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Spoiler warning!

This page includes plot details for the Jaskri stories. It is intended to clarify events in retrospect, not to reveal them prematurely, so please read the stories first!!!

How to use this Timeline: This is a chronological listing of events in the Jaskri stories, mainly concentrating on the first and second stories which are seen from Jaskri’s own point of view. Because the stories are based on a time paradox, Jaskri herself doesn’t always see events in the correct sequence! Hopefully this Timeline will clear up any confusion that this may cause, unless I’m being over-optimistic....

Links within the Timeline will take you to the relevant passages within the stories themselves - check the browser’s title bar to see which story you’ve been linked to. The relevant passages will appear at the top of the page. Use your browser’s Back button to return to the Timeline.

0 - 12 Jaskri is born. From a very early age she begins to recognise a bond between herself and the Maiden statue.

(-1 year) Jeruvin is born.

(+9 days) Viréni is conceived in the presence of the Maiden.

(+3 seasons) Viréni is born.

The Maiden statue is found and placed on display in the village.

The ‘Maiden’s blessing’ begins to enrich the village.

The villagers immediately begin to treat the statue as a friend, and sometimes as a lover.
  (+9½ days) Diann returns from the future (after year 20), unseen by the villagers, to speak to the Maiden. Between them they formulate a plan to give Jeruvin and Viréni, twenty-one years in the future, a child that will also have Jaskri’s blood.
13 - 15 Diann arrives in the village and meets Jaskri for the first time.

Jaskri is bitten by a jalga and healed by Diann. In the process Diann surreptitiously takes blood and DNA samples from Jaskri.
(8-15) Growing up, Viréni befriends Jaskri and also Jeruvin. (1-15) The village prospers thanks to the Maiden’s blessing.
16 Jaskri and Viréni make love for the first time. Jaskri reluctantly accepts Viréni’s suggestion that they include the Maiden in their lovemaking. In doing so they unleash the ‘golden lightning’ to its full extent for the first time, producing a wave of fertility that soon results in lots of new pregnancies.

Meanwhile Viréni has noticed that Jaskri has grown to look exactly like a flesh and blood version of the Maiden. This is confirmed by Jaskri’s startling ralisation that she even has small scars matching blemishes on the Maiden’s otherwise flawless marble skin. They both find these revelations puzzling and even a little frightening.
  Jaskri and Viréni take other male and female lovers. Jaskri tries to conceive with Jeruvin, but only ends up wearing him out.  
  All Jaskri’s other attempts at conception are unsuccessful. Disappointed, she takes to baby-minding for her friends. Once he has recovered from Jaskri’s energetic lovemaking, Jeruvin turns to Viréni and they conceive. It’s a daughter, whom they name Jevríni.  
  Jaskri forgives Jeruvin and Viréni (and herself for being jealous of them) in the presence of the Maiden. (Several times!)
20 - 21 Jaskri finds herself drawn to Diann’s house, where she demands to know the truth about her resemblance to the Maiden. Diann replies that she will give Jaskri her answers in return for sex. Jaskri is surprised, but agrees. Their lovemaking is incredibly intense and sensuous.

Diann then explains that Jaskri is the focus of a temporal paradox. Jaskri’s future is also her past and cannot be changed without destroying the universe, because the statue is Jaskri herself!

To complete the time loop and save the universe, Diann literally puts Jaskri on a pedestal - a time pedestal, which freezes Jaskri into eternal immobility and sends her back in time to year 0 to become the Maiden.

The pedestal will also give her a perpetual orgasm, generating the golden lightning that will enrich the village - and eventually the entire universe - forever.

Her work completed, Diann vanishes.
Viréni dreams of Jaskri (see 21+ entry)
Viréni dreams of Jaskri (see 21+ entry)
21   Viréni marries Jeruvin in the Maiden’s presence.

(Not in the story, but may be mentioned in later episodes): The villagers hold a ‘living wake’ for Jaskri in the Maiden’s presence, in recognition of the fact that they accept that Jaskri won’t be coming back but they refuse to believe she’s dead.
21 + A year after Jaskri’s disappearance, Viréni realises the truth about the Maiden. In a dream (pictured above, and in the story), Jaskri shows Viréni what life is like for her as a statue. Then she tells Viréni of the plan she worked out with Diann twenty years earlier, and asks Viréni to bear her child. Viréni consents.

Diann briefly returns to the village, abducts Jeruvin and replaces his semen with genetically-modified semen containing some of the DNA which Diann sampled when she healed Jaskri’s jalga bite.

Next time Jeruvin and Viréni make love they conceive Jaskri’s child.

(Not in the story, but may be in a later one): It’s a boy and they name him Jenkíru.

NB in case you were wondering...the name “Jenkíru” is not inspired by Jen and Kira from The Dark Crystal (1982)! In fact I only watched the film in August 2001, long after I’d conceived the name. It’s quite an amusing coincidence, though, so I’ll let the name stand. I imagine young Jenkíru may get into puppetry when he grows up!
Link to later story in Ketrin series: The Maiden’s influence assists jungle boy Ketrin and his wolf-like lupinoid ‘brothers’ in their struggle against oppression.
200-220 Diann and her friends volunteer to be frozen like Jaskri in order to generate the golden lightning on other planets until Jaskri’s original blessing catches up to them.

On Planet Sornel, Yenisei’s mission to become a statue is complicated by something she witnesses there. (Two-Part story; only Part One is currently posted)
300+ “Jaskri and the Flotsam” (crossover with Flotsam series): the Maiden and her friends try and figure out a way to help the paralysed humans and hermaphrodites of the Adumreb Tetrahedron stay sane in the face of their overpowering sexual bondage.
2000 + “Sondra and Veyy: a story of Jaskri’s Legacy”: While the Maiden’s influence continues to grow, spreading peace and prosperity across the galaxy, an alien artifact is found in by a girl who is being forced to perform erotic dances in a sleazy space station. The bracelet has the potential to create another temporal paradox similar to the one that created the Maiden in the first place. Some people are determined to prevent it, while others are equally determined to make sure it happens.





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