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Flotsam Series
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Series partly inspired by Margaret St. Clair’s 1953 story “Thirsty God”.
Something is drawing ships to a strange planet in another dimension
where their crews become imprisoned in everlasting sexual bondage....
All stories are copyright 1999 - 2012 by Leem. All rights reserved. All characters are fictitious
and any resemblance to real persons living, dead or petrified is entirely coincidental.
Word counts are given to the nearest hundred. Ratings are not endorsed by the MPAA, BBFC or ELP.
Freeze-type symbols based on designs by Argo Forg.

Follow these quick links to the stories, or see below for a detailed Index.

Female Flotsam Stories:

1. Flotsam | 2. Flotsam: The Beginning | 3. Flotsam: General Paralysis | 4. Jaskri and the Flotsam | 5. Flotsam: The New Goddess
Male Flotsam Stories:
Flotsam (Male Remix)
Flotsam: Male Problems
Special Presentation:
Thirsty God by Margaret St. Clair
Key to symbols:
living statue/mannequinLiving Statue/ Living Mannequin: The body retains its normal texture and (usually) colour and may be malleable, even though the person is incapable of moving voluntarily. (All of the Flotsam stories fall into this category, except for the colour.)
solid statueSolid Statue: The body takes on the appearance of stone, metal or wood, becoming totally rigid and immovable. There is usually no discernible breathing or other sign of life, and the person can be mistaken for a statue even though she or he may be fully conscious.
Female Flotsam Stories:
living statue/mannequin 1. Flotsam
10,200 words, rated X; September 1999
Jenette and Alyssa become lost in a “Bermuda triangle” of space, and find themselves facing an eternity of sexual bondage to a primitive alien species.
living statue/mannequin 2. Flotsam:
The Beginning

8,700 words, rated X; February 2001
Centuries before the events of Flotsam, Sevrina’s spaceship crashes on a strange planet, and she becomes the first human to discover the dubious delights of frozen alien sexuality.
living statue/mannequin 3. Flotsam:
General Paralysis

2,700 words, rated X; September 2001
A puritanical female general finds herself paralysed on the planet of the alien erotomaniacs and tries desperately to resist their sexual stimulations.
living statue/mannequinsolid statue 4. Jaskri and
the Flotsam

22,700 words, rated R; March 2002
A crossover with the Jaskri Series (see below).

A dying girl begs the living Maiden statue for help, and discovers to her surprise that the best way to save herself may involve the paralysed Flotsam....
living statue/mannequin 5. Flotsam:
The New Goddess

9,500 words, rated X; April 2003
A new girl gets trapped on the alien planet and the natives are determined to treat her like a goddess - whether she likes it or not.
Male Flotsam Stories:
living statue/mannequin Flotsam (Male Remix)
10,500 words, rated X; December 1999
In a parallel universe in which everyone is of the opposite gender, Jenarr and Alainn (Jenette and Alyssa’s male alter egos) become lost in a “Bermuda Triangle” of space, and find themselves facing an eternity of sexual bondage to a primitive alien species.
living statue/mannequin Flotsam:
Male Problems

4,100 words, rated R; January 2012
I’d been looking for a cure for impotence, but I never expected to find it in the form of paralysed bondage to horny aliens!
Special Presentation:
living statue/mannequin Thirsty God
by Margaret St. Clair
3,600 words, rated PG for adult references and horror, not eroticism
A story written before I was even born, which provided me with the inspiration for my Flotsam stories.
When Brian rapes and abandons a purple-skinned Venusian girl, an ancient shrine seems to provide the perfect refuge from her vengeful family. But thanks to a malfunctioning alien device, that refuge soon turns into a prison from which escape is impossible....
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