Oh, and let me know you're doing it. Fan mail is great.

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