All Under Control!

The Valley

Part 4 of an ongoing story by EHY


written August 2002

Please see the legal stuff.

This story should be considered Rated R for nudity and sexual situations. It's also ASFRish in the mannequin and robot senses.

This story may be freely posted on any appropriate website, so long as the author is informed and given due credit.

A little while later, we reach my favorite spot to take a pretty doll. It's a little field, tucked away between the forest and a cliff wall, with tall green grass. A little waterfall tumbles down the cliff wall, forming a stream that runs down to the river. There's a big willow tree in the middle of the clearing, and wildflowers grow here and there. A doll like Linda or Amanda would look totally out of place there. Vickie or Allison fit right in.

"Oh!" Vickie cries. "I've never seen this place before. It's lovely!" She points. "There's Kate!"

Kate is another doll I like to take here, though I hadn't in a while. She's a redhead with pretty green eyes and a delightful pout. She's one of the mannequins who freezes randomly, and she is frozen now, bent over with a dreamy smile on her face, smelling -- well, probably she had been smelling one of the yellow flowers near her face. It must have been blown out of her hand by the wind. I figured she'd probably come back here on her own recently.

Vickie has begun walking around the field admiring it, so I go admire Kate for a moment. I can't bring her to life even if I wanted to, but I'm not sure I would if I could - the look on her face is priceless. The one thing I miss here is a camera, to preserve moments like that forever. On the other hand, there's always another one later. Perhaps it's just as well. I brush her hair back from her face, and let my hand run down the curve of her spine.

"Another time," I say to her. "You can watch us, though." I'm pretty sure she can see the spot I plan to take Vickie from where she's posed. I'm not as sure she would want to watch us, but it doesn't matter.

It suddenly occurs to me to pick one of the flowers and tuck it into her hair, so I do. She probably likes that. She certainly seems to like the flowers.

I return to the middle of the clearing, under the willow tree, and call Vickie over. She comes to me with some reluctance.

"This place is beautiful!" she gushes.

"A perfect backdrop for you," I say. She looks down bashfully. "You do know how pretty you are, don't you?"

"Of course I'm pretty. I'm a mannequin. I was made to be pretty."

"That doesn't make it any less true," I remind her. "And this is my favorite place to make love to a pretty girl." I take her face in my hands, and kiss her.

She doesn't kiss me back. When I pull away, she says, "Please... I feel like I'm betraying the master I love. I know I agreed, but... would you order me to kiss you? I'd feel better about it."

She looks so pitiful, I would be happy to comply even if I didn't like the idea on its own merits. "Kiss me," I order. "With your whole body."

It is a very pleasant kiss. Vickie doesn't seem to mind my order at all... nor any of the other orders I give her later on.

When we are finished, I hold Vickie in my arms, one hand cupping her firm breast as we lie chest-to-back on the soft grass, our heads resting on a pillow we've made from our clothes. I can tell she's not comfortable there, but she doesn't complain for a while.

I hear a rustling that doesn't sound like the breeze, but I'm feeling too lazy to turn and look for it. There isn't anything dangerous in the valley. A few minutes later, I hear a step behind me, and soft skin against mine - a hand on my arm, and a moment later, a kiss on my shoulder. Vickie tenses, moves her arms to cover her breasts and sex better, and looks up.

"Hi, Kate," she says, relaxing a little.

I look up to see Kate's pretty red-framed face above me, and I smile back at her. She doesn't say a word, but lies down behind me, bare flesh against mine, cuddling.

"May I leave now, master?" Vickie asks.

"Don't like Kate?"

"Actually I do, but... well, you know."

"Stay a little longer," I tell her. "When I let go of you, you can get up quietly and leave."

"Thank you."

A little while later, I do let go of her, and watch as she gets dressed. She looks around for her bra - I assume it's under my head, and when she comes to the same conclusion, she just puts her white crop-top on without it. She waves good-bye to me, takes another look around the clearing, and walks off into the woods, back toward the river.

Kate has begun nuzzling my neck more, so I roll myself over to face her. She smiles silently at me, and I kiss her.

"Somebody tell you not to talk?" I ask between kisses. Did I mention Kate is a very good kisser? She nods affirmatively. I decide that's fine. She doesn't seem bothered by her silence, even though she usually likes to talk. But then, I don't think I've ever seen her object to any order. I think she enjoys obeying.

We continue to make out for a while. She starts to move her head down my body, but I stop her - I know she gives good head, but I just had sex with Vickie, and I'm not ready for more. She pouts, but only for a moment.

We're both startled when my stomach grumbles.

I never keep track of time here - why would I bother? When my stomach starts making noises, it's time to eat. I kiss Kate once more before getting to my feet and beginning to dress. Kate rests her head on her hands and watches me. Once I'm dressed, I tell her good-bye, and head back to the house.

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Author's Notes

Usually I review and revise and polish and edit my stories before posting them. Not so with this one. I may revise later, but for now, this is what it is, pretty much right off the fingers. I'm writing this because I'm in the mood to write, but not in the mood to plan... so take this for what it is.

If you feel like writing your own chapters set in the Valley, feel free. Write about one of the "other people" in the Valley, or take the perspective of one of the mannequins if you like. My only request is, try not to disturb the continuity I'm writing. No big overarching plots, don't change the rules of the world in a way that affects my narrator, stuff like that. Oh, and let me know you're doing it. Fan mail is great.

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