All Under Control!

The Valley

Part 5 of an ongoing story by EHY


written August 2002

Please see the legal stuff.

This part of the story is more explicitly sexual than other parts. As usual, it's also ASFRish in the mannequin and robot senses.

This story may be freely posted on any appropriate website, so long as the author is informed and given due credit.

There are always a lot of dolls around my house. Some I keep frozen there for one reason or another. Others I've ordered to perform various services - like Jeanette, who's been acting as a maid ever since I discovered how good she was at it, and Natalie, who looks so good in a tuxedo I made her my butler. Some of them just like to stay indoors. Emily says she was made to look out on the world, but not to be there - and Tanya wants to be near my bedroom, so I'm always reminded I can have sex with her.

Natalie greets me at the door with a cordial kiss. Her hair, as always, is tied up in a perfect black bun, her manner perfectly elegant, yet servantlike. Somehow she understands inherently the manner and duties I expect from her, and rarely disappoints me.

"Good evening, sir. Is there anything I can do for you?"

"I'd like dinner," I say.

"Brianna is frozen in the kitchen," Natalie reminds me. Brianna is the second-best cook I've discovered. Vanessa is better, but she has an unfortunate tendency to freeze in the middle of cooking, so I started keeping Brianna around instead. Not that any of the dolls are very good cooks. None of them can eat, and not many even have a sense of taste. I'd cook myself, but it seems silly when I have a valley full of slaves who can do it for me.

I go to the kitchen. Brianna has nicely tanned skin, good features, and long straight brown hair. Her right hand rests on her hip, the other held up with a spoon in it, frozen as I'd left her this morning - she had been telling me she wanted to be able to go out more often. I wasn't opposed to the idea, but I didn't feel like being hassled, so I froze her.

I unfreeze her now. "You didn't have to change me," she says, sounding a little annoyed - but not too much. I know she doesn't mind being a mannequin, or cooking for me either.

"I know, but I felt like it. I'll let you go out after dinner. Got anything interesting for dinner?"

"It's not as if I could check. I'll go see what we have." Like everything else I need, food is simply here when I need it.

"Call me when something's ready," I tell her, and go off to clean up and change.

I'm a little startled to find Kaya frozen on the stairs, heading down. She's a lovely Japanese doll. She froze looking down the stairs, her dark hair hanging in front of her shoulders. She's nude, which isn't surprising for her - she likes being naked, and usually is unless I dress her. I take a moment to trace the contour of one of her small breasts, before I will her back into motion. She cups the breast I'd touched.

"Thanks," she says. "Will you be wanting me for anything, master??"

"No, not right now. Maybe if you come back later on."

"Is it okay if I don't?" she asks. Kaya doesn't have to obey orders, but she likes to make me happy.

"Sure," I say.

"I probably won't, then. Bye!"

I watch as she flutters down the hall toward the door, then turn to go upstairs.

There are three dolls in my bedroom. Heather is frozen where I left her last night, sitting on my dresser with her ankles crossed. Tanya is lying seductively in my bed, wearing a filmy black babydoll that would scarcely hide anything even if it weren't practically see-through. I didn't leave her there, but it's never a surprise to find her there, and since she freezes randomly, it's not surprising that she's frozen. I'm a little surprised to see Holly there, though. She's wearing an aqua-green pajama with little butterflies on it, that goes nicely with her blonde hair. She looks up as I come in, and puts down the book she's reading.

She smiles at me. "Hi!"

"Hi, yourself. What are you doing here?"

"I missed you."

"You did, huh? I thought you told me you weren't going to come back."

"Well, I wasn't," she admits sheepishly. "I guess I changed my mind."

Holly will do anything I tell her to, but she never tells me anything she doesn't want to, and I can't make her. I kind of like that - or at least, it intrigues me.

"So you're sharing my bed with Tanya?"

"She wasn't here when I got here, and I didn't see why I should leave when she came in. I was glad when she froze, though." She grins impishly. "I was thinking about taking her apart. Do you think I should?"

I shrug. "Doesn't matter much to me. Don't leave her in my bedroom if you do, though. I don't want to have to get up in the middle of the night and toss her head out."

She laughs, and gets out of bed. "So... you doing anything?"

"Planning on taking a shower."

She sidles up against me. "Want company?"

"I don't mind."

"Cool." She follows me to the bathroom.

Let me mention here that the bathroom I'm referring to is one of the biggest rooms in the house. It has a shower big enough to fit a queen-size bed in, an equally big hot tub, and a waterproof bed big enough for wet sex. It also has an adjustable-height sink, and adjustable lighting. The toilet's pretty normal, I suppose, but I can't really complain about it. I was a little surprised once that it doesn't have a good place to hang towels or clothes, but I solved that problem by keeping a mannequin named Jenna frozen here as a towel rack. She's one of the least interesting dolls I've seen here - I mean, in the real world she'd be worth a second look, but not in the valley. Her personality is nothing special either. Here in the bathroom she's useful.

I also keep another Asian doll, named Josie, in this bathroom. Josie's one of the dolls with no self-will at all. She just smiles a lot and does whatever I tell her to. She does freeze randomly sometimes, but not often, and when she's alive she gives one of the best shoulder massages I've gotten here. She's stronger than most of the other dolls, even though she doesn't look strong, and her movements are just perfect.

Josie is standing as still as a mannequin when Holly and I come in, but I can tell from her glossy eyes that she's alive. Most dolls' eyes go matte and dry when they freeze. It's not the only sign, but I've learned to check the eyes first.

The shower is already running. Through the glass door, I can see two feminine figures inside - a black girl and a redhead, playing together under the spray. I will them both to freeze, and they do.

"Move those dolls to the back corner of the shower, please, Josie, and make sure the water's adjusted the way I like it," I order, without a word, the bath girl glides to the shower and steps inside. Meanwhile, I let Holly undress me. Then she pulls off her own top, but as she reaches the drawstring holding her pants up, I interrupt her.

"Don't move," I tell her, and she stops. Then I pull her drawstring open, and lower the pants gently down her legs. She's not wearing any panties under it, and as I come back up I make sure my hand gently strokes her between the legs.

I suppose I haven't mentioned yet - when they look like mannequins, none of my dolls seems to have any sexual organs. They just have a smooth, flat, curved surface between their legs. But many of them, when they come to life, develop some degree of sexuality. Holly looks as if she has a fully developed pubic area, with everything you'd expect to find in a real woman except pubic hair, but there's no opening. She loves to be touched there, and she can even have orgasm, but there's nowhere to enter her.

As I touch her, she gasps in pleasure, and her mouth opens. This is always an involuntary action for her, as long as she's made of flesh, even if I've told her not to. I continue working my hands up her soft skin, letting them lingering on her pert breasts as I lean in and kiss her trembling, open lips. She doesn't kiss me back, of course, but I can feel her sharp breaths on my face.

While she is motionless, I step around her and go to use the toilet. Although I've grown very casual about clothing here, I still don't like being watched as I do that.

When I'm done, I pick up Holly's naked body and carry her to the shower. Even though she looks and feels human, she's still as light as a mannequin. Josie has finished preparing things for me, and once Holly and I are inside I tell her to close the door. The spray begins to wet Holly's blonde hair and soft body, making her glisten.

I take a moment to look at the two dolls I've interrupted. The black one is Karen, who I can call without hesitation the most beautiful black female I've ever seen. Tall and willowy, with perfect chocolate skin and a lovely face, her lips not too large and her breasts not too small, every bit of her shaped just as a woman should be. She's a lot of fun, too, both in and out of bed, and she loves to be looked at. She was sharing the shower with Svetlana, a tall doll with short blonde hair and a rather Slavic look. She's nice to look at, but a little boring to spend time with. I've seen the two of them together before, and thought they might be a couple. Apparently I was right, since they are now frozen entangled in each others' bodies, their lips pressed together and hands between each others' legs. Karen can probably see me out of the corner of her eye, but Svetlana's eyes are closed. Thoughts of things I could do with them occur to me, but I decide to save them for another time.

I look back at Holly. Streams of water run down her face, dripping off her upper lip and chin, and also her nipples. When I tell her she can move, she reached up and rubs her face before pressing her body against mine, purring like a kitten.

"I love you, master," she tells me, which always makes me smile. I wonder sometimes if that's why she does it, or if she really does love me.

"Wash me," I tell her, though she probably would have done so anyway. I close my eyes and simply enjoy the sensual pleasure as she rubs shampoo through my hair, scrubbing my scalp, and when she gently nudges me I step back into one of the streams of water so she can rinse it out again. Then I feel her soapy hands on my face, my shoulders, my chest, and down, as she washes the rest of my body. It occurs to me I should tell her to avoid my cock - I'm hard already, and I do mean to go back downstairs for dinner - but before I get around to it, I feel her tongue on it, and then her lips as she takes it into her mouth, and I certainly don't want her to stop, having started. Holly is very good at this. I look down to see her looking up at me, her eyes sparkling, as she teases me to a wonderful climax.

Afterwards, she returns to soaping my legs as if nothing had happened, though there's still a gleam in her eyes when I look down. She loves doing that - she'd do it far more often, if I let her. She catches me looking down at her, and mouths the words "love you" back up at me.

Once she's finished washing me, she offers me the soap. Although I'm in a bit of a rush, I turn her around so her back is to me, soap up my hands, and reach around her to suds up her front. She lets her head sag back against my shoulder, and I let my soapy hands work their way up to her collarbones and throat. I freeze her for a moment, and contrast the feel of her solid plastic surface to her soft, silky skin - both different, yet both ever so pleasant. Then I release her once more, and tell her to rinse herself off. I rinse myself down one more time under another shower head, and step out of the shower.

"Bring me a towel, Josie," I say, and the Asian doll takes the top towel off the stack held by Jenna's motionless arms, and brings it back to me. "Dry me." I have to give her these instructions every time I want her; she never remembers what I want from one day to the next. Sometimes I think of replacing her with a smarter doll, but then I realize I don't really want a doll with much self-will in the bathroom with me all the time. I don't know if Josie has any thoughts or feelings about what happens here, but I'm confident she'll never act on any she may have.

Holly steps out of the shower while Josie is drying me, and I will her to freeze, just to keep her from being a distraction. When I'm as dry as I expect to get, I have Josie brush my hair, then I tell her to clean up the bathroom while I return to my bedroom and get dressed. On my way downstairs, I poke my head back into the bathroom and bring Holly back to life.

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Author's Notes

Usually I review and revise and polish and edit my stories before posting them. Not so with this one. I may revise later, but for now, this is what it is, pretty much right off the fingers. I'm writing this because I'm in the mood to write, but not in the mood to plan... so take this for what it is.

If you feel like writing your own chapters set in the Valley, feel free. Write about one of the "other people" in the Valley, or take the perspective of one of the mannequins if you like. My only request is, try not to disturb the continuity I'm writing. No big overarching plots, don't change the rules of the world in a way that affects my narrator, stuff like that. Oh, and let me know you're doing it. Fan mail is great.

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